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How To Create Valentine's Clipart In Affinity Designer

teacher avatar Lindsey Slutz, Surface Pattern Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Hearts&envelope

    • 3. Ballon

    • 4. Bunting

    • 5. Flowers

    • 6. Candy

    • 7. Arrow

    • 8. Birds

    • 9. Exporting

    • 10. Conclusion

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About This Class

Learn how to create Valentine's clipart in Affinity Designer. In this class, we'll go through the process of creating hearts, candy, birds, an envelope, arrows, and bunting.

 Enrolling Bonus: PDF of class clipart.

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Meet Your Teacher

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Lindsey Slutz

Surface Pattern Designer



Hi! I'm so glad you're here. My name is Lindsey Slutz and I'm a graphic & surface pattern designer, blogger and the founder of East Coast Charm. I'm known for my preppy style that comes organically from growing up near the coast of North Carolina. I also gather inspiration from my travels and hikes with my husband, Eric, and our dog, Willow. In my spare time, I enjoy photography, which lends to helping create beautiful color palettes.

To see more designs or to follow me, check out Instagram and Pinterest.


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1. Intro: welcome to this class on creating clip art for Valentine's. We're going to go through the process of creating everything from hearts to candy and even some cute Valentine's birds. Make sure to share your clip art at the end of the class and anything else that you may create with the clip art and, as always, please click like if you find this class useful so that more students confined it. Now let's get started. 2. Hearts&envelope: I have already. It created a new document in affinity. Designer. I'm using an 8.5 by 11 but you can use any size that you would like. And if you're going to print off your design, it's best you see him like a if you are just using online or on your computer than her GB. So one of the things that I really, really like about affinity designer over illustrator is on this left toolbar. You'll see the triangle if you click on it. It already has a bunch of built and shapes for you, so you don't have to spend the time creating it. So there's already ah, heart shape just to have this on the side of my art boredom, starting off with heart and I'll make it red. So using your move tool or your selection tool, which is the very top tool on the left toolbar or V Anarchy Ward, just move the heart over to the edge of your art board. Okay, so the first thing we're going to make is an envelope, so I'm going to start off with the rectangle tool. Just create a rectangle that looks like the size of an envelope and so that you can see it on the white background. I'm just gonna change it to, like a creamy white color. You could leave the corner of the envelope with a sharp edges, but I would like to add a little bit of a roundness to this. So with the envelope selected, use the corner tool or C on your keyboard and just bring, um, the corners. So make sure to hold shift and select all four of the corners so that you get the same roundness for each one. I'm just going to pull this in slightly, and I like it like that. So I want to add like the back flap on the envelope. So with the pen tool, start off on the top left corner and hit for one point and then go down towards the middle of the envelope for the second point and then back up to the top, right? He and I had a well, there's already someone of a stroke. Just increase the stroke and I think that looks good. We'll make sure the cap is around, and then I want Teoh change the color of the stroke. Thio more of a gray with the move tool selected. I am going Teoh. Click on the heart and had Ault to duplicate the heart and then bring it down and you'll see that it is layered behind the envelope so you can move it in your layers panel. And I'm just going to shrink the size of this heart. Put it on the back of that envelope. Select all of this when I move it down, and you could be done with this, or you can add an with the front of the envelope. So with that background for the envelope selected hit Ault to duplicate it. So it's the same size, and I am now done with us that I'm just going to group all of it, hitting command G N R. Keyboard, or you could right click and group. So I would like to zoom in to this. I'm going to use the command on plus Sign option and when you use the rounded rectangle tool and I'm going to create a stay up so like the general size of a stamp. When you turn the stroke, offer now and then change the color. Since its four Valentine's. I'm going Teoh choose, like a lighter pink. So I'm happy with that. I'm going to add. And a price of the stamps and stamps have a price on them, and I'm not really sure what they are right now, So I'm just gonna put on 45 and I'm going to scale this down just a little bit from there. Just to keep this simple. I'm going Teoh at an a couple polka dots and change the color to a white and then using the all option to duplicate. I'm just going Teoh at a couple more for at and a few more polka dots onto this design and then select the first heart that you created. And once again with Ault duplicated and then you can use the command and right bracket Teoh , move it in front of everything you could've or you could have also selected the heart and the layers panel and moved it up. So there's gonna add and a few of these hearts using the all option to duplicate, I think a bone to scale it down a little with each step. So with this pink background selected, I want to copy and then paste it behind so it command C in command V to copy and paste, and you'll see there are now two of these. I want Teoh. Use the back of the two and use the stroke panel what you confined to over from color. So when I had a stroke onto this a first, I want to select the stroke option. And then I'm going to use the inquiry color so that it's easy to see and then go to over from the color panel to the stroke panel wound to increase it just a little bit. Change the cap if it's not already, too. They round cat and change to the dashed line. And from there you can go and there's the dash option so you can go in Atmore at less and just play around with until you're happy with it. I just wanted to give kind of like that perforated edge look that stamps have. So, with everything selected, great click group hit command G on your keyboard. To zoom out, you can use command and zero so that you get the full view of your art board. So right now, the front of the envelope is layered above the back of the envelope. I'm just going to switch this in the layers panel and then move this down and you could add , have a little bit of color, so it separates it a little bit more. But for now, I'm just going to group these together. 3. Ballon: So the next thing we're going to create is a balloon. So I want to start off with this heart again. On all to duplicate. The next thing I want is a triangle. So if you click down on the heart, you will see the triangle and change the stroke to none. And then the fill color I would like the same red that I used for the heart. And then I'm going to go and and select all three of these corners. Make sure to hold shift and then bring in this just slightly via turkey ward for the mover selection tool and then just line it up with the bottom of the heart. So it kind of has that balloon shape. Okay, so from here, you can use either the pencil tool or the brush tool and just draw and the line for the string of the balloon. Gonna change the stroke, Teoh a gray color and in the stroke panel, such a back to just a solid line and change the width of the stroke. We're also going to go in and just add, like, a little line right there. So it looks like the string has been tied around the bottom of the balloon. So I just want to select the string of the balloon and then layer behind someone he used going to use command and the left bracket toe Layer it behind. And then, if you want, Thio added in, like a highlight to the balloon. I'm just going to use the brush tool. I mean, you could use the pencil if you wanted. I'm just gonna draw, um, just a little shape. And then you can go in to your layers panel if you want to. You can change. The color is gonna leave it this gray and then decrease the opacity. I've actually changed my mind. I do want to change the color of this. So with both Vietor keyboard, select the shape and then go to your color panel and I'm going to change it from the grey to like a white. I thought it was light enough to where it would still look later, but the white looks better 4. Bunting: Okay, so the next thing that we're gonna work on, depending on what you call it, is either a banner or a bunting. So with the triangle shape selected again, create a triangle, go turn off the stroke and I want to flip it some going to come up to the very top and then flip vertically. And like I did with the stamp, I'm just gonna add in some polka dots again. If you hit swatches, it will pull in colors that you have already used. So I'm just going to keep this open for now, heavy on your keyboard and then the years Ault to duplicate the dot and then just continue adding them and that I'm going to make one larger, could be in your keyboard so that you can move it and want to scale it down just a little. And I'm going to duplicate the heart using Ault. You could also select it and then right click copy and then right click paste or command C command V on your keyboard and the swatches. I'm going to switch to the same pink that is in the stamp. Scale it down and I'm going. Teoh, put it in this circle, right click arrange moved to front, selecting all of that from the first banner when hold Shift and Ault so that it stays in line with the first and then it also duplicating. So this time I want Teoh change the colors. This time I want the heart to be read in the background to be peak. And when he used the rounded rectangle tool with a gray color, you have the start of your banner or bunting. So after you group the start of the bunting, go ahead and select the group object. Go to file export and I'm going to export this as a PNG and then with the area, change Teoh selection without background export. And I'm just gonna title this brush So But when I move this over to the edge of the art board and then click on the brush panel, which is to over from swatches and then you'll see this drop down menu on the very right, go to new textured image brush, select the brush file that you just created. If you scroll down, you should be able to see it right. Click at it brush on and in body right now. It is currently set at stretch. Change it to repeat. And this is where you mean you can change the size and just play around with it. But for this I'm just going Teoh, keep the sides variants in the past e variants off. Just make sure that it has switched to repeat and now close. So I'm going to use the brush tool. Just add a little bit of a narc to this line and click the brush that you just created. Right now, it looks like it's gray scale. So just change this stroke to none. And then you can go in to the width and change the width. Not sure what? Why? It's adding these little bits here, but I'm sure they will go away. I I want to expand this so that when I move it, everything stays the size that it is currently and it doesn't kind of make it look fucky. So just go to layer expand stroke 5. Flowers: So the next thing we're going to make some flowers can actually use the cloud tool. If you wanted to make a flower, no switch back to swatches and then I'm gonna command C command V to copy and paste and then with the move, tool or selection tool, select going to rotate the flower and then just kind of scale down the size and want to lighten this color up and using the Ellipse tool can add in the center of your flower. If you hold shift, you have a perfect circle instead of an oval. I think it's more with the pink that I don't like, so I'm just gonna go in and change the color a little bit. She could be finished. We could add in some, like little details using, like the Ellipse tool. Make this a little bit bigger and then duplicate this. You can even add in leafs using like actually the heart tool or the tear tool. Change the color to green. You could also create a flower, are using the lips tool and copy going to rotate this around. You could also copy and paste by using command C Command V and then flipping this horizontally. I'm just continue working your way around until you create a floral shape and once again using the Ellipse tool. I'm just going to make the center of the flower. And then last time I used the heart tool, This time I'm going to use the tear tool that command zero to see the full art board. 6. Candy: using the first heart we created again holding Don't just going to duplicate this twice and around Valentine's There's always the candy that he remember what they're called. But they have the different words on them like be mine love. I think they even have emojis now they always they have, um, think they're like yellow and green, blue, pink. So we're gonna create those with these first heart. So just change the color. I'm going to use first off in winter the stroke off and then change this color too the lighter green, and then change this second heart too. Turn off the stroke and then changing this color too. The lighter blue easing the text tool there's going to add on Do you love on this one? And you'll see your font options at the very top. Just gonna change mine to something that looks kind of hand drawn. And then I want to increase the size and rotate it just to make it easier. Was going Teoh copy ERM when a duplicate that first text and want to scale down the size of this and then with the text selected, I'm going Teoh Center a line and group thes want to duplicate this heart again and then using command and the plus sign zooming in on the heart. So I want to copy and paste this heart like I did with the stamp. So come and C command v selecting the one that is behind going to add these stroke. Okay, with the stroke of the very same color as the heart go into the stroke panel and just as we did before, change it to the dotted line. Change the dash to zero. So now it's more like a scalloped edge to get the scalloped edge. Look, all you need to dio is have that first ashes and zero so that its rounded instead of an oval ish shape. And then the second column I changed it. 2.8 x. I thought the one looked a little gap was a little too much, so wanted to overlap a little bit. Select the front heart again, and then command and paste and scale down the size and this time, change the stroke to a salad line and change the stroke to a white. I actually want to increase the size of the stroke. Try one. Okay, and that looks good with the text tool. Again, I'm just going to put Happy Valentine's Day. We'll change this to I want to change the color to, like a white or maybe even Pete. Yeah, we'll go with pink, scale it up and group it together. So now you have your box of chocolates. You could add in more elements to this, like hearts or flowers. 7. Arrow: to make an arrow. I'm going to start off with the rectangle tool. Change it to a gray switch to the triangle tool. There's going to rotate this 90 degrees. I want to turn off the stroke, and the single tool had a stroke. Two. So on, Turned that one ofus well. Using the rectangle tool again, use the node tool or a on your keyboard. Once you get close to the right time, you'll see these two arrows appear. Just pull those to the left. Switch to your move tool or selection tool, which is V on your keyboard, and duplicate this by holding Ault and Shift and then to duplicate that process. Hit Command J. So I just want to select the three shapes that we just created that command C Command V to copy and paste and then flipped horizontally and hold shift to move them up. And they will stay in line with the ones on the bottom, and you have created your arrow. I want to select this heart, and really the front of the aero could be a heart. If you wanted to do that, we can also add, and this heart to the center of the arrow. I'm just going to right click arrange moved to front and then group 8. Birds: So the last thing we're going to make are a couple birds. So using the tear tool and I'm going to switch to the blue color that we used on the candy , I want to flip this horizontally or excuse me, I want to flip this vertically using the note tool again. Just play around until you get the shape that you would like for your bird. Using the pencil. Create be feet for the bird. Just change the stroke to an orange, going to increase the size of the stroke. And then at a, um, a couple points that I'm going to move, move the foot up to the bird. Rotated a little bit, but they look a little big. You can always scale it down, actually think I'm going to for mine and then duplicate and rotate again just slightly, and you can leave these so that their layered in front of the bird. But you can also move them behind just what I typically dio on using the triangle tool. Want to create the beak? Turn the stroke off so you could leave the beach just like this. Or you could go in with the corner tool holding shift, select all four or all three. Just bring this in slightly. Once again. He could leave it just at that. But I'm going to copy and paste, and then I'm going to layer the use behind the body. So now it looks like an open beak, and then to add an eyes, it's going to do an oval and white switch This on then turned the stroke off and then a smaller circle with the color. When I switch it to black, I actually want to decrease the size of the pupil, and I'm going to rotate, going to make the people a little bit bigger. And this is looking a little crooked right now, so I just want to root he everything and using the Ellipse tool going to copy and paste wrote Hate. I want to move us over, and then the one that you rotated, copy and paste and flip horizontally, select all three and then at the top, right, just going. Teoh used the ad option, so now it's one shape instead of three. And move this onto the bird E. I don't like the red, so I'm going to use the eyedropper tool and try to get this green. I'll stick with the green. Do you come in and you can add some details. You can add a little bit tail feathers to the bird. We could, you know, add in some details for the feathers. For this, For now, I'm just going to group the's on command C Command V to Paste, Going to bring the 2nd 1 over and then flipped horizontally. Have rotate them again just a little bit. And with the second bird, I'm going Teoh un group. Switch the body color to green and then switch the wings. Teoh the blue and select the heart again and duplicate it. Skill the heart down. I am duplicated a few times like we did with the stamp. I'm going to skill each heart down as they move up, and I want to group these together, and we have successfully created some Valentine's clip art 9. Exporting: in an earlier class, I was asked about exporting with affinity designer. So I want to go through the process of what I do when I'm saving. So first I saved my file. So I just to save as and then the next step for exporting go to file export. And you have all of these options when you are saving. So if I want something with a clear background, I typically will go with gift for PNG. And because I haven't selected anything like I did with the bunting, you'll see that the area is not even an option, so it will export the entire document. So PNG J. Peg Jeff, I'm not sure about Tiff. I know for sure these options flatten the image when, if you were, till I try to open an illustrator. So I've had something I want Teoh use an illustrator like some things are just easier for me to create an infinity designer. I really like the program, but if for whatever reason, if I wanted to open an illustrator or if I wanted it, if I needed descended to somebody toe open an illustrator so they could work with the document, I like to save for PdF. And then if they're editing a need to work with it, make sure that you're not choosing the flattened option. Just Pdf for export and then change the dp i to 300 and export. But if you wanted Teoh, do these individually say you are designing things to sell on creative, market or etc. And you are creating clip art like we did in this class. You can select the item you would like and then go to file export and go to PNG and go to selection without background. So that way you have the transparent back around that way it could be layered into other documents very easily and export save so very quickly. Want to show you what we did with the pdf that we exported. So I'm going Teoh Open up, Illustrator. So Ones illustrators open. I'm going to open up the Valentine's pdf that we created Open it. So with the document that we created an in affinity designer, I now have it opened an illustrator. So if you were to send it to somebody and they needed to work on it, anything mouse over these objects and you can see that they're still the individual shapes that we already created. If you click on it, it will notice it did not click on the flower outlined this entire document what it does wanna exports from affinity designer It has put it in a clipping mask. So just right Click release clipping mask And now you're back to having your individual shapes so you can easily edit and change these as needed. The only thing you will notice the bunting looks a little funky, but that's really easy to correct If they need Teoh and Illustrator. All I have to do is they have this very They have the original clip art that you created so they can easily just go in, Teoh their brushes and create a new brush. So we look just like the one that we created an affinity designer. Uh, guys, please let me know if you have any questions so I can cover it and future videos on affinity. Designer I absolutely love working with this program, and I'm really glad that you guys are finding this useful 10. Conclusion: thanks so much for watching this glass. I'm looking forward to seeing your projects. Please let me know if you have any questions by posting them in the discussions tab below. Thanks again. And have fun creating your clip art.