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How To Create Your First Product on Red Bubble

teacher avatar Shane Kluiter, Knowledge is Power

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Redbubble Course sample

    • 2. Redbubble Course

    • 3. Text based uploads

    • 4. Quick Walkthrough

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About This Class

Learn how to use red bubble to quickly create a product or group of products with any designs that you have. Red Bubble is a marketplace that allows you to sell print on demand products with your own artwork on them.Ā 

In this class we will start with an example of finding a niche or new product to create and then we will go through the short process of creating a process.

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Shane Kluiter

Knowledge is Power


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1. Redbubble Course sample: to the end. That way I've got my keywords in the top candidate just a real quick spin through. There's a huge amount of stuff that you can make on here, and it uploads really differently to all of them. So if you just had a design or like a pattern you're putting on here, you could put it feasibly on all of these really easily, however, being that we're making. 2. Redbubble Course: hi, Money changing this course. We're going to look into red bubble and creating a T shirt based on a trend that we see. So in this case, one thing we're going to look at is something happened about 15 days ago that generated a lot of queries online. So a good place to look for that is actually go to trends dot google dot com, and what Google trends will actually show you is anything that you search it. So if you take Nuke Mars like Ellen Mosque posted on Twitter, he wants to nuke Mars. I think it had something to do with heating up the planet so humans could live there more easily. See a giant spike here, but it's still currently at break out numbers for searches. When you look at T shirt, Yilmaz new Mars and he is related topics, this is great for finding keywords, things that people are searching for. If you can jump on top of things like this quick enough, or if you can find a little niche areas where you can slide in and say, Hey, I can make a quick T shirt or hey, I can make a quick product that says that then you can actually generate some revenue. So taking a step back, this is the actual tweet from a long you can see that there's just a ton of activity here on it. This actually made the news. Um, like there were a few more statements that came out of him with. This is well, so to me, this makes sense. I want to make a T shirt a couple ways. I can do that with Red Bubble and go to art work real quick here. And what I'll do is this isn't one of my profiles. I You was dumb and actually set up underneath a pen name that I was using. I used this originally just for some things that had to do with an author profile I had I click upload toe all products Mabel too quickly. Just grab a file and add it, or I can click, um, here and add new written work. But I created this file already. It's called Ellen puts space remorse because President Trump is also talking about something called Space Force, which is a space based military. I want to choose a title. We want you something descriptive, right? So I would say alarm Musk yuk Mars T shirt. Maybe add space force to the end. That way I've got my keywords in the top. I can add a description down here that has them as well. Big part of this is tagged. You can have up to 50 tags. How would tags that searchable items? There's a things they're gonna help generate, uh, where you show up in a query. So if I don't put any tags, I'm not gonna show up in any queries. So if I was gonna put Space Space Force and then just separate the mall by commas coming down here, would one right? Is there such a short description that goes over what the product is? So when somebody clicks on it right in rebel, it's important. Remember, that red bubble basically will show the artwork, and then it will actually give people option that what they wanna have that on. So, from a customer standpoint, a good idea is to go back in and just take a look at what you'd be looking at if you were gonna buy something on Red bubble before you ever post anything because as you go forward. Here's what your options all are, and you can see there's still real quick spin through. There's a a huge amount of stuff that you can make on here, and it uploads really differently to all of them. So if you just had a design or like a pattern you're putting on here, you could put it feasibly on all of these really easily. However, being that we're making Ilan plus space War sequel Nuke Mars, maybe we're just gonna focus on a few T shirts. So if I look here, this one looks weird, right? So I think maybe I need to change my picture. Well, all these images are all these products. They don't have the exact same set up for how the are gets laid out. I'm just kind of gets blotted on. So if I reduce that, I can actually adjust where it is on it for each individual piece. If I need Teoh or I could apply that changes, I can even go through and say, I don't want it so like this. Why would I want to dress? It's already disabled. So is the A line dress. But this one here. I don't want to have it available. And either of these the Clifton top Really graphic T. I can get rid of that. Not really feeling the phone case stickers might be okay. Tohave not feeling iPhone wall or pillows and realists. There's some people that put it on everything, and there's some people that like to go through, and they just basically put it so it's available on a T shirt. I like to have it available on a kind of a variety of products. Just because I think that some of them makes sense. I could see someone putting a poster up of this. I could see somebody putting a stick around something for this in one most gets a kind of big figure. I could see someone putting it on a mug. Um, and just kind of having it is like a novelty mug show up a little better in the picture. Maybe they're You can read it that way, scrolled. I apply changes. All right. I could see doing that. Um, I would never put it on leggings like it shows here, but just as an example of what you can do with your artwork, on here. This is a good example, but not showing up well, but if I reduce that prisons, I can put it. So it only showed up on the one leg here, but we don't want that. Anyway, we do want to fix it on this cup. Like I said, I could see a cup working a lot better than some of these clothings. I wouldn't put it on a tablet or Ah, scarf makes sense for bag. Hardcover journal, maybe a spiral notebook just to kind of show example. You adjust it, see how it looks. There looks a lot nicer. Just a quick change. Don't need on the clock. Don't need it on the water bottle. Here. Don't. You're not a bag. Um, how you working on? Is this for having just words on something on red bubble? Not as effective, um, platform as having actual or work. However, if you're gonna list them here like I'm showing in this video with the new parses example, um, I click digital art and design illustration. Um, I think that's kind of the closest to what we're going here. You can also create collections that you drove us into. Yes, I have right to sell this. No lingerie if you click. He asked like if you look here mature content. Um, they pretty much don't want on a mature content on here, so it's always euros and have a bigger market. We're not having much contact on these platforms anyway. Easiest just to keep it clean. Um, basically, you have to sign off the other rights. You want to do a default image that works really well, too. So say, for instance, I think this looks best on a T shirt. The premium T shirts right up here. Where is it? It will be on one of these T shirts. Here is Thea actual default shirt. And when I do that that way, when they pulled my image that I want to see Boom, this looks good on a T shirt. This is meant for a T shirt not showing about this clock that I should have disabled or only trying to solve our boards. You know, it's a lot easier that way. You look, save work well, process it, Moshe, Open your account here shortly. This one process really quick. Usually within five minutes it's active, So if I go to manage my portfolio real quick, Do a quick manage my portfolio and pull up just a list of everything that I have here. It's really quick and easy to pull stuff up and at it. Some reasons I have the inland most space force. Um, have the white background here. I have read background here for a few different items, and then I have a few different other things that I put in here, some of them just for fun, some of them because I think they're gonna sell really Well, um, I created this Napoleon Hill quote one, because I wanted a cup for myself. Some of these air really easy to share as well. Use. Go into them. Find the product. You wanna share that version of it. You can pop em right up to Facebook. Instagram Twitter. Shoot the link out on all of them sending to your followers. That way you could drive more sales as well. That's a quick look at how to create a product for read double. It's a real simple platform to use Super easy. Um, doesn't take a whole lot of effort to get anything uploaded. The hardest part is getting your artwork depending on what you want to dio. This one here is just some hearts than hearts have done Some stars I've taken other arm artworks and put different filters over them are works that I can easily get rights to and then done filter work out of them to make them more unique and then also created some of these my own. These ones here actually looked really good on, like, clothing and late. You're taking a quick look at this course, and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. 3. Text based uploads: Hello. There we go. Now it's do they? But you can see how once I get this set. And once I have the actual usually is a smaller thought. Have the actual system set up? Do is I couldn't make sure this shows up here how I want it. It's a lot of my size in here. Obviously, I need to adjust this so that it kind of lines up a little bit better. And then there we go. And I could feasibly use it like this. I can change the different bonds. I could do different colors. Um, I could don't do this is kind of like a typeface. Um, imprint style. Kind of found impact self on. And that looks pretty decent. I can see that being on a coffee cup or something. Right. So once I have that on here, I'm gonna need to do is make sure that I go back in. I'm going to say a tenting so less and then we'll go back in and we will export my image. And once we have the image exported, we will hop back into bubble and we will upload it. So here we are. So I pulled my right bubble pile on the starting point of a fire. And there we go. Now it's being uploaded, and all I'm going to do is that there and then for tags. We're gonna go, and we're gonna add all of the tags that we can think of. Um, for this, I already have those ready to go. So here, that video description. So this is a hope to description. And then in the description, you can always add a lot more. Depends on how you want Teoh end up having that shop. Nothing in this world on it. I see what's in the product, right? So I don't think we get it on all of these shirts. One is probably enough problems to be edited that for that. So we go here, major a little bit bigger. Here we go. And then obviously, um, probably disabled pretty much All the closing sticker is good not seeing using front haze that maybe Ah, no. I think anyone wants Napoleon Hill pillows that I could see beings, whole prints, cards and posters. Um, pouches. I could see that being on a pouch. Travel mugs, um, would edit this mug because this needs to be Lay out a little better, won't edit, and we will drag down into here. Center it. No. You, uh, yeah. Blankets that. I tend for quotes. I tend to disable a lot. Um, and I do that just because, um does make a lot of sense for a lot of products for quotes, Right? Kind of makes sense to have it on, like a spiral notebook to be a inspirational thing for someone to have. But realistically, it's things like water ball, right. Works a lot better. Your water bottle of that? Yeah. This bag socks. There we go. Yeah, I he falls shop through the Marx monks. There's no doubt language. Aundrey built everyone. I have a right to sell this because it's all public domain at this point. And there we go of being uploaded, um, process and will show up inside the shop. And then as people researching and they find it, um, it will be available product. And realistically, that took me about six minutes to do so. When we're looking at this and we're looking at no, really what you can do with red bubble and what you can do kind of online in general, is horse creating things to sell. I do stuff like this one watching movies. I do stuff like this one watching TV show to meet. My wife will sit down and we'll watch TV show, and I'll just kind of do this like mindless work right now and just generate a whole bunch of right. I was create a whole bunch of files one day. Then the next day we will be watching the three part movie, right? So watch the first movie in a Siri's Watched the Matrix one. I'll do lunch of these. Watch the majors, too. I upload the Malta red bubble. We want to make sure Australia for an adult attacks all of them all once, because you can do bulk up Volk editing, which super useful something I recommend doing just for kind of producing content really fast and getting everything up there. We're gonna do stuff in a serious to own. A similar Yana with similar tax. I hope this was helpful. If it is, go ahead and take a look at my other courses. The business plan, of course I have is Ah, pretty popular is my top viewed course, very helpful. If you're getting started with any kind of business, um, gives you good idea of what questions to ask and how to really blow up planning that. 4. Quick Walkthrough : way.