How To Design A 3D Five Petals Pendant in Autodesk Fusion 360 | Dee Brown | Skillshare

How To Design A 3D Five Petals Pendant in Autodesk Fusion 360

Dee Brown, Learn. Design. 3D Print.

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9 Videos (35m)
    • Five Petals Pendant Intro

    • Frequently Used Tools

    • Designing In 3D Space

    • Five Petals Pendant Step One

    • Five Petals Pendant Step Two

    • Five Petals Pendants Step Three

    • Five Petals Pendant Step Four

    • Five Petals Pendant Step Five

    • Five Petals Pendant Conclusion


About This Class


Have you ever wanted to learn how to design your own jewelry using CAD/CAM software? This is your opportunity to learn at your own pace. This is a BEGINNER course. No previous experience is needed. This is the perfect class to gain exposure to 3D jewelry design and modeling.

This class uses Autodesk Fusion 360. This CAD/CAM software is used by professionals but is FREE to students, educators, hobbyist and startups. If you are a hobbyist or startup you must make less than $100,000 a year to qualify for the FREE version of the software. Fusion 360 is cloud based.  You can download it here: DOWNLOAD AutoDesk Fusion 360


We start by talking about designing in a 3D space.

We will then become familiar with frequently used tools for jewelry designing in Fusion 360.

In Step 1 we setup our workspace with the tools and settings needed for designing and modeling jewelry. We import a pre-existing image of a five petals flower. (The pre-existing image can be found in this course Class Project section.)

In Step 2 we resize the image to size that we want the pendant to be.

In Step 3 we use the spline tool and loft tool to draw the pendant and the extrude tool to turn it into a 3D model.

In Step 4 we use the torus tool to create the hook/ring for the pendant.

In Step 5 we save to our Fusion 360 cloud account and export the file as a .STL file for 3D printing.

After completing this class you will have a solid foundation for creating a 3D model from an existing image for 3D printing.





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Dee Brown

Learn. Design. 3D Print.

I am an independent jewelry designer and freelance 3D modeler. I have turned my love of jewelry into a business of helping others learn how to make jewelry of their own. Whether you are new to jewelry making or a beader or a wire worker, the world of computer aided design can open up even more creative possibilities. Join me as we explore this three dimensional opportunity.

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