How To Create Your Very First Profitable Online Course | Robin Haney | Skillshare

How To Create Your Very First Profitable Online Course

Robin Haney, Web Developer and Online Instructor

How To Create Your Very First Profitable Online Course

Robin Haney, Web Developer and Online Instructor

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14 Lessons (1h 16m)
    • 1. Introductory To The Course

    • 2. Why You Can Teach No Matter Who You Are

    • 3. How To Pick a Topic For Your Course

    • 4. Which Content Format Should You Use?

    • 5. Where Should You Publish Your Very First Course

    • 6. How To Create Text Transcripts For Your Lectures

    • 7. How To Record Video on Your Computer

    • 8. How To Choose a Good Microphone For Your Audio

    • 9. How Long Should Your First Course Be

    • 10. How To Price Your First Online Course

    • 11. Where Should You Host Your First Online Course?

    • 12. How To Get Your First Course Published on Udemy

    • 13. Focus on Getting Your Course Out There

    • 14. How To Expand To Other Platforms

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About This Class


My name is Robin Haney and I am an online instructor and teacher on Udemy. I have over 65,000 students and over 3,888 reviews on all my courses. I am here today to show you how to publish your very first course online!

If you would like to achieve the same success that I have than this is the perfect place for you to start!

Enroll today and let's get your first course published today!

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Robin Haney

Web Developer and Online Instructor



My name is Robin Haney and I am an instructor here at Skillshare. I primarily teach web developing and programming tutorials. 

You can check out my blog here - 

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1. Introductory To The Course: All right, guys. Welcome to the course. My name is Robert Heaney, and in this course regular Hunter Creature. Very first digital product or online course that you can sell online. And it's gonna be a course that you can sell and actually start making money from right away. Now, we kind of arranged this course so that we really cover all the aspects of the course creation, and we're gonna start raping the beginning and kind of work her way through, and we're gonna be covering a lot in this course. So first of all, this is the introduction of the course. Um, in the next section of the course, we're gonna be talking about how you can make courses in niches that sell. So we're gonna go over things like topic selection. You know how to know that what you're creating, you know, people were gonna buy, and I've created along a lot, Of course, is upon the web. I'm currently on my 20th course on you to me, so I have created a lot of courses in a lot of different topics. And I'm gonna help you guys create courses and niches that are going to sell so that you can guarantee that you know, all that hard work that you put into making, of course, is actually going to make your money. Um, next up after we cover that, we're gonna talk about the content of your course. You know, how do you make content for your course? You know, should you use texts, Should you use audio? Should you use video? You know how to put all those things together and actually create the actual content of your course. And I was have, like, a little outline that you guys can check out, which will kind of give you guys, um, rough example of how to create, of course. And next up, after we work with the topic selection and the content of your course, we're gonna look at different ways. You can actually build your course. You know, like what platforms you can use. Um, what's the best way to publish your course depending on where you are at, You know, if you're somebody's completely new, um, you're going to take a different approach to public publishing your course, then somebody who already has a big email list or something like that, or an audience they can already sell to. Um, we're gonna cover that in this, um, this course we're gonna focus on that. And if you are a complete beginner, you know, let's say you don't have an audience. You're brand new to doing all this kind of stuff. And you're just really making your first course from scratch. This is the first thing you've done online. Um, don't worry. We got you covered. We're gonna focus on what you guys can do, um, as well. And, um, the next topic we're gonna talk about is how you guys can create a course that's not doomed to fail. And I don't want to say that by scaring you guys and saying, you know, you know, you know, to give you can you guys give you guys some bad thoughts in your head or anything like that ? But we're really gonna show you guys how you can create a course that's really gonna sell. And, um, the good news is I have kind of went through that process. I've been creating courses online for two years and have created some courses that then really well, it's of course, is that did OK. Some courses that you know didn't really do the best in general. So I kind of have an idea of how to make courses. That cell. I mean, I'm making over two grand a month just on you to me alone, something courses. And that's just from one platform. So, you know, when you think about my blawg, other marketplaces on the Web and other things like that, it adds up to be quite a bit. So you know, I'm gonna be showing you guys my complete blueprint that I've used to make over springing up here over $15,000 in the last year to just from you to me alone. So that's not including my blawg or any other traffic sources like that. So again, lots of stuff to learn. But don't worry. We got you covered. Um, and the last section we're really gonna talk a boat. Um, which software you can use to create your course. So, you know, one of the biggest problems that a lot of people have who create courses is you know, they don't know what to use, you know? How does a record video, you know, hideaway, you know, do all that kind of stuff, and we're gonna be talking about that in this course because remember, in the content creation section, we're gonna be talking about video, text and audio. So there's a three different things you can use to create your course, and they're all they'll work. Well, you know, you don't go to record video to create. Of course, you can just write up simple like text and use out of the course as well, where he can do a combination of free. Like I do all three like I do. So you know, there's a lot of different options, and we'll talk about those options later on in the course. Just kind of want to give you guys a quick introductory Kind of all the things will be talking about this really is a course that's going to take you from creating a course that might be an idea in your head to something that's actually physical, that you can sell the people on the web. So this is just a quick introductory when you guys were ready to move on. I see in the next section of the course who talked more about myself, my background and some of the struggles that I had that really stopped me from, you know, really breaking out and how you guys can avoid those problems that I had. 2. Why You Can Teach No Matter Who You Are: All right. Okay, so in this lecture, I really wanted to talk about a topic that some people really struggle with. And this is the topic of who can teach online courses. You know, what is the criteria for teaching online courses? And, you know, are you suitable to teach courses or, you know, kind of teach people whatever it is you want to teach? And my answer to that is pretty much anybody who works online can teach online courses. Um, all you have to do is you have to know something that the person here teaching doesn't have to be an expert in your field. You don't have to him, you know, be work, you know, worked your whole life doing whatever you're doing. You don't have to spend years, and you're studying or working in whatever field you're doing. All you have to do is no more than the person you're teaching. And I want to show you guys, um, my portfolio of courses here and you'd me because these courses of courses that are really , really beginner friendly, and you can see here that, for example, this course here introduction to crypto currencies and online investing This is something that started doing about two months ago, so I'm very, very new to it. But the thing is, I can create a beginner's course because I'm just teaching the basics, which, you know, somebody who never heard of Cryptocurrencies might be able to do. And I've done this with a lot of my courses. You see, um, I have a lot of my programming courses. I just teach the basics, and that's something that everybody can do. So if you're somebody who is not comfortable, let's say you know, you're you're just getting into your field. Maybe you're studying something online. Maybe it's like Internet marketing business, whatever it is, and you're not an expert. That's okay, because you can always teach a course on the basics of something because somebody who has never heard of whatever it is you're talking about, um, that they they will benefit from the basics course. And then over time, as you learn more about your topic, you don't learn more about whatever it is you're working with. You can create, you know, more advanced courses or more courses that, like maybe handle the basics angle into the advanced, like more of those more complete types of courses, but, yeah, that's the thing. And like one of my best course selling courses in unity is a JavaScript basic course. And I am in no way a javascript, you know, professional or javascript expert or anything like that. But I created a course about to our videos that just creates, basically teaches the fundamentals on JavaScript on you to me. In that course, I'm gonna show us how much money have made off. Of course, I've made over. Let me just find the coarser made over six almost $6000 off that course $6000 off the one course. Just basic scores that, you know, teaches somebody the basics of things. And that's all you need to do. You know, if you're not an expert, you can always just, you know, teach the basics and you get started that way. So I just wanted to create this kind of lecture. Um, it's kind of you to adjust to get you guys, you know, give you guys the confidence that no matter where you are, no matter where you at, you can teach a course in your field. You know, I like a lot of my course there. Beginner basics courses and those courses really, really well, because they're very attractive to all types of people. You know, you don't get to be in advanced person to benefit from that course, Um, so that's something I would recommend, and that's something that you can definitely get started with. And if you feel like you're not, you're not ready to teach a course. That's fine. You can always come back to it later. But I'm here to tell you that no matter who you are, no matter what situation and no matter what level you are with your expertise that you can , you can teach a course to get somebody you know to get started on stuff like that, even it's just the basics course, maybe like an hour long course to just introduce somebody to a certain topic. You know, you can teach that course, and that's something that you could just get out there. And then over time, you know, as you game or knowing just to get better at whatever you do, um, you know you can teach more advanced courses, but even just an introductory course or basics course is good enough to put out there and actually start making some money from. And just by teaching these basics courses, I've been able to create a full time income online for multiple properties. So I just wanted, you know, again, let you guys know that you don't need to be an expert. Anybody can teach courses online, no matter who they are. And the cool thing is like, if you sell your courses from your own blawg, you know, it doesn't matter. All you need to do is get, you know, bringing audience. And and if you publish your course, it's on you to me, which I will recommend you guys do. And that's kind of that's what you're gonna do at the end of this course, you actually get your first course published on you to me, um, matter who you've already start sewing courses. Um, and that's basically all I started online as well. So yeah, I want to get you guys, you know, kind of excited about this. I won't let you guys know that no matter who you are, you get started. So, um, you know, thanks for watching this video. When already will move on to the next lesson in the course 3. How To Pick a Topic For Your Course: all right, everybody is So in this video, we're going to talk more about how to pick a topic for your course. And this is something that a lot of people struggle with. That's something that I struggled with a lot. And what I recommend is if you're already in the business, um, of having an online audience. So let's say you have a blawg. If you have some kind of line platform and you're already kind of you already know your needs, you're already doing that kind of stuff that my my biggest recommendation would be to pick something, um, really a tiered each that, you know that is in advance. So, for example, let's say you're a blogger and you teach people how to, um, you know, create blog's online. How to make money online can think. And let's say you make money with affiliate marketing, so the course that you might create in that sense might be a course that you know, what is the number one problem that people have with the feeling marketing. You know what is something that people struggle with the most? Um, to pick another example. Let's say if you're somebody who teaches people how to build a YouTube channel and had a market on YouTube. Well, then pick the number one thing that, you know, people struggle with the most. So, you know, is it getting views for their channel? It's getting subscribers. Is it, you know, increasing their the money they make from, you know, doing whatever you do to make money on YouTube. Anything. And that's what the main thing you want to focus on, you know, pick something that people struggle with the most. Whatever is really to your niche that you're teaching or you're blogging about whatever you're doing online. And then that's we can create the the basics, of course. And when you're gonna have a general idea in your head, what you can do is you're going to start to do some research. So but I do most of my research on, you know, you can go to YouTube, you go to Amazon. You can go to all these different sites and see what's popular. But in all honesty, what I recommend you guys do is you go to a website such as, you know, me and you, to me, is like one of the biggest online course kind of marketplaces, So you can really see what's in demand. If you want you to be so like, let's say, if you were affiliate marketer and you want to teach, you know, let's say you teach your audience for the marketing and you want to create a course in the feeling American. Well, you might type in affiliate marketing to you to be, you know, when you can see it like is affiliate marketing something that's in the band? And just by looking at some of these courses, you can see that it's quite popular. You know, there's a lot of people teaching affiliate marketing courses here on Unity, so you know it at the hop. That feeling marking is a great thing to get into. When you guys are clean. Your first course, um, you know, you might seem like OK, well, if there's a lot of courses on this topic, you know there's a lot of high rated courses and stuff like that. You might think well, there's a lot of competition, and that's true. But when you create in your first course online, but I want you guys to do is don't worry about competition. Don't worry about you know, if there's too many people teaching that topic, just pick something that you know is in demand. Because if you know it's in demand and you can guarantee that you that there's an audience for that topic and then you can actually generate sales like and that's the most important thing because I want you guys to create a course where you're actually gonna make money from. And there's an audience from because the more popular and in demand your courses. You know that your topic, the more easier it will be to get sales. You know, even if there is a lot of competition, you have to work a little bit harder to get those you know, to get that that high level. But on the very, very low level, it's just going to be easier overall if there's more demand for your course, especially on the platform, like you know, me and my courses have been like that, like when I create courses that are in demand topics, Um, even if the course isn't highest ranked or it's not the most popular unity, I notice overall that my sales are generally more higher just because just more people looking for a solution to that problem, that's something to consider as well. So if you are somebody who, like I said, if you're somebody already has a block, you're already talking about something online. Your you have a business, then that would be My recommendation is dive into your niche that you already you already working with and try to identify the number one problem or the biggest issue that people are are trying to search to solve online. Now, if you're somebody who doesn't run in business, So let's say you're taking this course and you don't have, you know, you don't have a blawg. You don't really know what you want to teach. Then you're gonna take a little bit of different route, and I'm going to suggest that you guys try to think in your head You know what is something you're good at? What is something you want to be good at, You know, like, let's say you have a really you really like to create video, you know, like video editing and stuff like that, and, you know, But maybe you don't have a blow, get you know, maybe you don't have a block. Maybe you don't have anything going for you. Get so what you can do is you can go on you to me here and let's a video, Eddie muse your thing. You know, um, seeing, typing, video editing. And you can see here if video editing is actually in demand. And you can see here that just by looking at some of these courses here, there's actually quite a bit of video production video editing, you know, um, different programs and stuff like that. So you can see that, um, looks like video editing with Adobe. Premiere is pretty popular, you know. Ah, smartphone filmmaking that looks like it's pretty popular as well. So these are things you could get into If you want to go down that route, Another one is photography. Let's say you know, you're you know, you look maybe you know a little about photography. You don't have a blogger. Nothing yet, but you won't eventually get into that and you're looking at you know, you're looking at that creating a blogging, a fuel that you know, is in demand. And photography is something you enjoy. Well, you can always look up photography and see if photography is something that's in demand for online courses. And this is how you can get some good ideas going for your for your first class and feel free to toe. Look at some of these courses and see you know what this one is teaching a digital photography for DSLR cameras, so that could be something you could. You could make a course in an exactly on topic. Don't don't feel like you know somebody did it. You know I can't do that. You know, if you see somebody created course and it's popular and it's selling well in this case, this course of the best seller so we can see that people are looking for courses, beginner courses for DSLR cameras. So if you're teaching photography, you know, making a beginner's course that must be proud to use DSLR cameras. Um, would be a great idea because this is the best selling course in unity. So that's something that's in demand, and that's how I recommend you guys do market research, and that's really how you confined the topic of your course without going into detail to other things and stuff like that. This is one of the easiest ways to find, if you know if it's worthwhile, creating whatever course of do you have in your head and when it comes to sewing courses on your own website, which is something I'm going to show you guys how to do in this video course as well. Um, you can also use the unity is kind of result to figure out if you're going to get people to buy in your own sight, because people buy it in you. To me, most of the people who end up when you need me or people who are searching in search engines, stuff like that for these types of courses. They land on you to me and they buy them, so there's no reason why they won't buy them from your own bloggers. Well, you know, especially once you get everything set up on there. So this is basically how I do market research. This is how I would recommend you guys do it for out your online courses. It's a very simple It's very easy. It doesn't even take that. Not much time, you know, Like like I said, if you're somebody was interest in photography. You could've did your research. And, like, maybe an hour. You know, he just looked at some of these courses, jot down some ideas for girl. Which one? Um, your interest in the most Or maybe which one you have the most knowledge or experiencing, and then you can create a course and that kind of feel, Um, so that's really how you can get started with your first course and how you can do research for your future courses that you create online And for this first course that you guys create. No, we don't want to complicate things. We don't want to make things too crazy. Just pick a topic. Um, that is popular, that you can see people recruiting courses and something on and then driving to, like, more of a niche kind of area within that topic. So, in this case, DSL photography, Um, try to find another example here, Um, so this one is setting up a photography studio in lighting class. So this is another niche, um, night photography. So that's it. That's in each. You could get into two as well. So if you wanted to creative, you know you're looking for. Let's say you decided you wanted to create a photography course. That's, you know, like your topic you want to cover, but you want to drill down into something more specific. Nate Photography. You can see that's pretty popular. UM, selling photos online. That's another thing you can do. So you know a lot of different course. So there a lot of different things you can do. Eso That's what I recommend you guys do when it comes to researching for topics, he has any questions about this, you know, feel free to post in comment on this video, where in this lecture and I'll answer any questions that you guys have. 4. Which Content Format Should You Use?: Alright, guys. So in this video, we're gonna talk more about the content formance formats that you can use to creature online course. Now, the three more type, the three most popular types of content formats, is either written so that's like transcripts or brought blood post kind of thing audio. So that's, you know, um, a downloadable audio file that people can listen to or, you know, take with them on the goal kind of thing. And the third option is video and video is probably the most popular option. And the option I recommend that you guys do for your first course. Because once you get comfortable with recording video, it's actually very easy, and it's you can create your course very quickly with video. Now, not everybody likes video and video isn't gonna be the best format for everybody, but it's gonna allow you to create your course really quickly. And also the one reason why recommended is that, um, in order to get a course published on you to meet the needs to be in video, so very important because you mean is going to be the platform that you're going to start making sales from and it's gonna make your life as an online course creator much more easier. So if you get your course publishing unity, you'll just bring in so much extra revenue, especially as you start to add more courses to the platform. And you can, you know, use your student based on you to me and kind of final them towards your block. And then you can use it to just really, really grow your business online. Ah, lot quicker that way. So I would highly recommend that you guys, you know, start with video creature course of video first. And then, you know, you can stick your course on you to me, and then you can stick your video course on your block using teachable. Teachable is a program that we're gonna talk about later on this course Langley show you guys how to set up a course. Get started with teachable, and you can use teachable the host, of course, of the new one platform so you can sell them on your blawg and sew them on you to be. That's important because you want to. You want to, you know, build your student based on your own website. it's well because you know me. Although it is a great marketplace, it does have its limitations and unteachable. You can really do so much more for your business. So that's my recommendation. Would be, you know, create your course and video first, and I'm gonna show you guys sell a record meant video have record my audio and everything like that. Later on, the course will go through a lecture that does, you know, that goes through that and how you construct recording your course and later on, you know, you can also, um, you know, use a video editing program to created audio file. So that's really easy, because once you creature video course, all you have to do is you take your different video palace and you just need to render them as audio files, and it really just takes a couple minutes is super easy to do. So you know, after you get your your main course, your video course done, you can easily turn into an audio course that people could take with them, and then you can use a website like read, for example, where you can actually transcribe your videos. And again we're gonna cover that later on, because it's a very, very easy way. You gotta pay money for it. But again, it's it's best to have as many content types as you can. And the cool thing is that you can actually take put audio and your transcribe courses and you to me as well, and it really will up the value of your course. I do this with one of my courses, and people love it like because not there's not very many courses in unity that do this. So if you can provide all three content types at some point in time, your courses, it's gonna you know, it's just gonna resonate with so much more, many more people. And it's just gonna really up that quality level. Ah, but in the beginning, you know, feel free to just do video. Then over time, you know, maybe when you get some money you get some free time. You can go and do the rest. But in the beginning, video is the number one thing that I highly recommend. You guys. Do you think video is that when price in your course, if you have video, you can record a simple, like maybe one hour course and then charge, like, $5200 for it. Because video, you know, it really is in high demand. You know, it's not like a book or pdf person tonight That where you could charge 20 bucks $30. You know, um, with the video course, you can really charge like, $50.100 dollars for that course or even Maurin a lot of cases. So, you know, it really, really makes that quality that was so much higher. And now, with technology nowadays, it's so easy to record video like I'm gonna show you guys how I use a free program to record a video in my audio. And now I have to invest. Do This was actually my microphone that you guys can see right here. That's the only thing I had to invest actually record these videos. And, of course, I had to learn how to use the software itself. But we're we're gonna go through that later on, so don't worry about that. But again, I just want you guys to think about these three different content formats, you know, audio video, and, um, you know the written format So, um, I know what some of you guys gonna be more comfortable doing one or the other. You know, maybe you're not comfortable with video. Maybe you're not comfortable with writing so much. Like, I'm more video guy myself. I like video. Writing is something I don't really care to do. But, you know, I do. I don't mind doing it. It's just video video is so much easier for me to do because I have that background. Um, but for somebody else may be writing is easier. So video is gonna be a little bit, you know, uncomfortable for some people. But if you can, you know, really, really get a good grasp of it and create your courses online. You know, you're going to just be able to just really push ahead of so many people out there. And the cool thing is, is using certain programs you can actually record your video and you don't even have to show your face. You know, you can record power point slides. You can record your screen on your computer like I am here. And you know, you all you have to do is talk over a camera. People don't even have to see you if you're not comfortable being on camera. You know, it's really not that hard to do. It's pretty simple once you kind of get used to using the software. So that's pretty much it for this video. I just wanted to get you guys, you know, kind of used to the format and stuff like that. And again, we're gonna be focusing on video for this course. But if you don't want to do video, don't have to. But I highly recommend you do, because getting your pores you, of course, published on you to me and having that video format just really ups the quality of your course and can really increase your revenue you can make online. So, yeah, that's pretty much it, um when you guys were ready and you have some, you know, you kind of know what content format you want include. Join me in the next lecture of this course and continue on from there 5. Where Should You Publish Your Very First Course: So in this video, we're gonna talk about which marketplaces and which places you should approach, of course, is to And in this course, we're gonna really focus on the two that are gonna be, um, really give you the best result and allow you to really grow your business. So the two ones are hosting your courses. Courses yourself in your own platform and you can do this. I recommend you guys do this teachable. And this is an online service here. I got here later on the course. We have a whole section that's going to show you guys how to set up get, you know, get set up with teachable how to get creature course and kind of show you guys, you know how easy it is to create a course and teachable like a high quality course. And that's what I have actually used. I actually use teachable to host this course, So if you if you bought this course from my website, you actually viewing it with teachable so you can kind of see the quality there and see why I've gone to go with teachable. And the other option is you to me now There's a lot of different only in course, marketplaces and platforms. And there's a lecture at the end of this course. Why talk about some of the ones that I use in? Um, those other platforms marketplaces can really allow you to grow your income with your online courses, especially when you consider the fact that you don't have to create anymore, of course, is you just stick them and stick them on. Other platforms don't make you tons of money, but it does add up over time. But the biggest one that's gonna make you the most money is unity and unity is the 1st 1 that I started using. And it's the one I've gotten the biggest return of investment. So just to give you give you guys an idea of how really good you enemy is and why I recommend that you guys go with you to me. I'm gonna bring up my last month stats for unity and how many sales have made. So wait for this to load. Now on. You know me. I have a couple courses, so I make a little more money than most people do. But you'll notice that actually, I clicked on this month. We'll go back one more month. In what? August cereal. We have August income. Okay, so the way you ninny works is they have different. Um, basically, you upload your course through a platform, you own the rights to the course, and basically, what they do is they, um, and force a 50 50 revenue split. So if you upload your course to their platform and if anybody buys your course on their platform from you know, whether be search engines or furrow traffic to the course or people just browsing the marketplace, they'll split the revenue with you 50 50. And the other way you can. Actually, the other type of sale you can make is, let's say, if you have your own blawg, you have your own platform, social media, and you post a coupon to your course and they buy from that coupon, you will get 100% of the profits so you can see here. There's two different tabs. There is promotion promotional activity. And then there's this section here, and that's you, dummy. Organic. Now, promotional activity is how many people bought my course from my coupons, and you can see that. You hear that? You know, I made about 190 to $200 from different things. I do social media, different things like that. Some of these coupons are in my last lectures in my courses, and again people will sometimes go through and use those to buy your other courses. And I made about $200. So you know it's not tons money, but it's something for my own promotional efforts. But if you really pay attention to the unity organic sales, you can see that last month I made 1000 and $311 from you. Do you Timmy Organic Sales? So that's just people just coming on to you, to me see my courses and buying them. That's involving no marketing for me. You know, it's basically passive income when you really think about it, and pretty much it's a boat. I don't know what the exact math is, but there's that's like 80% or whatever it is of my sailors are coming from you to me. Organic sales. So this is why just uploading a course on to you, to me can really, really make you a lot of money. You know, it's it's one of the best ways to meet passive income. And this is why the highly recommend, you know, you make your first course of video course so that you can upload it to you, to me. And then once you upload it to you, to me, you know you won't get sales like this from especially the only have one course. But you can see here on the on the right side of my individual courses you can see that all my courses kind of, you know, them each make, like 50 to $100 a month kind of thing. That's kind of like what they make you know. 39 55 96 101 100 almost 200. So you can see here that the vast majority of my courses, you know, the each kind of add to that total income, Right. So, you know, just by adding, of course, on the unity you can guarantee like that $5200 you know, month per course. So you know, to get an extra 100 bucks or 200 bucks from your course and unity is huge. and some courses. We do a little bit more and some course and make a little bit less. But again, you know it really will hope you get that first result. And if you're somebody who's brand new to making money online, if you can, you know, publish course on you to me and without maybe after your month, first month or two, you're making, like, $5200 a month. That's that's good income, because usually it takes you about, you know, 67 months from doing other things to actually make that type income. So it's a great way to grow your income, and then you can. Also, you don't launch your own blawg. You can promote your teachable course, which is going to your cell phones course of your own block, and then you can make money out that it's well by funneling people to that, you know? So you know, it really does that up at the end of the day, you know, and then once you add your courses, other platforms that adds into so that's really way. In this course, we focus on promoting uploading your course to you, to me, so you can get that quick benefit that quick sale. You can start making money right away, and you know, you can tap into your unity audience and then, you know, on the back end, you can you focus on building your own business on your own block and because it takes a little bit longer to grow your own blawg business, because blog's just they take a long time to get started, you know, to get that traffic, um, Teoh add posts and stuff like that to funnel people to you, Whatever your products are, you know, I might realistically take you a couple months before you start doing your first few sales from your blawg. Um, you know, you can start kind of like, um, you know, you can really accelerate the process by up, you know, publishing courses on you to me. So that's the two platforms we're gonna focus on in this course. And I highly recommend you guys do that, you know, get your course published on you to me, you know, a creature course on your own blocks that you can start doing both and you can start getting some immediate results and start making some sales right away. So that's basically what I wanted to talk about in this lecture. I want to talk about two to America, places we're focusing on. Um, and if he has any questions, just let me know. Um, and I'll answer your question to have about, you know, me or teachable. So that's what we're gonna focus on this course, and that's what may be the best result. So, you know when you're ready to move on, I'll see you guys in the next lecture. 6. How To Create Text Transcripts For Your Lectures: So in this video, I want to talk a little bit of old adding text transcripts to your online course, and this is something that a lot of people don't do with their courses. And I highly recommend that you guys to now you're creating a course on teachable in your hosting on your own website. Then you can have your whole course just be text if you want to. But because we're focusing on you to me and getting a course on their most, of course we're gonna be video. And to kind of make a text version can seem like a lot of work, especially if you're recording the video and stuff like that. One of the easiest ways you can do that as you can use the service cold Rev. And that's the real Garrido rev dot com and this is a transcription service were basically what you can do is you can recalled all your videos for your course. Keep those video files on your computer, and then you can simply just go to services here and then go to transcriptions, and then you can transcribe it for a dollar per minute. So let's say you have about half an hour to an hour of content. You can transcribe that all, which is really, really cheap. And they do really, really quickly as well. Um, so you can just get started here and it's very, very simple. Ah, you to upload the video. If you do have your videos on YouTube, you can just paste the URL and they'll take that video. And like a lot of cases like, I've you know, let's say I have a video. It's five minutes long. I'll get somebody to do a trance report unfixable five minutes, sometimes even like half an hour for them to do like they're really, really quick. And they're really, really on parts. So, um, I don't think I've ever had to wait more than 24 hours for a file to go through, even when I older ordered in bulk. So I highly, highly recommend their service and just adding that text transcript that content form, it really is gonna put you ahead of everybody else. And once you get your transcripts back, you're gonna be a little bit editing because they're not gonna be perfect. Ah, but you know, you can take them add them to your teachable school. You know, you can go here, um, creating new lecture and then you can, you know, ad your text here and just paste in the new year styling and fix it up at your legs and stuff like that. And as that a supplementary supplemental lecture. And then you can go ahead and do that and you to me as well, because you to me, is, um um, this isn't being a non allow instructors do, and it really helps a lot of people cause some people and I myself included, I like to have that visual representation, But, um, sometimes, you know, when you're when you're watching a video, sometimes it's easier just to read it as text later on. Um, so that's something you can definitely do. And you know you don't need to do it right away. You don't need to focus on getting that all done, but just kind of maybe making efforts to just every other day, maybe do a lecturer to and transcribe mints that you could make the quality. Of course. Ah, much better. And I recommend that you guys use red dot com. Ah, but you can use any service you want. You can write your transfer from transcripts from scratch if you want. But, um, I want to make this as easy as possible for you guys to do in a highly recommend that you owed source it because it is kind of a pain to do. And when you when you're doing video and all the other stuff that can really add up, so that's what I recommend, she gazed. 7. How To Record Video on Your Computer: Alright, guys. So in this video, we're gonna talk about recording and video on your computer. Now, depending on the content of your course, you might You might be recording video on your computer. You might be captured your screen. You might be recording like power points and using that 2% your course, there's a lot of different options. And if you guys, before we actually get into the whole how to record video on your computer if you guys were confused but have present your course, what you can do is you can always go to you to me dot com, and you can enroll in a few courses yourself to kind of see, um, what other instructors air doing. And there's a lot of free courses here. So, um, you know, you could just go to a certain So let's say you're making a course on, um, Web development. You know, you making a programming course. Well, actually, let's let's find something a little bit different. Let's say you're making a course on business and you're making a course on finance. You're helping people finance your money. Maybe that's what you do right, and you're not sure what to make what you can do. Asian goto All courses click on this tab, and then you can go on price and then hit free. And what you can do is just enroll in some of the free courses and see how people are putting their course together. See other recording it. Um, if I look at this one accounting in 60 minutes, I'm just gonna give us a click. I'm gonna enroll in it. Um, I'm just going to see you can just kind of see what the people with the person is doing. And you can get to get some ideas in your head on how you want accord your video, and it's up to you guys. But one thing I will recommend is that you guys really, really may make it, um, basic so that you could just get it out there. You know, if you have to talk in front of power point slides and maybe do like an introductory video where you maybe show yourself talking like I do, you can do that. So, you know. But the whole main thing is that I don't want you guys to get hung up on the whole how to create the video and content for your course. I want you guys to actually get it going. Um, so let's kind of go into here and let's see what this person is doing. And it looks like they're using a video of themselves talking on a white board, so something you guys could do again. What I recommend you guys do, though, is if your brand new and you're not familiar with video editing or recording, I want you guys to go. Um, you can use power point online so you can go power point online if you don't have power point. Ah, let's see if I can find it here. You can go to power point in line, and you can make a power point online account. It's free to make, and basically what you can do is you put together your power point. Then you can capture your screen. Um uh, showing your PowerPoint and then you can use that until talk over that I mean, I write, I reckoned you guys do that if your brand new and you know, maybe you're not familiar with video editing or you don't want to get on camera. That's definitely something you can do. But anyways, um, the whole point of this lecture was Sure, you guess how would actually record video on your computer? So the software that I use is a piece of software called O. B s. And I'm gonna can I drag it onto the window here? And this is gonna look weird because I'm actually capturing myself here like this is the screen I'm capturing right now. So you guys will see this kind of thing here. Now, if I get rid of the video capture, right, So, yeah, it's hard to see this because, you know, I'm using the way or exit really kind of screws up the screen, but I'll show you guys maybe in a second here, how to use this. So let's just drink this back and that where you come down little BSS type in o B. S into Google or open source broadcaster. You can click this tab right here, and this will give you the actual softer and it's free to use. Just hit the download tab and you can download whatever when you want. And in this video, I'm gonna show you guys how you can actually, um, configure some of the basic settings for O. B s. So I'm gonna drag this back over, and I want you guys to, you know, try to pay attention to the file, how I'm gonna be going to the city in tears. So hopefully this isn't gonna be too confusing for you guys. Ah, but you see, on the main screen here we have our video capture or display capture. Now I can click thes little tabs to make it. So I want to capture different aspects. So again, get rid of the Actually, I'm gonna turn this off like this, so this is a little bit easier to to see. So in this scenes tab, this is the whole scene itself. And in the sources have we can add different things so I can add, like a audio input. I can add picture. I can add a video capture. I can add a screen capture. So let's say I want to do a window capture tonight when no capture. We hit, okay. And then this comes up the sightings and you could select the window seat just like your browser window. You can select all this kind of stuff. If I go to this one, it will capture my one window. So there's a lot of different options here with O. B s. And then you control your thing. You over here, you can make it bigger, smaller kind of thing. Just gonna delete that. If it'll let me lead it. There we go. So that's gone. And then and then make sure you can click these little eyeball things here to display them or not display them in the next low mixture tab. Here we have all the different audio. You can record your computer audio by hiding this desktop audio checked. But I check this off because I don't want people to your science sounds from a computer. Um, the microphone audio. You can see that it's turned on because I have my microphone and the video capture device. I'm not using a video capture device. That's mostly if you using like an external computer or TV or something like that. And over on the right here, we have start stream. Um, if you're streaming, you can do that. Um, I'm recording right now, so that would be a start recording if you're not recording. You can hit that button to record, and then this stuff you have to worry about So configuring some basic settings before you actually start recording, you want to configure some basic settings. So I'm gonna open up the settings tap here, and you guys can see this. No, actually, you guys won't be the Cedars. So let's let's bring my video capture back up. Let's go to settings so you guys can see the stunning stab. Um, you can see here we have the English settings for l. This kind of stuff. Most of this stuff, we can keep the same. The main thing we're interested in doing is going to video tab. And in the video tab, you can see here that have the resolution to 12 80 by 7 20 It's important that you capture your screen in 7 20 p because you, to me and a lot other places, um, 10. 80 p isn't or even higher. Resolution is in quite common, and it does. It is hard for some people to watch those types of videos because they're so high quality, and the foul says is so big. So I would recommend you maybe you go with 7 20 p, and what you're gonna have to do is make sure your screen resolution matches that. So if you're according 7 20 p, make sure you you take your screen resolution and you change it to 7 20 p so that there's no scaling issues. Um, and if you do that, you should be fine. And in the trying to find what tab it is and the output tab, you can go to the recording tab and you can select and change where you're recording files . Go. Um, so you know, when you're recording your files, you can set it to quit your desktop or ah, folder on your desk tops that they're all there in one place And yeah, that's how you can do it. And this is pretty much the gist of O. B s. It's not super complicated. I don't You don't want you guys to think that, you know, super complicated thing. I linked to a guide to help you guys, you know, go a little bit more through it if you want, but this is how I record my video again. I'm gonna turn off that display capture. Um and it's pretty straightforward. Some other alternatives. You can use these things that Camp Asia. That's pretty popular. Um, you can use, um you can use just a digital camera if you're capturing your face and you can upload it to to computer. But if you do that road, you're gonna have to do some video editing, so you might have to get some soft for the thing I like with O B s is I can hit record. And if I time it right, I can go through the whole video. And then I don't have to, you know, do too much video editing after, because that's something you can do a swell. Um, you know, if your taking different sections out, of course. But I like to do my videos on one goal and just get them done over with that way. And I want to do too much video editing after, but the choice is up to you guys for video editing programs. You can use all kinds of different programs. I use Sony Vegas for Windows. Um, you could even use Windows movie editor. There's a lot of simple ones you news, but again, it's been dependent on what type? Of course you're making what you're doing to the video. And if you really don't want to touching that stuff, you can always get somebody else to edit the video for you. You know, when a website like fibre something like that as well. Ah, but I hope this video kind of introduced you Toby s. It does take a little bit of, you know, messing around to get right. Um, also, all other thing I want to cover is in the settings tab. If you goto audio, you can actually set up your microphone and all that kind of stuff in there as well. Eso make sure you have your, you know, your microphone set up and you should be good to go because of any questions about O. B s or different recording programs. Just let me know, and I'll do my best to answer any questions that you guys have 8. How To Choose a Good Microphone For Your Audio: now choosing your audio where your microphone for your course is very important, because choosing a nice good microphone will really make the audio of recourse stand out and just sound better in general and rig miss take a lot of people uses they use, like the makeup one in their laptop or there. You know, the really cheap Webcam. And although this is a solution, if you have nothing, it's not a good solution. And when it comes to getting published on you to me and getting your course approved, you need to have 1/2 decent audio. So one thing I do want to point out, though, is you don't need it like a studio quot a microphone. The microphone that I'm using right here in this video and all the videos to the idea. It was about $100. Um, it's a pretty good microphone. It's low level, but it's you know, it. It just you know, it's good enough. And for those you guys who are in the market for a make food, I'm gonna recommend some here on Amazon. Now, the 1st 1 I'm gonna recommend, it's called the Blue Snowball, and this is probably the base, the most basic microphone you can get, and it's really good, and it's really cheap. You can see here. I'm actually on dot amazon dot CS. I'm gonna go to amazon dot com, since that's where most of you guys are gonna be. Steeping snowball, I can't even type area. So the Blue Snowball was the 1st 1 here, and it's a $50 microphone. So it is by far one of the cheapest options, and it's a great entry level microphone. So if you guys and I had this actually bought this maker for myself a couple of years ago is when I first started doing this, and that's what I used and it's very, very good. I would recommend that the very, very minimum that you get this maker home because it is one of the best microphones for the price. Um, some other options once you want upgrading, or if you have a little bit more money to spend, you can get a yeti. Ah, it's this guy right here, a blue yeti, and this is kind of like the next step level up, and this is $130 that's something you can do as well. And this is probably like in the same quality is the one I'm using right now. So you can see here with, like, 100 bucks, you could get a microphone. That's gonna be, you know, make really, really high quality video and stuff like that. And it really does make a difference. You know, if you've ever listened to a course or if ever recorded video with a not so great maker phone, it really does not sound good. And it can really make ah, you know, world of a difference. And you actually do have to have good quality audio in order to get your course improvement you to me. So this is something that would recommend you guys do, at the very, very least go with the snowball. And if not, you know, if you want to spend a little bit more ago with the yeti because it really will make a big difference in your courses. Overall, 9. How Long Should Your First Course Be: So in this lecture we're gonna be talking about how long should your first course be? And this is a common question that I get from a lot of people, and it's kind of interesting because I've seen courses, you know, That's so really well that are, you know, one or two hours long. Then I see courses that are, like, 20 hours long. Yeah, 20 hours, and they sell really well. But I've seen like, you know, it really depends on what? When subject your teaching And when it comes to clean your first course online, I would say, probably you want to go for that Lower? Um, length, of course. Maybe one hours, maybe 1.5 to with the most, I would say, because I really don't want you guys to spend your whole time, you know, creating this course and then getting discouraged and then not publishing it. I want you guys to create this course online and just get it out there and start making sales like that's really what I want you guys to do. I want you guys to get your course out here. Um, you know, publish it. Start making some sales seen even if it's just a few sales you know to start off with. I want you guys to actually get that immediate result. And I just want to show you guys that you don't need to have a course that super, long to really, you know, make a lot of money. Like my first course. I publishes this WordPress basis course. It basically shows people how to create their first website with WordPress and this course I published about two years ago. I mean, one or two years ago on you to be, and it's about let's see how long it is here. It's 1.5 hours, and I think when it published, it was like one hour long and that course to the States, maybe a couple $1000 you know, So you don't need this super long course to start off with, you know, just something basic, something short, you know, Like I said, go shoot for that one hour kind of range and you're perfect. You're golden because that's gonna be, you know, long enough for people to go through your course. And the nice thing about making the short, of course, is is that, um, it allows people to actually finish your course within, you know, a decent time frame because a lot of times, if you have, like, really long horses, sometimes people will, you know, it's kind of turns them off a bit. You know, it seems like it's too much of an investment, you know, you don't get through it. And you know, there's a lot of benefit to having that short quality course, you know, and there's nothing wrong with creating a short course. And then maybe in the future you can make a longer course, you know, to cover the more advanced aspects of a course or whatever is you're trying to do. But in the beginning, I really want you guys to focus on these shorter quality courses because number one it's easier produce. And you can really, you know, focus on something small and, like, really deliver on that one individual thing so that if there's somebody online, so instead of making a WordPress course that teaches everything about WordPress, I'm I created course. That's specifically for people who want to build a website with WordPress, but they don't want to go into the programming aspect they just want to get a website online, and you can perfectly do that within one hour. So that's what I recommend you guys do. Just find something that you know. It's super simple, super basic that you can create it like maybe a one, maybe two hour course at the most that you can just create that course getting online and start making money, you know, And then over time, as you get more fast, if you can as you get more courses as your income increases, you can consider making, like, maybe a course that's, you know, a little bit longer or more in depth. But my experience is they basically sell the same. Like some courses, you know, that a shorter soem or some don't some courses longer, so more. It really depends on the topic, how in demand it is and really what you're teaching. So you know. But in the beginning, it's very important that you just get that course out there. So my recommendation is keep it 1 to 2 hours, and that will actually, you know, allow you guys to actually get that course published. Maybe within you know, a week or two You know what? Spending too much time creating this course. You know, maybe within a couple days you can finish actually recording it. Um, And you can get that online ASAP. So when it comes to course length, Um, those are my tips. That's what I recommend. And for this course, I recommend it. You guys keep it for 12 hours. 10. How To Price Your First Online Course: Alright, guys. So in this lecture, we did talk a little more. Will price in your course. What you should price or first course some tips for pricing on different platforms and whatever recommend you guys get started with. So the first I'm gonna go up with this house, we price our course and you to me. And this is a topic that a lot of people have different. You know, they have different ways of doing it. And if you go on my platform, you'll see that most of my paid courses are about, you know, 102 $100 in the reason why they're so high. So expenses number one. It's a video course, and there's a lot of content in the course, and the other thing is that you to meet likes to do heavy discounts on their courses. So even though I have like a lot of 102 $100 courses, worst in my courses cell for, like, $20.15 dollars, because they do like such huge promotions. So at the end of the no matter what you press your course in unit me, you're most likely gonna get most your sales through discounts. And because of that, you know, you can kind of feel, you know, feel free to price, of course, a little bit higher than you normally would. Because when those coupons and those discounts to go out, it'll just look better. You know, if you have a course that's $100 its price to, you know, 15 $20 people are going to see as a better deal, as opposed to. Of course, that's maybe worth $50. You know, it gets price down like $20 or so. So that's just something to consider. I've priced all my courses really high on you to be, and I find the higher the price you can price it, the better conversion it has, especially on those days when you know they do the coupon codes and stuff like that. So when it comes to you to me, I would recommend that, um, when it comes to hosting unteachable, um, you'll see that this course on my discourse in particular them recording right now with one that you're watching. I have priced edible $50 that's because I understand that most people watch my courses on teachable aren't gonna have much, Um, you know, like, it's it's people aren't going to spend as much money on, you know, buying private courses unless they really know who you are or they know your product really well. And thats way for this this course, which is very, very specific on one thing, I only have priced around $50 I discounted to boat $2030 on sale. Now, if I was producing a course that you know, was a lot longer and maybe, you know, couple hours went into more detail and had, like, more of a complete program, I would more than likely, you know, cost that $100.200 dollars or even more, depending on what? You know what I'm going through and stuff like that. If I was creating a program that showed people from completely scratch how to serve business, sell courses online to do everything that I do have my price that even had, like, you know, multiple hundreds, $2000 on a monthly subscription, but this course of them teacher right now and the one that you're gonna be teaching, you know, it's very specific. It's small. Um, I would recommend pricing it cheaper. But the good news is because you're creating, like, a nice, high quality video course, you can price it a little bit higher than you'd price. Like a pdf for ah e Booker. Something like that, which you know, was around that $1928 range. You could actually price, of course, that, like, $50. 50 I would say 50 to $100 is what I'd go for for pricing your teacher full course. Then when you do discounts and coupons, you know, you're still getting 1/2 decent income from whenever somebody buys, of course, and it's it's well worth the price. But you know what? It really depends what you're doing. You know what you're teaching? What you're showing. It's up to you guys to set the price. This is just what I did. And this is the results that I've gone and of course, is so pretty good on my block. Um, about that 50 $50 mark and my experience, I mean, you can discount it down to $25. You know that converts pretty good. And on you to me, you know, they do a great job of selling. So, um, that's my tips for pricing. Again. You guys could do what everyone feel fruity to increase the price. If you feel like your course is worth more because you are producing a video, of course it is generally worth more. And you can do that if you want to. But it's ultimately up to you and what you guys want to do. So if you guys have any questions about pricing, you know, just ask the question, um, on this video and I'll be happy to help. And, um, when you guys have your price and figured out and what not, we can move on to the next lecture. 11. Where Should You Host Your First Online Course?: All right, so in this lecture, we're going to talk a little bit about hosting, um, your course in your own platform and which software I recommend you guys use. Now, there's a lot of different software out there. Um, you can, you know, you could use a WORDPRESS website to do this, but I highly recommend that you guys use Tichkule because teachable is an online platform that you can integrate with WordPress. Um, you can set it up the host to your own domain and the dashboard, the structure and all the different features that teachable gives you. It is very, very great. It's such an easy solution to hosting your own courses. And the price that you have to pay to use it is next to nothing. So, first of all, let's take a peek at the futures. Um, we'll take a look. So yes can see the features. I'm just gonna give you guys kind of a basic rundown and kind of show. You guys, what teach boys. Um, I'm not going to show you too much about how to actually upload your course a teachable cause. It's pretty straightforward. It's almost very similar to you. to me like it's got the same kind of, um, features, but well, what can I go through here? And you guys can see for yourself. So in terms of customization on this page shows everything they got, you know, they have all these different things. Um, you know, there's quizzes, their discussion forums. You can create a blogging, your teachable course. Um, you know, it's such a great species offer. All highly recommend it. Um, if we look at the price seen, um, they used to have a free plan, but the governor there pretty plan, unfortunately, but their basic plan is only $40 a month. It's still pretty cheap. You can see that features here. The only thing that, um, this plan is that they charge a little bit per transaction fees, and you have a little bit less features. But you have everything that you need, you know, you have coupon code, you have custom domain support. You have third party integrations. You pretty much have everything that you need. And if you guys want, the professional plan is obviously the best plan. But it's not something you have to give. Um, you know, at the very basic. The basic plan is good enough for you. So, um oh, it looks like they do have their free pine. You can just click here and send up for a free plant. Okay, so it's not listed in that pricing thing, but they do have a free plan. You just gotta have school down to this page right here and go try our free plaid. And I think when you create account, maybe they give you, like, a free trial or something. I'm not sure, but with the free plan, I think they just charged you a little bit more for transactional fees. So they get like, I think it was like, 10% of whatever sell you make. So you lose a little bit more money, but like, it's free, right? So when you want, you get to the point, we're actually making steady sales. Then you can upgrade your account if you want. So I'm just gonna log in here really quickly, my email and stuff. And at the time of creating this course, I'm going to show you guys to my dashboard for this course, and, you know, you'll see everything that I'm doing here. So this is the teachable home page here. And, you know, he got all your now takes and stuff like that. Now, this is a new school I created, so I don't have much information here, Um, in this section we have or how to create your very first, um, online course, which is actually the course you're watching. This is the dashboard that I'm using. Creating this course. Um, I'm just going about the teachable dashboard. You can see your users here. You can see all your students. You can see your site. You know, you can change all the different settings to your site. If I hit preview, we can see my site. This is my school again. This is a brand new school I'm creating. So there's really nothing on here. But, you know, all your courses will be listed here and stuff and whatnot. Um, domains. You can set up a custom domain. Um, your navigation, your officers, your pages, all those different things. Here you can view all your transactional information since the people who bought your courses Um, e mails. So the cool thing about teachable is they offer you to e mail your students so and this is something that you can do and you to me. Now you can send education announcements. You send tens and promotion announcements, but your limit to what you consent. So, for example, every time somebody buys her course in unity, you can't get their email address. And this is very important for our only business, because if somebody buys something for you the first time, they're more than likely going to buy something for you the second time and one thing you can do. And when you creature businesses building email less and then market to the email list. And this is why I highly recommend that you guys create your own courses in your own platforms because you can capture e mails and you can email your customers Tino to do new launches whenever you're creating new courses. And the more people you have an email list, the more money you're just gonna make Overall. That's just the way it is. So if you can build, you know, a good quote email list, next time you launch a course or you're promoting something, you're just gonna make so much more money because you just have someone so much more people seen your stuff. And this is the biggest advantage to hosting your courses in your own domain as opposed to you to be. The only reason I recommend you guys put your courses on you me is because you know he has so much selling potential. You know, you just make money for having your courses on, you know me. So it's really a no brainer, right? Um, but really, this is the nice thing about teachable, and you can also there's integrations like zap ear and stuff like that, where you can sip. Um, you know, you can connect your teachable to, like a Weber or whatever email animation program you used so that when people and rolling your course automatically be set to another responders Siri's or something like that. So a lot of cool things like that you can integrate with teachable. And if you go down in the course of section, this is my courses again. You can see I'm actually creating this horse right now. As we talk about it in the course section, you can see the course information. So this is like the description, um, the backgrounds and I'm just going to show the preview landing page video so you guys can see that if you guys bought this course, you probably already seen the sales page. I'm currently the process of creating right now, but you can see that the sales pages pretty nice. You can see everything in the course, you know. It looks really professional, and that's why you recommend teachable. It's such a great program, and they handle the payments and everything's your unaffordable payments. Um, curriculum for your course. So this is how you had lectures again. It's very basic. It's very straightforward. You just click, add lecture, and then you add the files to lecture. Very simple to use. There's a drip function so that you can trip basically drip. Feed your content so you can set it up so that in the first month your students will get X lectures in the second month or get the next set of lectures. So if your money like its description based website, you can do something like that. Very powerful, very cool. They have a coupon feature where you can very easily at coupons, you know, Great. Um, in the student section, you can, um, further, you know, go through your students, you can email them. You can add filters and stuff like that. So a lot of cool things and I really, really recommend teachable just for the ease of use. You know, it's so simple to get started. It's so simple to create a course on there. It's very straightforward, and they have great support. So if you're looking for a platform to, you know, create your own course on, I would recommend teachable. Some other ones that come to mind are, think horrific thing Terrific is pretty popular, but again I would recommend teachable. It's just it really creates that high quality course. It sets the bar and you know, they have such a great system for so in your courses that I've made a lot of money by using teacher borders. Tell my courses on my own blawg and stuff like that. So again, in this course, I recommend you set up your course in you to me, and you step, of course, unteachable so And because teachable does have a free plan, there's no excuse, you know, there's no excuse what you guys can't do this At least set your course up, you know, stickin, unteachable, you know, link it to your blog's or whatever. Just get set up. You know, you don't have to do the Marquis and stuff like that right away. You can just you know, you can focus on you to me for now because that's gonna get you your best return of investment. But as time goes on, you know, you add your course to teachable, get it set up us that you can start collecting email addresses and building your own. You know, your own basis students and stuff like that, Um, which is really the key to making long term income online. So, you know, there's lots of guys unteachable. I'm not going to spend all day showing you guys. How do upload your course? It's pretty basic. It's pretty straightforward. Um, you know, get your counts it up. You go in the dashboard here, and you can start creating your triple course. And once you guys kind of this is something you could do like after you've already created . Of course, up. You already got the course content. This is something you can do, and then when you're you know, you've got your course set upon teachable. Then you can move on in this course and, um, want you at that point. See, guys and the next lecture, and we'll take it from there. 12. How To Get Your First Course Published on Udemy: Alright, guys. So in this video, I'm gonna show you guys why it's important to get your course published on unity and give us some tips on Ah, you know what can kind of accelerate? Um, the review process and how you guys can actually get your course published on you to be, Um, so this is what we're gonna gonna cover in this lecture. Now, if you guys haven't already, I want you guys to head over to unity dot com. And if you look on the home page here, you'll see that there's this become an instructor tab up here. Um, you guys can click this tab, and then it goes through the, um, account creation process. And you can click this stand up for free, and here you can create account set up to be an instructor, not let, and it's free to do that. You do approve everybody so you can get on, you know, getting the platform create account, and then you can start signing your course. And again you can see here there's all these different, like tips and stuff. They do have a guide. I'm just gonna just see if I can find it here, Um, in the course crease in section here. There's a little tab here. Just give us a click here, and you can see all the different tips they offer. You know how to create your course and stuff like that. Um, you definitely want to review the trust and safety tab, because this will show you all the rules for you. To me. You don't want to make sure you're not breaking any rules because they do have rules. Like you can't email put certain things in the emails. You can't put certain things in your lectures. Um, you know, they they have some strict restrictions, you know, some in. And you want to make sure that, you know, breaking the rules. Because I've had a few cases myself. I've done things I wasn't supposed to do, Not on purpose. But just because, you know, I didn't actually look at the documentation, so make sure you check it out and review it. Just so you know, you're not breaking any rules and stuff like that. And then once you do that, you can actually start creating your course. I'm gonna actually sign into my account here really quickly. So let's get close. This go back into my account, see if I'm standing here. And what you guys can do is once you're sending your account here, you're gonna want to apply to be a prehuman instructor. And I think you just do this. I think you just go to your profile here and then in the end count settings tab, you can do that. And after you get approved, um, which gays can do is you can actually start creating your course so you can go here. Um, see where the tab is. Okay, so if you go to the instructor to have up top you, you go down and can create a course here seeing creature first course, given a name, I'm just gonna give it test. And I'm just gonna check this box pictures practice course. And this is the course dashboard. So this is where you can, um, put your goals for your course. And here. You You want to be very specific. You know, you want to set your course pre requisites, So you know anything that your student needs toe have before they want to take a course. So, you know, if they need computer skills that they need Internet, all that kind of stuff. You can stick there. You want to stick to your target student it suiting this. So if you're making a course on, you know, the basics of something, you know, put that in there. You know, anybody who is completely new to whatever you know, and then what they were learned. You know, add as much as you can hear so that they know what they're learning. Um, that's your core schools on your course lining page. Um, you can go in and creature course tighter. Subtitle Your description. Uploaded image, promotional video, all that kind of stuff. If you don't have a course. Amen. Judy Me, Would we'll well designed one for you just takes a little bit longer to get through the approval process. And then, for some reason, they don't have the curriculum up. Um, option here on the test course, which is kind of weird. But you can go through there and upload your actual curriculum in your videos and stuff like Dad, and you can set your pricing your coupons and you can set automatic messages. So the interface is pretty straightforward. It's pretty easy to do. Um, my recommendations to getting your course approved is record with HD high quality video, and I'm gonna show us how to do that. And he had to record your computer screen section. So check that out. If you haven't already, Um, one have good, half decent audio. You know, you don't need to have, like, amazing idea, but, you know, you want invest in 1/2 decent microphone. Um, you want to make sure your courses at least an hour long, you know, and you want to make sure you have an introductory your course in a conclusion, and then you could have, like, your course content in the middle. And if you do that guaranteed your course should get approved, You should have any issues. Um, I haven't had any issues myself. I've been pretty easy. For the most part, I've never had any problems getting my course approved. But if you follow those basic rules, you should get approved known problem. And you know, that's how you get your course approved on you to me, and in my experience, it takes about 1 to 2 days after your signature course for it to get approved. So they're pretty quick there. Pretty, you know, on time. You know, sometimes you might miss one thing when you submit your course the first time and you have to, like, fix whatever probably did. This happens to me sometimes Sometimes if we get to add something are I'll accidentally you know, You know, forget something and you have to go back through and then fix your issue and Denree submitted. So, you know, I can taken sometimes take about a week or so It actually get your course online, but they're usually pretty quick, and the whole process is pretty simple. So that's maybe Seascapes forgetting, of course, submitted on. You know me. You know, just school, record your lectures, get everything online, and you're pretty much good to go. 13. Focus on Getting Your Course Out There: all right, so we're nearing the end of the chorus, and you guys might have noticed that this course isn't a super long course. It's pretty simple. It's pretty basic, and the reason why I created this ways because the whole point of this course is to get your first course online, that you can start making money. I really want to stress how important that is. You know that first course. I'm just getting to the online and getting it on a platform. You know, whether it's you know, me, your own block, whatever it is or a combination of those, um, so that you could start making money online and then you can start investing more time or effort. And, yeah, you can start making more money. That's the whole point of doing this course. I want to make it nice and simple. Obviously, there's gonna be hit cups. You know there's might get some issues along the way it happens. But once you kind of get the overall process for designing and creating a course, it's pretty simple, and you can create courses pretty quickly. Um, I'm just gonna go to my profile here because I want to show you guys. My very first course I made was really not the best. The video quality is in the best audio quality is in that great. And there's one of three eyes that my first course here, then I mean, it was really a big learning experience. And then progressively, my course has kind of gotten better at they learned how to record better video had record better audio. So, you know, if your first courses in the greatest if it isn't the best audio, if maybe you don't have the best voice over, you know it's OK because this just the way it is, you know, you're gonna grow. You're gonna learn as you go. And then over time, you can always come back and make things better, you know? And, um, the cool thing is, you don't need to be an expert. You don't need to have this highly polished course. You don't need to have the best presentation to actually start making money from, um, you know, went on the course. The biggest component, of course, is having value. So as long as you're teaching your students, um, something that's practical and something that they can take away and learn from, and you're adding value to their experience. You know, your course is going to do good, and people are actually going to pay money for it. So I just want you to know that you don't need to have the best quality chorus. You don't need the best audio Don't need the best video, did you? Things that you can work on in time. The main emphasis here that I'm focused on is just getting your course online so you can start seeing that result. And you can start seeing the potential for yourself of how much money you can actually make with online courses. So in this video, in this lecture, I just want to say, you know, if you guys were having any problems, you know, of course, published, you know, if you have any cups or anything like that, I write a comment in the section or send me an email, you know, get a hold of me and I will do my best to help you get that first course publish in line, get it online so you can start making money. You know, things can start going your way because that's so important, you know, getting that first course published. It's one of the biggest, um, biggest steps in one of the biggest hurdles that people have, including myself. And once I got that first course published, it really opened up my eyes to the potential of creating courses online and making money, and I kind of like had a system going at that point. So again, you get that first course published online. Any hiccups, any problems, you know, do not hesitate to contact me or ask, and I will gladly help you out. 14. How To Expand To Other Platforms: Okay, So one thing that I'm gonna talk about in this lecture, it's how you could take your course after you've already published it and start expanded onto other platforms. Really? Maximize er income, because this is something that a lot of people don't new. And this is something that can really, really up your income. And it's pretty much the best investment you can make, because once your course 30 done, you know, you've done the hard work. You put everything together. Um, you know, let's say you publish it on a platform that you to me. And let's say you're making, like, you know, maybe making like 100 bucks a month kind of thing from it, making a little money. Um, what is something you can do to increase your income with the least amount effort and that is basically just repurpose in your content and publish it onto other platforms. Easiest thing you can do. And I've done this in many different ways myself, and we're just gonna you know, I'm gonna give you some ideas now. There's lost of ways you can do this. And, um, lots of the methods you can do isn't even mentioned in this video, but I'm just gonna share with you has some of the ones that I've done. Um, yeah, and I'm gonna share share with you guys. So the first thing we talk about is YouTube. You do, but something you can create a channel, you can upload videos. And now YouTube is something that takes some time to get going. You know, um, I've been on YouTube for maybe about a year, almost a year and 1/2 now, and that's kind of how long it took me to get to where I am today. So it does take a lot of work. It does take a lot of time. But the cool thing about YouTube is when it comes to ranking videos and getting searching and traffic from YouTube and stuff like that, it's very easy compared to writing a post on log. So YouTube is still a great way to, you know, upload your videos to, and then you can link to your course on you know, your own blogger or you to me whatever you want to do. Um, and then you can also upload your individual free course lectures, um, and cannot make money from that as well. I'm just going to show you guys my Chatel here and what I've done is I've taken all my uni courses, and I take the free preview preview lectures and I upload them to YouTube. So I basically take, like, half the course, make it free, uploaded to you too. And then I have a link that links to the rest of the course, and I make you know, the occasional sale. Doing that. Any couple sells a monthly nap for all my courses. And then else something money off the ad revenue over time in my channel. Um, if they're going my creator studio, not only am I making money by referring people to unity courses, but also making about, like, 100 bucks a month off my YouTube channel from all the free course videos had done and stuff like that. So that's a little bit extra income, right? Um, it's not tons, but over time and adds up and again like I'm kind of funneling people to my online courses , so it's really hard to put like a dollar value on that, but over all, it's increasing my income. So that's something you can do so that's YouTube. That's definitely one thing you can do. So take your free lectures uploaded on YouTube and then you can stick like a link in the description of your videos. You know, make a playlist of your videos, and then you could stick a description, a link in the description of the video and the link to your course on whatever platform you guys want to promote. Next up, we have teachable. And now, Richard, you guys had to create a course unteachable. And why teach? It was important teachable. You can use so much flexibility you can do, um, you know, you can get people on your course and then market your other courses from which other courses There's so much things you're gonna unteachable. I have the recommend that every course you make online, you stick unteachable, and then you can kind of make your own school, and you can sell them for what you want. You can promote them for whatever you want, and then you can continue to remark it to your audience. So teachable is a great platform high recommend. You guys do that as well. Next up, we have you. Me, you, to me is definitely, um oops. You, to me is definitely one of the places that I recommend that you guys focus on the most beginning because most guests are enough. You're not gonna have that big audience. You're not gonna have that. You know that, Blawg, with all that traffic coming in and you know me, is that kind of marketplace where you can really tap into that milk. You know that that user base, like, there's over like, um, I don't know what it is, but there's over, like, multiple millions, um, of people on here that go through and by course. So, you know, if you're in that position like I was when I first started, I didn't have any traffic coming to my, uh my website may have long and wasn't making any sales. Then you can use you to me to Really, Really? You know, um, kind of skipped that hard step, and then you can take that traffic and finally back to your block. You know, your YouTube channel, stuff like that, and then grow from there. And that's what I've done to really accelerate my growth. Um, and again, I highly recommend you to me. It's it's It's really the first place you should focus on. And then you can move on from there. Next up. We haven't really, really popular one. And this is one that, um, used to be a little more popular. But over the years of they've changed some of the revenue model, their business model. And they're not, as in my opinion, they're not. Excuse that used to be, but nonetheless, I still make money from them every month. This is skill share. And I'm just country. Yes, my report to you. Now they have a referral system. Every time somebody purchase one your courses to your link, you get $10 you can see over the, you know, the past year. So these are all the referrals I've got. Um I also want to point out that I've done no marketing for school. Seriously, this is just people coming on my courses, You know, anything that's a referral system. And if we actually go to the teacher stats, just gonna find the find the tab here, we can see here. And then I'm making a boat 100 dish dollars a month. It goes up it down because, um, a little bit, not too long ago, they changed the revenue model and, you know, is making you know, a couple 100 bucks a month off them, and it was really good. But then they kind of changed things to be a little bit different. And now, um, you make money based on how how much people watch your courses, your premium courses. Um, so you know, it goes up and down like someone's. I have $50 a month of the months. I have 100. It really depends, But nonetheless, I don't do any marquee on school share. All I pretty much do is upload my courses, and that's it. So I mean, if you promoted your courses, if you didn't marketing and stuff like that, you could definitely increase this number like, I mean, like, if you if I was actually doing marketing from a course in school shirt, I could probably easily make a couple 100 bucks a month, but I just don't have the time to focus on that. But nonetheless, Costa is a great platform because it's really easy to upload your course. Um, I think the minimum requirements are 15 minutes of video, so you can upload, like, really small little courses on here, and that's that. That's the cool thing about it. So you know, it's it's a great place to get started. Um, the only reason why I don't recommend you start office kosher. It's just because you won't make much money, But, uh, it is probably the easiest platform to get started right away and start making money. But you can definitely upload your courses there if you want. Next up, we have Amazon video direct, and this is a new platform, an Amazon. Having use this platform very much, I've uploaded a few videos. I made a little bit of money, Um, but I haven't used it myself. It's seven. An option for you if you want. Um, just go to Amazon video direct typing into Google, and you can set up an account again, have used to myself, so I can't really recommend it, but there are a few people making some pretty good money. It's almost like a like the next version of YouTube. The only problem I have with it is they do have some tighter restrictions, and it makes it a little bit harder if you to upload your content. Um, but, you know, some people do report that they're making good money, so you can check it out if you want a lesson. At least we have Amazon kindle direct publishing or KDP for short. And this is, um, Amazon. Kindles. Um, what you can do is one thing I did a long time ago. They took one of my courses and I transcribed it put into a Kindle book. It did take a lot of work, but once I did it, I put it online and it started. You know, it makes a few sales here and there. This is definitely something you can do. Um, you take your courses, transcribe them at some pictures and stuff like that, and then you can kind of create into a little mini book and then sell it on Kindle. And it does. It does make sells. It works pretty good for me. And then you can promote that book. Um, you know, use it for branding and things like that. Um, you can do this with all your course if you want it up to you guys. I've gotten some mixed results of nonetheless have done good, though. So, um, you know, you can definitely make money doing that. And last but not least, um, this is gonna kind of be a platform that I'm gonna kind of include all social media. With this, you can publish your free lectures and stuff like that on social media have been linked back to your paid ones, if you want, and then this. Some platforms, like steam it, um, Twitter, Facebook, All those places. Kind of gotten sales doing that. So you can do that as well. But I just wanted to kind of open you open your guy's eyes up to, like, all these different platforms online, All these different places you can, you know, market your courses, take your existing content that you've already made and then, you know, repurpose it. Maybe do spend a little time your purpose in it, but, you know, and then published on these platforms and really increase your income. So all of a sudden, that course, that's maybe making you like a few sales a month from your blawg all of a sudden is making , like, a couple extra $100 maybe $1000 a month on all these platforms combined together. So it's definitely something you can do. Um, you know, if you guys have any ideas, we got so many places you want to share. If you have any questions about any of the places I've mentioned here, um just leave a common in the video and I'll be happy to get back to you and leave my my thoughts and help you with this much as I can.