How To Create Facebook Ads That Convert! Personal Strategy | Will Irish | Skillshare

How To Create Facebook Ads That Convert! Personal Strategy

Will Irish, Facebook Ads Specialist / Author / Certified Coach

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8 Videos (35m)
    • How To Create Facebook Ads That Convert Trailer

    • What You're About To Learn So Each Lesson Makes Sense

    • The Big Reason Marketers Fail - Real Ad Critiqued

    • Personalized Micro-Targeting - Explained

    • Why This Strategy Is So Effective!

    • The Magic Formula!

    • A Real Example & Case Study

    • Bringing It All Together For Your Ad & Project!


About This Class


The Following Facebook Ads Targeting Formula Flies Directly in the Face of What the 'Gurus' are Teaching. 

"Expect resistance."

That's what I was told when I talked about releasing this private coaching method as an actual training course. But why?

Creating Facebook Ads that converts is about understanding my Personalized Micro Targeting strategy. I've helped thousands of my coaching students (some who were about to give up altogether on FB Ads) use this very formula to build audiences from scratch, and connect with much deeper levels of engagement.

In fact, I built this strategy for myself after years of understanding the platform... why would there be any resistance?

Here's why...

In this short course, I teach a Facebook Ad strategy that directly uproots some of the key teachings that many of the "big-name marketers" have publicly endorsed.

In less than an hour, I'll unravel a lot of the regurgitated social-hogwash you hear about selling on a social platform, and I make no apologies.

If you enroll in this course, you will learn:

- Why so many entrepreneurs fail and bail with Facebook ads (Huge common problem)

- A real example of an ad by an upstart company as I explain why it performs so poorly

- Exactly what this "Personalized Micro-Targeting" strategy is and why it works like gang-busters

- An exact step-by-step formula breakdown of how to apply this strategy... today!

- How to fill out a simple worksheet which virtually writes your copy and advertisement

- A real-world ad I have run over and over again to model this strategy for you visual learners (like me)

- Why I so desperately want you to complete the project worksheet and upload. I will help with any feedback I'm able to. 

Enroll in this course now and I promise, it will be eye-opening training that will broaden your reach with precision accuracy. 

Let's start getting relevant and fresh new eyes on your work and vision today. 

I can't wait to see how you apply this to your business!

All the best, 

Will Irish
Founder of FB Insiders Report





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Will Irish

Facebook Ads Specialist / Author / Certified Coach

As a Certified Coach & Specialized FB Ads Trainer, I help entrepreneurs leverage Facebook Ads in unique ways that allowing them to set up "messages" (aka Ads) that inspire & rally, hyper-relevant audiences around their vision, even while they sleep at night. (btw, you can grab cheat sheet here)

Have you ever had this insatiable "gut level" passion inside that you're desperate to connect with but you just feel like you go in circles? Kinda like you just can't put a def...

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