How To Create Icons in Microsoft PowerPoint | Ben Nielsen | Skillshare

How To Create Icons in Microsoft PowerPoint

Ben Nielsen, Good design is the beginning of learning

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9 Videos (41m)
    • Intro to Creating Icons In PowerPoint

    • Using Fill and Outline in PowerPoint

    • Adjusting Special Shape Options in PowerPoint

    • Managing the Stacking Order in PowerPoint

    • Using the Alignment Options in PowerPoint

    • Using Flip and Rotation Options in PowerPoint

    • Using the Merge Shapes (Pathfinder) Tool in PowerPoint

    • Making a Person Icon in PowerPoint

    • Making a PNG From a PowerPoint Icon


About This Class

In this course we will learn about little known features in PowerPoint that allow you to create your own icons to use in your presentations, signs, infographics, and more. We will learn all about using shapes, including how to adjust the properties of shapes, how to merge shapes, and how to arrange shapes. By the end of this course you will feel confident in creating your own basic icons in PowerPoint. 





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Ben Nielsen

Good design is the beginning of learning

I am passionate about good design and good teaching. I believe that anyone can learn simple design principles and tools that can help them create content that is both beautiful and functional.

Background: I am a technology librarian. My masters degree is in instructional design with an emphasis on informal learning.

Motto: Good design is the beginning of learning.

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