How To Create a Shop on Facebook for Free | Brian Gray | Skillshare

How To Create a Shop on Facebook for Free

Brian Gray, IM Rebels - New School of Internet Marketing

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7 Videos (38m)
    • About the course

    • What you'll use to make your app

    • Setting up your shop app

    • Customizing your tab

    • Publish to FB and edit

    • Get your shareable link

    • Adding popups and push notifications


About This Class


In this course, you are going to learn how easy it is to create a high quality Amazon and eCom stores right on your brands Facebook Business or Fan Page. 

Previously this took hours of advanced programming knowledge or expensive 3rd party platform integrations. NOT ANYMORE!

I am going to show you how to start displaying and linking your Amazon products (or any online products/services) at ZERO COST and with the least amount of effort or prior knowledge required. There is no advanced programming or knowledge needed.

Simply follow along with my over the shoulder examples to get your products up and available to your fans in the next hour. 





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Brian Gray

IM Rebels - New School of Internet Marketing

I am an internet marketer, educator, philanthropist, gamer, writer, father, husband, traveler and entrepreneur. Originally I'm from the USA, but I've settled down in SE Asia.

I was in the education sector for over 13 years, and I loved it, but then transitioned into digital marketing and internet marketing.

I have always loved studying and researching, and now I'm using those skills to find ways to make life, as an internet marketer, easier and more profitable.
I have a lo...

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