How To Create Modern Calligraphy And Add Hand Lettering On Tiles | Joy Tay | Skillshare

How To Create Modern Calligraphy And Add Hand Lettering On Tiles

Joy Tay, Pen & Ink Experimenter, Hand Letterer |

How To Create Modern Calligraphy And Add Hand Lettering On Tiles

Joy Tay, Pen & Ink Experimenter, Hand Letterer |

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6 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Prep: Cleaning and Choosing Your Tiles

    • 3. Play: Brush Lettering Using Liquid Leaf

    • 4. Play: Modern Calligraphy Using Gouache and Acrylics

    • 5. Play: Lettering Using A Pen Marker

    • 6. Your Class Project And Thank You

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About This Class

Infuse elegance into your event decor by adding thoughtfully lettered place names or escort cards. In this 21-min Skillshare class, letterer Joy Tay will teach you how to wow your guests by incorporating your hand lettering or calligraphy skills on tiles for your events, gifts or to amp up your decorative touches.

You may choose to start at the beginning with an overview of the Prep-Play-Display process to add calligraphy on any material.

You will be taken through a step-by-step approach of selecting supplies, and the types of tiles which work best for hand lettering or calligraphy. Get foolproof methods to create these elegant calligraphy pieces that attract compliments every time.

The class is great for all levels; whether at the -

Intermediate level: Familiarity with the modern calligraphy style would be great for best results; or as
Beginners: No experience in lettering or calligraphy? No worries! Get a similar look with your own style of lettering using supplies readily available at art supply stores.

What You'll Learn

Preparation. Joy will take you through her tips for cleaning and selecting the most appropriate types of tiles so that your beautiful calligraphy work can shine.

Lettering on Tiles. Get tips on how to create lettering using different shapes of tiles, so that you have a large range of options to convey the right mood and setting for your events. Through using three different types of supplies and methods, Joy aims to fire up your creativity to create beautifully worded tile pieces which everyone will love.

Let's get creative; the possibilities are endless!

You may want to go on to my other Skillshare classes where I work from a variety of materials from crystals to tiles to leaves to food, and many more. Come join the fun!

You can go on to learn how to infuse calligraphy on...

Keen to learn how to add your beautiful calligraphy on other materials? Check out how to add calligraphy on...

I am sure you will love this course as much as I have loved creating it for you!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Joy Tay

Pen & Ink Experimenter, Hand Letterer |


Pen & Ink Experimenter, Hand Letterer | Joynhands Designs

Oh, hi there! You can call me Joy, and I am Pen & Ink Experimenter at Joynhands Designs.

My motto is #letterallthethings, because why letter on paper when they are sooo many other surfaces to letter on? Join me as I take you through my experience and offer you tips and tricks on how to letter on different surfaces and mediums, so that you can create unique pieces that everyone will love.

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1. Introduction: welcome to you. Learn how to use a beautiful calligraphy, all lettering on time. You can call me Joy and I'm here to take you through specific parts off the pressure plate and display process so that you're able to select the right kind of tiles, truth and materials. So they all work together harmoniously, infusing your designs on your tiles. You can use this as kind of in or maybe even 26 Well, there's no record sister and roll. I am using appointed pen. So if you already have knowledge about that great. If not, I also use a paintbrush in one of the sections. So I'm sure you already know how to use. You can use one to create your own style electric. So come join me inside. I cannot wait to see 2. Prep: Cleaning and Choosing Your Tiles: Let's Talk tells my friends First will talk about the shape. The hexagonal marble ones are all the rage now because it exudes a modern luxury look. Your event, though, might be something different. You might have an exotic in. In which case, thes Morgan tell patterns would be perfect if you're trying to look at the shape off the tile, what you write on it. Also Mattis for tile sickness. It is long, um, ofcourse came like it this way. But you can also read it this way, and this is good if you have writing Chinese characters. We've talked about the shape, so let's not talk about the color in terms of color. Primarily, the decision would depend on what the events in colors are. However, another thing to consider is also the things that you're comfortable using. If you're mainly using, say, Dr pH Moderns bleep of white, you might want to select black, which is a dark color for Mattel Inc Silver on white is very difficult. See if you're using a wash or acrylic paint for your things and you can access any color, then you just need to find a color that complements your tile yo tells come in all social services. I prefer smooth surfaces. That way, I don't spoil my pen. Tips on nips. Also, jacket services distort your calligraphy, however. Tells shouldn't be filled. Glasses move that your pen nips kit, and it becomes hard to control this series of tiles half three types. So this is a glassy, smooth tile. So how I write on it is how I write on glass as shown in my class calligraphy tutorial. There is also something there's, uh, reminiscent off most ceramic house that is a smooth surface, and this is a different kind of smooth surface. It is more akin to see class, so there's some truth. What I don't really like using so much if this particular one, I don't think you can see it for clarity. But you can see tooth on the surface, and this makes it very difficult for my pendants, and they give a very scratchy sound when I write on it. When you're buying towels, it comes in a sheet, and on the sheet are the tells, and they are held together by this webbing or mesh lining. So we need to do if you have to remove thes before they can be used to turn into gifts or a place name or escort cut. They're not always very difficult to remove. Sometimes they can be. It's already moved a little bit here, and we could just kill it off like so. Okay, so it leaves from blue as you can see the residue. And if you don't like it, what you can do is you have a piece of cloth in velvet will be nice, and then you just stick it to the back off the tile. So it's also very nice for the tell to rest on if it's on a velvet base. 3. Play: Brush Lettering Using Liquid Leaf: If you're giving away your tiles, keepsakes of it really recommend you're going with the liquid leaf. As you can see, the goal is brilliant. It's really shiny, and the pigments are so concentrated that you can really see the goal shine. It's also something that is waterproof. You can't He raised it with rubbing alcohol, so it's something that's really quite permanent. Um, you may want to have a fixative on it, but I don't think it's very necessary. So before you use this, shake the bottle and just make sure that the heat is evenly. The pigments are evenly distributed. Okay, so for this particular project, I am not going to be using, uh, point it new because this pain doesn't really work that well is a little bit more temperamental for use with the pointed tips. But you'll be fine working with a brush so the brush toe have selected is size zero. It's a round brush, and once you're ready, let's start now We're ready to write. Remember to shake a bottle, make sure that the payments are evenly distributed, and please be careful when you're opening the bottle cat because sometimes when you're shaking the bottle. The paint appears at the top on the cat, and if you don't open it carefully, the payment come out. Okay, I'm gonna put that aside and I'm gonna dip my paintbrush. Just gonna take the chance to Makes it a little bit. Make sure they're not huge bulbs. So if you're writing using watercolor brush, I really recommend if your surface area small, like this tile not have too many letters because you're your brush strokes are never going to be as fine as your pen nib strokes. So I'm gonna be writing joy Send us right, my g heavy a pressure on the down strokes. Nathan it up as I am at the bottom. Even I'm starting a new stroke. I will get some more paint just to make sure I don't run out pain Midway. So I'm gonna make it Don strolls a heavy pressure night, then it up as I'm turning If you pressure down strokes that stroke CVA pressure, like did it up as you're turning. And I'm just gonna have a car for the exit stroke. I'm gonna finish it up with the dot for my J. And you didn't says can see is a brilliant gold and really quite nice, and I'll take a picture of it once the Penis dry. Now that the paint is dry, I just want to show how it looks like at all angles. You can see that the pain is really opaque, and even if you turn it, you can see it from different angles. And that's what I like as compared to some of the gold links where it because its social recent, I can't see it from all angles. But the sun is really opaque, and I realized using it. You can also see that it's a little bit raised, so it almost looks as if it's in Boston. Enjoy using the liquid leaf If you're using the liquid leave. I think it's something that you're gonna give away as a keepsake. But what if you make a mistake and you need to rub it off? The only thing that can rub off the liquid leaf is paint the not top in time, and this is quite amusing. I'm just using a normal This is kerosene, but actually it's been a so I'm just using the paint enough for my heart, Vestel. So take a piece off a napkin paper napkin and just pull the pig turnover. Okay, so and then you can drop it off. It's just not in African for more. Okay, Says he conceived what? This tile that most off the liquid leave comes off. But I was sharing with you that if you're going to give this away, you wouldn't expect them to take it off. And that's when it's safe to use the liquid leaf. If you're gonna reuse the tile, I wouldn't recommend using the liquid leaf because sometimes, as you can tell, marble is also something that's quite porous. So this is another marble piece, that ahead. And this the strokes from the liquid leaf. It's impossible to come off because marble really sucks up the paint and it leaves red streaks. Yep, so only use the liquid leave when you're going to give it away. 4. Play: Modern Calligraphy Using Gouache and Acrylics: you've heard me mention several times that if I need colored inks, our youth at a critic Oh gosh. So let's say I need to use yellow, so I will take either the yellow acrylic ink. And it's okay to buy a whole set for me because I feel acrylic things are quite cost effective. On the other hand, gosh, I do find that this particular bench maker is pretty expensive in Singapore. It costs, I think, about 13 singable doll if and I did try, um, more generic brands before, but I do find that the quality of the pigment is not so good, and the good wash just doesn't look as opaque on a dark background as much as a freshman gut dust. So what I do to reduce costs because I already have a lot of pigments. If I need yellow, for example, I will mix the white with this yellow oxide Pickman powder with titanium dioxide to get a bright yellow annals of some border. So when you use go wash and when to use acrylic, if you're using acrylic when your ink is dry, it is going to be waterproof. Focal wash. However, your link is not gonna be waterproof, and it's easily removable with water, so it depends on what you need. Waterproof go if a collect. If you don't need it to be waterproof and you wanted to be easily removed after the events that there can be used or tile or your gate or whatever items that you put your calligraphy on, then I'll suggest you to go with goulash. You might notice in many my videos that I like to use whites metallics like Goal and silver . What if you have an event and it has a specific color theme, So if you have a particular color that you need to use, you can use acrylic. So for this particular project, I am actually using a kulic on this particular tile. So what I have done here is to have my blue and my my white sari and my blue and put it into this particular container just to test out the color. And I'll show you how it looks like if you find that your acrylic is too thick and it's difficult to write with taken eyedropper but it into a container of water and just tried up a few drops at a time. I'm just going to start with one. Mix it with your brush. This even though it's a consistency that you like and can keep testing. That's right. But I think Okay, we're gonna start writing out calligraphy using acrylic paint. So what you need to prepare is your brush your pendant and if decided to use the browse 66 . Yes, ofcourse the tile and amount off acrylic paint. There is value did to the consistency of heavy cream, so it's easy to write it. So let's get started. Mix up, eat well. So this is how this is constantly looks like and then coat the back off in it. Just gonna put this aside so you can see this up close. So this time is already quite inclined, so it makes it easier for me to write. So I need to write the name Gareth. Let's see if the ink not quite. He make sure that you dip the tip off dependent with ink just to get the first drop out. They go heavy on the down strokes. Night on the upstroke again, more pressure on the down stroke. It's a bit of pulling the more ink. So quit the back of unit begin and sometimes I find it for me. It helps if I just dip the tip in. The ink came down, I finish off t. Okay, so I'm gonna show you. What looks like when it's dry is really nice, because there is a raised quality to this particular ink and it is also quite OK, so it's a really pretty brew. And if you need to have colors other than white and metallics or black acrylics, hogwash is a good option to use. And it's dry now. Okay, so you can see it is also pretty lovely. So when you can select the color to, you can feel pretty classy. There's a sheen to it. And if it's quite there's a race called is That's not flat. And there is a fixture against the tile. Really nice 5. Play: Lettering Using A Pen Marker: if it's not important to you to have a wreath for fifth is given by the liquid leave and you're OK with having something that it's flat, Then I would recommend you go into the Deco color. It's also really pretty gold. So since we can't have enough joy, I am going to write the word joy again. And before we start, remember to shake the 10. So this deco color in gold by Marv you Trita is a good pen to use if you want to use, um, the method of monoline, where all the lines off equal weight and you don't have Nixon thins so you can see all the lines off equal weight. But if you want, you can always draw the down strokes again and have Fichter down strokes. It's just that for this size of a pendant and for the size off the tile, if you have, um, thick, thick somethin's it just looks a little bit to come see. Okay, so you can see it is still a really pretty. It's quite flat, but it's a pretty gold. It's really shimmery, so if you like the effect of this, go for the Decca color. It's also something that's really convenient to use 6. Your Class Project And Thank You: Hello again. How is it? But that part of the constant despise you? I hope so. But some of the inspirations that you got from this car's create your own finish piece. So, like the tile, and you can infuse their calligraphy or lettering on it. Snap a picture of it and post the design onto our cast project. If you have any questions about this cause, please feel free to call their community section. You know, post a new discussion. I'm interested in working with other materials. I have other classes working on projects ranging from a gate to Visa Key. So I hope to see you again once again. My name is Joy and thank you particular class.