How To Design An Animated YouTube Outro Video In Just 5 Minutes with PowerPoint: Style 2 | Arun Nagarathanam ⭐ | Skillshare

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How To Design An Animated YouTube Outro Video In Just 5 Minutes with PowerPoint: Style 2

teacher avatar Arun Nagarathanam ⭐, SEO | Video Editor | Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Preview of Style 2: Animated YouTube Outro

    • 2. How to add background pattern of your choice

    • 3. How to apply an artistic effect of your choice to the pattern in PowerPoint 2013

    • 4. How to add and customize the video effect preset on PowerPoint 2016

    • 5. How to add animated video or animation to video in PowerPoint 2013

    • 6. How to copy animations in PowerPoint using Animation Painter

    • 7. How to add subcriber button and animate it

    • 8. How to add Morph transition to this YouTube Outro: Microsoft Office 365 users only

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About This Class

Style 2 in PowerPoint 2016: Design An Animated YouTube Outro video In Just 5 Minutes

In this class, you will learn to create an animated YouTube outro, which you can add to all of your YouTube videos

  • To get more subscribers
  • To reduce the bounce rate
  • To increase your YouTube channel views and watch time
  • To send viewers to your website
  • To sell your products to the viewers and much more

Design and animation of a YouTube Outro is not so easy and quick task when you use some powerful software like Adobe After effects or Premiere Pro, but that's not the case with PowerPoint.

You can create this dual thumbnail style YouTube outro in just 5 mins

If you wish to know, how to upload / add this YouTube Outro to your youtube videos and how to add annotations or how to make these thumbnails clickable, follow this course 

Also don't forget to enroll in my other YouTube Outro Style classes

  1. How To Design An Animated YouTube Outro Video In Just 5 Minutes with PowerPoint: Style 2 -

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Arun Nagarathanam ⭐

SEO | Video Editor | Designer


Arun Nagarathanam is a top online instructor, who has got expertise in various fields and software such as search engine optimization, WordPress web development, digital graphic design & animation. He teaches online courses to over 200,000 students across 190 countries around the world. His SEO, web development courses have received high admiration for the comprehensive tutorials and practical approach with lots of hands on examples.

He is an Electrical & Electronics Engineer, Computer expert, Blogger, Skillshare, Udemy Instructor and a budding Chartered Accountant from India. His teaching style is, breaking-down complex concepts through simple examples and animations.

That's why, his students call him a VERSATILE teacher!

You may follow me at instagram to get ... See full profile

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1. Preview of Style 2: Animated YouTube Outro: in this lecture, we're going to see the preview off our YouTube outro design three. So let's enter into the preview. In this section. You will learn how to create this YouTube ultra design through simple and easy steps, but still, this is somewhat a complicated design. So let's start with how toe add the background pattern in the next lecture. 2. How to add background pattern of your choice: in this lecture, we are going to learn how toe at the Bagram patent toe our PowerPoint slide. First of all, let's clean the workspace like we have done before. Let's select all by pressing control E. On press delete key. Now we need to insert the baton. Insert off searching for pattern in online websites. Using Chrome browser, you can search for pattern within poor point itself. Goto insert on select online pictures. Untie pattern by default. Four point searches on being search engine on it will display the photos or patterns that are tagged with creative common license, which you can see here that is Sisi Only these images are free to use in your personal products if you want to use them in commercial products, that is the products which you will sell for some price or in the marketplace. If you do that, then you just need toe place a link in the description, or just mention that from where you have got these pictures. So let me choose this pattern on Blake insert. Now we have got the pattern, but I wish to fill this pattern to the whole off over slide, so I'm going to drag this pattern toe one it off the screen on. I will resist it to the top of our slide. Then I will expand it to the right. Now we have filled our slide with this background pattern. Now I need toe apply some kind off color effect. So this pattern, how can I do that? In the next lecture, you will learn how toe apply color variation on artistic efforts toe this background pattern. 3. How to apply an artistic effect of your choice to the pattern in PowerPoint 2013: In this lecture, you will learn how toe apply color radiation on autistic efforts to this background pattern toe are color variation. Toe this baton image. Select this pattern, then goto picture tools, former top and come toe color. Then select any off these color saturation effects or color tone effects. Or you can even choose the re color options. Let me choose temperature 11,200 Cultural toe Play A warm feel to this pattern before playing the artistic efforts to this pattern. Let me make a copy off this pattern itself. Father, I'm going to write like this slide on select duplicate slide. Now we have God. True copies off the same slide with the same pattern image with same color variation. Now I was toe apply the artistic effect. So I'm going to select this pattern, going to picture tools for me, and then I will moto or to stick effects under artistic. If it's you can choose any off. The priest hurt efforts that you this, for example, I allowed to choose the glass or to stick if it which will totally change the pattern into a distorted image, like when viewed through a glass now instead off keeping the same color variation in this duplicated slide. I would love to change the color variation toe the reason behind this change, I will tell you in the upcoming lectures, but I used to change the color off this entire pattern to be black and white. So how can he do that? Go to color and then choose re color where you can opt for the great 25% on background color to light pattern. Or this pattern where the grace 50%. There are some other preserves which will also give you the black and white effort, and you can choose which already was. Now. I was to take another copy off this line, so I'm going to right click un select duplicate slide. In this light, I would like to change the autistic effect off the Parton, so select the partner that's use will go to picture tools, form a tap, goto artistic efforts and choose an effort us. Let me choose the marker artistic effect. So in this lecture we have added color in relation to the pattern. We duplicated the slight and then applied an artistic effect, and also we changed the color relation to somewhat like black and white. Then we took another copy off the second slide that is duplicated it. Then we changed the artistic effort to some other effect called Marker. In the upcoming lectures, you will know the reason why I chose the same pattern with three different color variations on or to stick efforts. In the next lecture, I'm going toe, add a video, apply a pre certificate to that video and also how to customize the pre certificate that we have added to the video. 4. How to add and customize the video effect preset on PowerPoint 2016: in this lecture, you're going to learn how toe are a video, our play present effect on customized that pre scientific to our custom requirements. First, let me insert two videos inside this PowerPoint Goto insert select video, then choose video on my PC. Now let me choose the first video unplayed insert. As usual, I'm going to resign. Is it? By changing this height value? Let me change it to six centimeter. Now I'm going toe again. Insert another video by doing the same procedure on. I will reduce the height off this video to six centimeter. Now we have got to videos with same dimensions. Select the first video on Goto Video tools form a top a NTU's reflected post back to write precept. Now choose another video on truth reflected prospect to left prison. Now I usedto add more reflection. Toe these video effects, that is, we are going toe customize this preset video effect. How can we do that? Click on this. Expand Burton off for Mitt video safe. You will get for made video window now go toe effects on expand reflection. Now you can in Greece the reflection size which will increase the reflection here you can reduce the transparency to view the reflection. Vettel or you can even choose a preset reflection effect. Let me choose half reflection eight point offset. I'm going to choose the same pre certain for the another video to now we have customized the basic pre certificate using custom present effects. In the next lecture, you will learn how toe add a different kind off animation to these videos. 5. How to add animated video or animation to video in PowerPoint 2013: in this lecture, you learn how toe add the video animation effect to the video one. Select the video Goto Animation Stop on Instead off the default entrance effect that we have chosen in the previous YouTube about Rose. Let me start with the emphasis effects. I'm going to assign the Bulls emphasis effect to video one. Let me add animation pain to make it easier. Also, I'm going to delete this animation effect which had got added by default while adding the video itself. Now toe Add another animation effect to this video. Goto our animation on select play. Now I wish toe enlarge this video term night while it starts to play. How can you do it? I can goto, add animation and select grow on shrink emphasis effect Let me play from the beginning. Now the UN emissions are triggered and ordered in such a way that Pulsipher will go first. Then the video will start to play. Once the video has stopped playing, it will grow. But what I want is the moment it has published. It should start to play on growth simultaneously on the growing should be very small. Let's see, how can I do that. Trigger the play after previous on Trigger the growth. Think with previous so that the video playback on the growing will take place simultaneously. And also I was to reduce the length off this video to just eight seconds. So go to video tools playback, Selectric video. Trim it toe eight seconds. Select this grow or shrink emphasis. If it goto animation, stop select, affect options and make sure that the direction he selected us both onda the amount he's selected us larger. Now let me change the duration toe eight seconds. We have increased the duration off this emphasis effect toe eight seconds. But I used to make it so smooth and supple for the goto. Affect options on tooth starts smoke and also smoke end. Let's play from the beginning. So this is how this effect is going to be, but instead off enlarging it to this larger size that is 1 50% each, which you can see by going toe effect options. I used to just increase the 1 25% so you can even assign it to a custom value, then presenter and click OK now the growing amount will be smaller compared to before. In the next lecture, you will learn how we can quickly copy the animation efforts from video. One video to 6. How to copy animations in PowerPoint using Animation Painter: In this lecture, you will learn how we can quickly copy the animation effects from video. One took another video. First ofall select the video from which you are going to copy the animation efforts. Then click on this animation painter button unclipped the target video. Now the animation effects off Video one has got copy to video to. After this. Our work is very simple. I'm just going to delete this pulse effect so automatically the playback off this slide will start from the pulse toe playback off this video simultaneously growing on. Then the second video will start to play on growth simultaneously, but we haven't reduced are trimmed the playback linked off this video to. So let's do that. Select this video. Go to video tools Playback tab, select trim button on endo the length as eight seconds, then click. OK, let me expand this animation pain so that you can see clearly all the animation effects. First, the pulse effect will play for just point fais against. Then the video. One will play and grow simultaneously for the next eight seconds for another eight seconds . Video to will play and also grow continuously. Let's have a preview off this light now. So this is how this slide is going to look like. But still, we haven't finalized this YouTube ultra so the final product will be much better than this . In the next lecture, we are going toe. Add the subscribe button so this YouTube outro, but it's going to be something different. 7. How to add subcriber button and animate it: in this lecture, we are going toe. Add the subscribe button. Andi animated. I say certain the previous lecture. It's going to be something different. Let me just copy the subscribe button from the previous slides. I'm going to paste it in our second slide. But when they copy the component from previous slide, which has got already some animations assigned to it, those on emission efforts will also be pasted in the target slide. Let me remove them because we are going toe. Assign something different. Copy this subscribe button on basted in our next life and also holding safety. I'm going to recess the subscribe button on Sifted to the center instead, off adding the animation efforts. Toe this substrate button I'm going toe. Add a transition effect called morph, which will doe the animations automatically. Let's see how it works. It's not so small because the rendering is occurring live, but we are going toe assign this morph transition toe all off over slides on. I will find you in this in the next lectures. So in the next lecture you will learn how toe add this more transition toe all the other slides to make it a fantastic YouTube ultra 8. How to add Morph transition to this YouTube Outro: Microsoft Office 365 users only: in this lecture, you will learn how toe add the more transition effect toe all off over slides on Make it a fantastic YouTube all true. First, let me go toe the second slide on add moth transition. The main rule for this more French in tow Walk is that the components which are already present in the previous life will be morphed toe this slide. Since these competence or not present in the previous life, we need to copy them, Unpleased them in such a way that moth transition walks in a fantastic manner. So I'm going to copy all these components on baste it in our previous light itself. But I'm going to remove all these transition if it's let me resides. The animation pain on minimize overview. Now I'm going to sift these videos and also the subscribe button on. Let me rearrange these videos in the second slide in a proper manner. Now let's preview the moth transition in the second slide. See, this is how it's going to work. The components which we have placed elsewhere in the force flight will automatically rearrange to the positions. Let me how placed in the next line. Similarly, the subscribe button. Will Mo here on will grow itself the highly it is that you can even increase the duration or reduce the duration to make the transition looks motor or force. So for the first light, the moth transition will not work so we can assign some other efforts. Suggest flash or render curtains anything. So let's preview this. Enter YouTube Outro now, So this is the final preview off YouTube Ultra three. They haven't added any Bagram music right in YouTube Ultra. For we are going to design something different even from this YouTube ultra three. And also we are going toe. Add a septal Bagram music, so let's mourn toe the next YouTube ultra.