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18 Lessons (1h 24m)
    • 1. 01 Introduction

    • 2. 02 reason why people fail

    • 3. 03 What is important to you

    • 4. 04 Why you should set goals

    • 5. 05 Identifying Your Values

    • 6. 06 Why Do You Want it?

    • 7. 07 Areas To Build Your Goals around

    • 8. 08 The What

    • 9. 09 How will you achieve it

    • 10. 10 What Why How summary

    • 11. 11 The secret Sauce

    • 12. 12 Monitoring Your Progress

    • 13. 13 Making Sure You Are Progressing

    • 14. 14 Setting up Todoist

    • 15. 15 Why people fail to achieve their goals 1

    • 16. 17 Why people fail to achieve their goals 2

    • 17. 18 A Final Word

    • 18. 19 Why people fail to achieve their goals p3


About This Class

Many people are traveling through life being blown this way and that. They have no direction and they have no goals. They feel unfulfilled and feel they are achieving very little. If you are one for those people, then this class can help you to find your direction, to bring a feeling of fulfilment to your life and to set you on your way to achieving so much. This class goes into detail on how to create and set your goals and then shows you how to go about achieving those goals. It is a step by step approach to discovering what you want, why you want it and then shows you how to achieve it.  If you follow this approach, you will be able to dramatically change your life and turn a directionless life into a life of purpose, direction and achievement. Good luck. 


1. 01 Introduction: Hello. My name is Cow Pauline on in this course, I want to show you how to create Andi, achieve your goals. Now. This is a simple one hour course that is going to take you through all the steps you need to take in order to create achievable goals. Now, this doesn't matter whether you have business related goals, personal related goals, relationship related goals, financial related goals. It does not matter what type off goal it is that you want to achieve. This course will take you through the steps you need to take to create those achievable goals. It's just a short, one hour course that I want to help as many of you guys out there to be able to create goals that are achievable on the beauty off. This course is that once you have achieved your first goal using this system, you will find that your confidence increases Andi. That will just lead to you achieving more and more goals, which ultimately means that you are going to become more and more successful in almost everything you do. So it doesn't matter whether you have relationship goals, business goals or any fitness kind of goals that you may have. This method that I have here that I'm going to teach you in this course will show you how to achieve almost anything you desire. Now, I've been practicing this method for a very, very long time. Andi, I should point out also that this method was also taught by Jim Rohn. Brian Tracy on did indeed to Tony Robbins. They all use a form or a similar method off showing people how to achieve their goals. What I've done with this part on what is different from the others is that I've really broken it down, simplified it so that anybody can achieve the goals if they really want to achieve them. And that's going to be kind of crucial throughout this course. You notice that if you really want to achieve your goals, then you can achieve them. The problem, of course, is that not achieving your goals is actually easier on just ignoring the fact that you have desires and once and things that you would like to achieve in the future. You know, if you just ignore that, then of course you're not going to achieve them. What I want to do with this course is to show you how you can achieve anything you want with just a simple, step by step approach to achieving your goals. So I hope you enjoy this course on. If you do like this cause please leave a review so that other people will get a chance to see on beer to take this course so that we can help more and more people around the world to actually achieve goals that they want to achieve. So enjoy the course on If you have any questions at all, please feel free to use the questions and the forum pages of this course on. I'll be more than happy to get back to you and answer any questions that you may have Good luck, and I'll see you at the end of the course. 2. 02 reason why people fail : in this first lesson, What I want to do is to explain to you why most people never actually achieve their goals. Now the main reason most people don't achieve their goals is because they don't identify what it is they want to achieve. I'm one of the first things that you're going to have to do if you want to start achieving realistic, effective goals is you are going to have to start understanding what you need to do in order to create your goals. Now it's very easy to sort of go through life what I called drift through life and allow life to dictate to you how to live your life. Now for most people, they seem to be very happy with that. Personally, I'm not happy with that on because you are taking this course. I'm pretty sure that you're not entirely happy with just drifting through life on letting life on other people dictate how your life will work out. It doesn't have to be that way, of course, or you need to do is to identify what it is you want to achieve on, then set about creating goals that will help you to achieve that. It really is that simple. As I say, the problem is, most people won't even take the time to sit down, right that out on, identify what they want, why they want it on how they're going to achieve it now. This cause is going to show you how to do that. But I want you to really understand that the main reason people fail their goals is because , first of all, they don't identify exactly what they want. They don't plan out how they're going to achieve it on. They don't truly understand why they want to achieve it on really, before we can get into sort, giving you the actions that you need in order to create on achieve goals, then we really have to go through that three step process, which this course, essentially the heart of this course, is going to be about. But the biggest danger for most people, as I said in the introduction, is that it's very, very easy not to set yourself goals and not try and achieve them now. The reason why this is the main problem for most people when it comes to achieving goals is because it is too easy to allow yourself to just drift through life on Think that you are going. I'm OK now. It's one of the things that I always laugh at is if you have, how are you today and I'm fine or fine is very neutral. Fine is not particularly very bad. But equally I am fine is not necessarily particularly good either. I am fine suggests to me that you have a life that is drifting when I want you to be able to do at the end of this course is whenever you are asked, how are you? You are gonna be outside. I am fantastic because one of the feelings you are going to experience when you start moving towards achieving those goals that you are setting for yourself is you are going to feel on immense amount of self confidence. It's not. Arrogance is just self confidence. You finally feel that you are moving forward and you are dictating to yourself how you are going to live your life. Now I know all goals are going to be achievable. I understand that. I mean, I failed it, create achieving many of my goals, but goals that have been really important to me the goals that have set around in my life for the last 20 years. I have gone a long way towards achieving on. It's simply because I have put together put in place a system that allows me to move closer and closer towards those goals every day. But what I wanted to do with this lesson is just to point out that the biggest problem for most people, when it comes to creating and achieving goals, is they just don't do it simply because it seems like a lot of hard work. The truth is it's not hard work. It just means you need to do a little bit of thinking, a little bit of thinking about what you want and why you want it is going to put you in a very, very strong position. When it comes to setting out how you are going to achieve those goals on this is really crucial. It's time for you to sit down and get serious about what it is you really want to achieve on to stop putting aside those thoughts that oh, it seems like too much effort. Well, of course, there's gonna be some effort involved because the very nature of goals is they are hard because if they're not hard that they're not really gonna help you move your life further forward. So your goals are gonna have to be hard. And, yes, it is going to take a bit off effort on your behalf, but But on this is the big, but it is really worth it. The feeling of confidence. You get the feeling of happiness. You get on that overwhelming feeling of fulfillment when you actually achieve the goal that you want is well worth the effort. So I want you now to get it into your head that we are gonna together. We're gonna put in a lot of effort. We're going to achieve the goals that you really want to achieve on. We're going to stop letting life dictate to us how we should run our lives. Okay, let's start getting into the meat of this course now on. We'll move on to the next lesson. 3. 03 What is important to you: Okay, now that we understand why most people fail at achieving goals, what I want to do knows to move into the first step off, achieving off, creating and achieving your goals. Now the first step is we have to identify what is important to us. Now everybody in this particular question is going to be different to me. For example, my fitness on body shape is very important to me. I feel horrible when I gain weight. I feel horrible when my clothes start to feel tight on me. It is just for me a very, very unpleasant feeling. So I've been able to identify that being in good shape is important to me. So one of my major goals is my physical fitness. Now for you, it might not be an issue. You might be perfectly happy with the way you are today, and you have no intention of changing it on. Therefore, that's never going to be the foundation off a goal for you. Another thing that's very important to me is my job. The work that I do, I I think he was 15 years ago. I was working in an office and I waas miserable I hated working in an office. To me, it felt like I was in prison. I had to be in a certain place for 8 to 9 hours a day, and I wasn't allowed to leave except for lunch time. It really did feel like prison to me. So I decided to do something about that. And I created a life on the career on a job that meant that I didn't have to spend every single minute Monday to Friday in the office. And I was very lucky that over the last 15 years I have been able to develop a life on a career. For myself, that means that I am incredibly happy. I'm not stuck in an office for nine hours a day. I have the freedom to roam, about to move about. Essentially, I am working remotely. I do have to go to my clients offices from time to time, but I'm only there for a now or now or two hours in never there for very long, so it doesn't really feel like prison to me. Andi, Indeed, the work that I'm doing with my clients makes me feel incredibly happy. I was very lucky because I was able to identify the cause off my misery on, then turn it around and turn it into a goal so that I didn't have to endure that misery anymore, and I managed to do it. So this is why it's really important for you to first identify what it is you want out of life in terms of your career. In terms of your personal life. Your relationships on the final one is the financial side, because essentially we have to build up financial resources so that we can actually do the things that we want to do when we want to do them. So it's all very good setting out Korea. I mean to be perfect. At least I love the customer facing on. I could be perfectly happy, say, working shifts at McDonalds or actually, one of my first careers that one of the first jobs evident was working in a hotel. I loved it. The problem with working in hotels and indeed probably working in McDonalds is you're not going to be able to build a huge financial, you know, they were to build a stable financial future for yourself on minimum wage. You do have to get help there and create other sources of income, if that's what you want to do. But remember, the goal really is always to be happy. So if you're perfectly happy working in the hotel and catering industry, great, there are ways around that and you can build up a secure financial future for yourself. But what I've realized is there's basically three areas that you need to be focusing in on that is your career, your relationships, which would include your family. Andi. It would call your financial success or financial secure financial future. Those are the three main ones, but in that sense, everyone is going to be different and you need to be able to sit down over the pen and a piece of paper. Or, if you're a digitally my only person with something like Evernote on, really start thinking about the things that are really important to you in amongst those sub topics of your career, your relationships and your financial security. So I really would suggest now that you take some time before moving on to the next lesson to really identify what is important to you, because without knowing that you're not gonna be able to create goals that you can achieve in the future. So I want you to take some time out from these videos. Now on. Just spend a few minutes, maybe a few hours, maybe even a day or two. Just really thinking about what it is that is really important to you. Okay, good luck. 4. 04 Why you should set goals: Why are goals important now? One of the reasons I get asked. One of the things I get asked many, many, many times is. Why should I set goals? Well, this is really an important question because if you don't understand why you're setting goals in the first place, then you're not gonna have the motivation or the drive to push you further forward when things start getting difficult. Because believe me, things will get difficult now. The reason why you need to set goals is because setting goals is essentially like setting the direction that you want your life to go in. Now one of the best examples I can give you it's a bit like having being in a sailing ship on your sale has been left at the port. So you're just drifting on the sea, going from while going nowhere because you have no direction. Your goals are the sail off a sailing ship. They are the goals that would drive you in the direction you want to go. Now, the beauty off using goals like the sail of a ship is if you don't like the direction you're going in, you can actually change the direction. You can change your goals at any time, but goals other navigation off your life. With your goals, you have the ability to navigate to wherever you want to go in your life. And this is why goals are essential to you if you want to achieve happiness, if you want to achieve the confidence you need to grow and to become a better person. So think of your goals as the sale on a sailing ship. They are your navigators. They take you in the direction that you have chosen. Remember, you have chosen to go not going in the direction that society is telling you. You should go because trust me, society is very rarely right. Why would you want to be average? Average means that you are unremarkable on one of the things that makes the successful people stand out. The goal orientated people stand out is that they have that amazing ability to create the happiness and they are remarkable people. By setting goals, you are moving yourself into the realm off remarkable people, people who people will listen to other people will listen toe. It is definitely worth the time and effort to set goals so that you can become a remarkable person on setting goals essentially means that you are creating the navigation tools to navigate your life in the direction that you want it to go. Okay, so don't forget setting goals. He's like the direction finder, the navigation, the sail off your ship so that you have complete control off where you are going in your life. Okay, That's why goals are so so important. 5. 05 Identifying Your Values: Okay, let's go into the first part of this course. The first part of this course is setting your values. Identify what are your values Now your values are the things that are truly important to you as a person. Let me give you a simple example. A value would be that you have pride in the way that you dress. So let's say at the office you have a very relaxed dress code. You can wear whatever you like, but Monday to Friday you wear a suit, a shirt and a tie. You do that because dressing well is important to you. That is a value being well dressed in that case would be a value. Another one would be where your family, for example, your wife, your husband, your Children, your girlfriend, your boyfriend even are really important to you. They're more important to you than the work that you do on a daily basis. That would mean that your family is a truly important value to yourself, spending time with your family. Spending quality time with your family in this situation would be a very strong value to you. Another value that many people have is their spirituality. If you're a whatever your religion might be, your religion might be very, very important to you, in which case, your spirituality and your religion is a value to yourself on what you have to do is identify those things that are truly important to you. For me, actually, dressing well when I'm working when it with my clients is a very important thing to me that dressing well is a value to me. Another value of mine, which I know is actually quite unique, is that I like to wear a good quality clean, shiny shoes on. I will spend time every week polishing and cleaning my shoes because it's important to me. It's a value to me. Many, many people have different sorts of values on. You could have 20 values. You might only have 10 values. Some people only have, like, five values, but you need before we go any further, you really do need to to identify what it is that is truly important to you in terms of your values. Because if your goals are not in line with your values, your goals will fail. You will not achieve your goals. Now there are many other things that could become part off your values, one of which would be things like honesty you want toe. You are always honest. You truly want to have know that everybody who knows you knows that you are always honest. Another value would be you are hard working. Another value could be that you do quality work every single time. Another value of mine is always being on time. I hate being late, so being punctual is a very strong value off mine. So take some time out to really identify your values before we go into what it is you want to achieve in your goals. Because if your values and your goals are not in alignment, you are really going to struggle to achieve your goals. The two have to be working side by side in parallel together, so make sure that you truly understand what a value is. The value is something that is truly, truly important to you, Andi. It's one of those things that is going to be so different for every single one of you. We all have different values, so it's really important for you to take some time to think about what it is that's truly, truly important to you. So example, being well dressed at all times could be a value going to church every Sunday and praying to God could be a value to you. Whatever it is that's important to you. That is a value, and you need to have it written down so that you can compare your goals once we've identified what you want and we've set out your goals, you can then compare your goals with your values to make sure that everything is in alignment. Okay, so go ahead now and start really thinking about those things that are truly important to you so that you can I get your values and your goals in alignment. 6. 06 Why Do You Want it?: okay. In the previous lesson, we talked about the What do you want? And I mentioned that you need to work on your three main areas, which are your personal, your career and your financial. Now, hopefully you did the homework. I say Homework. Hopefully did the exercise of that with the piece of paper and divided into the three sections. Personal career on financial and you wrote out a few things that you want to achieve in those three different categories. Now we're going to move on to the why Why do you want to achieve these things now? I'm going to be perfectly honest with you here. This section, for me is always bean. The hardest part on the reason it's always been the hardest part is because for some reason , I allow other people's thinking to make me to make me determine the why, and that is wrong. I know that's wrong on when I started to really make movement on my goals, it was when I stopped worrying about what other people would think off why I want to achieve these goals. Let me go back to my example off wanting to have a Range Rover Villa. It's a perfectly material possession. Why do I want to Range Rover Villa when I could buy a much cheaper SUV? Now? The reason I want to have a range of Allah is because I've always wanted to own a Range Rover. I've always associate ID Range Rover with success. So to me, driving a range of Villa, he's one way off. Me being out proved to myself that I have achieved success. Also, it means that I can drive around the country on going Hey, look at me. Don't I look good in my Range Rover? And yeah, that's a very personal, very selfish reason for wanting to buy a Range Rover villa. But the question would be, is why am I? Why would I not be happy driving a Hyundai Kia sported G, which is an SUV. I could get a Hyundai. I can't remember the name of the car now, but I could buy a Hyundai Santa Fe, for example, which would be roughly the same size as a Range Rover la. Why would I not be happy driving that? Why would I be much happier driving the range over? Because in my mind, maybe not in your mind, but in my mind a Range Rover villa tells me success. A Hyundai Santa Fe says average, and that really bothers me. But as you can see, that's a very personal thing. And it's not something that I would want to shout out in the local pub saying, Hey, look at me. I drive a Range Rover villa and it's not something I would actually do. But in terms of myself, mentally and internally, the reason I want to drive a range of allies because it would make me feel Andi, I think, look good. And that's why I want to buy a Range Rover fella very shallow, I know, but that is the reason why. I know, years ago I was too embarrassed to admit that. So I started making up reasons or because it's a good quality car because it will never break down. Well, of course, rain, drovers, Ferraris, all the expensive cars break down from time to time. They're not their machines. They things go wrong. So don't be embarrassed. Remember your why is a very personal reason, you know. Why do you want to be rich? I want to show my ex girlfriend that I made it because she didn't believe in me. Okay, that's a why do that. Be honest with yourself. Don't lie about your wise. You're not trying to impress anybody else. This is a very, very personal list. But you do need to write down your wise and you do need to be honest about it. Don't be afraid of what other people think, because they're not going to read your list unless you show them this is a personal list. This is for you. So whatever it is that you want, you now need to attach at least one or two wise to it. That is really important. And you also need to be completely honest with yourself. This list is for you. It's not for anyone else. Don't be embarrassed. Whatever the why is write it down. But it has to be honest. Now you're gonna take some time to do this and I do. I try personally when I set my goals. I always try to make three at least three wise for every what? Because that just gives me the power every time I feel a little bit. I'm not in the mood to do this today. All I need to do is look at my list and see the reason why I want to do that. You know, I fight. For example, my desktop computer at the moment is getting very slow. He's about five years old. He's done a lot off work on every time I keep using him. I can't saying I'm gonna have to go and buy a new one. Now I use Apple products on. I like the 27 inch iMac. Anything smaller than that would just be too small. So to buy a 27 inch iMac today is going to cost me about 2 2.5 $1000. Now I have to ask myself that 2.5 $1000 wouldn't be better putting towards the Range Rover villa. So I look at my wise and I don't have on my list. I want to buy a new I Mac, but I do have I want to buy a Range Rover villa. So when I see that and I look at the why I want to buy a Range Rover LA, that is the incentive to make my I'm at last a lot longer. So I'm being really careful with my I Mac and using my notebook my laptop computer a lot more for the hard work. This is why it's important to make sure that your wise are written down because they're going to be days when you are not in the mood. When you know in the mood you do need to remind yourself why you want to achieve these goals. So the wise are really, really important. So for all the goals that you set in the what what I want you to do now is too attached. At least three. What? Gone, I'll give. Okay, I'm gonna be nice to you two or three wise for each off those goals so that you always have a reminder as to why you are doing it. Okay, so going on about two piece of paper and start writing in the why you want to achieve those goals. OK, good luck 7. 07 Areas To Build Your Goals around: the three areas to build your goals around. There are three essential areas that you need to be building your goals around. The 1st 1 is personal. The 2nd 1 is Korea on the 3rd 1 is financial in personal. We're looking at things related to your health, your relationships, your lifestyle and your education. Now what I mean by health is is that you need to take care of your physical well being. That means getting yourself a regular medical checkup every year. It means exercising. It means being careful with your diet and not drinking too much and not smoking. You know, those kind of things are very important. If you want toe, maintain a healthy life. Another one is the lifestyle. The things that you want in your life that maybe the physical things. You know where you're going to live, what kind of car you're going to drive, where you're going to go on vacation. I mean, all these are related to your lifestyle that you would like to have for yourself on the final one is education on what I mean? Here is the academic education as opposed to skills. So the academic education, if you're no entirely happy that you only have a graduate degree or even if you don't have a graduate degree. You know, there are so many online's resources available today where you could actually take your graduate degree or do a master's degree, or even if you wish to go on ahead and do a doctor it you know, these are the things I mean by education. The second area where most people or where I would recommend that you develop goals, is with your career, no tens of your career. This could be where you want to be in five or 10 or 15 or 20 years time. What are your career goals? Do you want to be the CEO of a company? Do you want to create your own company? Or do you want to become the number one sales person in your country when everyone's gonna have different career goals? But this is something that you want to be looking at in terms of where you want to set yourself goals. Another area related to career are the skills that you're going to need in order to achieve that success in terms of your career in the future. Now I did. Skills on education are quite different because there are certain skills that you need, for example, relationship building. It's not Anak Ademola subject. Actually, I also realize that selling is not an academic subject, either. On therefore, these air skills that you need to be able to develop. There are other ones like I love design. I find design is designing things is something that I really enjoy doing is a is a way of just relaxing. So for me learning things like Adobe Photo Shop Illustrator, Premiere Pro After effects on in design, all these things are skills related, and it's something that you may want to develop over the next years in order to enhance your career prospects. The 3rd 1 is financial. Now your financial goals are gonna be related to your income. They're gonna be related to your savings. How much are you saving per month per year, etcetera. On also, your financial goals relate to your retirement. Now, retirement and lifestyle can often actually work together because there may be things that you want to achieve when you retire, which are going to require you to look after your health and fitness so that you can do them will also require that you take care of your lifestyle. So you are in a position to be able to enjoy those things when you finally retire. So those are the three areas that you will want to create your goals around. That is your personal. So that's health, relationships, lifestyle and education. This your career since your career goals, Andi, Indeed, your skills that you require in order to achieve those career goals and finally, the financial side. That's your income. How are you going to increase your income? How much are you saving per month? Investing per month and finally, your retirement goals. What do you want to be able to do financially when you re quite retire? So those are the three areas I want you to think about in terms of where you're going to be building your goals so that we can set out achieving goals that take you in that right direction. OK, 8. 08 The What: Okay, let's move on. You know, into this third part off creating goals for yourself. Achievable goals. Now, this is the meat off the subject. This is where you are now going to start creating those goals on. The first thing we have to understand is you have tow answer the question. What do you want? What do you want to achieve? So the best thing for you to do now is to create get a piece of paper. And I really do believe paper is the best way to do this on right down. Divide the paper into three things. So you want to divide the paper into personal to write personal at the top? OK, then you want to write Korea in the middle just a little bit further down. You want to write? Uh, financial? The three cornerstones, if you like, as he wouldn't be. Corner serves the three legs off this stool, if you like, Is your personal. So you put that at the top a little bit further down, you write Korea and then a little bit further down that you put financial okay. Now, under the personal section, what do you want to achieve personally, what is it that you would really like to achieve? So would you like to lose £20 in weight? If that's the case, write that down. I want to lose £20 in weight. Think about your education. What do you want to achieve? Educationally? I want to achieve my graduate degree to write that down. I want to achieve in a graduate degree. Now. At this point, it doesn't matter what subject. If you already know what subject you want to study, that's great. Write that down. I want to achieve a graduate degree in computer science, for example, On the final. The next one is the lifestyle. Now. This is really important because having a vision, having an imagination off what kind of lifestyle you want to be living in 10 years time. 10 years is a good one. I mean, five years, if you wish. But I tend to think in terms of 10 years, what kind of lifestyle do you want to be achieved to be living in 10 years time? Where do you want to be living? What kind of house? What kind of car do you want to be driving? You know, Where do you want to go on your vacation? Just write those things down. Those are the things that really you want to achieve over the next 5 to 10 years, and then you want to think about terms of relationships. If you're not married already, do you want to be married in five years time? Not everyone wants to get married. Do you want to build better and stronger relationships? Or are you one of those people who likes to have a lot of alone time? And there's nothing wrong with that. I love my alone time. So these are the things that you want to be writing down. What is it that you actually want to achieve? So But you need to be writing them down in terms of achievable goal. So I want to lose 20 kilograms or I want to lose £20. I want to live in a four bedroom house. I want to be driving a Porsche 9 11 Okay, 49 11. Nice car. I want to be driving a Volvo V 90. Whatever it is that you want to be driving. In my case, I want to be driving a Range Rover Vela. You know those kind of things in terms of your education. I want a master's degree in political history. For example, whatever it is that you want to achieve your wants, this is what you want to write down. So what is it that you want? So the what? There are three parts to building achievable goals. What? Why? How This section is the what? What is it that you really want to achieve now, once you've written those down, when I want you to do is to compare that men with your values, to make sure that your watts and your values are mixed together. Because if you can keep those in line as we go through this process of building, creating goals that you can achieve, then that needs to make sure that the what and your values are linked together. So what is it that you want to achieve and make sure that these are acting in line with your values so that you're going to give yourself the very best chance of actually achieving these goals? So what is it that you want to achieve? Think in terms again of your personal life, your career and in terms of your financial life. So again, as I said in the previous lesson, we're looking your health, your relationships, your lifestyle, your education in terms of your career, your career itself. What do you want to have become in terms of your career and your skills? What skills do you need to make or correct to learn in order to do that? And again, when we look at your financial side, what kind of income do you want to be earning, what kind of savings you want making every month on what kind of income do you want when you retire? So those are the kind of things that you need to be looking at in order to be able to decide what it is you want? So the key question here is What do you want? And I say, divided into a piece on a piece of paper devoutly out so that you've got your your personal at the top than your career and then your financials. Okay, so take some time now and that writing that list, what is it that you want 9. 09 How will you achieve it: okay, In the previous two lessons we went through designing what it is you want to achieve on we focused on the three main areas of your personal life your career and your financial life. In the last lesson we looked at why you want to achieve those particular goals. As I pointed out, the why is really important because the why is your motivation, your why is your incentive now? In this third part off this section, I want to take you through the how so we've done the what we've done the why And now we're gonna do the how How are you going to achieve these goals So we know what you want. We know why you want it. The final piece of the puzzle, if you like, is how are you going to achieve it now? If you followed along this lesson that you created the piece of paper with the Watson the wise Now we have to turn those What's into house? How are we going to achieve it? So when I want you to do now is to take five of your goals and just write them. Divide them up into on a piece of paper, maybe the other side of the piece of paper that you used before on put them down and then underneath our way to use bullet points. And I want you to create tasks are going to take you further forward in your life. So, for example, I want to buy a Range Rover Volare. Okay, I've put my wife because I want to feel I've succeeded, and I wanted people to think he's made it. Okay, so let's move on to the how? Well, the first thing I need to do is I need to save the deposit. Okay, so I need $30,000 to save for the deposit. Question is, how am I going to achieve that? Well, okay, I divide that up by 12 months. That will give me my monthly savings amount. So I need to make sure that every month I am putting away this much money now. What I could do is I could divide that even further. I could divide that by four, and I could actually get a weekly savings amount. Or I could divide that by 365 and I could have a daily savings amount so, whichever way you want to break that down, but you're breaking it down into daily test. So, for example, let's just given easy example. Let's say I need to say $20 a day. I know mathematically, that's not correct. So how am I gonna put $20 away? So I look at my daily spending amount of my daily income amount that they okay, I need to stop buying four coffees. I should make my lunch so you'd see how you're breaking it down. I should make my lunch at home so that I can say that $20 every day. And to put that into my bank account every Friday lunchtime. And there's another how Take $100 put it into my savings account every Friday afternoon, for example. So I'm breaking that down now into the how. Let's take another one. Let's say you've got a fitness going. I mentioned earlier about losing £20. Okay, the first thing you need to do is to have a look at what kind of food you're eating every day. So the first goal is do not eat cake today, so you could put that as a How do not eat cake today, and maybe you're going to do that from Monday to Thursday. Let's say on Friday and Saturday, you're going to allow yourself the luxury off eating cake. Another one is exercise three times a week. So what you would do is Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Sorry, Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Go to the gym. That's your house. So you write that out of the tests, it will be go to the gym on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. In that situation. What I would do is I would put that in my calendar, because that's going to be a task. That's an appointment with the gym. Or, if you decide to lose weight by going jogging than you might down in your calendar. Six PM or 6 a.m. Whatever time you go jogging for that one hour is your jogging time. I remember. By the way, if you doing exercise, you need to allow for shower time, etcetera afterwards, traveling time to the gym, etcetera. But you need to be putting those down, breaking it down into how are you going to achieve it? So some people would say that you need to have a fixed time for these. I don't. For example, with my health and fitness goals, my health and fitness goals are an ongoing thing. They don't really have a deadline. If I suddenly stopped exercising or within a few months, I will be back £20 heavier than I am today. So exercise an ongoing thing. Saving for the Range Rover LR is another one every Friday. I actually do go to the bank with the money I've saved during the week and I actually put it into the savings account. I don't need to do that. I could do it through online banking. But there is something about going to the bank on a Friday on putting my money into my savings account. It just makes me feel like I am achieving it. So there's some little tip that you may want to do, like, make some kind of ceremony for every time you hit that milestone towards your goal. So what you're looking for is to creating the tasks on. In the next lesson, I will show you how to do that, using a slide so you can see how you would create those tests and I'll show you how to do that using an application that I use called to do ist, which, by the way, is a free application. There's a paid upgrade if you want to use the paid upgrade, but I'll go show you how to do this in to do it simply because it's a really good place to keep your goals. OK, so that is the three parts that what do you want? The y Do you want it and how are you going to achieve it? 10. 10 What Why How summary: okay, Before we go any further in this course, I just want to review what we have just covered because this is the rial meat off this course. This is the action that you need to take to create and achieve your goals. So let's look at the three main questions there. The what? So what do you want there? The why Why do you want it on their the How how are you going to achieve it? These are the three questions you need to focus on at this early stage off, establishing what goals you want to achieve, why you want to achieve them and how you're going to achieve them. Let's look at the what in a little more detail. So what do you want? This is where you need to identify what it is that is important to you. What other things that you want to achieve on. We have a number of things that you want to be looking at, so you want to be looking at your finances, your professional goals, your career goals, your relationships and your spirituality on these conform three sub categories. Financial, professional and personal. So you've got three main areas of your life that you want to be looking at in order to identify where to establish your goals when it comes to your what Where you need to do is to create three separate headings in a note. Taking application off your choice or a notebook doesn't really matter whether you do it this with pen or paper or whether you do this in a digital application. The key, really, is that wherever you write this, it needs to be in an accessible place so that you can take a look. Take a look at it on a regular basis. The next part of this is why. Why do you want to achieve it? So this is where you identify why it is important to you now The key here is it really does not matter why you want to achieve it. This is a very personal thing on what I often find with the clients that I work with. This is often a very selfish thing, and that doesn't matter because this is for you. This is really for your eyes only. You do not need to show these wise to anyone else but yourself. So remember the key here is to be completely honest with yourself on. Then we move into the how how are you going to achieve it? And this is where you need to identify the steps you need to take in order to achieve these goals that were established for yourself. So find the steps on these air tasking I'm gonna show you in to do is remember how to do this. You need to take each day each week each month. That will take you closer each time you check off a task towards achieving that goal on. This is the really key part, these goals that you except for yourself, although the what is important that how is important. So the why is important. But the key really is how are you going to achieve these goals? Identify the action steps you need to take on in the lesson that I show you into du ist. You'll see how we can set this up perfectly for yourself. OK, that's the review over. Let's move on to the next part 11. 11 The secret Sauce: Okay, now that we've covered the three elements off creating and achieving your goals, the what the why and the how Now I want to give you the secret source the secret source to achieving your goals is to turn your house the tasks Associate ID with your watts into habits. So I mentioned in the lesson on How about the money that I need to say for the deposit for the Range Rover Villa? I make it a habit that every Friday afternoon at 2 p.m. I go to the bank and I put in cash into my savings account because that way I have this feeling every week that I'm moving a little bit closer toe my goal. The other thing is, if I don't go on Friday, I feel weird because it's now a habit is part of my Friday ritual. Friday night is the only night. Really. I allow myself some time off when I usually sit down with a pizza and watch a movie or drama soap opera, whatever on TV, I religiously make Friday night my night off. I have a bad habit off working, working, working, working because I enjoy work. It's not a problem, not a workaholic. I just enjoy what I do. So to stop myself from doing that, I use finding night as my TV night. Oh, go out with my wife. But I always make sure that on Friday afternoon I put my cash into the bank. It's a habit. There are other things that you can do your developing habits off every day. So let's say, for example, that again is your fitness goal. So you make it a habit every day not to eat carbohydrate at lunchtime. So you only eat meat or vegetables or fruit at lunch time, and you make that habit once it becomes a habit. If you ever did have bread or rice or something at lunch, you would feel horrible because it's not. What you do is not a habit. So making something a habit is the secret source to achieving your goals, because achieving your goals is doing a little bit every single day. That's gonna move you closer and closer and closer to achieving that goal. When you do that, when you turn it into a habit, and when you developed that habit when you don't do it, you feel terrible, which is brilliant, because that's just gonna make you want to do it more. Andi. The second thing about developing into a habit is that you are constantly moving closer and closer and closer to your goal. No, the thing about that is, is, as you get closer and closer to you go and you can see yourself getting closer and closer to your goal. Your confidence starts increasing on that desire on that drive, the incentive and the emotion, that motivation. It's just gonna push you closer and closer and closer to achieving your goals. It really, really does work. So the secret source to achieving your goals is to turn as many of your house in tow habits . Habit is the best way to achieve your goals. OK, don't forget that one. Turn it into a habit 12. 12 Monitoring Your Progress: okay, Before we move into the final section off this course, I want to explain about monitoring. You need to be monitoring your goals on a regular basis. Now, I don't necessarily mean that you need to be monitoring your goals every day because that isn't necessarily going to help you, but you need to make sure that whatever you're doing is measurable. So, for example, saving money for a deposit on a Range Rover Vela is measurable because all I have to do is once a week or once a month, check the balance off my savings account, and it will show me whether I'm on target or off target or above target. So you need to make sure that you have putting in some kind of measure on your house. On checking that, maybe at least once a month, depending on how far away your goal is if, for example, is the range of allow. If it's for example, I'm trying to lose weight, then that would be a weekly, measurable target. So, for example, if I wanted to get my weight down too, huh? I don't know pounds, but let's say I wanted to get my weight down toe, 80 kilograms on. I'm currently at 3 83 kilograms than each week. I will be monitoring that to see where I am, and I would choose the same day and time every week. So you natural case, I would say Friday morning I take my weight. This week I was 82.5, so I've only got 2.5 kilograms to go. The next week I do it. I'm now 82 kilograms. I've only got two kilograms to go. You see how them incentive to push you further and to maintain your focus on your goals works so wherever possible. And I know it's not always possible. It isn't always possible to make how into a measurable task, but wherever you can, make sure it's measurable and you need to be checking that at least one some week month, preferably once a week, say, on a Sunday afternoon. Just check against your goals. How are you moving? Because that really does provide you with the incentive and the motivation to keep going. So though you've got the why, which is also an incentive to keep you going, you've also got the measure off your goal. So you're measuring your goals against your achievement. That way you've got double the incentive. Double the motivation to keep yourself moving forward and to keep focused on those goals, okay? 13. 13 Making Sure You Are Progressing: Okay, One final part on achieving your house is that what you need to do is to make sure there is at least one how in every single day on your test list. So that's one. How, at least one how on your task list for every day on that? How that task needs to be a priority task. It must be done. The reason I say this is because it's so easy to spend all the time and effort developing your watts, figuring out why you want it on, then working out your action, items your house on, then not incorporating any of them into your daily to do list. Now. I mentioned before that the secret source was to develop habits. Well, there is another secret secret source, which is two news. A regular to do list. It doesn't matter whether using using a pen and a piece of paper or whether you're using a digital to do list Mine jet like to do it on in a episode coming up in a lesson that coming up, I'm going to show you how to set out your goals into du ist so that you can see how you can filter along these house into your daily to do list. This is crucial. One of the main reasons why so many people fail at achieving their goals is because they're not action ing them every single day. Now you don't have toe action every single one of your goals every single day. But you do need to be action ing at least one every single day. So you will feel at the end of the day that much better as you get is you go to sleep at night, you can say to sell from yet I've moved a step closer to achieving one of my goals. So there are claiming right to secret sources. The 1st 1 of course, is to turn them as many of your house in tow habits as you can on the 2nd 1 is to make sure that on your daily to do list, there is a least one how every single day, because without that, you will very quickly find that you're not moving forward on your goals. And if you're not moving forward on your goals, you will very quickly find that you're losing motivation on that Is the death No off goals . So we need to keep your goals fresh. We need to keep them updated on. We need to keep them in your to do list manager every single day. And as I say in a lesson coming up, I'm going to show you how to do all this in the wonderful application called to do is which is a free application. Will, uh, I've forgotten what they call it, but you can actually upgrade. There is a upgrade feet if you want to use more of the features, but you can actually just use the free version off to do is to create your goal so you don't need to pay for anything. Okay, let's move on. 14. 14 Setting up Todoist: okay to set up your goals. I recommend. And I really do strongly recommend that you use an application called to do ist on. You can see to do say it's do is dot com is where you go. You can download this for your mobile any of your mobile devices with its android IOS. You can download it for Mac. You can download it for Windows. Andi, as in this case, I'm using my demo account. So I'm actually using this on the Internet or, as I like to call it, the Interweb. So I have a number of things in here, and this is just purely a demo account. But what I want to do is to focus on the goals. Now, if you really do want to set yourself up with to do ist, I have a Siri's off videos on YouTube, all about setting up to do ist for yourself. But this course is really all about your goals, and what I want to do is to show you how to set up your goals so that they are achievable using a tool a digital too cold to do ist that you can take with you wherever you go, it could be on your phone. It could be on your tabler to your laptop or even your desktop. Or if you don't have any of those devices with you, they are accessed via the interweb. So it is really quite simple. OK, So as I mentioned before, what we have is this three main areas that you have when it comes to setting up your goals , there are your personal goals, your professional goals on your financial goals. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna set up three main areas in your goals project here, and I'm not gonna go into details on how to set this up, but you should be able to pick it up as I'm going along. What I'm gonna do is you can have project from down here, which is perfectly easy. Just click on that project so we can call this personal. I'm gonna put these in capital letters because I just think they are just very, very important. They're gonna come correct personals. I'm just gonna drag it by pick keeping up the drug handle their driving under two goals on dropping it. So, what you see now, is I have a drop down menu. I'm not going to show the other way to set up a project which is just a project below. I'm gonna call this professional on. That's their on. I'm gonna add one more project, which is financial. So at project below, I'm going to call that find seal. Okay, so those are the three main areas that we're gonna work on, I'm gonna work home a personal one. Let's take the Range Rover villa. So the first thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna create a sub project Main project called What Andi now we're to do is you can actually create what we call non complete herbal test. To do that, you just hit the star button on, then space on. I want to bold this, so I'm gonna put exclamation market the front. I'm going to call this what? Like that and then close it off with a double exclamation mark. So you've got the US tricks space double exclamation mark on, then what on then close it off with double exclamation mark on. What you see is now this task is not complete herbal because there's no check mark, But underneath. I am going to write. And again this is gonna be non completed. Also, we start off with the ass tricks on going right out what it is that I want to achieve. So I will buy. Now. You want to make this positive? No, I want to buy. So this has to be written in the positive. So I will buy a Range Rover in March. We're going to give this a time off. 104,000 and 72,018 groups, but I need to go back. So this is not a date that I want 18. Now, what will happen is to do it's recognizes the date, but I don't want it to. So I'm gonna click on it and it removes the date. Ah, passing. So it's now not recognizing as a date, so it won't put it as a date. So I will buy a Range Rover Villar in 2000 and eight. So that is my what? So I'm gonna add that task. As you can see, it's not complete a ball because it isn't actually. How And I don't want my house to be I don't want my house to be so I don't want my watts to be completed ble Okay, The next one is I'm going to create another non completed task on gonna bolt this one. So the double exclamation mark, Why on again? Close the office estimation? Answer. Now I've got a why, Andi, I'm going to write because I have always wanted to have a Range Rover I'm actually gonna add because I know that how old I was when I first wanted a ranger. Since I waas eight years old again eight years, it's recognized date. Please not gonna add that one. That's one of my wives. So I'm gonna add that and again, I don't want this to be completed, ble. So I'm gonna put a star on the space on that immediately stops it from being a completed all tasks. I'm gonna move that now in. Just drag it in and I can now have that underneath the white and you'll see why I'm doing this in a moment. Um, now, underneath that, I want another. Why? Because I want Because the feeling I will have when I finally by the Range Rover I could put car, but I'm gonna put Range Rover The feeling I have when about it will be that I have achieved find on CEO success. I mean, remember your wise always gonna be different again. I forgot to put the star on the front cover. Don't want this to be accessible. And if you hit the forward arrow key I'm sorry because they hit forward. So at the tusk on again Just drug it in like that on again It's now underway. So if I closed the why I've got those closed off. So that's the why now you could add more if you want, but that's what I'm just gonna just for this demonstration purpose. That's what I'm gonna do. The final one you want to do is again non completed. All tasks Asterix, Double exclamation mark on, then what? Sorry. Oh, how getting tired now? So we got the how in there? Andi. Now what we're gonna do is we're going to start putting in the test, so save now. What I'm gonna do is this needs to be actionable items, so put $100 every a week into my savings account. So I put $100. I don't see what we're doing this because this is the way to do. This is we don't need every day because we're gonna put this is a date. So put $100 into my savings account, and I'm gonna put every Friday. Yeah, Friday ever notice. Recognized every Friday. When I add the task, what you'll see is it will come up Friday and it will come up with a recurring thing here. Uh, the next one is to, um, said you owe a test Dr to decide on and engine size. So although this isn't gonna be a recurring task, I'm gonna do that in October. So we're gonna make October the 1st 1st of October. I put that in light. That is not a recurring task. So these are the kind of things you're gonna put your house in here. Now, remember, this is just one goal. So I've now got a recurring task of every Friday to put $100 into my savings account. I could add other house in right now. So, like, order, uh, rain drove. I could put all these in now if I want. When I'm gonna do that on the first of February 218 So that's gonna put in there. So I've now got that comes up is the first of February 2018. I can put in as many of these as I want. It's really entirely up to you, but this is the way that you would develop your goal. So now that we've got the 1st 1 in, we can now move on to the next one. And you could do what? Why, how again? And you can just close them off like this. So you've only got the house in there. So this is one way off doing it now, To be honest with you, I think there is a better way of doing this on do you could do it. Like under personal. You could just create another project on I could just drag that in like that on me. I could put a Range Rover. Uh, I could then create the same thing here. So what I could do is I can drag this into their I could drag my why into I could drug my scribbled handles into their on dykan drag. My how well se contract the how into there and then I could drag these tasks also into that I will need to organize them. And to be honest with you, this is exactly how I would probably do it. Because then I can see my goals in here. So, as you can see, I've now drug that in here on under personal. I have this heading Range Rover, fella. Okay. That's how I would use a nap. Lic ation called to do is to monitor my goals. These will then come up into my server going to my next seven days tomorrow and they can see Friday comes up on Friday, will come up, put $100 into my savings account, and it comes up Range Rover Volare. So it actually reminds me why I need to do that. And you would set that up for all your goals within here. Personal, professional, financial. And like I say, if you really want to know more about to do ist, then please guys, head over to my YouTube channel, which is you gently to do is just search my name Karl Pauline, and you'll find me I have a full Siris on setting up and using to do it on it will really, really help you. Okay, Hopefully this will give you the tool. You need to really start achieving your goals. 15. 15 Why people fail to achieve their goals 1: okay. In the previous section, we went through some of the things that you can do to make sure that your goals are achievable in this section. I want to give you the reasons why most people fail at achieving their goals. Now, the 1st 1 is they're trying to achieve too much. What I mean by this is you could have 20 goals now created so you could have 20 watts on you could have 30 wise and then you could have 300 house. Now, off course, you are not going to achieve all those things in one week, and you're certainly not going achieve all those things at once. What you need to do now is to look at the goals and think Which one am I gonna focus on right now that the road the journey of life is very long? Things like your retirement could very well be many, many, many years in the future could only be 10 years away, whatever your age right now. But if retirement is many, many years in the future, you don't really need to be monitoring that every single day. Now, if your retirement is five years away of course, that now is a priority, and you need to be focused on that one right now. But what you need to do is to look at your goals now. And you need to decide which girls you're gonna work on this quarter, which goals you're gonna work on in the next quarter. And so don't try and achieve everything all at once. Now there are some things that you can run simultaneously, For example, saving a little bit of money for a new car on losing weight at the same time. Now that that's perfectly possible to run at the same time, but saving money for a new car on saving money for next year's summer vacation or saving money for your reading. If you tried to do all those three things at once, you have gonna fail that some of them. It may be that the money you want to say for the car can be put off to next year, and you can start saving next year. This year you may want to be putting money aside for your reading at the end of the year. Whatever it is, you need to look at your goals be realistic about which ones you are going to focus on in this quarter, and that's how I tend to achieve my goals. I look at my quarters, so there's 4/4 each year. Each quarter is three months. That's a nice period of time to focus on my goals now something that's saving money for an expensive car that's gonna take more than 1/4. So that's gonna rent, maybe for 12 months. That's going to be a 4/4 project if you like a four porter goal, but you do need to be very vigilant on what you are trying to achieve at once. Losing £20 for example, could easily be done in three months. Or certainly you could make a nephew to getting towards achieving that goal. So look at your goals and decide which ones have a priority right now. Which ones do you want to really start attacking right now and get on with attacking those ? Leave the others until the next quarter, or even put them off until next year. You've got them written down there in a safe place and make sure wherever you wrote down your goals, they are in a safe place. And if you are using to do Isda's I recommended, then you can actually just put them at the bottom of your goals list and then look at them in three months time and decide. Do I want to start actually them right now? So you look me to look at the priority. Don't try and do all of your goals at once. But of course there are some girls that may take time and just monitoring and just adding a little bit here and doing a little bit there, whatever. But you need to be looking at your goals and being realistic about how much you can achieve on any particular day. As I say, the journey of life is long, so you've got plenty of time. You just need to look at your goals list now and decide which ones of the priorities on which ones do you want to focus on right now. Okay. That was the first reason why most people failed trying to achieve too much 16. 17 Why people fail to achieve their goals 2: okay, reasons why most people failed at achieving their goals. The first well, I was, I said, I'm trying to achieve too much. The 2nd 1 is trying to achieve the impossible in a short period of time. Let's say, for example, that I need to save $1000 a month to for my retirement program. Now if I leave it until the end of the last Friday off the month and some say, Oh, I need to find $1000 0 I don't have it. It's not achievable, you know, Put $1000 into savings account and I have not done anything each day to save that $1000. Then it's likely to be an impossible task, and I'm very quickly going to get very disillusioned with that goal. What you would need to do in that situation is, if you need to put $1000 away each month, you need to break that down into $250 a week, and then you need to break that down into save $50 a day or whatever it works out seven day , five day week, for example, so say $40. I think maybe $42 or something each day could even be 33 Del Aziz day. My mouth is terrible, but you need to be breaking it down so that you're not just leaving it one day a week. Put $1000 into my retirement savings plan. You know, if you do it that way, it's gonna fail. Break it down into daily or weekly tusk. Much more manageable tasks, because if on your to do list for today's save $33 or $40 or whatever, then it's gonna be in your mind throughout the day to make sure that you put $40 away or you don't spend that $40. But if you have the last Friday of every month, put $1000 into savings account, I can promise you you might get some months. But more often than not, you will not have enough money to do it. So you need to break down those girls so that they are actionable every day. So make sure that your house are actionable, not impossible, because impossible goal daily tusks are gonna make this whole process a waste of time for you. You do have to make sure that those goals are manageable. Andi achievable each single day or week. Okay, so that's what with the second problem, where most people fail in achieving their goals, then making impossible house so that they just don't achieve it. You need to make sure that your house are challenging. Of course, they need to be challenging us. That wouldn't be a goal, but they also need to be achievable. All we need is a little bit off effort on discipline. Okay, let's move on to the 3rd 1 17. 18 A Final Word: Well, congratulations. You have finally completed the course. Well done. Now what I want you to do is to start taking action on all the goals that you set for yourself. Hopefully, now you have two or three. Why you want to achieve those goals and you have between five and 10 action steps that you can take to get yourself moving towards achieving those goals. Now remember, remember the reasons why many people fail achieving their goals. They often try and achieve way too much too fast. Start slowly. Remember, life is a journey. It's a long journey. You have plenty off time, separate out the goals that you want to achieve by the quarter or by this every six months or every year. Look at the one or two goals that are priority to you right now. So if you're in your early twenties, maybe planning for your retirement is no actually a priority right now, But buying a house on getting yourself into a good career might be where your priorities are, and that's where you should be focusing your attention. So think carefully about where you are in life right now on what your priorities are and make sure those are the goals that you are focused on this year, the remaining part of this year. And then look at next year. What do you want to achieve next year? Maybe the year after and over the next five years in 10 years? Have a good spread off goals and just keep measuring them on a regular basis so that you know where you are and you know how far you still to go on how far you have progressed. It's a really motivator when you look at it like that. So there you go. Hopefully you now have all the skills you need to be able to set and achieve goals for yourself. And remember, don't be embarrassed about your wife and make sure that your goals are in perfect alignment with your values because that's really important. If they're not in line with your values, you are not going to achieve your goals. You will just give up okay. If you do have any questions at all about these steps, please feel free to ask a question on the U Demi site. I will be here to answer those questions as quickly as I can I do? Try to answer all questions within 24 hours, so please be patient. I will get back to you as quickly as I can. But once again, thank you very much for taking this course. I wish you all the very best for the future. And if there's anything I can do to help you, all you need to do is contact me either through this site or you can contact me by email. I'll put that in the welcome email. So welcome email that you will receive so you can contact me them. Okay, once again, thank you very much for taking this course. Good luck on. Let's start achieving your goals. 18. 19 Why people fail to achieve their goals p3: Okay. The third reason why most people fail of their goals is they're not monitoring progress. This is crucial. You need to set up in Excel Fowler of Numbers file or whatever type of system you use. Or you could probably do this in Evernote. But you need to be monitoring your goals every single week. Memphis Quarter year. You need to be making sure that on a weekly monthly, quarterly and yearly basis, you are moving forward on your goals. If you are not measuring your goals, you will fail. Simple as that, because the monitoring is going to tell you whether you're on track, below track or above track. And this is crucial because once you know where you are on a weekly monthly, quarterly and yearly basis with your goals, you are going to keep yourself motivated and incentivized to keep going forward. Most people quit because they don't feel than making progress, so you need to make sure that you are measuring your goals so that you can monitor your progress as you move along on. Boy, I know this works by monitoring your steps towards achieving those goals. You are truly going to make sure that you know where to focus. So let's say, for example, you have a plan to save money for a house. If you're you've set your goal that you need. You got a monthly goal off, say, $1000. You've got a quarterly goal off, say, $3000 you got a yearly goal of $12,000 to save. Then, as you go through, if you're checking on a weekly basis or even on a monthly basis, you are gonna be able to see that progress on the savings account going up and up and up, And it will just incentivize you to keep moving forward, as I mentioned many times already. Throughout this course, most people don't achieve their goals because it's too easy, not toe. You need to keep yourself motivated when you're motivated. You are really going to keep pushing forward on your goals on by measuring your goals. That will add the incentive you need to keep moving forward even through the difficult times. You will keep moving forward simply because you can see you are progressing towards your goals, and that is one of the essential keys off creating and achieving your goals. OK, that's it for that section. Now you know the three main reasons why most people fail There is the 1st 1 of course, which is It's too easy not to try and achieve goals. But if you've got this far away through the course, I'm pretty sure you're not one of those people.