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How To Create Your Own Watercolor Stickers

teacher avatar Monika Sleke

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Drawing a Sketch

    • 3. Watercolor Technique

    • 4. Finishing Watercolor Painting

    • 5. Digitizing in Lightroom and Photoshop

    • 6. Printing and Sticking

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About This Class

In this class, students will learn the basics of how to create their own stickers for notebooks, planners, or decorations for phones or laptops.

For this class students will need:

  1. Watercolors and watercolor paper
  2. Camera / Phone Camera / Scanner
  3. Photoshop and Lightroom (optional) or any other editing program
  4. Sticker paper (if wants stickers right now)
  5. Printer

In this class students will learn:

  • basic watercolor technique
  • how to transfer traditional painting into digital form
  • develop the painting in Photoshop and Lightroom (optional)
  • a brief tutorial on how to work with painting in Photoshop
  • select correct settings for printing

Meet Your Teacher

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Monika Sleke


Hello, I'm Monika. I am a real DIY pro and I love crafts.

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1. Introduction: Oh, do Next lesson is very different than of s. We will make our own stickers for notebooks, planners or phone elect of decorations. Whichever you like. Billy used traditional voter colors and a little bit creative ground for that. Don't. For if you haven't got this, the receptions on every computer laughter tablet, some kind of ended in program you could use. Anyways, I wish you will have as much fun as I do and less during our creative muscles. 2. Drawing a Sketch: So first things first, we will need verticals, paper, brush, pencil and voter. Firstly, I like to draw sketches. I was very hard. Pencil five h I thing, but this is not a rule. Just don't press hard on paper, so it won't be visible. After I was thinking off what to draw as a good night's sticker and I had so many ideas that it was very, very hard to pick one. However, I chose a Galaxy team with a touch of mystical bohemian ornaments. If that makes sense, it'll we'll see what I'm gonna end up as you see a draw very realized on paper so you can barely see what they do it all, but always draw your own thing in a way so it doesn't really matter what I'm drawing. However, the main point is to draw the heart Spencer like HB or anything, basically, which is hard like No, not this offense opened harder was because they not as bright as the soft ones, and it will be visible on your paper that much. Or at least they would not be easier to erase if you want. And the Resonance kitchen. I don't do much detail just size and form of the proportion just to know what I'm doing. Well, here you seem in trying to make some kind of the blossom like Indian lotus thing. And I'm not really succeeding, but most worrying too much about because as we going to digitalize it, I can fix it up in photo shop or right room. Probably founder shop afterwards, however, trying to make your best so it will reduce your work afterwards. And as you see, my imagination went quite a while. So I started with an eye Abobo glass crystals, some kind of ornament. Now UFO, welcome, spaceship. And yeah, well, you know you won't find them in space, so still serves the theme. 3. Watercolor Technique: and here we start the fun part. I really love to see how those sooner doodles come into nice and vibrant little drawings. Even if processes slow, it is so satisfying for me to watch it happening. For this project, I used water colors which are very bright, so I think it could be actually ending pigment or something. But traditional water color paint is also really good, so feel free to use those you haven't bought in pigment. Another important thing to mention this paper. Make sure you use Portugal of paper for watercolors. Otherwise, you're painting will be ruined. Sad but true. As you see, I'm using a tissue paper toe. Remove the excess water so you can use the cloth. You can use tissue paper. Whatever that soaks in it will help you to control the color flow. Now about technique with vertical is I like to use wet on wet technique when likely code paper aria the damn brush before applying the color. This helps to blend highlights and shadows and for highlights, leave this space white not painted at all. Samos Chandos don't overload paint. Motor color art is based on layering. Start from light and building up to the dark. Little by little, I think this is the beauty where you show your patients and your commitment for the painting. As I mentioned before, he was a little title or tissue paper to tap the brush and get rid of excess water. This is really helpful if you are quite new to order colors and helps to control the flow as to water, repainting can get too wild and uncontrollable, especially for beginner. Also, it can damage the paper, which we don't really wonder. As you see here. I'm applying very, very light, called off pinkish color in the very beginning, and then, after adding of upper darker shades in purple, Mrs Carly building up, I had a little bit off blue. Try to blend it in nice limb, because more than to skim it up, being can just little like dotting thing I'm doing to spread the color even the so it looks like like a night sky, like a galax like space. You see how much black I'm adding in just on the very edge and very, very carefully, which kind of fades out. And it's not that black black anymore. Be very careful with dark shades. Don't overdo it rather little dry and paint another layer later. The fun fact about this mystical galaxy glass is that I forgot to photograph it, so we're not gonna have a stick. Horrific orbit. But you, if you're doing that, don't forget a photograph any of your work. You see him painting the glass here, and this is the least favorite thing I like to do. It's never challenging those. I would say I I'm not good at transparent things at all, but I'm trying to keep it really light and just to make, like, an outline of the glass, rather than creating the texture of the glass that that makes sense now. I just want to get it over, and that's it. I'm quite happy didn't photograph that. - So again, you see, I'm doing the same thing over and over again, applying thin light base coat and ending Dunga shades after I wonder, What do you do? Do you do the same galaxy ou birds or butterflies? I would love to see you completing this project and showing me what you created. I would be so happy to read your comments about your project. And also you can leave a question if you can, I'll try to answer it. I'm coloring now, the last piece off my art, which is a flower which I'm gonna try to make as galaxy looking as possible while my UFO spaceship is drying out The last thing I started to make the blossom because I don't want to two colors to bleed into each other Now on after Lati believe our drawing to dry out completely and when we will do the second layer. 4. Finishing Watercolor Painting: okay, So heavy on out in the second coat. Basically, for the second of water color coat, you don't need to pay in the whole new thing again. Just simply correct the color shades and handsome death darkening the shadows and leaving the highlights unpatched. However, as you see this, I'm one thing because I wasn't very happy about the color, so I recovered it all again. I believe it looks quite drastic with him during the colors. But if you are familiar with voter colors, you know that once dry colors are not so bright and dark, imagine they will fade about three times from now and saying that I'm actually using some kind Off Inc pigment rather than your voter colors. So I will need only two codes. But if you're using traditional voter cholera, you may need 1/3 or even fourth code, depending on what you actually drawing. You can see when I add a dark blue and black into my do do. It starts looking more real, more free, they mention up. This is not what I'm aiming for this lesson, but just saying so you know. Now here we go. Over the last that you'll never photographed later. Well, I really liked it, but I forgot to photograph. It may have been acceptable. I still have a original paper artwork. This diamond crystal thing is a great example of watercolor painting technique. You see, the first court was a blend of white pink with a dash of purple, and now I'm adding the magenta leftovers from brush. Women like the strokes in the bottom of the crystal, and instantly it looks more free D rather than flat being pancake on the sheet of paper. The same thing I'm doing with this bloke restyle where I'm enhancing the edges in and are bloom and just brush it into the center to make it look dark in the background rather than in the front. Well, you think I'm losing the truck, but this is what I really like to do, and being told you from restorative flower in blue shades is because it is fun. But that's not the only one reason why, especially if you paint one painting on big sheet of paper. This messing around helps to match color tones and allows to dry those patches, which you want to lay another layer in exact same color. I hope this makes sense. If not, let me know. If you want me in me to make a more in depth water polo tutorial, I will be happy to. As you see here, when and then the more the second layer, my 1st 1 It should be about dry northeast, the driest off all of them. So I added a couple more color dabs on it. - I think he wonder why all this doesn't great. And as we about to finish on the all shapes our know So, Chris. But I don't want to spend ages perfecting these little small drawings. My eyes are not doing enough for that, and especially when soon we will publish of them all, there is no point to make it perfect because we can do it afterwards as many times as we want. It's Photoshopped, its wonders. 5. Digitizing in Lightroom and Photoshop: Now that old drawings are photographed or scanned, we can start digital izing. I use my camera today closer pictures off each illustration. Just because my scanner is really, really sad quality, you do what suits you the best. I'm not advertising to use camera, either. Particular scanner, whichever you have. You can do it even if your phone. If you cannot have access to a camera or so, just take a picture and make it into compute there. Ever simple. I like to run my photos from right room. But if you haven't got access to this program for, the shop will do it all. Basically a crop around the subject and fiddled October. Increasing exposure, vibrance, reducing shadows and so on, simply saying, making it looked nice to me. And then I'm saving pictures as Jay Peak files into a folder, which will be later opened in photo shop. - Finally , I'm on the last image in right room, making it breath it, simply saying and exporting it. Finally opening the photo shop, I sell it a four format, which is my sticker paper portrait position. 300 pixels per centimetre white background and leave everything else I used to make selection toe to select my object one. Select that copy and paste it into new layer, so I can't believe the original picture. I see my bobo but won't give, so I used same quick selection toe, then edit three. Transform an arch button on top of the on the and will my mobile edges so it looks a little bit more clear now, selecting the bottom and painting it motor. Call a brush in black. - Now I just selected different watercolor brush and going to paint in some highlights in white. Put the simple nothing fancy making you layer select small brush in black. I use cartoonist's brush for big brother edges and started raw outline. I believe it could be hard to see what I do as I'm using a pen for drawing, not a mouse, but final results should be the same. It just allows me to twist that my painting in whichever direction I want. Onda. As you see, I'm still going rather inside my object than outside, not really wide gaps in between the lines and color, and I can delete it. After is you see. Just make sure he was incorrect, layer because if you do it over in one layer, it will be extremely hard for you. You see, I left rough lines. I think this will give more handmade feel, and I personally like it. And now what we doing? We, the leading Leia or colored in the actual object in the place where the highlight should be Just to make it crisp and clean. Once again, I use quick selection to on my object, then opening image adjustment curbs. Select spot in the bottom and dragon down, then okay. And again, image address, mint exposure and bringing down. Okay. Image adjustment. Vibrant vibrance up situation up. Okay. Very simple. Then picking alcohol in brush, invite and run from my bobo. Adding in some white obviously some blues things and they're selecting the object. 6. Printing and Sticking: Okay. I hope you had a great fun playing the photo shop. Please leave me a comment. If you want more detail tutorial, I will make it for you. No problem at all. Anyways, this is my final sticker shade ready to print, shall we? I use high quality settings and selected glossy photo paper option for my printing settings to get the best results. And now it's coming, and it looks fabulous. I really, really happy about the results so far. And I cannot wait to cut them all and stick everywhere I can. - Well , can you see how vibrant those colors are? And how crisp and sharp edges is men within it in photo shop rather than pencil up in. And now the best time. Stick it on my phone. Show me your phone. What sticker? You're gonna choose for that? Oh, well, this lesson is over. And thank you for watching place. Let me know what else you want to hear from me and I'll try to make the best tutorial for you.