How To Design Sports Logos: Create Your Own Team Mascot | Fraser Davidson | Skillshare

How To Design Sports Logos: Create Your Own Team Mascot

Fraser Davidson, Designer / Director / Animator

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11 Videos (1h 44m)
    • How to Design Sports Logos

    • Introduction

    • Theory

    • Introducing the Process

    • Reference Images

    • Sketching with Simple Strokes

    • Bold Lines and Negative Space

    • Refining

    • Shading and Coloration

    • Process Recap

    • Presentation

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Project Description

Create Your Own Sports Team Mascot


Create your very own team mascot logo following my process and heuristic application of the sports logo design theory. You'll get a set of techniques for creating sports logos and then apply them in the step-by-step guide to creating your own.


  • Limit your points, and use single or double tangents to create strong, purposeful curves. Using one, two, or opposing tangents will allow you to create parabolic, circular, or wavelike curves respectively.
  • Create line consistency in your thick hand-drawn strokes by using similar types of curves on either side of those strokes. Keep the relative thicknesses of the strokes in your logo similar.
  • Be mindful of the negative space in your logo by spacing positive shapes and strokes. Treat the spacing between shapes as you would the shapes themselves.
  • Where applicable, be aware that perfect circular geometry created using the Illustrator generics can create bold and interesting aesthetics and strong containing shapes for your logo.
  • Refine and polish your logo through an iterative editorial process of reduction and simplification.


Upload your completed logo, created from either one of the provided lion images (below) or from your own reference material. A completed logo should include an image of your mascot. Use Photoshop for an interesting way of presenting your vector logo.


  • Both illustrations completed on the course (attached)
  • The Photoshop template used for presentation (attached)
  • Reference images of the lion (attached)