How To Create Instagram Reels - 3 Ways! | Sílvia Pinho | Skillshare

How To Create Instagram Reels - 3 Ways!

Sílvia Pinho, Social Media Manager & Online Educator

How To Create Instagram Reels - 3 Ways!

Sílvia Pinho, Social Media Manager & Online Educator

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5 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Talking head

    • 3. Using audio

    • 4. Pre created

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About This Class

In this class, we're going to be talking all about Instagram Reels.

Reels are one of the newest formats of Instagram content (at the time of recording - April 2021). Similar to TikTok, they're short vertical videos, with 15-30 seconds in length. So think short, bite-sized pieces of content.

This class will give you the 3 main ideas you can explore with Reels for you/your business - and I highly encourage you to try all three at least once, to see what you and your audience like best!

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Sílvia Pinho

Social Media Manager & Online Educator


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1. Intro: Hey everyone, My name is Sophia and welcome to my Skillshare class. In today's class, I'm going to be talking all about Instagram Reels. If you don't know instagram Reels or actually one of Instagram's latest tool as the time of recording is April 2021. And they are at Tik Tok cool like type of content. They are short vertical size videos with 15 to 30 seconds and it can be found both on your profile, either on the feed issue, shared them to the feed or in their dedicated tab in your profile. Or if you want to watch other people's videos, you can do so at the bottom of your screen in the real stub, much like the Tik Tok for your page. As a little disclaimer, I want to say that this is pretty recent tool and at the time of recording, once again, it's April 2021 and Instagram is heavily promoting reals. So if you're watching this anytime soon, please make it a point to add some Rios to your content calendar. And I'm going to be sharing and his class. And I'm going to be sharing on this class three ways that you can create reels, both for you or for your brand or even for a client. So stick around for that. But I just want to say that as everything with social media, this can get outdated pretty fast. I, British or Instagram isn't going to promote real so much after a couple months. So while these tips I'm giving you in this class will be relevant a year from now as long as real still exists, I highly, highly encourage you to get on them as soon as possible because they are getting sane reach and it would be crazy not to take advantage of that right now. So if you're watching this in April, May, June, even July, maybe please make it a point. Book some time on your calendar batch, some reals and post them out over the next few weeks. I highly encourage you to try and least one of each type that I'm sharing with you guys in this video. What you like best and what your audience reacts best to. And then after that, create more of word works for you and batch them so you can have gotten to go out every single week. So without further ado, let's get on to the actual class because I know that's what you're here for. I know that's what you came here to do is to learn about real. So I'm going to shut up and tell you about the three main ways you can create content for reals. Let's do that. 2. Talking head: All right, so the first way you can create reels, and in my opinion, the most straightforward one is a talking head format. Now you ask me what's the talking head? It's pretty much what I'm doing right now in this class, but you would do it in a vertical formats to match the real structure. I'll actually put an example right here where I'm sharing the three steps to grow on Instagram so you guys can get an idea of what I'm talking about. Do you want to grow on Instagram? I bet you do. First, you got to post frequently and Tukey at least three times a week and on different topics. So think educational, promotional, personal, you know the drill. Then you gotta go in daily or at least every time you post to engage with people and get them in the door. Lastly, you need to show up on stories preferably they lead to build back no, like trust factor with your audience. Do you do all of this already? Let me know in the comments for tucking have reals, I highly recommend you have some sort of stand to put your phone on, whether it is a tripod. I know they are now desktop tripods that you can use to put your phone in vertical mode and should reals or lives or anything like that. Little stem here that my dad made me out of cork stoppers. But you can even use your laptop. I usually prop my phone up on my laptop and you get adjusted so it's great for that mole, whatever you can prop your phone on, just the image is not shaky and video has a better quality so people can focus on what you're actually saying and the content of the reals rather than the low video quality, then your best friend within your reels out will be the timer feature because it you can position your phone or however you want. You can set the timer and then go back beam frame before it starts to record. Trust me, this is a game changer. Since reals are such a short form video format, I highly recommend you know exactly what you want to say. No, exactly the message you want to come across and even probably practice it beforehand. I like to put bullet points in a post-it note or even my laptop, since I usually have my phone propped up there anyway. And sometimes I even tie myself speaking before I actually recorded a real just so I know that when I go to record, the first time usually works much better. But you can even do a practice reels and then delete the footage and try again. That's totally optional is 0, but you can totally just for quarter yourself, Do a test run and then delete the footage and try again timing yourself. Is it totally optional step? And in terms of content that you can talk about in your reals, you can share top three tips and anything in your industry like I did in that example, you can share takfiri apps that you use every day. You can share a story that you've had in your business or in your personal life and you can list out your services. I've done wheels, I'll put it right here as well if I can find it. How can you work with me? You ask, well, if you're a coach, he gets you where it could me on my social media management packages. On the other hand, if your VIA social media manager or service provider, I have coaching programs available where I'll share my services and the offerings that I currently have. And I actually got some leaves reach out to me and my DMs from that video. So it's definitely worth it to try it a different styles of reals as well as different types of content in your reels to see what works best in which takes your audience. In the end, it's all about getting creative and seeing how you can fit this type of reals within ERD, Shh. 3. Using audio: Now the second way you can use reels and possibly the most popular one is to use existing audios on the platform, whether it is music or audio from another creator and create something based on that. And no, you don't have to dance around our ellipse saying to make it work. And the example that I have to show you here, I'm actually showing you guys my services to the sound of one my favorite songs. Now roll the clip. So I use that enzyme. Now for this, I highly recommend you pick a song you really like and research it within the reals creator to use within your reals. Or spent some time scrolling through the reals tab down at the bottom of your screen. And when you find an audio that you really like and you have an idea for it, you can save it and then use it later on your reals. I love doing this when I'm just mindlessly scrolling through reals because sometimes I get an idea and I don't want to report it right away because probably I look like crap. So what I usually do is I save it for later. And then when I need to record reals because I like to batch record them, I can go in, you might say use. And hopefully you remember the idea that I had back in a day here you can once again give tips. You can share services, you can even share your routine to, to solve one of your favorite songs. You can share some behind the scenes and the sky is literally the limit. And I highly encourage you to consume other reals before you start creating your own because you might get some ideas that you wouldn't otherwise. Now please make sure you're not copying anyone's Creoles unless it's like a tau I were something like that. By consuming reels, you'll definitely get your creative juices flowing and you'll get some ideas that you can then batch for your own content. Once again, give tips. Shared services, share elements of apps that you like. Share behind the scenes of your business. Share your morning routine, your evening routine, the way you like to work a thing, the sky is literally the limit here. And I highly encourage you to, if you're feeling stuck with ideas, definitely go into real stat and scroll a bit around. It's sure to get your creative juices flowing and you'll have a better job. I'm going to go ahead and create some variables because you'll have some ideas. Just please make sure you're not copying anyone else. 4. Pre created: Now the last idea that I have to share with you guys in this class is actually better for those of you who maybe camera shy or you may not have time to sit down and record an actual video. You don't have time to get ready and everything like that. Trust me, I understand you and believe it or not, back in the day, I was very camera shy and I didn't want to show up on camera whatsoever. And while I highly, highly encouraged people to just get out there and get over that fear and stored putting yourself out there. Because especially if you have a personal brand or your the face of your business, it's really important to show up on camera, in my opinion, it makes you relatable and makes people put a face to the name, to the brand. So that finally, I encourage you to still get over that fear. But for your first reals, if you're feeling too intimidated, this is a good option for you. You can actually do this one of two ways or even a mix of both. And I'm going to share with you guys some examples as I've done with the previous ones. But easiest one would actually be choose screen, record your phone screen and shared CMP or share process that you have shared your favorite apps. Once again, I actually have an example that I did for an S apps example where I shared my most used apps and thou week. So I'll roll the clip. Instagram business account. You get your DMs separated into two categories, primary and general. You want to use primary for anyone who is a lead that you want to engage with on a daily basis and general for the rest. Under primary, you want to flag any hot leads so you can give them special attention. And if someone then becomes a client, you want to move them to general, but keep them fag so you can still keep track of them. So that's really the simplest way. You just record your screen, you talk over it and both materials. But if you want to take that up a notch, you can actually use Canvas and import your footage from the screen recording to Canva and put it in an ice frame inside a phone. Trust me, it looks pretty cool and people really complimented me and asked me how I actually did that. So I actually roll the clip of the one that I did enough for a rep right here for my hashtag strategy, we actually use this both for my talents and my clients. And what we do is we have a half thank bank, which is in form of a spreadsheet where we keep all of the cumulated hashtags for that specific accounts that we've researched and found that work good with the variety of the posts that we post on that. Now the last example that I have for you in this pre-recorded category is actually one that I did using Canva once again and re-purposing one of my old YouTube videos. Now, for this particular example, I did have to show up on camera for that YouTube video, but then I actually got to repurpose that video. So it's not just on YouTube, it's now also on real, so it's serving two purposes and I only had to record it once. I'm actually a big advocate for re-purposing your content point ever possible, specially video content. It's really ashamed to sit down and record a full video engine just to use it once. So really if you have any recorded videos, see if you can cut it out for reals, just like I did in this example, they are reaching out to you interested in working with you. And it seems too good to be true, or there are too many red flags for the pay is really good. Or they are just like in an industry that you're really looking forward to working with Joan. Joan give them the time of they don't even get on the call if you can avoid that because there are good clients out there and buy you wasting your time pursuing this client, you'll be missing out on all the other good ones. But still, if you wanted you not show up on camera. You can use stock footage. You can record your own stock footage and do a voice over over it with this style for her recorded videos, literally the sky is the limit. And I really encourage you to go back, see what videos you have that you can cut to be under 30 seconds. I highly encourage you to try out Canvas. You can use it for free or you can get the paid version, but you can definitely create some reals with their free version. You can upload and images. You can upload your audio and video if you have them separated and you can mix them together, cut it down to size, make sure it fits within the size of reals, which is actually disorderly size within Canada, I don't believe they have a real specific size, but you can use the story size and Canva that will fit your reals. Or you can simply upload any screen recordings straight from your phone to reals. I know at least we've iPhones. It's pretty simple to record your screen and talk over it. So that very quickly give that a go, get your creative juices flowing. And I'm sure you're going to come up with something amazing. 5. Outro: That's it for this class. I hope it gave you some ideas to try. Now I'll go ahead and bash some real batching is really the ultimate way to have contempt ready you whenever you need it and to save time in creating your reel. Because trust me, it's so much quicker to record fibrils in a row then to record them all individually day after day. And honestly, that's the case with any type of content that you create for social media. So whenever you can try to bite your content and posts it out over time. Now my challenge for you guys today is to block at least one hour on your calendar this week, batch them reals, try out the three types of rules that I showed you guys in this video. See what you like best and then post it over time. And I encourage you to doubt in a class projects share your favorite reals that you've recorded and that batching process. And let us be the judges. I'll personally go into every single class project that's uploaded to this class. And I'll give you my honest feedback. I'll tell you what worked well, what you could improve on. So hopefully next backing session is even better. Any questions, any feedback or anything like that? Please leave them in the comments below and don't forget to rate this class if you enjoyed it. If you have any questions, make sure you leave them in the comments below so that I can be sure to answer those for you, as well as if you have any feedback or a class requests, make sure you leave those in there as well. And I mean sure to add them to my content calendar. Also, if you enjoyed this class, I would really appreciate it if you left me feedback on this glass down below as well, it really helps me out a lot. And if you want to learn more about Instagram or even about Upwork, I need classes on both of those topics. So make sure you go into the class description and check out my profile with my other classes. And also while you're there, make sure you're following me so you down they sat on my next class. The next class I'm posting will actually be about Instagram as well. It will be about Instagram for service providers. So make sure you're following me so you don't miss out on ban X1. And I'm going to let you guys go, make sure you go ahead and back some reals this week and share with me your favorite or your favorites in the class project below, I'll talk to you guys next class.