How To Create An Infographic: The #1 Tool That's Shareworthy and Creates Buzz

Ben Hill, Entrepreneur, Web Design, Doctor

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5 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Why Create An Inforgraphic

    • 3. Tips To Get Started

    • 4. Intro To Canva

    • 5. Creating Your Infographic


Project Description

Infographics are a form of content marketing that are not only huge for website traffic, but also on Social Media. It's likely you've probably seen at least 1 infographic already today. So for this class project, I want you to do something that is super easy. Create an infographic and post it here. That's it! Let's see what you're working on.

If you're brave, let us know if your infographic is getting shared and on what platforms. Blogging? Marketing? Social Media?

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