How To Create Stunning 3D Type In Procreate 5 | Leo Mateus | Skillshare

How To Create Stunning 3D Type In Procreate 5

Leo Mateus, Illustrator | Content Creator | Mentor

How To Create Stunning 3D Type In Procreate 5

Leo Mateus, Illustrator | Content Creator | Mentor

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8 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Your Class Assignment

    • 3. How to Create 3D Type - Part 1/5

    • 4. How to Create 3D Type - Part 2/5

    • 5. How to Create 3D Type - Part 3/5

    • 6. How to Create 3D Type - Part 4/5

    • 7. How to Create 3D Type - Part 5/5

    • 8. Conclusion And Graduation Day

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About This Class

Want to learn how to create amazing 3D Typography in Procreate!? Join this class and discover a series of tips, tricks and shortcuts to create stunning dimensional type elements while developing your own skills in Procreate!

If you love digital illustration and making art on the iPad, get ready for this special class from artist and illustrator Ghostpaper!

In this guided class, master the concepts and techniques required to make 3d typographic letters and words in Procreate while learning some productivity tolls for Digital Illustration. This extended video class tutorial is divided into chapters so you can take your time and practice each step at a time, so that you will be ready whenever you need to create your next tridimensional letter or word illustration!

Here's a few key things you'll learn:

  • Setting up your layers for 3d type 
  • Increasing overall productivity
  • Tips and Tricks on what are the best methods for projecting shadows and extrusions
  • Some tips about light and shadow projection

      + more!

Whether you’re new to digital art or curious about Procreate, you’ll gain an arsenal of tips, tricks and tools you can use to start creating right away. After this class, you'll never be far from your iPad and your favourite creations on Procreate, wherever you happen to be. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Leo Mateus

Illustrator | Content Creator | Mentor


Hi there! My name is Leo and I'm a Designer, Illustrator & content creator at Ghostpaper - a space dedicated to all kinds of Art and Digital Illustration. My goal is to help and guide you to create your best illustration work while using the iPad and other graphic tablets as a medium. I also offer guidance in the fundamentals of design, creativity self-help, tutorials and much more. I look forward to optmize your skills and time spent while learning, so you can focus on what's important - developing your art and crafting your style. Please feel free to also check my Youtube channel and other social media links for more content, and welcome to this learning community of artists!

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1. Introduction: Hi there, and welcome to creating stunning three D type on procreate. This is a special class where I'm going to show you how to create convincing three D typography all done and procreate five and done in a way that it looks as good as some of the renderings you see creative from three D. I'm going to be showing you some of the tips and tricks on how to achieve proper volumetric lighting over D topography and also how to cast shadows onto a surface. We're going to learn how to proper adjust light direction, as well as showing you some tips and tricks on how to properly set up your type are layers so that it works the best when you are extruding it or trying to make it into three d for the class assignment were also going to be choosing, Ah, word off your choice. Or you could just follow the word that we create in this video, and I just can't wait to see what you can create after watching this class. So grab your iPad, launch procreate and let's get started 2. Your Class Assignment: All right. So just a quick word here before we had into the main section of this off this class, which is to go into the full tutorial on how to build three D type in procreate five. I wanted to just quickly talk about the class assignment or the assignment that I would like you to actually create at the end of this glass or during the creation off this glasses, you go through the class. So basically you made the site to actually work with or choose the word that is the one that we do in this glass, which is the word Wow. It's got three characters, is really short and simple and will teach you the foundation and the basics on how to create three D typography and procreate. You may decide to create another word on your own, and that is totally fine as well. Here is a fuel except a few examples. You can go with a shorter word as well. Yes, a little bit less bold than the one that we're using in this class. You may choose a longer word such as this one's it. It could be like awesome. All in caps Very bold word. And you can also go with something that is not all caps such as this one. And you may even go with a more of a cursive option such as this. Hello here. But whatever it is that you're working with that you decide to go with, I would just advise you to go with a fund that has a little bit more thickness in its characters and not super super thin. And the reason for that is that going with a very thin front will probably require you a little bit more work when you're actually creating the exclusions and to drop shadows that we're going to create to create shadows, project the chattels into a floor plane. All that. Actually, there's a bit of an advantage when you use, like, even this front here has enough of a thickness that will help you in order to create the three D version off this one. So I'll give you like a quick example. Let's just say for this Hello here. Just gonna click at a text. And if we went with this version, for example, the regular or italic version, we would have very little real state here to actually create extrusion. And even the outline version here would be, quite then, the outline that sits on top of each letter. There's not a lot to work with. And at least for this first strike, if this is your first time actually using a word in order to extrude it and create three D topography in procreate, I would certainly advise you to go with a much bolder font and just start from here. Try to get the basics and the foundation going and then move on to other challenges. So basically again, just to reiterate the main challenge for this class or the class assignment, that law for you to do and then eventually to even share that creation that you have onto you this project's page is to create your own topography. And that will be your own assignments of Think about a word that you would like to create something positive, something that could be for friends of family or even for yourself, and try to come up with that word and then follow the story. Oh followed the next set of lessons in order to learn how to make that into three D. So now that being said, let's head into the main tutorial section for this class 3. How to Create 3D Type - Part 1/5: Hello, everyone. And welcome to the extended version off disa tora, where we're going to create a three D word on procreate five, giving all of the depth all of the perspective that we need in order to make a convincing piece of artwork. So for this one, because this is the extended version off the sartorial. I'm really going to try to push it as much as I can in terms off creating this image. And I'm posting the results right now on the screen so that you can see where we're going to get so basically to start this tutorial, let's just first, just please a background here and the next step is going into the actions menu and we want to add some text. And I'm just gonna hit caps lock. I'm gonna write our word well, and I actually need to change its color and make it bold and probably much bigger because we're going to do this really big on the screen. So let me just place it somewhere around here a little bit bigger, make sure we're on boat, and I'm just gonna hit okay for now, But I'm going to turn on on campus, my drawing guides. And as usual, I'm always gonna bring the opacity and thickness to maximum. So it's best for you to be able to see it on your site. So now I'm just going Teoh, reposition our words right here. Make sure that we are, you know, as centered as much s centric as we can. Okay, I'm gonna turn off drawing guides, but actually, I probably want to scale this up just a little bit more. All right? Perfect. So the first strict that we can do here is to duplicate or text text element, click on the text and go at it text and change this into outline modes. And what this is actually doing for us is creating very, you know, quick solution where we have a solid Phil and we have an outline mode as well as a separate layer. So now that we have these two elements, let's keep moving with this tutorial, I'm finding this color a little bit too faint as a background. So I'm actually going to go into the properties, probably bring down this background a little bit more into a darker tone, and I might even change this down the road. But in any case, let's just continue. So now we're going to select our base, uh, word, which is the one in orange and make a duplicate of it. And I want the bottom one. We're gonna click and we're gonna click on restaurants. Now, I will need to go and select a much darker color which will probably grab from, um, my color palettes here. So on the rest writes version I'm gonna hit, select. And then once again, on the layers Penhall click on that layer that we just rest arise and select feel layer So we have a very dark version off that letter off the off the word. So now we're going to click on adjustments, and we're going to be using motion blur. Now, with motion blur. We just want to start giving that impression off, um, depth, So I'm gonna set it somewhere around 45% and I want to make sure the angle is good, okay? And I'm gonna move it down so that it aligns as much as possible with the top of the word. So something like this. So now we're gonna click on our blurred layer hit. Select once again Go back into lawyer Spano, Select. Click the plus for a new layer to enough, our blurred layer going to the brushes. Make sure we're using these soft brush. With maximum size and maximum capacity, we're going to start just tapping the screen. We're painting several times, and that is because if we were to paint once, we would get a lot of the capacity. And that comes from the Blur. So here we're just trying to get as much as we can A solid element. All right. Next, we can duplicate this element a couple times I would say about three times merge and I we have a very solid version off this element. Just gonna make sure it's about this much, and I'm actually going to vote. This is a uniform when a change to free for I'm interested in seeing if I could do a little bit of this in a little bit of the story now, Okay. I'm actually getting a better match here. All right. There will be a few letters year where I will need Teoh kind of fix them myself. So I think I'm trying to do here as much as they can, Um, and probably will fix ourselves. All right, this is pretty good. All right, So now, uh, even though this cooler is really nice because it's really contrasted I'm probably gonna choose a darker blue go into the Slayer Select Earlier hit, Select. And once again, we hit that in click Phil. I actually used the wrong blue. I'm sorry, guys. I'm gonna hit, select, uh, like a new layer Click on this new layer. And Phil, here we go. 4. How to Create 3D Type - Part 2/5: and all. Let's continue with this tutorial. Now, more. What I'm actually going to do is to select the first layer, which is our our outline layer, and I'm going to duplicate now with Duplicate, I will actually choose another color. In this time, I am going to choose on the classic mode here. Just a darker tone. Well, you know what? I'm probably gonna go with black and I'll show you guys way. So we are going to add a text and change it to black. Then we're going to move this little bit more or less like this. Okay? You know, it's this. I'm just going to restaurants, this layer, and I'm going to prepare it a little better. I'm gonna go about here, drag this interesting. Actually, I will have to do something else. I'm actually going to go into the studio pan. Minimum size, maximum capacity. It's gonna bring that in pink. Okay. Also just noticed that this could be push the little bit back. Oh, I see. Okay. You will have to do a selection here for that. Go. Okay. Something this can one final time. All right. That was just a quick fix. So Now that we have this layer, we're going to click on the blend mode, hit, multiply, and bring this down. Let's say about 45% going to the adjustments layer and select motion blur. But no. Here, we're just gonna add a little bit. Probably about 10%. Okay. Okay. And now, using a more off a strong brush like the student pen with not a lot of feathering, we're just going to clean up these parts that are stepping outside of the letters right here. - And finally, the lest letter looks way do want to remove this. Okay. And just these little pieces here just want to clean them up. After the Blur. He kind of escaped to the other side. So here we go, that so we start to have a little bit of depth applied to the top of the letters. So I'm just going to make sure that we have the right capacity. I meet dropped this down to you about 35%. And I'm going to move ever so slightly back to its original position. Just so it's a little tighter. All right, so that feels pretty good. 5. How to Create 3D Type - Part 3/5: So the next step is to actually give some dimensionality to the extrusion that we just did . And I could even do something else as well, which will do it right now. You know, we're still dealing with this edge which got, you know, a little bit blurred because it still comes from the, uh, you know, the motion, the motion blur trick where we've got this extrusion, actually very easily by just using motion blur and then making a selection and painting into a new layer. But what I'll do here is they'll I'll duplicate that base layer that way. Had I'm gonna bring this down. Uh, actually, I'm going to leave this here because I want to be able to see it a little bit better. I'm gonna turn off Magnetics and we're going to bring somewhere around the end Off are blurred section. And now I am going to click and rest. Arise the slayer, use my eye dropper to collect this blue, make a selection right here on our layer and then clicking once again and selecting filled later. So now I believe that we have, um actually, that that's a little bit of outlined there So I'm going to turn off this new layer This layer that we created create a new layer click and select feel later painting with blue. So now there is no outline The problems. I'm just gonna delete this layer that we used as a reference. And now I can move this a little bit more so that he really fits in a nice place. And I can also go back into our shadow layer hit mask and out with, ah, studio Panelists again and the color full black. I'm going to just obscurity sections because they still can see a little bit of blur. I don't really need that. So, um, it's actually interesting, but they really worked really well. So I think right now what I'm going to do is that I'm going to redraw this shadow, and the reason for that is that we're gonna get just the best result. Okay, now that it went through all of the shapes and all of the letters, I cannot start putting the colors back from our color palette. So I'm just going to detach once again, take a look at our colors. Okay, Now that I've put the okay Now that I've separated every piece of the letters onto a separate color, I could go back into the colors, Manu, and start driving the colors once again onto each piece. So I'm actually gonna put this blue onto our color palette and I probably just detach here and let's go into the groups. First off, Pete, this one we're here, then the bottom one. We're probably going to go a little darker. So in fact, I will need It's probably going to go a little darker and back into our shapes. This piece as well will be a little darker as well as the yellow. And now, finally, I can just use the same group for the lest letter. You can use the same group from the first ladder onto the last letter right here, and I need to make sure that this group is sitting on top with E o letters, shadow or extrusion. There we go. So now we need to add a little bit of volume to the letter O. So now we're gonna go into the letter, all here. We're going to create a new layer and select clipping mask. I'm going to get the first kind of mid tone that we've created. Make sure I'm using a studio brush. I'm going to just draw a line about in the middle. Something like this. Hey, you could probably have bit of a bigger brush here just to even filling these shapes a little quicker, okay? And we're going to create a new clipping mask as well, and now used the eyedropper and selected darkest color. But now we're going to go in TV, airbrush and make sure we're using the soft brush. I'm actually going to do a test, guys, where we do the medium color with an airbrush as well. Yeah, it is a better result for sure. So here we go. Now, I'm also going to do a little bit of Goshen Blur into this element. Uh, just give a little bit of blur and the same with the darker version as well. All right. Done. Have a little have. Ah, really nice volume at it to the outside of the letter. Oh, now let's do the same to the inside of the literal. So a new layer clipping mask get the I think this time we're only going to use the darker value because this piece is already in, um is being obscured because it's the inside of the letter old. So I think it doesn't make sense to use to tone. So I'm just gonna go straight up to the darker one and make sure that I'm using these soft brush something like that. And again, I'm just going to do some caution blur. It's to make it really nice and dark there. Okay, So let's do the same thing with our letter W But before that, I'm just going to group this call it. Oh, extrusion. It's trying to organize my leaders a little bit more, and then here, I'm gonna rename this to w picks. Think I'm gonna call it extrude extruded. Here we go. And then Oh, extruded. All right, so now here on this layer, we're going to add a little volume as well. So the 1st 1 that we're going to add some volume is to this peace here. We're gonna green you layer, click on this new layer, select clipping mask, make sure we're using our darker color, and we're just gonna add a little bit of shadows. But in fact, I'm gonna end from the other way. I'm gonna add from top down just like that And for, uh, my raising brush. Um, it's gonna go back there and just try toe, do something like this. Just Teoh have a little bit more of the brighter caller. So to create more of a separation, same thing will happen to those two pieces here, creating you layer clipping mask. Let's keep adding volume. So here we're gonna do from bottom up, like so and finally to our last piece on the right new layer clipping mask. And this one, it's going to be a little funny, because in reality we're gonna get a little bit of shadow from the letter. Also, it's almost like we need to draw a little curve like this. I'm just trying a couple of times here to see which one's the best one. I think something like that's really good. And then on top of that, I'm just gonna at a little bit of blur, not too much, about 10% nice. So the same can be said to the letter O. So there is a little bit of shadow that probably this w will cast onto the letter O So we're going to go back into this layer here. I'm just going to create a new clipping mask. And let's just say the W will cast a little bit of shadow like this. This one. We kind of have to play around a bit. Let me blur that. See what happens, you know? Okay, it's really all about trying to get a nice kind of effect going. 6. How to Create 3D Type - Part 4/5: So I believe that now we can just duplicate once again or letter w to the top and bring it over to the right. But there will be a couple of things that were going to do differently. You just make sure that this is positioned correctly, okay? And the only difference here, really, is that we don't have a letter o next to the last w. So we will for sure, turn off this layer right here, even delete it. All right, so we're starting to get to a really nice place here, but we still don't have the shadows off the word wow onto the plane onto the ground plane. So that's where we're going to do right now. So we're going to duplicate our base layer. Uh, probably gonna click restaurants. Select and Phil before that, Actually, just wanna make sure we have a really dark color. So select and ive even better. New layer feel. Layer the leader. Coffee. Bring the wow all the way to the bottom. Here, make sure that we're locating the that this black copy on see the bottom of her layer because now we're going to do the shadows onto the floor. Now we were going to click on adjustments Motion Blur. And we're gonna do this really nice blur on the floor. Something like this. I just want to make sure both things here, guys, yet something like that. Okay, we're going to move this all the way to the bottom, and we are going to once again make a selection. New layer, turn off this layer. We've just blurred and soft brush. Biggest size, maximum capacity. Start clicking me. So now we need to start removing the parts that we really don't need so that I'm going Teoh , use our student brush. And, um sorry. Using the road layer, the league, all of this parts here, the top And just gotta be careful here, elite this part. So something like that and want on this layer still in this layer, we're gonna go into adjustments, hue, saturation, brightness just put brightens and none saturation and none as well in hit apply. She now on the blend mode, make sure to hit it all the way to the top to multiply, and we're going to bring it to about 15 20%. Okay, so now we started to put Cem ground floor on sea, from the wild ladders onto the floor. I just want to see one thing here. No, this is Yeah. I don't need the Slayer. I'm gonna delete this layer. We don't need this layer. I'm also going to the league and delete this one. And even these guys, they're gonna go just cleaning up the following. So I think the last one of the less things in terms of shadows I'm going to do is to once again duplicate or base layer, rest arise, make a selection creating you layer. And still we're recreating the step, like, a couple of times. Here, guys, move it to the bottom. Once again, let me ensure that is at the correct location. Okay? And once again, we're going to do motion blur. So something like this. Okay, bring it all the way to the bottom. Hit the layer. Select new layer. Turned a blur earlier off and with a soft brush. Maximum size, maximum capacity. Start painting painting once again. Okay. Adjustments. You saturation brightness goes down, situation goes down, you know, once again, just delete the parts that we don't need even in here. We're gonna have to be really careful. Great. - No , we're just gonna play a good amount of Goshen blur about 20% and we're going to make sure that it's again multiply capacity about 70%. Okay, so we've added our two layers of shadow and a few details volumetric details on two D ladders. So what? I think what I'll do actually again cleaning a players here, I'm gonna go into our the, you know, the shadow of number one. I'm just gonna make it a little less. We'll pick. It was about 24. 20. I'm just going to set it to probably 12% McKinney. And I think I might as well even save gas has been a while and last details. Now I'm going to add some bright, you know, brightens details. The 1st 1 will be on the edges off the letter. So I am going Teoh hit. Select. Actually, I don't even need that, um, to make sure that they don't restaurants make a new layer. Said it as clipping, clipping mask. And now I'll try with a soft airbrush First, make sure I'm just gonna hit it adds, So it's quite visible. Wherever we do, let me try with a different brush. I don't know why the results are being so strange. Action! Oh, wait a sec. I'm going to the elite and redo this clipping mask because we did have a selection. I think that was it was making the whole display, like, super weird. Okay, if 7. How to Create 3D Type - Part 5/5: Okay, - So I'm going to set finally this layer as ad and bring the capacity down. Probably make a duplicate and see what it looks like with gosh blur. It does look really, really cool. It adds a really nice effect to it. It doesn't give, like a very metallic looking, looking feel to this top element. We said it at the bottom. I'm gonna make one more clipping mask, set it underneath and hopefully plate with overly and a very dark color. Just hear the bottom. See, I'm going to start creating even more volume, - all right? And once again duplicate so it can use the bottom layer with some Goshen Blur also gives something really, really nice to it. And I'm even going to test that with multiply. It does look pretty cool as well with multiply. Okay, So, finally, guys on the background layer itself, I'm gonna make a new layer, use a hairbrush. Um, right here what was confined it, and we're going to paint really big curve right here at the bottom of the frame. Just trying to find the best curve that we can do this something like this for now and then I'm just going to blur it. See what happens if I blow it quiet of it. There you go. Something like that. Maybe. Sided toe. Overly. Not really sure How much of a difference is going to make to make a bit of a difference? Great. Nice. And one more layer. Bright color just at the top off everything. You don't blur it quite a bit. We go in. These last touches are really nice when we're giving giving some, like environment effects to the whole composition. And I think actually, this one, I just said at the very top of everything, and I'm setting this layer with 10 to 12% capacity, and here we go. Guys, I believe this makes it a really nice rendering off this text layer. I could certainly add a little bit more details here, but I think that what we're getting right now is already plenty in terms off rendering three D layers in procreate five. So I believe that does it for this video guys who because enjoyed. And I'll see you on the next extended glass. I think it's a way for watching. I don't see you on the next one, Joe 8. Conclusion And Graduation Day: Hi there. And congratulations on finishing the class. How to create stunning three D typography in appropriate five. I believe that now you have the foundations and the principles on how to create more extruded three D typography on your own. You can think about your own words. You can create some amazing cards and you can do all sorts of things banners, posters. By using this technique, I hope you had some fun and learning some of the tricks on how to achieve this look and how to get into a look that is actually s closes what we can actually achieve in three D in three D software. And I hope that you could learn a little bit more about procreate as well by doing this class. If you want to know a little bit more about procreate if you're interested, please check my YouTube channel goes paper as I have lots of tutorials and good tips and tricks for you there as well. Thank you so much for watching and again. Congratulations on finishing this glass and I can't wait to see what you can create by using the principals in this tutorial. Thank you so much for watching and again. Congratulations on finishing this glass and I'll see you on the next one job