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How To Create Animated Instagram Stories With Apple Keynote

teacher avatar Lori Hil, Certified Content Marketing Specialist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Template Setup

    • 3. Animation With Keynote

    • 4. Downloading and Uploading

    • 5. Class Project

    • 6. Thank You

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About This Class

Instagram stories are a hot topic in social media land.

With 80% of users following a business on Instagram, it's no wonder!

Stories are fun and engaging. You can take them up to a higher level by adding animation.

But what if you do not have Photoshop or are just not that Photoshop savvy?

You can still create some cool animated stories with Apple's free keynote software. 

Let's dive in! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Lori Hil

Certified Content Marketing Specialist


Lori Hil here. Chihuahua and schnauzer mom. Content Marketing Writer.

My work has been seen on Forbes, Thrive Global, Sprout Social and more. I'm obsessed with productivity and living a self-created life sharing systems, apps, and resources. A North Carolina native, I did the "adventurous millennial thing" and moved abroad with three suitcases and two Chihuahuas to start a new life. When not in a coffee shop, I write with a dog on my lap and coffee close at hand from my base station in the Andes Mountains. I spend more time on Pinterest than anyone would care to admit and believe in the power of engaging content to positively impact the world.

I love hearing about the People behind the numbers and the ... See full profile

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1. Intro : talk about Instagram stories is taking over social media, and it's no wonder stories are fun and engaging. But what if you could add some animation to make them even better? You can with Apple's free keynote software, and I'm gonna show you how in this class using this class of that example, I'm gonna show you how to create an animated instagram story like this using Kino. Here is what the final project will look like, so let's dive in. 2. Template Setup: Let's get started. You're gonna open keynote, start a new document and choose a theme. Let's just go with this. A white one here because that'll be easier to edit. We're gonna go to choose, and I'm gonna go up here to the topside, Lee out and change the master toe blank. Now, we need to resize this for instagram stories. So to do that, we go right here to this document button and then here to custom slide size. And we need this to be 10 80 by 1920 There we have our story size and I'm gonna go ahead and add another slide blank. So we have two slides and we're going to start with the 1st 1 Let me zoom this out of it so you can see what's going on here. Now you can go ahead and go to file and save theme. Saved this instagram story template as I think so that you'll have it next time. It won't have to resize, but once we have this, we're going to add our background photos. I'm just gonna drop in this one that I have that I got from unspool ash dot com and I'm going to distract this around to fit where I would like it to hear, maybe center it a little bit. And there you go. Now, if you find this distracting and or you want Teoh, edit a photo more camba dot com is a great way to do that. Let me show you that. Now, quickly, When you're over in camera, you can just go to custom dimensions. Put 10 80 by 1920 IT design, and you can use the layout so in the photo grid, and then use your uploads drug your photo over, and then you can edit this any way you want. Go ahead and download it and it will be just the right size for your instagram story and keynote. So that's just a work around. If you want to end the photo more and have it the right size for now, we'll just work with this one. Now we're gonna add in some text. I'm just going to make this the title of this class. I like this to be the caption. So we're gonna play around with this. I'm going to make this 75 you can adjust however you want this looks good right here. I'm going to add more text at the bottom. Let me zoom in a little bit now so you can see what I'm doing. Better you class skew. She drag that down here and I'm going to go to style. And let's make that starker Can't color to make it stand out more. I'm gonna drag to adjust this a little bit. Here, it's There's more border room. Yes, there we go Soon. That said, you can see the whole thing. And there we have our first site. Next, we're gonna go and we're gonna poppy text like this here. We're gonna put lead in bi. You want people to go to your bio to check out the league or swipe up. So we're gonna resize this. I'm gonna make this maybe 150 I'm gonna make the bio link even that bigger. So let's try 200 on that to make that really stand out, we're gonna move it up here, and then what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna add a shape to symbols. I think that's where I got my Yeah, right here. This one I'm gonna resize. That's change the color to black. Then I'm gonna add some overtaxed right here, and we're gonna puts y up to encourage people just swipe on your story. I mean, let's make this bigger, and I'm gonna just it here. Then we're going to make that text white. So that shows up top of our graphic here. Now, if Keynote doesn't have an arrow or graphic that you like, you can use a site called Icon. Monster has a lot of free icons that you confuse when you're creating your instagram stories. So next in the next video, we're gonna get to the fun part of animating all these texts that we just put in, so I'll see you there. 3. Animation With Keynote: Now that we have our base simply, we have our image. We have our text are two slides. Now for the fun part, we're going to start animating this. So what you're gonna do is you're gonna select your text or any elements that you want to animate, and we're gonna go to this animate button right here and then add effect before this one, I chose the twist and scale, so we'll see what that looks like. You can see that the duration is pretty slow. Remember this Instagram stories? I want that to go a little faster, so I'm gonna move that down to maybe one second. Let's preview that again. Okay, that looks good. Now, I'm gonna animate this one down here. This text, new class on skill share. And that one I want to just Poppy in, play around with us. You can do make these so fancy you. But many things with this, I'm just trying to keep it basic toe help you get the idea. But here, let's go to the second slide. In an effect, son, This in the Lincoln bio, we're gonna make that pop like so And then the swipe up copy. I'm gonna leave the way it is. But I'm gonna make this ad in effect to this arrow, and we want it to move in. But I don't really. It's an era going up. We don't really want it moving in from the side. So I'm gonna change this direction here from bottom to top. We'll preview that and we can see it. Pops right up there Now are Your animations are set. You can preview like them again to make sure that you like how it's all working. And then in the next video, I will show you how to export this so you could use it as an instagram story. 4. Downloading and Uploading: Okay, Now you have your animated story ready. What you're gonna do is you're gonna go file export tube, and you're gonna choose movie. Yours may say quick time or something similar here, but we're going to choose movie, and I'm gonna change thes time settings because again, we want this to be faster. So I'm gonna put two seconds and one seconds in and you say whatever resolution you want, I'm gonna leave it on self plane and click next put in your title Put since 23 AM story still share fast. Just gonna export that to my desktop. You could also go ahead and export that to wherever is easiest for you to get it to instagram directly. What I'm gonna do, I have an INSTAGRAM file here on my Google drive, so I'm just gonna drag that into my Google drive and I have Google drive on my phone. Then I could just go on my phone and access it. They're and load it to Instagram or my phone and getting a noted Google drive by my Instagram folder And instagram story is there, and I'm just going to download it. We're gonna head on render to Instagram. This is my immensely social instagram account, which needs work. That's why we're doing the stories. So I'm gonna click your story on my profile picture, then go to the gallery and get grabbed My story there it issue can add any edits that you need to do. You can watch it. Play here, hits into and go to your story Share. 5. Class Project : for the class project, create your own instagram story animation with keynote uploaded to Instagram and then share it with us through a link in the community. Here on skip the scale Share class. I can't wait to see your stories. 6. Thank You: Thank you so much for taking this skill share course with me. Be sure to follow my profile for more content marketing and social media, marketing classes and anything else D i y business. Also be sure to participate in the community and let us see your class project so we can all support each other over on Instagram. If you have any questions or any classes that you would like to see in the future to help you in your marketing, please let me know in the comments. Thank you so much. Happy Instagram.