How To Create and Verify Your Google My Business Listing: Online and Offline Businesses | Michael Luchies | Skillshare

How To Create and Verify Your Google My Business Listing: Online and Offline Businesses

Michael Luchies, Entrepreneur & Writer✎

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6 Videos (12m)
    • Introduction

    • What is Google My Business?

    • How To Create Your GMB Account

    • Verify Your GMB Account

    • 5 Quick Tips

    • Your Project


About This Class

Google My Business is an important tool for every business, even if your business doesn’t have a physical location. 

Your Google My Business page will give potential customers information about your business and what you have to offer them, from your businesses’ hours to mini blog posts that give them information about upcoming specials and events. 


This course will explain what it is, why you need a Google My Business my page, and walk you through how to create and verify a Google My Business page. Once we have your page setup we'll go over some tips and tricks to attract the right audience to your page.

This course is perfect for: 

  • Small business owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Online business owners
  • Internet marketers
  • Marketing managers
  • And anyone else looking to promote a business on Google! 

Already have your Google My Business page setup? Take my course here on why and how to post on your Google My Business page






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Michael Luchies

Entrepreneur & Writer✎

Hello! My name is Michael Luchies and I'm a writer and entrepreneur. I help entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses grow their companies with content, marketing, PR, social media, and website copy.

I am the Founder of TrepRep, Communications Manager at After School, a contributor for Entrepreneur Magazine, Content Manager for Frigibar, Copywriter for Propllr, and ghostwrite for several inspiring entrepreneurs and companies.

I have been published and/or featured in:...

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