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How To Create An Infographic: The #1 Tool That's Shareworthy and Creates Buzz

teacher avatar Ben Hill, Entrepreneur, Web Design, Doctor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Why Create An Inforgraphic

    • 3. Tips To Get Started

    • 4. Intro To Canva

    • 5. Creating Your Infographic

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About This Class

For the past 6 years, the use of infographics to convey compelling digital information and content has exploded! In this quick and easy to follow course, I will show you how to get started creating your own infographics that get your blog or website noticed.

In more detail, I will show you:

  • What to use if you're not an Adobe Photoshop guru for infographics and other graphic designs 
  • Where to get fresh infographic ideas and know what's currently receiving the most social shares.
  • How to get started
  • A free service to help you create infographics in minutes, not days

If you're already writing your own articles, you should definitely be creating infographics to help convey your message. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ben Hill

Entrepreneur, Web Design, Doctor


Ben is a fervid freelance digital content creator. He's always anxious to create new digital designs and websites. More so, he absolutely loves inspiring others to do the same.

For as long as he can remember, he's been building computers, creating websites, and producing videos. He's a true entrepreneur, having started numerous businesses, both online and in the world. He loves the challenge of figuring things out on his own and then doing it better than anyone else around. Not because he has something to prove, but because he loves to learn.

The greatest satisfaction he gets in life is helping others. He's spent years working with Wordpress and Photoshop and would love the opportunity to show you how to make some really incredible material.

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1. Introduction: Hello, My name is Ben Hill, and welcome to my course. How to make an infographic. Over the past six years, the popularity of infographics has exploded, and for good reason. As the Internet evolves, it becomes less and less about a text and Maura, about visual appealing content that can be consumed easily, infographics fit that trim perfectly and been found to be incredibly valuable to digital marketers and bloggers like for several reasons, infographics are easy to share on social media. They also condensed lengthy or difficult to understand concepts into an easy to understand visual chart because of their popularity. Not only can they drive more traffic to your website, but in turn booster overall s yo in this course, I'll show you how to easily create a simple infographic that you'll be able to replicate over and over again. So if you're ready, let's get started 2. Why Create An Inforgraphic: there are actually plenty of reasons why you should create infographics. First of all, as I previously mentioned in the introduction, the growth of infographics has gained a huge amount of momentum over the past six years, and for now, that doesn't show any signs of slowing down. Second, by design, infographics are compelling digital asset because people love facts, figures and statistics. How often have you had a conversation and either you or the person you're talking to leads into the conversation with? Hey, did you know and share some uncommonly known bit of information? So with infographics, you had some attractive images and graphics and bingo. You have a winner. If you're still not sure about the validity of creating an infographic, let's take a quick over look over a bus. Sumo. I love busting one because with a quick search, I can see what type of content is training or is highly shareable. So before I create any content, I come here to see if it will stick or not. So here I typed in infographic and let's see the results. It quickly becomes apparent that a well thought out infographic has a huge amount of potential with over 474,000 shares. People obviously love their buttercream. So to get started with infographics, we're going to head on over to simple content creation dot com. And I want to show you the infographic I created with my 10 step s you article with about 1800 words. It's currently my most popular article on this site. However, because of its length, I created the simple infographic to condense those 1800 words into a simple chart that is easy to understand and share. And guess what it gets Aton of shares. So in this course, I want to shoot how easy it is to create a similar infographic that you too, can share with your network. 3. Tips To Get Started: Now I know what this point. You're really anxious to get started on your infographic. But first I wanted to share some tips to creating your infographic. Now, I find a really important that before you even start putting together your infographic that you start with a plan. First, ask yourself. Why are you creating this infographic in the first place? What is the message that you want to convey to? People also have a goal in mind. Once you've created this Infographic, what is it that you want people to learn or what is it that you want them to do? That's really important. To have that goal and to write a doubt and for that to be the focus of your creation after brainstorm effective elements, What is it that you can put on the page that's going to catch somebody's eye? What is it that's gonna make your infographic interesting for somebody to see? Those are all things I want you to think about and to write down as you're beginning to come together and have these ideas for how to make this awesome, awesome Infographic. And then finally go ahead and get a piece of paper out and plan your design. Perhaps just scratch out really quick. Write down on a piece of paper how you want your design, a look and just do something very rudimentary. It doesn't have to be fancy, but I find that ultimately when you sit down and and you're trying to put this together, it really helps to have a road map to see where you're starting and where you want to go. And by having these elements by having these goals ultimately will drive the success of your infographic. 4. Intro To Canva: all right, get started with your infographic. We're gonna use Can Va. Kevin is what I like to call the photo shopped for dummies because you can easily create amazing digital content without a lot of skills. Seriously, you're only limited by your imagination. Camera, fortunately, is a free online service, and you can sign up, although they do offer a premium subscription. I've never felt the need because there's so much you can do on the free account. For the sake of this course, I'm just going to limit my explanation of camera to just creating an infographic and not cover all the ins and outs of the service. I'm pretty confident that with a little bit of time and a little bit of practice, you'll be able to figure it out on your own. So go ahead and sign up for a free account log in, and we're gonna continue from there Now. Once you log in camera, you'll be faced with this dashboard right here, where you are able to actually select a lot of different popular designs. And it's so cool because you can go through and see that there's different sizes for social media. For documents, blogging, e books, marketing material. So many things you could do with camera. I'm not going to show you all the ins and outs, but if you go down here, you can actually see that they have some preset infographics. I'll go ahead and click here. That's 800 by 2000 pixels, and so that will take you to a separate page. And if you look right here in the left hand column, we have all these infographics, so you can choose from, and these are all free. They do have some that are paid. You can go ahead and pay a couple extra dollars for those, but for the most part of their fairly reasonable. And so, if you want to go the easier out, all you have to do is just click right there on the infographic. It all automatically populates over here and again. This is a 800 by 2000 infographic that's fairly large, and as you can see each one of the elements here, you can edit very easily by simply clicking on the item, changing the text right there, and then it will automatically save all of your options. Air up here in the top part where you can change the fund, the size, the color theologian mint in the spacing. Also, if you create an element, for instance, this 17 right here you can simply copy, make a copy of that element, and then you can drag it wherever you like onto the infographic. Also, you can arrange how you wanted to sit on the infographic. You have to remember that similar to photo shop, there are actually layers to this. And so you can either bring it to the front or back or do whatever you like. Also, you can change the transparency. So we made that disappear. And also with any of the text that you have or any other element you can actually create a link. And this is very good so that when people share your stuff, you can actually link out to other material, thus increasing your S e o. And then finally, here at the end, you have the garbage can where you can just simply delete different elements very quickly over here on the left hand corner to give you a quick orientation. We have different elements from free photos, grids, frames, illustrations you name it. Click through all this and you can see all of the different elements that you can add to your picture or to your infographic right there. You can resize it, change the color once, because I make that yellow so you can see it. He could do anything that you like. You can turn it around. Different fonts, difference types of text. You can go through all this. See all the free options. Really, your possibilities are limitless. If you go back to elements, simply type in. For instance, if you're looking for an arrow, type that in, you have different icons that you can use. So we'll just go ahead and take this arrow right here. We could make it larger. We could twist it around wherever we need it and whatever we like to do with it, it's possible with camera. So I'm just trying to show you that you have a lot of options here. Also, one of the cool things I like is you can actually upload your own stuff. If you have pictures that you want to upload, you simply just drag and drop it into camera, and it will automatically upload we could take this picture, place it anywhere we like, arrange it, will throw to the back, throw it a little bit further back. And we could make that the background, the starting point. It is so neat where you can do with camera. And if you just take a little bit of time, you can find out all the options that are available to you, and you're gonna find out that this is gonna be your go to source for creating all your digital content. 5. Creating Your Infographic: Now, in the last video, I wanted to give you a quick introduction to Campbell, but in this video, we're gonna go ahead and get started with that. Infographic, as I had mentioned, you can actually go down here and you can pre select an infographic plug in your own information. And it's very simple. However, if you want to create one similar to the one that I have on simple content creation like here. I made this all from scratch, and I I put together all these elements myself. So to do that, you can create a custom sized template here, and that was 800 by 2200 2200 pixels and then go ahead and click design. So this will create a blank canvas for you, for you to get started. Now, the easiest thing that you can dio is for your background, similar to what I have over here. And I'll be clicking back and forth so that you can kind of see what I'm doing as I go along here. And I'm not gonna create this entire infographic here. That would just take way too long. But I'm going to show you some of the elements, how I put it together and some of my thinking as I go along here. So coming back here, you can create eight. You can start with your background now. I had mentioned that similar to photo shop, everything is layered. And so that's why you actually want to have a plan. Like, how is it that you want everything laid out? You can always use the option to put elements in the background or bring them forward. But it's just easiest that if you start with a plan and kind of build up from there, so start with the foundation of the background. Let's just choose a color. We're gonna select that color, and then you can see right here I went ahead and up with the very top. We have our title. So if you go over to your elements one of the easiest things that you could do you see all these different selections here is I'll just type in what I want. So I want a banner and you have all these options will just go ahead and throw this over here. I like that banner. Just put s CEO and then go back over there and type in computer and so similar to what I have here. We have this laptop computer. I'm just gonna actually grab this desktop icon right here. And one of the neat things that some of these elements you can actually drag your own personalized photo to fill. This and all we have to do is actually just click right here or let me do this. I'm going to go over to some of the upload that already have, and by simply dragging it over it automatically filled that spot right there. And that is done. If you want to resize it, just change it right there. If you want some additional text, come over here. Choose one of these. So if you want a big heading right here the ah, see to step guy to S e o. And then you could just change. The font will change the color so you can see a little bit better. And also, let's go ahead and just change the size quickly. Ah, changed spelling on that. And then once you've done that, just grab this element. Put it right up there. Once I did that in order to create this background. I did as I came over here to elements of shapes and one had just grabbed one of these boxes right here. I sized it. Do what I thought I would need and then just change the color. You can changes to anything that you like. All change it, Teoh. We'll just change it to blue, actually, let's keep it black for a moment and let me show you that you can come over here and change the transparency. So if you don't want to so dark, just do that. That's a really neat little way that you can change it. Make a very simple Okay, we'll make this a little bit smaller. Remember that This is a really big graphic. So you kind of have to keep things in perspective. For instance, this computer is going to be way, way too big. Ah, when you blow it up when you come back here, remember? I mean, look how big that this is. It's really huge. So keep that in mind and see how I have it over here. We change this size so you just keep adding elements on top of each other for the text box . I would come over here and I would just resize it. Now if you need a zoom in. Ah, that's very simple. Just come down here and zoom in a little bit and then place this element will just, ah, change it to read and then go ahead back here. Well, you have to do is just modify that and we'll say tip of one like that. Bring it over here resized what you like change his color toe white so you can see it. And then I just put in you know, the certain elements right there. Also, you can see that I have these different lines right here. That was also just very easy to find. Go back to elements and clicked on lines and basically, just grab this one right here. This line right there, you have to resize it. You can flip it around to where you want it if you want it this way, and I just put it right there. And that's basically how I incorporated these lines point to certain elements on the infographic. If you like to do it that way, this does take a little bit of time to in order to put all this together. You have to be creative and have to really play with all the different elements that you have over here on the side. But I believe that if you do, you can really come up with something pretty incredible. There are just so many different options that you have an icon's. You see all these great icons. I mean, these air fantastic for infographics right here. And my suggestion to you is that if you're not really sure what you want or how to find it , if you don't go searching into the elements, just type it up here into the search box. Now, I had mentioned before that there there is a premium price to some of the elements here. So it's a dollar for some of these pictures. That's really not too bad. If you go to a lot of other stock imaging sites, that could be pretty expensive. So the fact that they have some really decent ones over here for a dollar is pretty good. But also, if you look at the free photos, they actually have really fantastic free photos available to you. And, you know, if you want to do like a, uh you know, whatever you like, you can find in the search box, and you're the possibilities are limitless. Now, one of things that I do want to show you is the fact that you could make any off your text and you can create a link to it. So if you wanted to just put in your Web site or link out to other content, I really highly suggest you do that once you've put everything together and this is your finished product right here. What I would encourage you to do our next is to properly name it and thats gonna help with your S e o a little bit as faras the correct title. And then when you go to download it, you have a lot of different options here and you can see right here. I had downloaded all my images for my websites for web right here. But also you can if pdf you could do it for print. A lot of really cool options here that you have Just download that and then you could upload it to your website. If you find that the size is still a little bit too big. Make sure that you run any of your images through imagery. Sizer. There's a lot of free options online for that. But you wanna make them a smallest possible so that your way page will load really, really fast. Okay, So that, in a nutshell, is how you create a infographic. Remember that if this if putting everything together on your own is just too much information for you and you want something really simple, you have these pre made options right here for you blah graphics. These infographics right here, which in a lot of cases, if you're creative enough, you can switch just certain elements and make it your own, and nobody will really know the difference. But I think that they're they're good enough for what you need. And they have the proper sizing and spacing and everything else. So just continue working on this Infographic. This one right here took me just a couple of hours, and that's because I'm a little bit picky on how I like things. Just keep working at it, and you'll come up with a really great, great looking infographic