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How To Create a Blog In Less Than 10 Minutes

teacher avatar Robin Haney, Web Developer and Online Instructor

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introductory

    • 2. Setting Up a Domain Name

    • 3. Setting Up an Hosting Account

    • 4. Putting It All Together

    • 5. Our Blog is Now Online

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About This Class

In this course you will learn how to create your very first blog completely from scratch! This is for anyone who just wants to get a WordPress blog online without learning any technical information. 

In this course you will be creating a domain name, getting a hosting account, linking the two together, and then to close things off you will be introduced to the WordPress dashboard.

Meet Your Teacher

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Robin Haney

Web Developer and Online Instructor



My name is Robin Haney and I am an instructor here at Skillshare. I primarily teach web developing and programming tutorials. 

You can check out my blog here - 

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1. Introductory: Hi. My name is Robin. In this short course, I'm gonna show you how you can completely from scratch create a blawg and get it hosted online. This course will take you no longer than tend to the table. 15 minutes to complete. So enroll today and I will show you how to create a WordPress blogging online hassle free and easily. 2. Setting Up a Domain Name: so the very first thing we're going to need to do is set up our websites and domain name, and we can do this by going to a domain name service provider. Now there are many different providers on the Web, but we're going to use name cheap for this example. So if we typing name cheap into Google or Gore to W w dot name, cheap dot com, we're taking to the website. Let's go to registration on the domain section, and that's type in the name of of the domain name we want to find. Now I'm going to pick this domain name and we're going to see if it's available. And we can see her that this domain name is available for $14 per year. Cool. So these are the different extensions for domain name if you want a different extension, but we're going to go with the dot com because that's the best one to get. And we're going to simply add this to our Kurt by clicking this button here. Next up, we can your Kurt and here we have the different settings were going with one year registration you just wanted for one year, and we want to set to auto Renew and these things at the bottom, we're gonna keep who is guard because it is free, because why not? And that's pretty much good here. So we confirmed the order, and next up, we have to entering our personal information. So I'm gonna go ahead and enter my personal information, and then I'll meet you in the next section. All right, So we're taking to this screen here, we will have some more information, and we're just gonna keep this the way it is and use the default settings, and I'm going to hit, okay, here and next up, we have some payment options, and I'm going to actually play with people. But you can pay with credit card or whatever you like to do. I'm gonna go with paypal because it's nice, quick and easy, right? So it will continue here and next up, we can see our total purchase, and they check it with people options. So I'm gonna click again, pay with PayPal, and then when that's all done, I'm gonna get I'm gonna meet you guys in the next screen and we continue creating our block . All right. So I just finished pain from a block, and it's just doing some finalized finalizing our sale here. But after that again, all done with our purchase is gonna be good to go. And we have our domain name all set up and ready to go. All right, so we're good to go here. I'm just gonna fill this quickly. Er, survey here, give him a nine, and I just close this here. So now our domain name is purchased, and we can now manage it inside of our name cheap account. And I'm going to go back in here, and we're gonna go to manage on our domain name. So let's go ahead and click. Manage. Here we can see how domain name listed. And again, let's click Manage again. The next up we'll be taken to information about our domain name. 3. Setting Up an Hosting Account: in this section here we we need to navigate toe our domain names, name servers, and we're going to need this information for later. But first, we have to actually make our hosting account in point Are domain name to her hosting an accountant. So now let's go grab a hosting account. I'm going to go back to Google and type in crucial hosting, and I'm going to use them for this video. You can see here that we landed on the crucial hosting homepage. You go first put, shared or split dedicated. Since we're just making a very basic block here, we're just gonna go with the split shared hosting account. Since again, it's the cheaper option. And again, these are the different prices. But I'm gonna go with personal here just because it's the cheapest one we have available to us. All right, so in this next screen, we can pick it for a new customer, which we are, and we can also typing on domain names. I'm just gonna go back to this page here and copy my domain name just so I get it correct here based in here, and then we can feel it once again our billing information here. So I'm gonna go ahead and fill that out and then meet you in the next section. Okay, So I filled out all my information, and I've select PayPal to make the payment for my hosting account. So you can go for a one time payment or set up a payment subscription. I'm just gonna go for one time. But if you're very forgetful or if you just wanted to altering you, you can go for a subscription as well. And I'm just gonna pay now. And this should work everything out. Everything will be good to go, and we'll have our hosting account all set up and ready to go. 4. Putting It All Together: So after a little while, you should get an email from your new hosting account from Crucial Host. And these are our names service for account. So I'm gonna go ahead and copy this 1st 1 here and we can see that they're all pretty much named the same. So we're gonna go back into our domain name from name Cheap and in her name server section here. I'm gonna go custom DNs. And I'm gonna go pace that name server read, and I'm gonna paste it three times. And I'm just gonna change the name server number. You can go number two, number three, and then these name servers should be good to go. This is Post. This is pointing this domain name at our hosting account, so it's actually going to show up online. So we hit the check mark in this should see if you are sitting here already. Everything looks good to go. Please note. It can take up to 48 hours for domain name servers. Not to change, but generally speaking, it usually takes a couple hours or so. Now I'm going to send into my C panel and you can find this information once again in that welcome email you got from crucial hosting. And here we are in our C panel dashboard, where you can manage all the files for our domain name and hosting account. I'm gonna go all the way to the bottom, and we're gonna go to the WordPress script right here and give it a click. Next up, we have the installation information for WordPress, so simply click install now, and I'm gonna go, Http and pick the www dot extension, and we're gonna make sure we have our domain names like it here. And I'm gonna get rid of this WP so that it's actually gonna install WordPress to the root of our domain name. And here we can have some information. We can change those information later. So I'm just going to type in something really quick here, um, name of my wife. Say it in a quick little state description. You can put whatever you want in this, these two fields. All right, so this looks pretty good to go, and I'm going to scroll down here, and we can pick a user name, admin and password. I'm going to go ahead and click my user name and password. Okay, there we go. We're all good to go. We have an email for website if you want one. And of course, I'm gonna select English for a language, and I'm going to you not limit log in attempts. And I'm going to select the theme. I'm just gonna pick this first team and again, we can change at least saying this later on, so don't worry about it. I feel like we're good to go. We can hit, install. And now where press will be installed on our domain name and are hosting account. All right, so we're good to go. So this is the information for a website. I'm gonna click the euro hair, and we can see here that our website is actually not hooked up yet. So I'm gonna wait a few hours and I'm gonna come back, and we're gonna see if the website is online. 5. Our Blog is Now Online: Okay, so it's been a few hours, and I'm gonna go back to our website and we can see here now that a relapse it is actually displaying correctly. We can see here that our website is live on the internet. When every type in a domain name and appears her now to get into our WordPress dashboard need to type in WP stash log in dot PHP And here I'm gonna like me. Use name and password we created earlier when we insult were press and now we're in a WordPress dashboard and here we can change our posts or pages, different settings for a website and every viewer website. Now, once we're logged in, we can see we have this low menu up top here that gives us quick access to our WordPress dashboard. So in here we can do all kinds of different things. Let's go over posts first. So we have settings here as well for a theme, but let's go over post. So we're gonna go to add new, and here we can pick a title for a post. Gonna put put a name here, and I'm gonna add some text in here, and I'm going to publish this post. And now we review our website. We can see that our brand new post is now published on our website. Pretty cool, right? So this is the basic essentials of have a blawg works. Now I'm gonna actually changes to sample cause it's supposed to say sample, but this is basically Hala Blawg works over here. We have themes as well. We can change the look of our website. So let's go to add new here at a new theme to our website. And there's there's literally thousands different themes there on the Internet you can get and I'm just gonna click anyone here. Um, let's go off with this one rate here. This one looks OK, so I'm gonna install this and go activate. And if we open up our theme customizer, we can see here that we have different options. Well, first of all, we can see our theme has completely changed, but we also have some options to change your theme as well. If you know how to do, have developing and know what a code. You can go in the back in the WordPress and do more changes with those of you who are not familiar, you can use the theme customizer. Also, we ever plug ins here at the bottom and we have some general settings and wordpress that we can change things such as our site title, our tagline and different things like that. Now there's a lot more to understand in WordPress and to use the different things here. But for this course, we're just getting your blog's set up and, you know, good to go in ready online, so that's pretty much it. Congratulations. Your website is now live and on the Internet. Now, this course was just made to get you set up in creature Blogger online. So consider checking out more WordPress beginner courses so you can begin to shape and build content on your block. Thanks for watching and look forward to seeing you and other courses of my