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How To Dance Freestyle & Popping Street Styles

teacher avatar Adrian Brambila, Ex-Pro Dancer & 7 Figure Entrepreneur

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (1h)
    • 1. Welcome To The Beginner Dance Freestyle Masterclass

    • 2. Introduction to learning how freestyle dance

    • 3. How To Use Your Wrists In Popping Dance

    • 4. How to Use Your Forearms

    • 5. How to Use Your Biceps Freestyle Dance

    • 6. How To Use Your Triceps

    • 7. How to Use Your Shoulders In Street Dance

    • 8. How To Use Your Neck In Street Dance

    • 9. How To Use Your Chest In Street Dance

    • 10. How To Use Your Legs In Street Dance

    • 11. How To Dance In Movements

    • 12. How to Dimestop

    • 13. Waving Dance Moves

    • 14. How To Dance Tutting

    • 15. Dance Isolations

    • 16. Dance Bonus

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About This Class

Learn how to dance freestyle with the most popular street style dance called popping as made famous by Step Up & World Of Dance. If you've ever wanted to learn cool dance moves that dominate and dance floor then this is the masterclass for you.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Adrian Brambila

Ex-Pro Dancer & 7 Figure Entrepreneur


- Made $1M in a Year From Internet Side Hustles

- Ex-Pro dancer (T-Pain, AGT, Step Up 3) 🕺

- Over 100K subscribers and 15 million views on my YouTube channel.

Catch my interview on the the official Shopify Masters Podcast for scaling a store from $0 to $18k selling pink beanies.

Hey SkillShare :) 

My favorite thing in life is teaching someone something I know, watching them grow, and then applying it in their life. 

I first became a teacher about 8 years ago when I uploaded my very first dance tutorial. I didn't know it at the time but 300 tutorials later I would have taught over 15 million people how to dance. 

I used to be a professional hip hop dancer for T-Pain but something incredible happened t... See full profile

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1. Welcome To The Beginner Dance Freestyle Masterclass: They told me what I do isn't even this for they even said that only goes to do every time I dance. I have to get past the hate stereotypes on people with judgment constant. But because of them I have constant motivation to be better. I have pushed myself in ways I never would have gone. I have a conference experiences people could only dream about. I've performed in front of over 100,000 people at once. Traveled all across the world, state some of the most famous heart in all honesty. Thanks for keeping me on my feet. Well, how is your passion? 2. Introduction to learning how freestyle dance: Hello and welcome to the first tutorial Begin a tutorial on learning the dance That popping My name is a dream Brambilla A dear Oh, I'm gonna be your instructor for all these three Charles Beginner, intermediate and advanced I'm really excited about the beginning. Drove because we're recovering the foundation of poppy from the culture rules and how to get to the everyday things that you do to be in a possible pop before we could start. I really just want to reach out and say thank you not thinking for just buying this tutorial on supporting my efforts, trying to be a low teacher. But thank you for what you explore and excel in your dance and knowledge in this style. We're gonna be starting out with the minute details of what I think is the most important part of Bobby. It is that it hitting is described as a flex or tense. The muscles combined with contractions and even Goldie moving. It is that fact that you are getting elected at that split boot. Obviously electrocuted, they did style, you know, that's that makes up the hit popping versus No, I mean in this big aged oil We're gonna bring out everything to get you started on the dance. L thought we were gonna break down. And how Toe wave. What guys says are cool tricks and illusions had a new basic ground we're gonna cover. Works the whole enchilada before we get started, it is very crucial and important that you do some stretching loosen up. Very important. So we don't hurt ourselves. Drop this whole process. All right? So I'm not gonna give you, you know, stretching tips and advice. Everyone's different. So stretch how you feel usually do before you work out because it's going to get serious. We're gonna work out. Both sweat, learn, but 3. How To Use Your Wrists In Popping Dance: start living the hits. Let's start with something really basic. Start with their wrist. So we do with a wrist hit. It's more like a snap of the wrist. Seven year reasonable arms out like this is gonna let it dangle. And I want to powerful results like that very quick motion to create a snap back, which is gonna nationally because But maybe with flex like this, I'm gonna flipping that as fast as I can. Kind of like your old cycle. You know, you want to read that. Okay, I'm just maybe a little cheesy, but you get the picture, right? So this is the first part of learning about it. It's the risk really snapped this really jacket and heading is all about the details. We're learning how to hit with every single muscle in our body. A lot of these muscles you haven't used t using. So you may be sword weird places that's fully all right. Everyone first started popping ever my neck being sore for like, weeks after I started to be just because we use that muscles that we are used to you and we'll get into that later For all these beginner hitting drills. Just stick with that base base class, kind of be. And then on every time it's that class that's practice our hit. So farms like this on a sound basis, clap or base hit based clap, boom, boom. Back trying, I guess. Trialing over boop boo. I don't want to give you positions to kind of practice because I want you to make up your own. It's so important when you learn popping freestyle, they use your own natural. So I want you to take two minutes practice only focusing on the wrist, not what you dates or or picking different spots in practice and pickle up on your own. If you already know have a kind of natural flow dance, you know, around practice, standing a risk player. So have a nice, steady base in class and then focus on that crappy. You got two minutes 4. How to Use Your Forearms: from the risk will now be focusing on four. So I'm gonna be watching this right here. Now, this tended didn't know about this big problem, because as a popper, you develop these like popping muscles from dancing. So this poster right here, where we're gonna try to do is find it and especially never done it before. And to do that, we use my left arm, and I want to be pushing up. Doesn't take my opposite to push down. And what I would be trying to do here is by pushing this up, push down as hard as I can. You should be able to see attended, right? And if you don't, that's all right. This is going on with those muscles that are gonna be working for the first time, and it's gonna naturally start becoming bigger. And they're so actually, you don't wanna have this tendon popping may not be advanced out for you, so we've kind of found it. The best way to kind of let it expand is I want a clutch, my fish and squeeze bill tight. That tendon is gonna pop out and I can also even do a risk map. You could almost see the tend to go with. And so we're going to do this with B. We're trying to get that tendon up. I'm going toe push down, push up with the opposite arms and then kind of hit that tended tri plex my for So hopefully we're starting to see that 10. Some flex. And you know how this at all? That's all right. This is a simple training drill to get that. You know, starting work started so speaking, couple positions start like this again. Different from the rest of your response, folks before, right? Boom, boom, boom, boom. Take a couple minutes. Try working on your forearms, picking different positions, trying to get that tendon pop too. Good job learning the risk in the form. So for 5. How to Use Your Biceps Freestyle Dance: it's time for your boys saps. Obviously, I'm not a big muscular guy was going to do so. This has nothing to do whether you could do pushups or pull ups or you jam of doing This is all about technique using your biceps. If you don't use your biceps today, today it's maybe hard. But doing drugs like this is going to help to becoming a nice bicep popper. For this, we're going to a little different type of training for the myself because it is a more powerful body part that you could really get a nice, big hip hop so fine do kind of like a flexing position. And what I'm gonna do here is like to my biceps squeeze my business times. I can tryingto pop up my biceps. They do that. Go okay, shaking out, cashing out. Okay, what would you Raiders were trying to maximize our FISA into expanding and contracting? What we're doing is a fast version of that contracting are my set flexing very quickly. So for these positions, we wanna have kind of 90 degrees or even any words are arms. Bend the forces natural flesh are fine. We'll start with the hands right here. We'll go. Boom, boom, boom, boom. Now, when your arms are out like this, it's probably one more harder parts. But you can just flex your biceps, give it a try. Yeah, right. You learn how to do your biceps. Now take 30 seconds, practice with the boom clap and try really focusing on those biceps trying to really expand . And this is really a probably inundation practice a lot. It's not just a minor detail like the risk this you can get some nice hits out, so give it a shot. 6. How To Use Your Triceps: Okay, We're gonna be moving to the other part. I try that and to really flex a tricep, your it's really easy to do it in kind of a straight most. So the harvest straight right here. My flexing of it will bring my block, my elbow. How? And that's where you kind of get the opportunity to bucks to try. So we fixed positions. You can pick your arms straight out like this. You're gonna be kind of locking it and flexing those prices at the same time. It's already got food, food back, moving out. Boom, boom came by. The difference between this and the bicep is we are locking our arms out, which is creating that flex of the tricep muscle in the back. We're just gonna move into kind of a circle motion. Here we'll go. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. Good job. Tryst was gonna be a more difficult muscles. So what? You take one minute and pas video practicing, leaving those open arms positions and focusing on Fuxing that 7. How to Use Your Shoulders In Street Dance: All right. Good job, everyone. Now we're gonna move on to our shoulder. Last part of our gear. When you pick your shoulders up like this and you drop it creates a nice, big, small but still effective type of hit. Obviously, if you are popping and you really emphasized the shoulders like this, this is not gonna look cool. But what you're doing is kind of using that very little effect of the drop. When combined with everything to create a nice Children into there's a little trailing to do for your shoulder. Do half rotations on each shoulder. And I just put my arms in my stomach here. I never romeyer right over when it gets down. That's right. I tried toe kind of drop. It creates a of a small but still no soul, so I'll be leaning down. I'll go right left right. Ready? Let's go. Move back. We've broken down and gets from your Ricks, your forearms, your biceps, your triceps and your shoulders. Want to take two minutes? Posits video. Try practicing in different types of forms and positions, hitting all the muscles and body. Bryant's your arms catch you into Theo overall effective creating nice pop has to do with an evenly balanced hit or flecks of your whole body. The neck is a particular detail, which doesn't have a huge part, but you want to be a 100% hit and pop, not 99% So this next thing's a very small portion. 8. How To Use Your Neck In Street Dance: the overall effect of creating nice pop has to do with an evenly balanced hit or flecks of your whole body. The neck is a particular detail, which doesn't have a huge part, but you want to be a 100% hit and pop not 99%. So this next thing's a very small portion of that, but still important to go over. All right, this is gonna be super weird. I'm gonna come up close to the camera. I don't look okay, this is my neck, and I'm going to try to flex my neck holding it. Let go again. Try, do a very quick one. Now, this is obviously a little weird, but it's OK because when you're doing a whole pop, that's how many I mean, do a full body chest arm pot. Using my debt to you will be able to see it with my neck as well. We'll put that in slow motion for you so we can't break that down that your neck is actually being used way awkward and even great shortness the next day. I know when I first started hitting my electrified the worst part of my body that was sore . But you guys are doing the right thing. Trying to learn home fundamental. So watch take 15 seconds and practice doing a neck Bob. 9. How To Use Your Chest In Street Dance: okay, We're gonna be moving on to what is arguably the most powerful pop in pop it. And that is your chest. Now there's tons of ways you could flush your chest working, be breaking down, how to pop it in our motion and inward motion. The chest pop is really something that you want to practice and master. And remember, this is all technique. Doesn't matter how strong you are. If you have a lot of body here or is back in all matters, you have form and technique, and you will be able to hit like an awesome pop soda pop out where we're gonna be using our chest and natural breathing movements. Teoh, get the right 10 meat to do our pops on this side. I'll take a nice deep breath and try to hold it at the end of my chest is expected. I love you. You really want your chest expand and hold that our position because this is I guess the most powerful range from Papa. You're just do a couple of details. You a chest popping our is your shoulders and actually go a little bit back not to back. I would make this joke that whenever I go to dance studios, I see I get HIPAA crew teen. It was the response that, like, it's like That's not really That's like an extreme version of this despot. We're taking the power that and we're gonna density into a nice Sure. OK, so here's a little drill we could do to kind of practice popping out. We're gonna break out three different levels of the pot, gets that maximum chest expansion. So this is me at level what? To three. What? 23 I'm not really? Yeah. Try to get the 4123 Fred, what to do exactly? Practicing a him with your just popping outward. We're going to clench our fists trying to isolate that chest. And I'm gonna try to do a quick motion of popping out So we got the form now stranded, executed with. So we'll go. 123 pop. 123 Pop that 123 The chest is a huge part of having a nice and strong hit. What? You take two minutes to practice doing hits to the collapse and feel for your practice in stationary, standing, sitting, you know, make sure you practice that explosiveness Debts? You don't want to be sloppy. You want to try to power in the big dense waiting to be cool, right? Poppy inward with their chest is the opposite of pop outwards We're going to do here is start with chest expended and I'm gonna take those three steps moving backwards. Like so what? 23 123 what? 23? The despot. Like all other body parts, Just Bob is all about control in isolation of each individual muscle. Combine them all together to create this nice, huge, awesome thing that we call me. So what we do our chest pop inward. It's gonna be a pot that requires more flexing and competitive contracts from the hour. This is clearly a movement style bombing moving in. I'm going to flex my pecs. I can't even my upper abdomen a little bit. So I'm gonna say this is me at regular forms. Gonna be just a little bit out and bring my shoulders in at the same time. My chest and I tryto plus that it's already 123 12 All right, guys, the chest fox. Really important. Make sure you take three minutes Vases, video practices 10. How To Use Your Legs In Street Dance: way we learned how to dio popping all with the upper body. And now we move on transitioning to our lower body. There's a couple really cool things that you could do to create a whole body. When I see a lot of Popper's many beginners, you really big upper body and nothing lower body. The best poppers in the world no hit everything in balance. So we're gonna be focusing on those lower points. I take it that hold. So I'm facing right here, and what I'm gonna do is moving a little bit forward. And right now, both my legs kind of locked out. I'm gonna bring my left one for being unlocked. So I have this room to kind of snap. Now is a little precautionary to doing this move. If you snap a little too hard, it's gonna hurt because you could be hyper stand in your legs in the wrong way. So make sure you take that. Keep that my especially trying this out first time because this could create some long term pain issues. Okay, so using the leg snap, I'm going to bean back and then I'll have that leg hit. That's gonna be kind of right. Be now if you let your upper body just you loose right now, you can see a natural kind of hit with my upper body. I promise you, I'm not getting my upper body. This is kind of all coming from the power, my legs facing forward when I would do Here's a lean to the right and I'll be into the left Snap that coming this way saying bigger burst that. 11. How To Dance In Movements: way breaking down every single body part. That story was gonna cover it using the heads. So one huge concept when you hit that is really important. Starting out is keeping your stamp, you freestyles. If you're not breathing correctly, you your pot. You're gonna start out three minutes later, and it's probably because you're not used to doing hits. And so you could be able to visually see a decreasing this over the length of your free self powerful. It's and that's going down down naturally, is going to get tired. So here's one thing you can dio to keep your It's very active, and all it is is breathing when you hit just like a boxer. One punch and they x Harold to take it breath. It's a horrible right. So every time you do a big hit, you can take as an opportunity to do a breath. Now, this is gonna be really silly, and if so, would catch you in this troubling a little weird to. But just tell that I wanna have strong hits when I come Awesome pop and by if I breathed out every time I had, it's gonna keep my level consistent throughout the best way I can explain how to breathe out. It's simply making a noise, making that sound every time you hit. No, this is something that you can't really do quietly. You're doing it right. If you're doing this right, it's gonna be allowed. I'm literally pushing air out of my file so that my next step I have to breathe e this question for bombers all the time. I know. How did I just didn't know where to do it and how to make it fit my natural freestyle. Now, this is a question that is a difficult question for not just beginning poppers, but offered. We're trying to learn the best ways to incorporate market and make sure it is just as powerful as our stationary one when it's download. Trying to get those to my best advice to you is to practice using that basing clap and using a patient's when you dance, kind of mimicking a beat. Now, if you horny no 100 days or are comfortable just moving in your own without popping that, that's awesome for you. What I want you guys to do is practice dancing, and then when you find a spot to kind of freeze that and then practice your hit that dancing today. There, You know, this is the easiest way to kind of incorporate because then after practice of doing this, you don't have to make those obvious stops. You just be to Do you know that's the best way to incorporate natural now. But the other category of beginners where I've never danced before, I thought, maybe just making stuff as I go it is really hard. So here's a kind of simple thing you can do to kind of start developing those hits. We're just gonna take walking and turn that into puppet. So when I walk into exaggerate two things How high ago, How low I go, my best What I'm gonna do is add a hit at the top. I'm standing will start low. So the best way to start incorporating with music finally beat That is matching a pattern of your walk. Freestyling is hard for you and the concept of making stuff up as you go difficult. Then take natural movements and things that you see in dated in your day to day life trying to incorporate that department and you know one example I can give when you go to our kids And there's, like, that clause that goes down grab like a bear What happened? Try to get that out. You know, if I see that they okay, how would I interpret that dancing flop? So I didn't really create an idea Scrapping top. I saw something and I learned to interpret So trying to look for your day to day activities you see every day and think How can I put that into a dance move or happening Dances style that imitates that before we move on to dime stops practice all those different types of hits Take five minutes using basing clap kind of match that pattern and bring them all together 12. How to Dimestop: So the next part of popping that we're gonna be doing is called dime stops. Dive Stops is another huge fundamental of the dance off pop, and it is the ability to freeze at a point in time. Now, technically speaking, you don't even really have hit to do guy stop. It's more just about freeze. You definitely see a lot of properties do a miniature when they is definitely use a lot of robotics, and I think it's a great tool to use to develop patients from your days starting out. It's really easy to get caught up in. I got this. I got to go here, do that. But dot stops for shoot freeze. So practicing times, Austin belt patients, which is an awesome thing, have started. So damps up there, I think it really easy moving due on the first try. It's just about freezing. So I'm gonna give you a pattern to start with, right on magic. I'm just gonna take four corners, so I'm gonna go left down, right? Right. I want to add a little bit more. I started using my heels turn now, just like it's that stops away that you incorporate your natural freestyle and kind of using those dimes. I'm so again if you can create, keep dancing on freeze. Keep dancing on Freeze King Great find find a different way by using the same kind of walking I'm doing a dice up at the end, conducted by the top. It's really just about that freezing moment in time that creates that way. Go to one of the purest forms. Definitions of popping is actually to act for imitate as a role. So robotics, or sometimes referred to as a body, is that stuff robotics is all about time. Some. So before he just learned the definition of that, we're gonna just incorporated and kind of more robotic. Stop. So I'm gonna put my arms out right on like this. Do a left on, like so I'm gonna lead with my fact for Do that. Freeze. Now I'm sure you've seen someone do the robot, and they probably did this. That robotic is actually I think, one of my favorite dance styles I found myself running throughout the whole day. Providing is definitely something that you can take your natural day movements and, you know, turn that into robotic style kind of dimes. So, you know, for example, let's say about dinner table, that's what. I'm gonna sit down my arms out my place right here, just reaching out to God before I go. Really? It's just about using a regular way of doing things and thinking like a rollout. Using dime stops to kind of be your communication for Derby has dance. I want you to think of a natural thing you do every day, whether it's brushing, teach or maybe score to do and interpret that right now as a robot. If you were robot, how would you, Blake? Okay, fill that spot. Nice element. Rawat is creating that turning motion like manikins at the store that are on the circle pedestals. That is really well, im doing rotating odd, my heels facing this way I'm gonna be standing I'm gonna sit down low remarks out, do my dime softer Freeze, maybe turn my head. Actually, I'm just sliding, keeping my form as still as possible. All right, this concept of turning can you any kind of form unshaven? Really? It's just about having that shifting 13. Waving Dance Moves: waiting is a really cool illusion style of popping its ability to make you look like you don't have any limbs or bones. They're not connected together waving something really neat and fun. We're gonna break down. How do our arms? So start our army, my heart straight out like this. And my 100 locked right now remembering it and just a little bit when we started. There's quite a few different parts. Just your loan would you want to hit and waving is all about the details. So starting with our fingertips go fingers or digits no point down knuckles. And you can even emphasize this is a fish is kind of I wanna look Then you go to my rest. Now, this is one part we really pay attention to slide this. Now my wrist is creating a higher level than my Oh, went figures Knuckles rest my Oh, hello. My wrist with high. Why don't you switch to my O? My weight is gonna be over air. I'm gonna be turning my own off and then my risk down My well, this is called a blade that supposed to open have laid hands just for this and so my hope is sticking out. My risk is low. So we tried him from the top. We got this bulls wrist alot and all I'm doing, you know, alot doing is turning my Oh, and so right here. Turn by. Hello? Stick out in my arm and my risk are lower level for so I get back my shoulder, I'm gonna go to my right shoulder. Popped that my left ST down for that. Oh, this time. So I gotta make sure pop out and now switched to my wrist. It's shoulder. Oh, you were arrested. So using that same base clap break down our arms like this, you queue with me and then you practice in your afterwards, so oh, boom. Once you start to break down the steps and you gotta go, you gonna try your whole way, Ronnie, without stopping all you have to keep in mind is the order of body parts that you're moving . Obviously, my wrist here Dover started this. Oh, this this shoulder out Because I'm missing my hello in the shoulder. It's all about going sequential order, So try really slowly. You guys ready? Go. All of breaking down each body priority Order most you can get it. Want to take a couple minutes? First practice with a song from the base craft breakdown sectors Give it a shot. Go for it, Pop video. I'll see you guys. So now that you know how to do it when we're incorporate our chest over got into this way we get to our shoulder is I want to see my chest up And it's kind of to the left side right here to get that up just really about taking a deep breath and let it expand. And then I'm gonna move my chest to right our next pop my shoulder and you know, the way it falls out before So we're just adding a small detail without like this, right? Go. We're going right to left if you're struggling getting this chest out all doing here, just like we did a big practice taking a deep breath, finding a natural expansion. And then I am a shifting my chest right, left, left to right and effect way chest right on, right to left. Just a little detail to kind of add more fluidity when it goes across your body and you know waving is just such a template that you can add your own masterpiece in details. You know, let that be encouragement. That Oh, if I could have just maybe I can have my neck. Maybe I can have my feet. You mean the skies living here? This is a basic arm wave, you know. Do it. It's time to explore. Be creative. And at that flavor to take two minutes pauses. Video CF So we've done full arm ways now we would be doing microwave. No pun intended. Everyone does this Saturday. Backseat of the car and you roll out a window. Still have one. There you go. Yeah, ways State kind of concept here. We're gonna be using the really big emphasis in our fingers leading our head on. Then you know, I have a slight follow, but it's all going to be the details right here at our fingertips. Wait. So this is it's a really huge harmless you could bring down do kind like, in many ways, with your arm going out, you can also bring it back. And the only difference between going out leading with your fingertips when both backwards Your meeting with you Fresh really cool because you could be going out back. It's really detailed. So this is kind of like a slow pace with you could do this with It's really easy. So I want you to stick on this plane like there's a flat line right here and I want you wave on that lines. You're not going to hide tool and using your fingertips. Really? Guy, what should go all the way forward is you can That's what you can say. Being with you here like this Really cool, real, just kind of packs. Get the flow, Neil. Even use your body this far you can and come back. So that's called my ways. Why did you take two minutes? Practice video. So now do a body weight. So we've already have. You are that is the same concept staying the scene here so I'll start with my fingertips risk balls. Now, this is what we're start to do a little bit different, handsome or concepts. So we get to the shoulder. Were you a big emphasis in a roll backwards were moving all the way down our body of the wave and after I put my shoulders back, my chest. It's gonna have a nice big expansions popped up right here on my back. My interest? That's right. You sick my chest. No, this is my chest. And my back is lead as opposed to anything right over my feet back his name. And now my hips are four very head of my head and my job. So well, do well, simply bring my there's like, that way. Don't stop here. I see a lot of the answer that you will stop here. They're at their hips and no offensive girls. But, you know, if you are male watching this video, you end that pretty much weight. But that's probably not what you wanted to do. You probably went away. And that and that. Your foot. That's what I've been to anybody watching this. What you want your But you know that thing that's cool about you Try to go all the way to your foot as well. Way out doing many my on their shoulders. Chess is up sinking, and I mean that hips will go. And then you my feet pop my toe up. Right. And that is doing that. Pop that down. I'm gonna go to the left. What? You that leg snap? I'm gonna have a whole body lean buys in line with my shoulders. So if we were you, the whole thing slow. There's this move. Did not come easy for me when I started. It took me so much practice. And you get this old trash. You're awesome. You're killing. But if you're like me, this is a lot of their time and I really hard time with right in this area right here. And then my chefs taking down a lot of ways Go straight like that, you know? And my biggest thing Teoh encourage you is to do this move slowly, learn everybody find go swollen can. So you get the right things in order. We find that sometimes dancers to kind of mask for high, that they don't have besting me. Do something really fast. I get go like that. You know, if I would be so fast, maybe I can convince someone that Oh, I really weight body way if I don't really fast with 19 on those details. But to me and to you another dance shoes. When I see someone do this, it's like I know because you don't have all the details. Maybe didn't practice slowing up to take the time patients alert. So learn it. Slow showing you a fast way with things like this. Practice this one a couple minutes. Press pause. All right. Jobs before. Now that went down. Well, work on way back up. So we're gonna be any left back is locked out. On what, Papa? With my left toe Switching to my right and I have hips lead forward. My chest is now back. Picture for not come forward. Do a big chest Going out now in line with my hips for my shoulders That would have my shoulders roll forward Go to the elbow The wrist clothe negatives Very small May 4 just four. And well, the arms over that a little faster. Tell your government it's just practice floor up to your body. All right, we're really body weight now going down and come back full holding group shoulders just right. Left, right and shoulders for time. It's all about doing it in order to go slows you get all the details breast waas take Governments will come from the next 14. How To Dance Tutting: the next concept of popping learning is touch sport hunting coming is taken from Egyptian higher oh, clinics. It is the ability to create awesome angles, especially right angles and shapes, primarily using your arms. Obviously, it's not limited to, but times are really cool or articulate in detail style dance. I would be like a couple basic combos. So were first learning common angles for us. Now big, big, big, big A foreign concept of tutting having good technique with your risk If I wasn't put my arms straight out like that and then shot my elbows up. This is a degree and then I want to dreamers. This is all about the right angles. Having your arm flat like this is crucial. Now I want to be honest with you guys. I don't want the best time for my wrist should be flat. I need to push it down into our wannabe now. I wanna get better at my touch. I need to stretch them every day, Need a stretch of pushing in Don't want wall so I can have that flat backed through teaching dance. I've seen girls naturally have better flexibility. Guys, when it comes to tell us. I guess where we're lucky in that sense. But we can practice is still get that awesome for when you talk. So let's get to those common angles straight out Pop turned up. And this this could be seen as your first time. My right angles right here. Bad technique would look like this. Good timing is straight up, right? Next will be my wrist out and right here you have a couple different dimensions you play with, go out, switch you like a wrist rotation to kind of switch on. You can also hear this popping down saying switch. Here's a really one flipping your risk over. I have to really focus. Push down, get angle Trust me, This is not good for there's poppers that would look at me. You see you. But you know what? I want you guys to take this is encouragement and be better than I am at this time. You have really stressed that risk to practice. But if you can hit that other angle you have so many different places. You go practice that I dare you. I challenge you practice and Master Teoh right angle right there. That's Justus clean is this. Don't a couple touching girls practice. Give two minutes When you practice tides, it's always cooled at a hit here touch as well. So let's say about practicing just with one arm every time I'm doing different angle. Registry it out. Hey, starting out really easy. If you practice with what arm first trying to get those benches and then practice your right. When you put the two together, you have a lot of different angles, almost too much to even start out thinking out. So practices one arm. Take a couple that has try every time doing angle pending as well practiced in Iran, those hits into your preset. 15. Dance Isolations: the next concept we're gonna learn about isolation, isolation plays is the ability to focus, object or objects, body your body parts in your dance and kind of create illusions behind those isolations we've all seen. Let's obviously it's late, but it is a type or demonstrating isolations what they do. I'm not gonna teach you how to be mine. But I'm gonna teach you how to do mind being okay. There's a different mind, has kind of creating that animation, you dancing, creating those you know, obstacle losing. You want to call that like, wraps up here whole forward, you know, and lean. I'm holding on to it. That would be type of mind pretending like there's a wall here turning it, pulling it in, coming, loathe, sinking around. This is all type of mining isolation. So let's go over a couple of those. So we're gonna pretend that we're gonna be grabbing polls and then while towards them, as if were going off like that. So whatever isolating is my wrist, this is the best ability. I'm pretending that there's before air wrapping it. And if you were to grab before real life, come up to it, your troubles come in. You walk up to that whole until it's right next to you. I'm trying to keep my wrist exact. Same spot where I moved. I was gonna move a little bit. It's natural. No one's perfect by you. Just getting close enough. You will start to see that that now here a couple examples of doing it. Point find rabbit. It goes forward full. Okay, that doesn't look really poor. Bio or you minute by poor air. What did I just do with my whole life? Was standing brought it. It's all about the details here. So I'm grabbing this poll, which I'm pretending straight, pointing in like so, so really cool. Really, You can practice you drive, grab pulling into steps. Wrapping two steps through. Really Focus on a take a couple minutes and practice pulling forward to your poll. You even news with beat your child yourself boom way are looking at a dance after all, playing music while you're learning these drills. Awesome way to start incorporating moves and techniques you learnt to urinate. Take minutes 16. Dance Bonus: we have learned a ton today. As you can see, popping is a sure divers didn't. It is my favorite dance down because you have open permission to be yourself. You don't have to look like anyone else when you dance. The dance style popping it is encouraged. In fact, to be original to be, you need to stand out your own way. All these tools, elements and concepts you learned today. This is the beginning. This is the foundation of Let You guys Go. I wanted to give you a couple more educational pieces about popping that would hold you develop faster than I guess a normal rate would be without hearing this. A lot of dancing asked. How do I practice or what are the best benefits for practicing? If there's a day where you're super busy, you know we have time for three minutes days. What do you do? Here is my answer, his heads and diamond thoughts or something. You should practice every day, not every time you did, because that is the core fundamental, the essential parts popping you could do. Always. You can you touch your tricks, but if you're not hitting or doing dime stops, actually not considered. So have practice, practice using hits and die themselves with everything you do with your waiting new tricks . You touch you doing style Doesn't matter. Make sure you practice your hits dives off every time days. Another Washington get asked, is how I warm up. Here's a little Warren drill that I do all the time. First thing I do is kind of loosen up after to move my arms coming up like this, then coming down and first thing I do is a hit. I'll start with very slow based. You have saw Jamie now know who bow trying to flex my legs to my chest. Next, You a little are now going to time stops, boom trying super sharp, Just like so . I'm just doing this. I can feel, you know, some strange my shoulders and my eyes using other. That's what you want to do. You want to start getting juice is flying in your eyes, and then when I usually do is I'll do a couple pushups. Now I see your point. You don't you can't do push it. That's fine. Your bushels working totally cool with all really doing a point to get some kind of blood for my chest. So I could have been just pop. So I'm not gonna do pushups for you guys, But you get the picture you're gonna be doing. I do some push ups. And then, of course, understand. Stressing Kathleen arms and the growing to with this in drill and something I always do with my arms. It's been fun, You guys, I hope you have learned a lot more importantly, hope you practice everything learned today. And every day you get a change. I want to let you know it does not end here. This is the start. I want to reach out to me after you practice all these concepts. Seven freestyle things. You you're practicing or do free stuff right now and then practice and then into 1 70 yourselves like, Look, this is where I started. This is where I am just after you know, You Reserve wants of practicing from your patrol. That kind of stuff makes you really stoked over putting material out here. You guys that want to learn so weak out to you guys? I've got a Facebook slash credible along you too, You know, that last bill of all Twitter. Just you know, I'm here at your teacher because my student, this relationship that we're starting Thank you so much for checking out the beginning tutorial. I didn't progress. And you feel like you're ready for the next step. She definitely check out my intermediates drug over a lot more higher level concepts, kind of breaking wave from the foundations and even go to a little bit of tricks as well. Well, thanks again. Keep dancing. Keep practicing. Make sure you practice those hits on a daily basis. This is L. A video.