How To Defeat Procrastination... Forever! Practical Steps To Finally Getting Things Done.

Dave Meade, Skillshare Coach- Live A More Productive Life

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2 Videos (15m)
    • Intro stop procrastinating

    • Blast Procrastination Out of Your Life


About This Class

Procrastination is putting something off until later, either due to carelessness or flat out laziness. It’s putting off until tomorrow what you could just as easily have finished up today.   

There are many reasons why people procrastinate

  • When tasks seem too difficult or time consuming,
  • When you have a lack of knowledge or skillset that keeps you from starting
  • When fear is present and you are scared of failing and making a mistake

In this class we are going to tackle procrastination head on I'm going to show you the reasons
why you procrastinate and than show you proven, effective strategies you can implement right away to
blast away procrastination and start becoming more productive in every area of your life.





Dave Meade

Skillshare Coach- Live A More Productive Life

This is David Meade, I am the founder of life coach and skillshare teacher. I firmly believe that anybody can achieve what they want from life through continued education and implementation. My hope is that my classes will very informative, helpful and make a lasting impact on the lives of my students.