How To Dance - Breakdance Toprocks 101 - The Complete Beginner’s Course | Darren R. Wong from the Kinjaz | Skillshare

How To Dance - Breakdance Toprocks 101 - The Complete Beginner’s Course

Darren R. Wong from the Kinjaz, Dancer, Dance Teacher, Fitness Enthusiast

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40 Videos (3h 60m)
    • Darren R. Wong - Dance Reel

    • Dance Warm-Up - Neck

    • Dance Warm-Up - Shoulders

    • Dance Warm-Up - Elbows

    • Dance Warm-Up - Back

    • Dance Warm-Up - Hips

    • Dance Warm-Up - Knees

    • Dance Warm-Up - Wrists

    • Dance Warm-Up - Ankles

    • Weight Distribution - Advanced Concepts & Strategies

    • The Groove - Advanced Concepts & Strategies

    • What To Do With Your Arms - Advanced Concepts & Strategies

    • Body Positions - Advanced Concepts & Strategies

    • Step Touch - Fundamental Toprocks

    • Step Touch w/ Groove & Arms - Fundamental Toprocks

    • Touch Step w/ Groove & Arms - Fundamental Toprocks

    • Toprock Drill #1 - Fundamental Toprocks

    • Touch Crossover - Fundamental Toprocks

    • Toprock Drill #2 - Fundamental Toprocks

    • Transition Step #1: Kick and Step - Fundamental Toprocks

    • Transition Step #2: Skip and Step - Fundamental Toprocks

    • Transition Steps w/ Groove & Arms - Fundamental Toprocks

    • Indian Step Variation #1 (Hopping) - Fundamental Toprocks

    • Indian Step Variation #2 (Run) - Fundamental Toprocks

    • Indian Steps w/ Groove & Arms - Fundamental Toprocks

    • Salsa Step - Fundamental Toprocks

    • Salsa Step w/ Groove & Arms - Fundamental Toprocks

    • Toprock Combo #1 - Fundamental Toprocks

    • Kick and Twist - Fundamental Toprocks

    • Kick and Twist w/Grove & Arms - Fundamental Toprocks

    • Toprock Combo #2 - Fundamental Toprocks

    • Toprock Combo #3 - Fundamental Toprocks

    • Creating Your Own Toprock Combo - Fundamental Toprocks

    • 01 Walk and Lean

    • Slides - Entrance Toprocks

    • Skips - Entrance Toprocks

    • Side Kick Outs - Entrance Toprocks

    • Apache - Entrance Toprocks

    • Grapevine - Entrance Toprocks

    • Combining Entrance Toprocks to Toprocks - Entrance Toprocks


About This Class

Hi! I’m Darren from NBC's World of Dance crew the Kinjaz and I will be your online dance teacher. 

Not too long ago I was a shy introverted kid, who you would probably not even notice was in the room, who didn’t know how to dance… but flash forward to today, I am now dancing, performing, and teaching for hundreds, of thousands of people around the world. I have had the great fortune to dance, train, and perform with some amazing dance companies such as the Kinjaz, Culture Shock Los Angeles, and Kaba Modern and it is my goal to spread all of the knowledge and experience I have uncovered through my 13 years in the Hip Hop industry to new dancers searching to get started[...]

New Dancer Question

The question I get asked the most by new dancers is "how do I get better". My immediate answer is, you need to figure out how to be comfortable dancing in front of people or you won’t keep pursuing dance and therefore never get better. Every great dancer knows that to become comfortable dancing in front of people hinges on these 3 things:[...]

  • First is the knowledge of basic fundamental steps and how to execute them with good technique...
  • Second is your ability to understand basic rhythm in music and how to move on beat to it…
  • And finally the amount of confidence you have in YOURSELF to get out there and show off what you got

So with this in mind… Logic would tell us that the greater knowledge you have of basic techniques, and the greater understanding you have of music, and the greater confidence you have…The greater dancer you will be… and therein lies the problem because most of the dance classes you have taken (or thought about taking) actually skip over this stuff making it difficult for you to build the confidence you need to become better.

The All To Common Class Reality

Think about it…Have you ever been in a class struggling to learn a move they are teaching while self consciously feeling embarrassed thinking that everyone is seeing you struggle. Maybe somehow you managed to copy a move but just can’t put your finger on why you don’t look the same as the instructor and when the music comes on you feel like everyone else knows some secret code to stay on beat and somehow you are left out. This is unfortunately an all to common reality for new dancers. The reason this happens is because most classes fail to break down basic movements to it’s simplest form in order for you to understand them. This could be because…

  1. The skill level of dancers is different in most classes…
  2. There are too many people in the class for the instructor to really focus on you…
  3. Sadly some amazing dancers just don’t know how to teach which leaves you both lost and confused as to why you don’t look like them

You can agree that this is not how you are going to get better. You need someone who can patiently break down a move to it’s simplest core so you can understand it no matter how long it takes. Someone who can help you understand the music and get you on beat. Someone who teaches you the basics and then gradually guides you to more advanced movements. I want to be that person for you and I have great news…

I have created a course that will do all of this for you. Better yet, when you start my course, I will be able to improve your dancing whenever and wherever you want online.

Click Here To Start This Course Now

Why Take An Online Course

Now, you might be thinking why would you take a course online to learn how to dance? Well, I’m glad you asked. The reason why I created an online course is that quite frankly, you and I can agree that sometimes there just are not any dance studios, classes, or instructors near you who provide the type of dance training you need to get better. Sure, you can travel far and wide to find the classes and teachers you need. They are out there, but this becomes very expensive and time-consuming

Sure…You could turn to other online tutorials that you can find on YouTube. However, everyone has seen those tutorials that[...]

  • Are likely in no logical order for you to progress from basic to more advanced movements (Sorry, you can’t run before you know how to walk)
  • Don’t break the move down simply enough for you to understand it
  • Never show you how to execute the move to music
  • Teach the move incorrectly leading you to practice bad technique and risk getting injured (not to mention all of the time you will have wasted)

Sadly, There is no way I could physically reach everyone who needs this course in person and to be honest it would cost a HUGE amount of money to take a number of private lessons needed with me to learn all of the advanced strategies, tips, and techniques I show you in this course.

That is why I have created this online course to allow people from around the world access to an experienced teacher who wants to help them every step of the way.

The Benefits Of An Online Course

So how will you learn and benefit from the course being online? I created a structured course curriculum that will guide you by the hand through basic fundamental movements in a progressive order (basic to advanced movements) just as if we were having a private, one on one lesson together. Everyone knows that it is difficult to learn anything when you are first introduced to it. The beauty of having this course is that 

  • You can learn and master movements at your own pace by returning to any movement lesson as many times as you need
  • You can pick up on the small but important details you probably would have missed in a class by being able to skip around each lesson
  • You can truly dance like no one is watching you since you can access the course whenever and wherever you want

Every dancer knows that it is easier to dance when no one is there. You can feel stress-free learning new moves and build up your confidence to show others whenever you are ready to from the comfort of your home

That’s why you need my course. The amount of information that I have gathered and will teach you will save you all that time, money and wasted effort you will spend trying to learn from someone who is not qualified or doesn’t understand how to teach you.

Let Me Show You What You Are Getting

Over the past 13 years, I have cultivated the knowledge and experience teaching dancers of all different kinds of backgrounds and skill levels how to dance. I’ve documented what teaching methods work and what methods are just flat out ineffective and created a simple, easy to follow course curriculum that you can easily learn from and apply immediately to your dancing

The first section of the course will take you through my personal head to toe warm up. Now…I know that doesn’t seem exciting but this is a very important thing that most dance classes, let alone dancers in general miss or rush through. Everyone knows that once you injure yourself, you will be unable to do anything until you recover, which means the longer it will take for you to get better. You and I both can agree that we want to make you better as fast as possible. By doing this warm up, you will ensure that your joints and muscles are ready and primed for your training, which means less chance of you getting injured and being able to continue your training without any delays and advance quicker.

The next section is the “Advanced Concepts and Strategies”. In this section, you will learn concepts and strategies I wish someone told me when I got started dancing. This section alone will give you the upper hand on over 90% of new dancers. Concepts such as using levels and how to position your body will allow you to make one move look like multiple moves that are customized to your liking. The concepts and strategies shared in this section will double, even triple a number of moves you will be able to execute in your dancing.

The next section is the “Toprock Fundamental Steps”. This is where you will learn and be guided through every detail on how to execute a move with perfect technique. On top of that, I will show you how the move is done with music at 3 different tempos which means you will be ready for all types of different music regardless of the speed. As an extra bonus, I have provided a number of Drills and Combos in between new movement lessons so you can feel completely confident utilizing each move before taking on the next, more advanced move. Finally, I give you a blueprint on how to combine all of your new moves that you have mastered into a plug and play template to get you started right away.

The final section is the "Entrance Toprocks". This is where you will learn steps you can use to enter the circle or dance floor to gain attention and create some space before you show off your new Toprock steps you learned from the previous section. Not only will you learn new steps to command attention, I also show you how to combine an entrance step with a Toprock step so you can easily transition and make your movements look smooth and cohesive.

Click Here To Start This Course Now

Start Improving Right Now

For a one on one private training session that provides you with over 4 hours of concepts, strategies and technique shown in this course, not including the extra hours you gain by being able to rewatch the course as many times as you want, I would normally charge a minimum of $400 (and that’s if we could even get through all this great information in 4 one hour sessions)

But thanks to Skillshare, you are able to take my course + have access to 17,000 other courses 8.25 per month. 

That’s right, I am offering to show you the path to reaching your Breakin' goals quickly, safely, and efficiently by providing you new movements, drills, exercises and warm-ups to get you to your goal faster for less then the cost of a dance class at a dance studio.

This course is priced far below what it is worth, so gain access to my course now and receive the added benefit of having access to 17,000 other courses without having to pay an extra penny. 

Naturally, I’m sure you have some hesitation. I know when I buy stuff, especially something from the web where I can’t see it, feel it, or toy with it, I feel like I am taking a bit of a risk. So here is my guarantee to you.

Enroll in this course risk-free and If you don’t agree that this course is helping you become a better dancer by teaching correct technique and execution of movements to music and advanced concepts and strategies then Skillshare allows you to cancel your premium membership at any time.

Click Here To Start This Course Now

Here’s the deal: This is a killer bargain. What you get in this course is worth literally hundreds of dollars not just in lesson fees but in all the extra cash you will save by not needing to travel to some class that is getting you no where. The price of this course is worth far more than the cost of a premium membership so become a premium member today for 8.25 per month and you gain access to my course and 17,000 more courses without having to pay a cent more. Plus you do all of this risk-free because you are can cancel your premium membership at any time.

I am in the position to help you at this point. If you read this far here’s what you need to do for me to actually help you make this real in your life.

Here’s what you need to do now: First I want you to grab your wallet and become a premium member by Clicking Here To Start This Course Now. Remember you are under no obligation to keep your premium membership and can cancel at any time). Here’s what’s going to happen next. You will have instant access to this course + 17,000 other courses. I want you to browse through the entire course and decide if this is for you (which I know it will be or else I wouldn’t have wasted your time and made you read this far) to prove to yourself that you have made the right decision because I know what it’s like to be in a position wondering what’s going to happen. Then… enjoy the course and feel free to ask me any questions along the way. See you inside.

-Darren R. Wong | Kinjaz

P.s. As you know, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. Is that what you are doing? Aren’t you tired of waiting to learn how to break? Tired of practicing and getting nowhere? I want to help you out but you need to take action. Become a premium member to take this course now.


P.p.s. Remember, I have spent 13 years teaching, correcting, and guiding hundreds of dancers of all skill levels how to master their movements. I am offering to show you the path to reaching your Breakin' goals quickly, safely, and efficiently by providing you new movements, drills, exercises and warm-ups to get you to your goal faster for the price of one 30min private lesson. On top of that, you can’t possibly lose because of Skillshare allows you to cancel your premium membership at any time. Become a premium member now!

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Darren R. Wong from the Kinjaz

Dancer, Dance Teacher, Fitness Enthusiast

Darren R. Wong is a member of The Kinjaz from NBC's World of Dance and has been teaching, performing and choreographing in the Hip Hop community for 13 years. He has also been a part of world-renowned Hip Hop organizations such as Culture Shock LA and Kaba Modern and spent 4 years on the faculty of the Claire Trevor School School of the Arts at the University of California, Irvine as an adjunct lecturer of Breakin'. He has been sharing his experience and knowledge by teaching and trai...

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