How To Create Brush Lettering On Chocolates | Joy Tay | Skillshare

How To Create Brush Lettering On Chocolates

Joy Tay, Pen & Ink Experimenter, Hand Letterer |

How To Create Brush Lettering On Chocolates

Joy Tay, Pen & Ink Experimenter, Hand Letterer |

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8 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Prep: Choosing Your Chocolates For Lettering

    • 3. Play: Choosing Suitable Writing Supplies

    • 4. Play: Lettering Your Chocolates With Food Paint

    • 5. Play: Preparing Luster Powder For Lettering

    • 6. Play: Lettering Your Chocolates With Luster Powder

    • 7. Display: Your Handlettered Chocolates As Gifts

    • 8. Your Class Project And Thank You

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About This Class

Explore how to create chocolate pieces, personalised with names or meaningful words. In this 25-min Skillshare class, letterer Joy Tay will teach you how to wow your guests by incorporating your hand lettering or calligraphy skills on chocolates pieces.

You can choose to start here to get an overview of the Prep-Play-Display process for infusing calligraphy and lettering on different materials.

Joy will take you through a step-by-step approach of selecting supplies and types of chocolates that you will need for edible calligraphy work, and how to create the lettering. Get foolproof methods to create these delicious calligraphy pieces that attract compliments every time.

The class is great for all levels; whether at the -

Intermediate level: Familiarity with using brush pens, brushes and pointed nibs for modern calligraphy would be great for best results; or as
Beginners: No experience in lettering or calligraphy? No worries! Get a similar look with your own style of lettering using supplies readily available at bakery supply stores.

What You'll Learn

Preparation. Joy will take you through her methods for selecting the best chocolates for calligraphy so that your beautiful work can shine.

Lettering on Chocolates. Get tips on how to create lettering using different types of dessert decorating materials. This helps you become flexible in your options for supplies. With two demonstrations using different supplies, Joy aims to fire up your creativity to create dessert pieces with calligraphy which everyone will love.

Packaging Your Chocolates. You will also learn elegant ways of displaying your chocolate pieces to show off your beautiful calligraphy work to its best effect.

Let's get creative; the possibilities are endless!

Keen to learn how to add your beautiful calligraphy on other materials? Check out how to add calligraphy on...

Keen to learn how to add your beautiful calligraphy on other materials? Check out how to add calligraphy on...

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Joy Tay

Pen & Ink Experimenter, Hand Letterer |


Pen & Ink Experimenter, Hand Letterer | Joynhands Designs

Oh, hi there! You can call me Joy, and I am Pen & Ink Experimenter at Joynhands Designs.

My motto is #letterallthethings, because why letter on paper when they are sooo many other surfaces to letter on? Join me as I take you through my experience and offer you tips and tricks on how to letter on different surfaces and mediums, so that you can create unique pieces that everyone will love.

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1. Introduction: Well, this is where you're gonna be infusing your beautiful lettering on chocolates. My name is Joy, and I must confess I have a sweet tooth in this chance. I'll take you through specific parts of the press, play on display process so that you're able to select the right kind of chocolates, tools and supplies to infuse your beautiful lettering on it. Use them s gif. All part of your business offerings at kind of in. There's no prerequisites to taking this class. And you can use any of the methods and techniques that I'll be sharing to defuse the old style lettering. Come join me. I cannot wait to see inside. 2. Prep: Choosing Your Chocolates For Lettering: first preparation. Let's think about the tooth east cleaning and choosing what's food. So no cleaning of the chocolates needed. But do clean your hands. I would recommend wearing plastic gloves. I don't in this video, as it just wanted to share with you the lettering techniques. Now let's talk about choice. Think about the full s first surface. It's important that the surface of the chocolate you're walking on is going to be flat. Okay, here otherwise is going to be very difficult for you. The letter on think more like Hershey's peanut butter cups rather than everywhere Rochet. But sometimes you want to get some fancy chocolate to be given as a gift. But all these chocolates you find have decorate that services like so Celtic your trick. Just flip them over, put them in a separate line up, and then you get something that has a flat base, and this is what you're gonna be lecturing on. Next. Select a brown shade that complements your foot paint. I'll be using metallics of using gold so that the DACA the shade this ist aka then this color. So I'm not sure if we can see from the video so I'm gonna be using beef instead of this fish. So the doctor to shape the more wonderful the contrast will be between the paint and the color or shade off the chocolate. Lastly, make sure that the surface area for chocolate is enough for you to write on. I'm using a size zero brush, but you have to see what works for you, depending on the size of a brush and the size of your chocolate and the name that you're gonna be writing on. 3. Play: Choosing Suitable Writing Supplies: which you used. If your lettering on chocolate. If you want a personalized chocolate, you can use to other three methods that recovered in other videos. If you use foot paint and use the A watercolor brush to paint the leper on the chocolate, you can use your Lester powder mix in a solution off either rejuvenated spirit, lemon extract, vodka or if your client or friend is someone who is a Muslim and it's how long you can use water. Hey, so I also show you how to use this America Loco May writer. And it's my favorite way actually to write on food because it is so convenient and the black will appear well on this beach. Chocolate. However, there's this'll America Gomi writer is mostly water and some pittman, and because of that, it reacts with the fact in the chocolate, and the ink will not show up very well. So for writing on chocolate, these are the two, which I will recommend using lest of powder with a liquid or using the foot paint with the same brush 4. Play: Lettering Your Chocolates With Food Paint: black and gold is an unbeatable color combination to add a touch of luxury to your chocolate gift. So I'm going to be using this gold paint foot pain with size zero round brush and make sure that this brush is dedicated to food only. It will be best of its plastic, but just make sure that it is something that you dry so that there is no moisture class, moisture and food bad combination. Before you start, you may want to do warm ups and test on a piece of chocolate first, to get a sense of how much pressure you normally used to create your thick and thin contrast for your brush lettering with this paintbrush, you may also want to do warm ups on writing out the name on another piece of paper or drafted out somewhere. Once you've done your woman on some other pieces of chocolate, um, you may be ready to start, and that's what we're going to do. So every two done my warm up so you can see that my brush already has a foot paint and it's already open. I freed on two off the pieces, and I thought that I will show you how I do that when you have an idea off the name that will be writing on if coach s hate Atia. So I'll do this with you. So what I'm attempting to do is I want to have the entrance stroke and the exit stroke touching both sides of the chocolate. So that's the look that I'm going for. So I'll be doing it with this piece a spell. Um, having it This biggest me greatness of this area. So I'm gonna make sure that it's in a diamond shape to make sure the tip is, um then sometimes when it splits, it's very difficult for you to let them. Okay, so now we're doing the down strokes. So increase the pressure on your fresh now that we're turning light of pressure, has it done? Let's do each, Not it returning. Increase the pressure on your down stroke. I cannot be pressure on the upstroke. I get a sense of rhythm. I said, littering the peace. Now we have all final Leca a Okay, and you can take more Pete, see if you're happy with your handiwork. And if not, you might want to touch up a few parts? No. All parts. I see. Um, I equally opaque with the foot paint. It's I'm just gonna touch up a few pots, okay? I'm happy with it now, so I'm gonna do my fault. One and I'll be back. We're showing you how I display the final gift. He already please the gold ribbon on top of the box. So now it's time to please the chocolate. He I'm just gonna make sure that 5. Play: Preparing Luster Powder For Lettering: I already have some off the silver last death powder inside this fend off tube, I thought I just want to show you the process off how I mixed them. So here I have my roberts chocolate Lester polished silvery white and silvery white. Um, peace. Make sure that you look at the instructions and please make sure that it's something that is edible and not just merely for decoration purposes are just If it says nontoxic, it's still not necessarily something that's edible. So I got this from a munity spotlight. Yeah, I got it from spotlight. Okay. Uh uh, this color silvery white. The other things that I have here is off course, my paintbrush. To mix the liquid as far as the lasted us at this liquid of choice. Um, what can you use you can use rejuvenate a spirit you can use lemon extract. Um, you can use water for those of you who are creating products, personalized products for your friends or clients. And they are Muslims said you need something. That's how long you can't you something of alcohol or, you know you need it kosher. So to be safe, you can use water I also have this, um, Miss Vida cute inside measuring spoons. But there s O tiny. Um, smidgen pinch. I'm gonna use a just a smidgen. I also have my happened off to You don't have to use thes or busy can just use appellate. But I just like to use this because it comes with a lit that I can just easily snap toe open or a snap to close as easy to keep, uh, and I stabilize them on this wooden peg. I've also lined my suffers with tracing paper because we're gonna be working on food and you want something that's hygienic. All right, now I'm gonna show you how to mix the Leicester powder. I'll show you what the best it just looks like. Yeah, that's what it looked like. Hey, so I'm gonna take a smidgen of it. Open the cat first, a smidgen of it. They don't need too much at one time. So this is this midget is just the right size for me to just drop it into the tube. They don't spill bestowal over. You closed it, and you say Knock it over and put it aside. Okay, So you can either have rejuvenated spirit. Um, some people use ever clearance and people use, um, vodka. You can also use water, especially if you have friends and clients who you're making this full. And there they require either halal kosher, any off the liquids. So I'm just gonna put in a drop. Yes, that's all the drop is, and then dip your brush and check with the consistency Is something that you are happy to. What with? If you've walked with watercolor before Oh, you fought with the foot pain. You want something that's roughly the same kind of consistency. So if you find that if to tell you don't worry, could just leave it out. Uh, just leave the lip. I'm kept so that the water which have a liquid you're using is going to evaporate. Or if you feel that it is too thick, you can always at more fella quit. Um, yeah. So once you're happy with the consistency, we'll be ready to write on a macaron 6. Play: Lettering Your Chocolates With Luster Powder: So here I'm pef by lustre powder I'm using silvery white. I already have the less of powder and mixed with liquid you can use. Rejuvenate the spirit lemon extract all water Mix them up and you can use it just like use watercolor. So please make sure that is dry and not half water droplets, especially if it just came out of the fridge because otherwise it's quite difficult. The letter on how we lettering the lettuce j a. And why there was that with our fast one. I'm gonna put this society so this happened off to is filled with liquid Esmor as less the powder. And I start open the lip that my paintbrush inside to get the left a part of solution, grab it at the site off the tube so that they're no blobs off the solution. You don't have to use the to begin overseas Appellate. Just make sure that all your items I only use for food and you haven't used them for other things. Uh, such as ink. Okay, so, um, you can always use a piece of rock or something else to stabilize your palm s You're lecturing, But my preference is just to use my pinky and the soft my palm and hold the item at a 45 degree angle or whatever works. So, um, I can keep on Tony. My preference Full lettering with the watercolor brush is always to use for calligraphy. Met that of using the tip off the water color brush, and then I'll fill in the down strokes with another parallel line and make it thicker. Okay, so we're gonna be electric one chocolate. So I'm gonna be right thingy or join Jay, and we just stop. Take more off the less supporter. My preference is also to letter from left to right. And so sometimes I don't follow one smooth stroke. I'm sure you what? I mean in a while. So the down stroke, if you can, you can put more pressure on it so that you can have a thicker down stroke. Okay, that is by me. I find it more difficult using a watercolor brush the letter from right to left. So sometimes I would just start from the left because I know what my letter is gonna look like. And I was just joined it up. Okay. We're gonna have a small flourish when I make a small group and incomplete the execs stroke . So that's my G. You can leave this as such, boy, you can fill in the parlor line for the down stroke created Dick, a down stroke. That support is already pretty opiate. If you feel like there some parts pitched the, um, unless the party could be thicker, you can go over it again. So that's O J. Dega. We're now working on the letter A Did your paintbrush in the last part of solution Make sure they're no blobs. And when a stabilized inside of my palm my pinky and hold my chocolate at a 45 degree angle the upstroke gonna make, uh, a loop. I'm gonna do this faux calligraphy style. So fill in the take down strokes after I'm done, let me go like flourish on the A like so no, this stroke for the A. Okay, they go. So if you like the faux calligraphy style, go over the down strokes with the present line beside, so do you get a thicker down stroke and fill in the gap in between. So that's your A. If you feel that it's not open enough. You can go over the strokes with another coat off the left part of solution to we have a I'll find a letter is gonna be Why, as per t and e, don't be a paintbrush. Oh, your chocolate After 45 degree angle, stabilize your right hand or your drawing in with your pinky and a sand upon and such a veteran down strokes thicker that awfully indeed. Er using the full click a few method that put greater pressure during my down stroke just so that the line appears thicker. Okay, so I am not a let it is from right to left because I find it more difficult to let the from right to left do a small group. I think so and complete. Thanks. It's stroke for the way so their parts that I feel I'm not even the distribute of the left , the partner and just gonna do it again and do a bit of touch up. It's need it. So again, the down strokes you can do with the girl line. I think it's drug. The includes the left side of the why central parallel line beside and touch up the races. It's girls. Okay, so we have all. Why 7. Display: Your Handlettered Chocolates As Gifts: So this goal liner is going to be the base For what? You're gonna put the chocolate on top? Both. Okay, so this being against, sometimes it might move around. So because of that, you might want to have double sided tape on the other side off your liner so that your chocolates will stay in place. So how it's gonna look like is that I will place this on top. So most probably I will be putting the chocolate small below and, um, leaving from more space at the top. So because it we covered by the ribbon. Now I'm gonna put double sided tape at the bottom off each. I know so that it will stay in please when it's being placed in the box. Yeah. Okay, so once you're ready, um, I take off each You remember that my box is gonna be this way. And I said, I'm gonna put more the button because the ribbons can recover the top. So put me here. This piece it where you want it. Yeah, and I'll do the rest every place. All the chocolate on top of the lineup. As you can see, it's help from you. Did a double sided tape off also fixed the ribbon and now they're ready to close and present this as a gift so we can see closely. I'll do a close up quick. You see, You can see that because of the clear paneling you can see the name and leaders will make such a lovely gift. So I hope that this story has given you more ideas, but how you can personalize your chocolates with a touch of luxury. 8. Your Class Project And Thank You: Tegan. How was it? It's about new ideas for you. Which part of the house excites you? I hope that you inspired to work on something awesome. Now, for your plants project, you're also gonna select a piece of chocolate and you're going to use the supplies and rules that shit. An honest. Put your lettering on the chocolate, snap a picture of her finished peas and upload it to a class project. Do you have any questions? I'm happy to help put your question in the community section and open a new discussion. Boy, I also have another class letting on macron or if interested, in other materials. I have classes working on projects ranging from a gate to see the key. Once again. My name is Joy. I hope to see you again in another class.