How To Create Amazing Talking Head Videos | Derek Franklin | Skillshare

How To Create Amazing Talking Head Videos

Derek Franklin, Teaches Crazy Good Courses You Will Love!

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19 Lessons (1h 39m)
    • 1. Why Take This Class

    • 2. What To Expect

    • 3. Train Your Focus

    • 4. Train Your Focus And Speak

    • 5. Practice Freestyle Expression

    • 6. Prime Yourself

    • 7. Start With A Summary

    • 8. Trash The Script

    • 9. Use A Subtle Memory Aid

    • 10. Look For Inspiration

    • 11. Speak Like You Speak

    • 12. Record On A High

    • 13. Build Some Success Momentum

    • 14. Speed Up Your Implementation

    • 15. Beecome An Imperfectionist

    • 16. Close The Gap

    • 17. Tool: The Mind Map Outline

    • 18. Course Summary

    • 19. Thank You


About This Class

Do you say these things to yourself:

  • I hate being in front of the camera, but I know that to be successful online, I've got to learn how to do it!
  • When I press the record button on the camera, it's like my confidence instantly drains right out of me
  • Why doesn't my mouth and brain don't work properly when I'm in front of the camera - it's unbelievably frustrating!
  • I'm a professional teacher/presenter and I can't believe how difficult of a time I have recording a simple video
  • I'm tired of nonsense advice like: 'just be yourself', and 'think of the camera as your friend' - it doesn't work!
  • I'm tired of spending hours/days writing scripts for videos where I sound like I'm reading a book and look stiffer than a board on camera
  • How can I record high-quality videos quickly?
  • How do other people record great videos with so little effort - how can I be like them?!?
  • I want to create great videos - HELP!!!

If you've said any of these things to yourself in the past, you're going to love this class!

Not only does it answer all these questions (and more), but the course is delivered to you in a energetic, simple, and fun way.

So...what makes this class so unique?

  • My relentless focus on delivering high-quality content within the course
  • The high value of the ideas
  • The unique and engaging way lessons are presented
  • How practical and usable the ideas are that I teach you
  • The transformation you'll see in yourself
  • The transformation others will see in you

This class is for you if you:

  • Want to quickly create amazing talking-head videos for your students, listeners, and fans!
  • Have very little time to watch boring, complicated lessons
  • Tired of ideas that are really nothing more then weak, boring cliche's that are largely worthless nonsense ('be yourself', 'love the camera', 'let go of your fear', etc.)
  • Enjoy video training over book-learnin'
  • Want actionable, practical strategies and tools that you can use right now - today
  • Think visual guides for the course content is cool and useful for reference later
  • Like having some fun while you learn

Be amazing!