How To Create Killer Content: Identify Content for Your Audience To Convert Them To Customers | Rob Cubbon | Skillshare

How To Create Killer Content: Identify Content for Your Audience To Convert Them To Customers

Rob Cubbon, An entrepreneur who wants to help you

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10 Videos (45m)
    • How To Create Killer Content – Be Yourself

    • How To Create Killer Content – Be Honest

    • How To Create Killer Content – Be Specific

    • More Surefire Amazing Content Ideas!

    • Ingenious Ways To Get Content Ideas – By Asking!

    • Using Google Suggest For Content And Title Ideas

    • Quickly Understand Google Analytics And Its Valuable Information

    • Using Google Trends To Test Your Ideas

    • Get Great Title Ideas From BuzzSumo And Other Blogs

    • Conclusion To This Course


About This Class

The "rules" behind successful content. 

Content Marketing will be central to every business’s strategy in the 21st century.

Everybody knows they have to create great content. But no one finds it an easy job to do. No one except me, that is.

Central to the problem of creating great content is finding great ideas. Here are 15 ways you can find content ideas for that are right for your audience that are explained in this course:

1. Learn to be you
2. Create content about what you know
3. Be honest
4. Create content about your failures
5. Make your titles and content specific and descriptive
6. Ask people
7. Ask your email list
8. Ask people on social media
9. Help people
10. Tell a story
11. Use Google Trends
12. Use Google Suggest
13. Use Buzzsumo and other blogs to get great title ideas
14. Understand the valuable information in Google Analytics.
15. Re-purposing content from elsewhere

Here’s a short definition of Content Marketing: Content Marketing is about creating content (text, slides, images, sound, video) that engages an audience so that – a some point in the future – that audience turns into customers.

Here’s a long definition of Content Marketing: Content Marketing is the process of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.





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Rob Cubbon

An entrepreneur who wants to help you

I have over 20 years experience in graphic design and marketing. I have run my own company Rob Cubbon since 2005.

I am also a bestselling Amazon author with books on web design, entrepreneurship and passive income.

I have sold over a quarter of a million dollars of products online - mostly video courses.

I provide creative design and effective marketing services. I love blogging and I love helping people with their businesses.

Being your own boss is an incredibly...

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