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How To Create Stunning Flat Lay Photos For Instagram

teacher avatar The Entrepreneur, Graphic Designer, Photographer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Flatlay Intro

    • 2. Choose your theme

    • 3. Prop Ideas

    • 4. Choosing A Backdrop

    • 5. Lighting, composition, and shooting

    • 6. Editing Photos

    • 7. Final thoughts

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About This Class

Today I am going to show you the tips and tricks of creating stunning flat lay photos. Flat lay photos are perfect for Instagram, websites, blogs, and more! In this course, I will be covering topics such as choosing your theme, finding props, and choosing a great backdrop for your flat lay. I will also be covering composition, lighting tips, shooting, and editing your photos for free on the Adobe Lightroom app. 

About me: My name is Diandra and I am very passionate about photography, graphic design, blogging, and sculpting polymer clay. I love doing anything creative! 

Meet Your Teacher

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The Entrepreneur

Graphic Designer, Photographer


Hello, and welcome to my profile. Thanks for stopping by! I graduated from college in 2016 with a Bachelor's degree in Art. I have completed a graphic design internship, two social media internships, and have worked on various freelance projects. I am very passionate about graphic design, art, photography, pretty much anything creative-related! My goal is to teach YOU and help you grow, whether you want to be a graphic designer, a photographer, or a creative entrepreneur, I will help you along the way. 

Email: [email protected]

Check out my free stock photos:


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1. Flatlay Intro: Do you want to step up your flatly photography skills of ur blogger business or instagram influencer than you probably have seen beautiful flatly photos all over blog's and instagram posts? Flatly, photography is simply placing your objects or props on a flat surface and taking the photo from above. Flatley is a great way to showcase your makeup, outfits, food and so much more. You don't need to be a professional photographer for this, and best of all, you can use your phone in this course. I'll be showing the tips and tricks on how to create stunning flatly images. I will be going through the steps of choosing your theme props you can use in your shot backdrop ideas, figuring out your composition, lighting tips, shooting and finally editing photos on your phone. Let's start creating 2. Choose your theme: first of all, what? You want to choose your theme with flat light photography? You want your photo to tell a story. So before grabbing your props and flat surface, figure out what you want your theme to be. Maybe you want all your objects to be the same color. Maybe you want to capture a photo of what outfit you are wearing for the day. Or perhaps you want your flat late to be a cozy shot of items on your bed. It's over this course. I decided to choose to different theme examples that captured different styles and compositions. For my first thing, I want to use the color black and showcase for items air in my camera bag. For my second theme, I'm going to capture a cozy day at home in my bedroom. So once you have figured out your theme, now it's time to find near props. 3. Prop Ideas: finding props for your shot is pretty easy and fun. Look around your house or apartment and find props related to your theme. Great places, defined props, maybe in your dresser closet kitchen and on your desk maybe has some sunglasses, books, magazines, plants or makeup you want to add to your photo and obviously probably want a profits aesthetically pleasing. So don't use your left of a brutal for the bridge for the shot. I'm going to use these props. Since I plan on doing more flat photography in the future. I'm going to eventually just find a whole bunch of props and put them in a box so I can find them easily. So as you can see with my first theme, I just grabbed a whole bunch of camera equipment out of my camera bag. All that's color plaque got like a pen, a remote, my Nikon battery charger, some black sunglasses through black lens in a camera. So, like I said for my second theme, I wanted it to be a little bit more cozy and airy and white, so I got some candles. A fake plant else would grab some string lights from Amazon, a Red Book and also my iPad. So now that you've found your props, let's get on to the next lesson where I can show you different backdrops, flat surfaces you can use. 4. Choosing A Backdrop: Now that you have your theme in props, let's want some beautiful flat surfaces for the flat lay photos. You can use your bedroom sheets as a background. Wooden floors, kitchen counters, shaggy rugs. Maybe you have a newspaper with coffee stains all over it. You can also just buy some white or black posterboard from the dollar store. For really cheap, find what works with your props and theme here. Some of the backdrop some thinking of using here have a two sided poster that has a concrete texture. Rough look to it. I will provide the link below. If you want to take a look at it, I'm going to be using this poster for my first theme. I just put my poster on the floor near when? No, since it kept rolling back up, I just grab some books to weigh down, making sure it's flat against the floor. So for my second theme, I decided to use my bed and white blanket as a background. Since that thing was about all about being cozy and comfortable, I thought that using my bed and Lincoln's would be a great backdrop idea. If you're in need of some more backdrop ideas, you goto etc dot com and type in photography backdrops and a whole bunch of backdrop ideas will pop up. Most of them are a reasonable price, but if you just want to get ideas and make your own, you can do that. Um, you can buy some cool texture ones like the one right here. You can also look on Amazon, which is actually where I got my concrete posterboard. But anyways, I hope this lesson gave you plenty of ideas and choices to make with your theme. So next lesson, we will be discussing composition, lighting and shooting. 5. Lighting, composition, and shooting: So before shooting your flat way, you want to make sure you are nearer when no to get enough natural light. It's best to shoot in the morning or afternoon. There's too much light coming in. You can just diffuse your light with a curtain or she Or maybe if you're lucky, it's Claudio. Clouds are a great natural diffuser and will soften up the light a bit to get rid of all those shadows. But if you want shadows and that's look you're going for, then you don't need it. Diffuse it. It's all up to you. If you think you're lighting sucks thing and try moving to another room. Try your bedroom window or your kitchen window. Take your time to find the best lighting. So another tip on lighting is to grab a white posterboard or card stock and put it on the opposite side of your lighting and props. This way, the light will balance off the paper and light up the left side a little bit more before shooting your photos play around with the composition, so take your time with this to maybe want your shot to be minimal or messy. Or maybe you want your products. We arranged all lined up together. I'm going to take some different shots of different compositions. If you don't like a certain prop, you can take it away. You can also have your objects leaving the frame with some still in the frame. Try to create balance with their composition. So if you want to, you can place your props in background on the ground. Just stand above to take the shot. Or you can put your props onto a table and then stand on top of a stool or something in, and then you'll have the perfect overhead shot as you're working with the composition. If you realize that you don't like the props that you're working with, you can always go to the dollar store or go to like a thrift shop antique shop and pick up some cool props. You should definitely take your time when doing this photo shoot. Take his many photos as you want, so you have a variety to choose from when you upload them. So with my second theme, I did the same thing. I played around with the composition, moved the string lights around. I wrinkled out the blanket a little bit, so have a cool texture in the background. I also try to create some negative space in some of these shots, so I have some good options to choose from. If you want to add some text or graphics in your photos later on, negative space is a good idea. So once you're done with your photo shoot, you get head on to the next lesson, which is editing your photos and adobe lighter mobile. 6. Editing Photos: So now I'm going to be editing my flat lay images on Adobe Light Room Mobile. You can download this on your APP store, and it's pretty easy to use. Let's get into it. Once you have light room, downloaded it on your phone, open it up and upload one of your photos. So first of all, I'm going to go over to the crop menu. So if you scroll to the right, you'll see the crop button right there. And in this you can adjust the size. You can rotate your image and crop it however you like. I'm going to rotate my image to my liking, and you can mess around with the size in the cropping. So once you have cropped it, you could just hit the check mark right there at the bottom, right. And now I'm going to edit the photo like just the exposure and the contrast and clarity. So I'm going to scroll over to the left a little bit and I'm going to click on light. So first of all, I'm going to adjust the exposure. You don't want to bring it too far down or will be too dark, so I'm just gonna bump it up a little bit. Next, I'll be adjusting the contrast, and I want to bring up the contrasts just a little bit. Also, you can play around with it. Maybe you want the contrast lower just depends on how you like your photo. So now I'm gonna click on the color menu and you can adjust the temperature. So I wanted to bring my temperature up. I wanted to make a little bit warmer, so I brought it up a little bit. You can also must around with a tent, vibrance and saturation if you'd like. So now I'm going to be going to the effects menu, which you can change the texture and clarity. So I'm gonna bring up that texture a little bit. Also, the clarity you can also do have been yet and mess around with that. But I'm not sure federally want to go up to high with that. So after that, I'm going to go over to the right and click on the detail menu. And here you can adjust your sharpening the radius and bring up the detail little bit into the photo. I'm gonna just the detail a little bit in the sharpening. So I decided to go back into the color menu and click on the color mixed button on the right. And I even ever used this feature before, so I was decided to play around with it. But it was. You click on the press on the mixed button and you can adjust the hue, saturation and luminant since two. Whatever color you like. So so you wanted adjust the yellows or the orange is the greens. So now I'm going to press on the color red, since I have some reds in this photo, such as the book in the sweater. So I'm gonna mess around with the hue in the saturation and see what looks best overall. I think this is a cool feature that light room has, so you guys should definitely check this out. So now I'm going to at another photo from my photo shoot, the one that had, like, darker items such as my camera and my sunglasses and all my photography gear. So once you upload the image, you can just go back into the light menu in addressed exposure. You want bring up the exposure a little bit in the contrast, I'm just messing around the highlights and shadows right now. If you wanna bring up or down the Black Sea can, obviously you don't want toe. Overdo it like I'm doing right now. Obviously, if your photos to dark you wanna bring up the exposure a little bit. If it's too bright, bring down the exposure a little bit. But now I'm in the color menu and I decided to bring down the temple of it. Make the colors will bit cooler looking, and I don't think I'll be out in a vignette. But I'm going to now go into the FEC's menu, adds some texture and some clarity we don't want, obviously don't want to overdo the clarity, either. Otherwise, the photo just look kind of fake. So pretty much every time I added my photos and light room, I usually just bring up the exposure, the contrast, the clarity and on sharpening it up a little bit and add some detail. Otherwise, that's pretty much what I dio for my photos 7. Final thoughts : So for the project, I want you to create your own flat life photo and upload it to this course. Make sure to think about your theme, props and flat surface ideas. Most importantly, have fun with this project. And I can't wait to see what you guys come up with. Thank you guys. So much for watching. Follow me if you want to see more content like this and I'll see you next time.