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How To Create Engaging YouTube Thumbnails

Peter BVCCO, Video Content Specialist

How To Create Engaging YouTube Thumbnails

Peter BVCCO, Video Content Specialist

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7 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. How To Create YouTube Thumbnails That WORK?

    • 2. Why Are Thumbnails So Important?

    • 3. 3 PROVEN YouTube Thumbnail Formulas You Can Use

    • 4. BIGGEST Mistakes You Must Avoid!

    • 5. The Secrets About Thumbnails That NO ONE Tells You

    • 6. The ONE Free Tool To Make Thumbnails

    • 7. Everything You Need To Know

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About This Class

Are you wondering why your videos are getting NO VIEWS? Or perhaps you've been looking for that HOW to make a YouTube thumbnail guide even they can't do a proper thumbnail? 

Well in this course, I will give you the 3 YouTube Thumbnail Templates that will help you beat your competition, and more importantly get noticed without the years of design knowledge.

I will go over exactly which YouTube thumbnails work and which ones you should AVOID completely. 

I have been a content creator for years and have accumulated thousands of subscribers and views for myself and other influencers. By taking this course I will give you ALL the knowledge about YouTube thumbnails without wasting your time of going through YEARS of trial and error. 

In this course - you will go from not knowing anything about thumbnails to becoming a YouTube thumbnail master. Join the course now, share your project with your fellow students, and more importantly keep creating.

Meet Your Teacher

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Video Content Specialist


Hi there! My name is Peter and I have been making online content and videos since I was young. I am currently a full time content creator and want to share my expertise with you. I have had several years of experience in creating online content for not only my personal brand but for professional companies and organizations to meet their video needs.

I am extremely passionate about videos and storytelling. I want to inspire other like-minded individuals to push and grow themselves as a creative in whatever their endeavors may be!

I'm all about being great and focusing on your strengths. Don't settle for average because you CAN'T win with just average. 

In my classes I will condens... See full profile

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1. How To Create YouTube Thumbnails That WORK?: Hi there. How's going? My name is Peter and I am a content creator. I have made video thumbnails for myself, which have generated over thousands and millions of views. But more importantly, I've also made some mills and strategy for other video content influencers. And in this skill share, of course, I'm gonna tell you how to make thumbnails. What are the three proven thumbnail formulas that you need to know? And why are thumbnails so important? Because once you understand thumbnails, you can apply this course not only to YouTube, but for instagram or Facebook or any type of digital asset. Because thumbnails are so important. It's what makes you want to click this video. For example, Why did you click this YouTube thumbnail course is because it had a thumbnail that appealed to you. So in this full scale share course exclusive, I'm gonna show you what exactly makes a good thumbnail what makes a bad thumbnail. What do people make mistakes on when they do the thumbnails and how you can make the best and awesome thumbnails for you and any other influence that you want to make thumbnails for and why they're so important? You'll find out in this skill share course. My name is Peter from broke Visionary Collective where we all start with nothing but you can always create something. 2. Why Are Thumbnails So Important?: So why are thumbnails so important? This is the key foundation of why you need to make thumbnails before you even start getting to the design aspect and the formulas. Why are thumbnail so important? Some people might even argue that thumbnails are even more important than the video. You can have the most awesome content, value driven piece of content, but if you don't have a good thumb now, that means no one's gonna watch it because no one's gonna click it. And it goes in the realm of digital marketing, your thumbnails need to drive clicks if your thumbnails if you have a poorly designed thumbnail, gonna have a low click through rate. So in other words, having a good thumbnail means having a higher click through rate, meaning more people are likely to click on their videos and actually watch it. Yes, you need good content, but you need the click first, so people gonna actually watch and engage in your content. So which is why I believe thumbnails are even sometimes, especially on YouTube. Need to be so on point I'm talking about it needs to stand out from your competition. It needs to tell a specific story from even before I even clicked on the thumbnail, and it needs to make me be attracted to your specific thumbnail versus the millions and noisy other competition. Other people's thumbnails are there out there. So in the next part I'm going to show you, which are the three proven formulas for thumbnails, that I have news. And you, too, can also news toe. Have more people watch your YouTube videos. 3. 3 PROVEN YouTube Thumbnail Formulas You Can Use: So in this portion, I'm gonna go straight into the three U two formulas that convert that get you more views and the different variations of each of these thumbnails that you can try who the 1st 1 is . What I like to call is the text on half of the screen as well as your account of split thumbnail. So these type of thumbnails are a lot popular. For example, what you'll usually have is half the screen be filled with some sort of object. Or is that the personality on the camera and the other half will be filled with text, and it's usually news by a color background as well as text on top. Whether that's the headline from the actual video itself or teaser words that kind of give you an idea of what the actual video is about. For example, if I make a video called Best video settings for DSL, ours, I want tohave maybe had in the text portion half be like best DSL er settings. You must know our best deal DSLR settings, and then the other half will be, ah, picture or subject of whatever that interest is. So maybe a picture of someone holding a selfie, maybe a picture of someone holding India. So are, or maybe just my face going something like this to build curiosity. So that is the first proven thumbnail method and a lot of people news. This is the split text and image thumbnail. So let me repeat myself so the first half would be text. Whether that's a little teaser, you want to test that copyrighting skills that you want to invest in and be like. For example, it's gonna be a video about, let's say, monster trucks. So half that text will be the four wheels you must buy or consider. And then on the right side, you wanna have to consider getting a picture of a monster truck, some type of Ford Explorer truck. So that is the gist of how these split images work and on top, you all south to beware of. You don't want tohave text in the bottom right corner in YouTube because that is where the timestamp is. So you have any crucial texts that you want people to see. Just imagine that there's this corner here is off limits. Also, you also want to consider that these thumbnails for all three of these formulas is that most people are using their formulas or their YouTube thumbnails, resting it on a phone. So if I could zoom out and the thumbnail is on, Lee this big and I can still see what it is. That is what makes a good YouTube thumbnail. So the second type of YouTube thumbnail that you must know and you probably seen variations of is what I like to call the minimal thumbnail, meaning there is little to even know text at all, and it is strictly based on a solid photograph. In other words, for example, if I made a review video, it'll be something along the lines off, best new photography or video item. And it just me holding it up like this, focusing on the object itself on me, making like a shocked or exaggerated face like this. Because these type of thumbnails build curiosity and some having it layered with text and you having a little copy within the thumbnail. This these types of thumbnails are really good for channels like review channels or something that you want to talk to your audience. But whether that's reveal a product review, make a product or just talking about something so these types of thumbnails can also work. It's amusing the foot using the photography asset as How can you tell a story through your photograph and make it so engaging? That and a build curiosity that makes people want to click on it without even having any sort of text. That is the second type, the minimal thumbnail. So it's usually along the lines of having a picture. Think of people like Casey Nice. That's really good. It be doing these types of thumbnails where there's no text at all, and he creates very engaging. Let me repeat very engaging video thumbnails that make you wanna click of it because it makes you curious. And whom, what is that this thumbnail about? So you don't need texts on these thumbnails? It's a more long lines of your telling the story through the thumbnail. So the third type of YouTube thumbnail that you must know is combining both of the methods . So having some sort of minimal text as well, having a very minimalistic approach to your photograph that explains whatever thumb now that you're trying to say, so a story behind your thumbnail as well has having maybe one or two words or even having an arrow pointing it, for example, like again using that product video. It'll be a photo of me going this and maybe some text on the side going long lines up must have camera equipment that you must buy or camera must have. Or just even going like this with the thumbnail. Putting a question mark here that would build enough cures, curiosity. And I would label that sort of thumbnail to be within Ah, hybrid, a little bit of text and a little bit of minimalistic photography incorporated into your thumbnails. And these air this three, Whatever you go on YouTube, it doesn't matter the most popular. That training page. You'll see whether it's gonna be formal 12 or three all across of these YouTube thumbnails . Now you're like, That's cool and all that. I know these YouTube for minerals, but how are these video thumbnails going to help me? And how are they gonna be getting myself more beans? Well, you'll find out in the next part 4. BIGGEST Mistakes You Must Avoid!: one of the biggest mistakes and what people do on YouTube when they make their video thumbnails as they overcomplicate the process. In other words, they put not much creative effort into the thumbnails on top of making the thumbnail so bad that it makes people don't want to click the videos, meaning even your people who subscribe to you don't even wanna wash the video, which then in turn, makes you to not push out your videos and much to your subscribers and you'll get a less for you count. Hence somewhere, videos might do well because it's a good headline and a good video title on top is a video thumbnail, and those are the two combinations that you wanna have so you don't want a thumbnail that's going to deter people. You want a thumb now that people want to click into it. So here are some of the biggest mistakes that a lot of YouTubers air spring concentrated make when they make their video thumbnails. So one of the first biggest mistakes is that people don't make their thumbnails clear and legible, believe it or not, so make sure your video thumbnail is clear and legible. imagine if you zoom out all the way out on your video thumbnail to point where it's only this big. You can still exactly see the thumbnail, and you can read it. And if you can't read it with zoomed out and at 25% then you might need to change up your video thumbnail strategy. You don't want to have way too much text on your thumbnail toward a point where it's overwhelming and you can see what the video is going on about. And there's just text you want tohave and create video thumbnails that create an evoke emotion into your thumbnails. You don't want to have a bunch of bright colors that hurt the eye, such as rand yellow that are very bright. It's good to have little little red texture, a little yellow text to emphasize certain points. But you don't want your entire text on your video thumbnails, for example, to be green and have a font that is legible. Don't have some crazy font that it's a bunch of squiggles, and you can't make out what the video thumbnail says. You want to have clear and the fun to be clear, and it to be eligible. If I'm making a skill share video thumbnail, I want to make sure that appeals to a skill share community. In other words, maybe there's some text. This is how to make a video thumbnail or the five thumbnails you must know so and then I would put an image of some sort of thumbnail or YouTube local icon or even my face as branding and personality on camera. But what people do is then use the video thumbnails, and they think, Oh, this looks good to me. But are you the target audience? You want to think? If you were in the shoes of the people that are watching your videos, what type of thumbnails that must appeal to them instead of what you like? Because creatively, it's objective, right? But I know, for fact, through my own personal channel in my camera channel is that video thumbnails, whether it's I personally do like camera gear and tutorials, is me holding up an object without text at all, just pointing at it. For example, this could be it lens or camera or Amenhotep microphone. Holding it like this creates more curiosity and click through rates for my channel because it's a review in Camera Channel versus something along the lines of a story video or some kind of video I'm talking are telling a story might do something along lines of a split video thumbnail with text to a have better copy so you can understand as well as it's not something that can physically show you in the thumbnail. So that is another way. Think of who are you making the video Thumbnail four. And just because you think it's good doesn't mean other people think it's good. 5. The Secrets About Thumbnails That NO ONE Tells You: so the injuries. The thing about YouTube that you might not know is that just because you have 1000 subscribers and you upload a video, not all 1000 subscribers will see that video. So what does that mean? That means when one of your Scribner's it does see your video. Your thumbnail has to be on par with the competition, if not even better. So why you need to do is do some research If you make a video for, let's say, a camera review. So I go on YouTube in search from I go search up Best deal DSLR settings, and I look at What's my competition thumbnails look like. Now I make that thumbnail. I'm like, How can my thumbnail stand out from all these other YouTube thumbnails? That is how you want to play the game. On top of not having all your subscribers see your videos and thumbnails, you want to make sure that you want to test your video. So, for example, if you upload your first video within the 1st 24 hours and there's not much views on it, then potentially what you can do is you wanted to be able to change your thumbnail because changing your thumbnail within the 1st 24 hours that can be a game changer. But also look at it on the other side. If you have a video that's doing very well and constantly getting traffic, you do not want to change the thumbnail because that's going to change. The algorithm is gonna change how much people click your videos, so to repeat myself, if you have a video and you upload within the 1st 24 hours and the video isn't doing as well compared to the your other videos, think about even changing up your video thumbnail so you can have a little bit more different engagement because your video thumbnail might be off my not appeal to your target audience, and the design aspect might be off. So test and try. Do a lot of test trial and error with your video thumbnails so you can eventually hone in on what is your specific thumbnail Because everyone has a different type of style. Those are the three formulas, but how can you use each of those video thumbnails and apply it for you as well as look at your competition? And how can you stand out around that 6. The ONE Free Tool To Make Thumbnails: So in this part, I'm gonna talk about Do you exactly need to be a Photoshopped genius designer? When it comes to thumbnails, quick answer is no. You can even make thumbnails with Microsoft pain all of the takes that having a little bit of design, understanding other words, making sure that you have an image that is representative and build curiosity and emotion when people see the thumbnail, for example, me dwelling this like that or being surprised, for example, and use this example a lot on top of pairing that with a little text, which in simply put, and when it comes to text, you don't be designed. All you need to know is make sure your text is legible and not in the lower right corner. Make sure it's not covering anyone's face and making sure that it's in a place where looks decent toe the I. So, for example, one of my go to text placement is me, myself or object on this half and having text here, or you can flip it around and change it up and have the text here. You can also have other programs online that can use completely free, like Canada. Canada has a lot of these YouTube thumbnails and a lot of these formulas that I talked about, and you can play around with the different styles. You don't have to be a Photoshopped. These programs online complete for free. I'm not affiliate or sponsored that let you knew specific YouTube thumbnails that you can adjust and use your own. Upload your own videos and your own image files so you can make your own thumbnails and apply these formula that I just talked about. There's also things like using gimp and Photoshopped. They can also apply. But take that away. You don't need to be, Ah, thumbnail expert and I myself have also news things like Microsoft paint gimp and can va so you can use and create your own video thumbnails. You don't need to be a designer. You just need to have a little design understanding and a little bit of education when it comes to creating awesome video thumbnails. 7. Everything You Need To Know: And now, after the skill share course, you don't the basic principles of how you make a good video thumbnail, and you can apply it to yourself. Go on YouTube, look at the thumbnails and use the exact strategies and tactics that I mentioned about. Look at the text, the split image thumbnail. Look at the minimal thumbnail. Look at the thumbnail with the Red Arrow and be able to reverse engineer and be like, How can I apply to myself? Look at the target audience and how these are the type of your competitors and using the temple thumbnails. And how can you create similar thumbnails? But be better one step ahead of your competition? And how can you stand out by analyzing and searching up search terms that you are already making videos for and be like? How can my thumbnail stand out? Whether that's having more text, whether that's changing the color, maybe in using a background of a different color. Maybe in using text, that's one word that stands. Oh, and make that text color yellow and make everything else text color white. There's different variations, but through this course and through this YouTube thumbnail strategy lesson. I hope you took something away from it. And for your project, let me know. Down in the project below create your own thumbnail that you can share toe other students and show what you have learned through this course. And my name is Peter, and I'm a content creator. You can also check my content out on YouTube because I practice what I preach. And I'm also part of broke visionary collective company where we all start with nothing. But you can always create something. So I hope this course provided value and I'll see you guys in the next course. Cheers.