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How To Create Bullets Like A 7 Figure Copywriter

James Canzanella, Affiliate Marketing

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2 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How To Create Bullets Like A 7 Figure Copywriter


About This Class

Want to know what the BIGGEST difference between 7 figure copywriters and and copywriters who struggle? It's usually only a few words, and after you complete this tutorial, you're not only going to see the difference, but how you can use what you learned to improve your sales copywriting sevenfold. Whether it be for sales letters, social media, email marketing, articles, blog posts, or videos... there's something you can take out of this mini tutorial. So be sure to enroll now and I'll see you on the other side.


1. Introduction: Hey, what's going on? It is James Skins and Island. Welcome to my class, or I'm gonna be showing you how to write bullets. Like a seven figure copywriter. Pretty cool, right? So what's gonna happen this over the shoulder to toil is I'm gonna walk you through a series of bullets and show you how they can get so much better. Now you can increase the benefits with every bullet. If you're wondering why this is so important is not only for the fact that bullets were found on the cells that are usually after you introduce a product, but more importantly, they're used throughout entire cells letters. Even better, they confuse the block, post they confusing articles. They could be using videos that could be used in emails. Whatever you want to talk about when it comes to your current niche online thes, they're gonna be very powerful when it comes to helping you increase your cells, get someone to take an action or literally anything and everything you want them to do. To say that they're important is only scratching the surface. I'm going to show you the difference between someone writing copy. That's pretty bad, too Obviously it's high is a seven figure copywriter, so if you want to know how it's done, if you want to see the tutorial and get a lot of golden nuggets out of this, go ahead and then roll right now and report to see you as always on the other side. 2. How To Create Bullets Like A 7 Figure Copywriter: Hey, what's going on? It's James Ken's. And welcome to my mini class. My mini tutorial, my many workshop, my many, whatever you want to call it, where I'm going to show you how to create bullets like a seven figure copywriter. Sounds pretty cool, right? Sounds pretty intense. Sounds like that might be impossible to do. Well, let me tell you what. This was actually inspired by the first coaching ever got. When I was still on unemployment, I spent around close to my last op $3000 invested in coaching. This happened to be a mini tutorial. That was a part of it. I didn't get coaching just for this, but this stuck out at me so much. I remember I bookmarked it. And thankfully, I just Winans by external HD my hard drive. I fired it up and I still had the bookmark record actually log into the Google Group. Heck, this was so old, they weren't even doing Facebook groups back then. But it was just so important to me that I had to create this and share it with you because this is one of the shortest, best and quickest tutorials I ever had. about reading bullets now bullets or the fancy little funny things usually see on the sales letter. After someone introduces a product, it will have like a check mark next to it. You know, check mark a big benefit how to the truth about whatever it's going to be. And even more importantly, something that took me a little while to figure out is that an entire sales letter might as will be composed with bullets. Okay, because always speaking to your prospects, biggest benefits. All right, so either way, this is going to be a mini tutorial about reading bullets that literally dig deep into your prospects. Soul. Pretty cool, right? So here's the mini to toil I'm going to use literally the identical examples that I once learned. Okay, this is going to be in the Internet marketing, online business. Make money online space. You can do this for any niche out there. OK, it's not going to necessarily be a formula, but more so the difference between what makes a seven figure copywriter and just like someone who's not going to get any cells. So let's look at it, then we can do some examples and kind of give you an idea of how I can write these a little differently for niches. Okay. Give you some ideas. That way you will build a fast list. Okay? And let's just set aside any type of claims or anything extreme when I'm doing examples. I like being extreme just to drive the point home. So if I said like you will build a seven figure business, don't worry that it's like a massive claim. I'm just using these always as examples. All right, My disclaimer. You got it. Good. All right. So you will build a fast list. So if someone is in, do you make money online? Online business space. This is a nice benefit. Okay, The moat, the majority of people who know about building an online business. I know about the power of having an email list, and even better that if you build it fast, you're going to see faster success. Okay, so that's a very basic benefit. That's like someone who just started writing copyrighting doing copyrighting like, Hey, you're gonna build a fast list. Cool. Okay, continue on with that. You're probably going to get a not the greatest results in terms of selling the product offer or service. Okay, so let's look at a little bit better benefit. Remember, these are all about benefits. It's not features. It's not. This exercise bike is very shiny. It's what it's going to do for them. OK, think of that when you're doing anything in terms of features and benefits, it's the benefits that the person cares about. You will start making money quicker. Like I said, don't worry about the claims. These are just examples Teoh give you right. So a little bit better. Because not only does someone know about building a fast list overall, someone wants to make money nine times that attend much more often than building a fast list, cause what's the big benefit of building a list allows you to send out to it? No, that's not the big benefit. Like people don't usually enjoy doing that. They enjoy the benefit of actually sending out, which is making money, which is making commissions, which is checking their PayPal account, which is checking your click bank account. Okay, when you're doing this tutorial, think about the nature and right now think about products that you sell. Heck, even if you're an affiliate. Don't even give me that. I don't have a product. Is so let's crap. You need to know the pain points, the benefits and what someone really looks forward to when you have any type of offer. Because even if you're an affiliate, you got to talk about this when you're sending out an email or doing a pre sell page, you got no the hot buns and exactly what your target audience wants. All right? These literally deep in, dig deep into your prospects. Soul is we keep going on getting better. Better, better, better. Better. You're gonna see what? OK, so that's the better benefit. Let's go to the next one. The much better benefit. Okay. Your life will quickly transform because of the speed at which you'll be able to start pocketing cash. Okay, notice that were slightly getting better. We're getting a little bit more in detail, all right. You can't always have these super mega awesome benefits. If you're just saying your life will be awesome, throw up Yon. That's horrible. It's so bland. It's so basic. You could see that to anyone. And it's not even targeted whatsoever. Okay, so your life will quickly transform because of the speed at which you'll be able to start pocketing cash. Okay, so we talked about how person building a list fastest cool there, make money. But now we're talking it talking about it in a completely different manner about how quickly your life will transform because of this speed at which you're gonna be able to build your list and pocket cash or make cash or put money in your PayPal account. Who cares about the warning? Not a big deal. But do you see how were slightly getting better? Okay, you can always be a wordsmith. Once again, these are just examples. You can work around them differently. It could be transformed. It could be completely change your life. It could be the speed or the rapid rate at which you'll be able to start. You know, instead of pocketing cash, you could use a different benefit like pay off your bills Or it could be, I don't know, whatever someone buys with the food with the food, with the money they get like me. I like buying pizza. Okay, maybe that's a big benefit for them. Someone said your life will quickly transform because of the speed at which you'll be able to start buying pizza. Will I be like, Holy crap? Give me that buying out. But that's my big benefit. Okay? The secrets out, I do it all for pizza. Anyway. Next, let's move on. Super Benefit. Let me just move this. I'm gonna move the mic to the left so I can type better, and then we'll come back and get to it already. Then now, do you notice the difference as we keep going? Like I said, these literally dig deep into your prospects soul. So let's read this one. You'll be amazed. Just like Dave below. Okay, assuming there was a what's it called testimonial below. Okay. Where you can actually back that up. That's always a good thing. If you're giving this huge benefit, someone might be like, Yeah, I don't know if I could do that. I don't know if anyone else has ever done that. This will validate what happened. Okay, so just like day below how easy life becomes when your massive list skyrockets your income to the next level, allowing you to quit your day job and never look back. Holy crap. Did you see what we did there? Okay, not only will you be amazed you'll have a huge smile on your face will be extremely happy. You're adding more to it, and then you're backing it up with proof. Heck, even if that just like Dave below isn't there would still be an awesome, awesome, awesome bullet. How easy life becomes when your massive list skyrockets your income to the next level. Okay, we're taking bits and pieces of these now, so you're building a fast lift. That fast list. Now you have a massive list. Okay, let's start making money quicker. Now you're gonna be skyrocketing your income to the next level and literally because of that, it's going to allow you to quit your day job and never look back. Okay? This is probably why these bullets were just so amazing to me, cause I knew exactly what it felt like to be in these positions before, Like I had been there before. I wanted my life to transform. I won become obviously easier if I was going through hell. You know, being on unemployment and all this crap and having this massive list that knew what it could do for May and how it could skyrocket my income to the next level. It did. And I didn't have to quit my day job. I guess you could say I got lucky and they threw me on unemployment, but I never looked back. I never got a job after that. So I can speak specifically for this super benefit here. And if you think about it, if you know the targeted audience hacking for familiar with Internet marketing, make money online, this hits home like a ton of bricks. Okay, look at the you will build a fast list. Obviously, we're getting to the super awesome ones here, but it gives you the perspective of what it takes to really create amazing bullets. And you can substitute the words, the letters, the rearrangement of them, the wordsmithing, whatever it's going to be. Use it for your niche. And that's saying you have to be like your life is gonna be awesome when you lose weight because your income is gonna skyrocket. That doesn't make sense. Okay, we'll go over some different examples in a different age after, but I want you to see how we keep getting better. Better, better. Better. Okay. This is the difference between a seven figure copywriter and someone you've never heard of before. All you'll build a fast list by my product. All they hear is crickets. All right, so it's actually move on to the last one. This is going to be the mega benefit. We move them like to decide, so I can type better. This one's good. By the way, this one is really good. Alrighty, then mega benefit the wonder of them all. And for the record, don't copy these. You don't have my permission to copy these because these were created by someone else. So thank you very much. So you'll laugh next time you get a bill in the mail because you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that you will be able to quickly cover it with a quick email to your huge list. OK, I'd probably take out quickly, twice here with a with a fast, better equipped with a fast email. There we go. Fast email to huge list case. And now we've combined just about every massive benefit we talked about previously thrown in tow one and we've used a riel life scenario that they could completely do a 1 80 with okay, Because when you think about it, when you're kind of like dire financial straits, getting a bill in the mail is like, you know, like sitting sitting in hell and having someone twist the knife in your side. I don't know how to explain it. It's the worst feeling in the world when you don't have enough money as it is. And you dread looking in that mailbox because you secretly fear there's going to be unpaid bills or this unexpected bill. Or there's gonna be this extra Oops sees you forgot toe. Oh, this. Okay, so when you completely throw that around, it starts off by saying you'll laugh the next time you get a bill in the mail. All right, imagine someone imagining that that's a funny line. Imagine someone sitting there with a light bulb over the head. But either way, instead of someone cringing over that instead of someone fearing that instead of someone hating getting out of their house because they have to make that miserable walk of shame to the no box, they can do confidence they can do with their head held up in the air. They can literally laugh at the bill they get in the mail. It's not gonna be a big deal anymore. That life is going to completely change because they'll know beyond the shadow of a doubt. That's some powerful phrasing there, right? Regardless of what happens, they're gonna be able to quickly cover it with a fast email to their huge list. Okay, this one, I believe, is the best. The perfect. There's nothing whatsoever about making, like pocketing cash for putting money in your PayPal account, as you saw here in here. All right, these are like the ws so copyrighting you see here it's gonna stuff cash in your pockets, blah, blah, blah. That's why there's a reason they were there. They work to an audience. But this, in my opinion, it just doesn't get any better than okay. Nothing about this talks about making all this money. It's all about the prospect what's going on in their life. That pain points how they can turn that around. Okay, so do you see how me just kind of bold these so you can get a good idea of what they are? Let me move this over Bold. Do you see how they differentiate? How they slowly get better? And the beginning one is just like you just took some words and threw him on the sheet. And last one you obviously put some thought into. Okay, So basic benefit. Let's do this with weight loss. Okay? You will. You will lose weight. Okay, Basic. This is like zero figure copied writer. This is like something a toddler could figure out. All right, Don't even bother copyrighting. If you're just going to say you will lose weight, that's the sales letter. Goodbye. Okay, see, you will start what to say. You will quickly shed those unwanted pounds. OK, A little bit better, right? Because you will lose weight is extremely generic. Heck, you can goto probably 90% of people outside and say like, hey, do you want to lose weight? Even if it's like a pound more, they'll be like, Yes, Okay, probably more than 90%. So this is just horrible. But now you can kind of say you can get a little bit better and say, Hey, you'll quickly shed those unwanted pounds. Okay, so let's stick to kind of the consistency of how their life will transform your life will quickly transform because of the speed at which you'll be able to, you know, groups to, you know, shed those unwanted pounds. Okay, Yeah. I use the same thing twice, but I'm not in the weight loss niche anymore, So I don't know what the key catchphrases are. Plus, you were talking to a man or a woman is completely different type of copy. Okay from being a personal trainer. Women want to get toned. They want to get trim, Tight toned, fit in sexy men, depending on what their goals are. Usually they want to build muscle. They want to get huge. If you're talking like the bodybuilder type person, different types of words and phrases for each, you don't see like the Venus factor saying like, Hey, let's get a shredded six pack and get those killer biceps. It doesn't work that way. All right, so that's why it's always important to know your market, and this is a perfect reason. A perfect example. I'm not really in that market, so I don't know what the key phrases are but giving you the heads up for your market you want to put it that go in there and say like, Hey, you're gonna be able to get this traded six pack and you got like, this state home mom before, who just wants to lose? You know, little belly fat after being pregnant. Okay, you'll be amazed below. Just like you'll be amazed, just like Dave below. How amazing how amazing was put your life becomes when you finally fit into your high school jeans again, allowing you you know, what's what's a big benefit here. Let's brainstorm together. So let's just say this was a woman, because probably 90% of my clients for women I was doing personal training, so they always wanted to fit into their high school genes or their skinny jeans. What they like to call them or they want to look great for their high school reunion has a very popular one. Feel like high school reunions are always coming up because that is a very popular reason, allowing you to be the talk of the town at your high school reunion. All right, if you told that to a you know, like a mother of four who had her high school or 25 high school year reunion or whatever in , like, six months. And that was her main goal. And you told her that, like, she'd probably be sold on the spot. Yeah. Good. So you'll be amazed. Just like to say, you know, Susie. Okay, Maybe she had a transformation to you can back that up. He said, This doesn't have to be here. It's just an example. Okay. How amazing your life becomes when you, you, you, you you you can finally fit into your high school jeans again, allowing you to be the talk of the town at your 25th our 25 year high school reunion. Like, if you were talking to someone specifically and you were trying to sell them on my, you know, personal training package, you would use that she'd say, like all I've got my 25 heist or 25 year high school reunion coming up. And you would say 25 year high school reunion. All right. You'd be exact because tailored to them. OK, so see how we're getting better and better, and we start off, you will lose weight. Okay? These air turning in the templates. But That's fine. Think outside the box because there's plenty of other ways to do it. Once again, I just want to show you the main difference between horrible copyrighting and seven figure copyrighting. Okay, you'll laugh next time to get a bill in the mail. Okay, If you're doing weight loss, you're not gonna be getting too many bills in the mail That's going to ruin your life. But you'll laugh next time. You I don't know what something next time you she on a cheat by having a fast food meal because you will be on the shadow of Without that, you'll be able to quickly burn it off. I don't know by utilizing the four step fat loss factor. Okay, once again, I'm not too crazy on this, uh, niche anymore, but something X y z, you'd meal quickly, burn it off by whatever the reason is. Okay, this one, I can't come up with a good one off the top of my head. I guess I'm not a seven figure copywriter for the weight loss niche. Boo hoo. But do the way. Let's kind of run this over again. You'll laugh next time you cheat by having a fast food meal that's worded horribly. Okay, you'll laugh next time you enjoy your next Gmail. Something along the lines of that, Not a Czech meal. James, we gotta cheat meal, okay? Because you know, beyond the shadow. Without that, you'll be able to quickly burn off those pounds with the secret 123 benefit formula. Okay, once again, I'm gonna leave it. That that because I can't think of any super benefits, but kind of wrapping things up here with this tutorial. Do you see the difference between the basic the better, the much better the super benefit and the mega benefit? Go ahead. You can shake your head up and down. I know you're doing it. Okay. If you're somewhere where there's people around, you keep shaking your head up and down. That will make you think. But I think you're weird. But either way, that's how you great bullets. Okay, It's not exactly templates once again for like the 50th time. I want you to see the difference between bad copyrighting and really, really good copyrighting just not in the weight loss niche, because I clearly need some help there. But either way, that's the entire course. The classic toil, the workshop, the blueprint, the formula, the templates, whatever you want to call it if you learned anything new if you got any inside out of this if you feel like this is gonna really help you when it comes to your copyrighting, not just on sales letters, social media, your emails, your blog's your videos, your articles, your tutorials, give it a thumb's up, give it a light. Give it a comment. As always, I would love to hear your thoughts. And with that being said, I am James Kansan. Ella, thank you for watching is always and will talk to you soon.