How To Create Your First Email List Without Paying For Traffic

Adwin Ang ❾, ◕ ◡ ◕How To Have a Profitable Drop Shipping Biz

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6 Videos (13m)
    • Introduction To Create Your Email List

    • Basic Tools

    • Capture Page

    • Your Customer Avatar

    • Reaching Your Target Audience

    • Class Summary


About This Class

Most beginners to marketing will make this serious mistake. Same for myself. I didn't start collecting a customer list. Worst still I was helping big marketers to big their list.

Do not attempt to fall for this big mistake.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to build your target audience profile
  • How to build a capture page
  • How to build an email list

This class is for anyone who want to start building a list for the long term plan of customer retention, passive income and true freedom to work anywhere they like.





Adwin Ang ❾

◕ ◡ ◕How To Have a Profitable Drop Shipping Biz

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My journey:

?????Started off my career in 1998 as an IT engineer with IBM. Later on started my own blog on men's accessories and became an online retailer since 2006.

Fast forward, I have published a book on Amazon "App Flipping: Amazing App Flipping Tactics that Work." And started my own company Appnews Network in 2013.

Online teaching was what I did since 2009. You would be able to tap into my knowledge in th...

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