How To Design An Animated YouTube Outro Video In Just 5 Minutes with PowerPoint: Style 3 | Arun Nagarathanam ✪ | Skillshare

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How To Design An Animated YouTube Outro Video In Just 5 Minutes with PowerPoint: Style 3

teacher avatar Arun Nagarathanam ✪, SEO | Web Developer | Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Preview of Style 3: YouTube Outro

    • 2. How to insert background image for this YouTube Outro

    • 3. How to add 4 videos into Microsoft PowerPoint 2016

    • 4. How to create a new shape in PowerPoint 2016

    • 5. How to animate formatted video thumbnails

    • 6. How to add subscribe button into YouTube outro

    • 7. How to trim videos in PowerPoint

    • 8. How to use Morph transition: For Office 365 users

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About This Class

Style 3: PowerPoint 2016: Design An Animated YouTube Outro video In Just 5 Minutes

In this class, you will learn to create an animated YouTube outro, which you can add to all of your YouTube videos

  • To get more subscribers
  • To reduce the bounce rate
  • To increase your YouTube channel views and watch time
  • To send viewers to your website
  • To sell your products to the viewers and much more

Design and animation of a YouTube Outro is not so easy and quick task when you use some powerful software like Adobe After effects or Premiere Pro, but that's not the case with PowerPoint.

You can create this quad thumbnail style YouTube outro in just 5 mins.

If you wish to know, how to upload / add this YouTube Outro to your youtube videos and how to add annotations or how to make these thumbnails clickable, follow this course 

Also don't forget to enroll in my other YouTube Outro Style classes

  1. How To Design An Animated YouTube Outro Video In Just 5 Minutes with PowerPoint: Style 2 -

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Arun Nagarathanam ✪

SEO | Web Developer | Designer


Arun Nagarathanam is a top online instructor, who has got expertise in various fields and software such as search engine optimization, WordPress web development, digital graphic design & animation. He teaches online courses to over 100,000 students across 190 countries around the world. His SEO, web development courses have received high admiration for the comprehensive tutorials and practical approach with lots of hands on examples.

He is an Electrical & Electronics Engineer, Computer expert, Blogger, Skillshare, Udemy Instructor and a budding Chartered Accountant from India. His teaching style is, breaking-down complex concepts through simple examples and animations.

That's why, his students call him a VERSATILE teacher!

You may follow me at instagram to get ... See full profile

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1. Preview of Style 3: YouTube Outro: in this lecture. Let's have a preview off our YouTube Ultra four. This YouTube Paltrow has got four video Tom Niles on a subscribe button. Also background image in the upcoming like chose Let's see how to design this YouTube outro . Let's start with how toe answer this background image in the next lecture. 2. How to insert background image for this YouTube Outro: in this lecture, we are going to learn how toe insult a background image to your YouTube ultra as useful. Let's start with an empty slide by deleting all the components. Press control Early on press delete Key. Now we have got our empty slide. We need to insert the background image, right. Goto insert type and select online pictures. Search for background. You will get a list off Bagram images from Bing search engine, but we need a larger Bagram image. So go to size and select extra large. You will get a lot off background images on you may choose water image. You've us let me choose this image in should off this underwater image, which I have chosen in the preview as useful. You need to re Zais this bag rule image so that it accommodates the end, their slide. Move it to one corner off the slide, expand upwards on, then expand sideways. Now we have filled the entire slide with our background image. In the next lecture, let's add four radios on. Apply preserve design, toe each off them 3. How to add 4 videos into Microsoft PowerPoint 2016: in this lecture, we're going toe insert four radios into our YouTube ultra design, and also we are going toe apply a same Priester design toe all off them in earlier YouTube out Rose. We used to go toe insult un, then video. Then we chose video on my PC toe insert videos in tow or YouTube Outro. This method is good only for inserting one or two videos, because if you want to insert more than that, then you need to do this procedure four times. Instead, just open the folder from which you need to insert the videos, select them all on dragged into PowerPoint toe, insert all off them together. See all these videos or insulted now, but we need to resist them right First, let's move these videos Now we can select all off them by holding control Key instead of resizing using malls, began resize using hide. Field said It'll six centimeter does on press enter now expand our view or zoom it on online. The video's one by one. We need to place these four videos in the four corner off the slide, so there are no sort code for that. You need to manually aligned these videos now select the first video Goto Video tools form a tab. Expand the present effects on select snip diagonal Corner ingredient Moderate Praise it Toe a play this preset toe. All of the other videos select the first radio. Go to home and then double click former painter, then single. Click all the other videos toe. Apply the same preserve design toe all other videos. This is so simple, right? And it's quick toe. So in the next lecture, you're going to learn how to create a new safe by using merging technique. 4. How to create a new shape in PowerPoint 2016: In this lecture, you will learn how to create a new safe using mulching techniques. Goto insert tab then motive shapes un select deal Drove safe holding safety Draw a tree a drop rotated so that the pointed and should face exactly upwards. Now take one more Copy off this teardrop by pressing control See and then control we go to rotate on then select flip article. Now take one more copy off both these teardrops by pressing control, See and then control. We rotate them so that both off this teardrop should face sideways. UNP placed them I say so Here rearrange these four teardrops so that it's a form rhombus like structure now holding control key Select all these teardrops goto drawing tools, former tough goto mode shapes and then select union. Now we need to insult a pointer for this new sick goto insert come to saves and select whole frame Safe holding safety Draw Ah, half frame on Then adjust the thickness By using this low door Now rotated on place it in the center off our new safe Now we need to adjust the fill color on safe outline off this new shape and also this pointer. So let's start with our new C click on the new C Go to drawing tools for me. Go to say full on select picture Search for background unused The same picture which you used for slide Bagram. Select the Pointer Go to, say profits come to preset on Jews. Present eight, then come to support line. Select no old line are so remote the outline for our new safe, too. Let's change this blue color transparency to brown color. For this, come toe eyedropper on select a dark brown from the end off a new city. Now select the new safe and also the pointer. Then press control G to group them together. In the next lecture, you will learn how toe animate this new safe and also our four videos. 5. How to animate formatted video thumbnails: In this lecture, you will learn how toe animate our YouTube ultra four. Select our new safe, then Goto animation, stop expand the pre certificates and then select being animation by default. This been animation will rotate clockwise on will do a full rotation, but I like to change this pointer from the top position. The point. The video on the left hand side. To do this, I said, Rotate this new safe anti clockwise on around 55 degrees. So we need to customize this preset spin animation effect. So let's expand the animation pain on goto. Affect options. Select counterclockwise, forced, then enter 55 degrees in customs. Been angle on pressed endo. You can even hope for the smooth start or smoothing and emission effects. This animation seems to be too slow. So let me change the timing toe. Very forced. That is 0.5 seconds. Also, the trigger option is set to start on click. But let me change it. Toe start after previous, Once this Sape has turned to the left top hand side. I would like to play this video so I'm going toe. Add the play an emission effect off this video before that. Let me delete all these animation effects off videos. Now select the video on the left top corner. Goto our animation un Select, please. This will trigger the playback off the video, but let's set the trigger to start off the previous. The days off, though, the new safe has pointed the first video. But before playback, let's how some entrance effect for this video. For that I would like toa add a flying entrance effect to the video. So go toe add animation on select flying instead of coming from down toe top. Let's change the direction from top left. Now we need to rearrange this animation before playback off the video unset it to start off the previous on Let's start the playback while the video is entering itself, so we need to trigger. Start with previous. The animation effect for the first video is completely ready, but we need to add the same animation effect toe all the three other videos. Father, we don't need toe add the same effect. One by one. We can just simply complete the animation effort from the first radio toe. All of the videos I will saw you how to do that. Select the first radio DoubleClick animation painter, then select all the videos in the same order off playback. Now I'm going to click the third, then four. Once you have added animation effect, toe all the videos press escape to close the animation painter more. The first radio comes from the top left, right, but I would like toa make the entrance effect off. The second video from bottom left the third video from bottom right on the fourth video from Dull Bright. So we Have our justice on copied the animation from forced video toe all of the videos. Now we need to rotate this new safe so all these videos before they start to play. So let's add the spin on emission. Once again, Goto add animation UN select spin Place it before the playback off Second video. Change the trigger option to start off their previous reduce the timing toe point fais against on then goto affect options. Once the new Sape is pointing the top left position, you should approximately call plea the angle difference from top left angle. The bottom left angle on. I assume it to be 60 degree, so change to counter clockwise first or antique clock ways on, then en tal 60 degree in custom, don't angle or custom spin angle. Let me increase the smooth and toe 0.3 2nd on select. Okay when reviewing from this point, it may seem toe walk wrong, but when you preview altogether, it will work correctly. Let's have a preview from the beginning. See it walks right. So let's proceed Toe pointing this new safe to the third video on the fourth video, select the new C click at animation on select spin, Place this spin emphasis effect before the entrance effect off the third video. Reduce the duration toe point fais against triggered to start off the previous on, then come toe. Affect options. Select counterclockwise on the angle difference toe 1 20 degrees. This is Justin assumption that the angle difference between the second video on the third video, a surround 1 20 degrees now increase the smooth and 2.3 seconds approximately on select okey. We need to add one more spin effect toe this new safe so go toe. Add animation on select spin, Move it before the entrance effect off the fourth video, reduce the duration 2.5 seconds, said the trigger to start off her previous. Then come toe, affect options, select counterclockwise and then said the custom angle does 60 or 65 degrees based on trial and error. Mother, then press OK. We have almost completed the animation off YouTube Ultra for. But the best port, that is, the more animation is it to be done. But before that, let's add on Honey Maid subscribe button in the next lecture. 6. How to add subscribe button into YouTube outro: in this lecture, let's are on animate subscribe button into our YouTube ultra for as useful goto Insert and then only in pictures. Then search for subscribe. Choose a subscribe button you wish. Then select insult holding safety. Reduce the size off the button on, place it to the bottom. Now we need toe. Animate this subscribe button, right. Select the button and then goto animations. Goto. Add an emission, then select more emphasis effects. Then choose Peter Moderate Emphasis Effect un select. Okay. At first, this effect will look like a normal seeking effort but go to timing options, then make it super forced at point fais agains and then triggered to start after previous. Also repeated five times, then select. Okay, you can even speed it up by reducing the duration 2.25 seconds. Now let's review this animation off subscribe button. This effort is enough to attract the attention off your viewers in the next lecture. Let's trim all these four radios to just force against in a quicker manner 7. How to trim videos in PowerPoint: in this lecture, we are going to trim the length off all the four radios to just four seconds. Select the first video on then Goto video tools playback Top, then Joe's Dream Video on. Enter just four in the end time, then press enter. You need to repeat the same process. Toe all the other radios. Let's do it one day. One. The second video is done. Let's do it for the third. Enter four, then press in turkey. Lost video is reminding. Enter four, then press enter. You have got fading. Unfit Aled options in RD central trim. Video fading option will fade from the first frame the time that you choose. For instance, if it just once again, then have a preview of how it looks like you could have observed the Fed in effect, right, you can also use fade out on that's entirely your choice. The next lecture. Let's see how to dome off animation for this YouTube outre for 8. How to use Morph transition: For Office 365 users: in this lecture, you're going to learn how toe add more transition effect. So this YouTube odra for before applying the moth transition, take a copy off this slide, that is, you're going to duplicate it. Then you will get two slides with the same content on same animation. Now go to the false light on delete all the animations. You can press a delete key multiple times to delete all these animation effects. Now zoom out close the animation being misplace all these elements in the slide. All the four videos or misplaced now misplaced the subscribe button and also the new safe. Then come to the second slide. Go to transitions on our play morph. Since we have assigned entrance effect to these videos, mawf transition will not walk to those items that are not present by default. That's why we can one leap review the new shape unsubscribe button in moth transition. Let's how ah, final prevue off how this YouTube ultra for looks like. So this is how our YouTube ultra for design on an emission is going to be since I have recorded my screen while previewing the animation off this YouTube Ultra for there may be a some structuring or freezing effort while you have seen the video. But if you produce it as an impact for radio, that is, If you save it as a video in PowerPoint itself, then all these transitions on an emission efforts will be but a small.