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How To Create A WordPress Website Using Elementor Page Builder without writing code

teacher avatar Imran Emu, WordPress Developer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

21 Lessons (3h 38m)
    • 1. Introduction and Overview

    • 2. Buy Domain Name And Web Hosting

    • 3. Install WordPress

    • 4. WordPress Dashboard

    • 5. Install Theme

    • 6. Install Elementor

    • 7. Header Builder

    • 8. Slider Section

    • 9. Slider Section 2

    • 10. Features Section

    • 11. About Section

    • 12. Audit form Section

    • 13. Services Section

    • 14. Pricing Section

    • 15. Clients Section

    • 16. Cunter

    • 17. Contact Form

    • 18. Services Page

    • 19. About Us Page

    • 20. Contact Page

    • 21. Footer Section

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About This Class

Through the course, you will come to know about WordPress CMS and how to build a website with WordPress and Elementor Pro.

Elementor is a popular WordPress Page builder plugin. This course, I showed how to use this page builder to design a webpage without having any programming knowledge.

I will show you how to install  WordPress  CMS and other tools. This course will be suitable for any level of users from beginners to advanced.

I believe, after the end of the course, you will be able to use WordPress and Elementor together to build any website to improve your business.

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Imran Emu

WordPress Developer



I am Imran Emu and a professional  Web Designer and Developer. I love to work with WordPress CMS and always passionate to learn new technologies. 

I have been making youtube videos on WordPress themes and Plugins from 2014. I created a good number of cool designed Websites. I believe, My instructions will help you to build a good design website for your personal purpose or to build a web design Career.

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1. Introduction and Overview: Hi everyone, This is incredible. I am a Friedland's wife, said developer. I love to build website using or per Seamus and Element or Base Wilder in this course are willed our website with or persimmons and element er pro plays wilder out like to show you the way of site I will build during this course. Here goes the wife site Here you can see the hitter and may know And the slider it waas running. Okay, here you can see any major sections Here you can see animated preserves area and about us. I just build this website for any business purpose but mainly for those of who are providing issue service. But it can be used or modified for any kind of business purpose. Here goes there. End of the Home Peas Outlook to show you the services place Here it is. Here was their pick. You intimated video Andi again outlet for you. About us plays contact pays. Okay, just how will build this website during this course and I think it would be very difficult for you. Thus they will need tohave very basic knowledge off or perceives and 11th or place builder After the end of the course, I believe you will be able to create any website using or pressure and elemental pace bowler. So I would like to welcome you to resign my course and thank you for watching have to see you in the next video. 2. Buy Domain Name And Web Hosting: Hi, everyone. In this lesson, I'll talk about domain name on the hosting account toe, build our website and bring it online. It will need our domain name and hosting account. Our domain name and hosting account hard up different services, but they work together to make your wife said possible. Actually, that domain name is the address off your wife site that people live on the address bar here on that dress BA to access your wife's site. Say, for example, if you would like to access Facebook, you will right praise will dot com So facebook dot com is the domain name, and we're hosting is the place in a server where all the website files are struck, so they work together to make the wife set functional. As you are interested to make a wave set for your business and bring your wife side online , I will show you how to buy our domain name and hosting account. Using side ground Web hosting provider, you'll find a link in the description of discourse on If you click on that link, then it will be sent here on SAT ground dot com. Here you will find the available were hosting packages here. If I hover over the hosting cap, then you can see for options. But as we're going to build our fresh website so we should click on art first twisting, just click on it and you will find the available practices the very beginning. One start up is $2.95 Apartment and agro bacall, $5.95 apartment and Gogi Khan is $11.95. Apartment. I used this packets grow. Vic, the main pre set up this peckers that we can host. Unlimited website today. You have a way of sight. But a pair of humans, you male host some other wife sets. Then it won't have to buy a new hosting account. So this packet disputes approved and why I'm going to use this website because of the technology they use they use in the next server. And there were hosting panel is very lucrative. Very nice and clean. Okay, what we're going to do just click on this, get ground battle, just click on it. And we have completed the pastor step with Souza plan, And now so that domain name according to your business, then It was just so so our name just I'm going to type out of my name. God, teams build. Yes, I work with work fresh and create websites. So dust this team name that this wave set name will represent my words said, Well, and the stars for the domain name registration is $15.95 barrier. Or if you already have a domain name that still says the second option I already have the win them Just click process And this is the final the step Onda Step number three and you can see contra solution. That means your domain name is available. Domain name teams build dot com is every level for registration with your hosting account. I mean, if you persist this hosting account and it will Parsons this domain name we did, and it will be automatically hooked to your server. Okay, So what? It will have to do this. You will have to put your accounting permission Email, name, password confirm password, your address and payment information. And here you can see hosting service and the plan is grow big data center. You can just shoes Any data center They have currently four data centers. Okay. And three art, 12 months or 24 months. 36 months on some extra options we have. Alderdice is in the domain name Domain name privacy. If you would like Toa protect that domain name privacy, then they will sues this service. And if this heist is this Haider scanner, if you want your cited were scanned through their service, then you saw it. Okay? And finally click this two options and he'd been a water. Okay, Once you have persist this hosting practice, you will be sent several emails to your respective email. You were here and you will be sent the instruction stoop. Access this website. Okay, once you have got everything in your email and if you are just okay with everything, then click on this link Log in. Okay. If you lived on this loving, you will find this logging for I have all reluctant. So I'm going to show you the dashboard upside ground hosting here is the interface upside ground hosting. I have locked in with my user name and password, and here you can see home with self service building reporter marketplace areas. But yes, we will build our website using or for Samos and Element or pays Builder what we'll have to do. We'll have to access this section Wife sides, but it will have toe sake. Everything here, if you would like to just Okay, so we're going to click on. Well, I'm going to click websites here. You can see my domain name pointed toe this server. And here goes every level extracts options and the domain names. Okay, if I would like to access this domain name control panel, then hit this high trolls water. Okay. Here, you can see a lot options we need in the next lecture. I'll show you how to install, or person is using this interface. So by this time, I hope you will be able to access your side gun trusting dashboard, and it will find everything like this. Thank you. Rotting on. Hope to see you in the next video. 3. Install WordPress: hi prints in this leg, sir. We'll learn how to install or purse Emmis on your server. In this turning, I'll use hide ground hosting. I have provided a link in the course description. If you click on that, it will be sent to side ground, not gone. And in the previous lecture, I showed you how to parse is our domain name and hosting account. So it's timeto the signing here on side glowed and you will find this interprets. Okay, I hope by this time you are here and you can see this Pauling navigation menus. So just click on websites And here you will find the domain name you have added to your side ground hosting account and hosting plan and some other pincers. But outlet quickly. Gunsight tools. Well, here you will find all the tools you need toe in a stall or first. Sammy's on the server so you can see site. And here you conceive. Parliament is Arab TV accounts. Chapman is our my Skrill. Push to scream and secretly options is speed. What? British domain e mails started sticks and deaf Still. OK, so we're going Toe Minister award fresh and I'll click in history and minutes under Ord Freshman, just click, install and menace. And here you can see in Estelle and many sort fresh. OK, install new work. Push here you will see two options or push and or fish plus oh commerce. If you would like to build any commerce website, then you will select this option. I'm going to select this option just only or fresh. And here you will find all the domain names you have pointed to this server but our Leto install it on the deaf server. Here you can see Deb Dark team score dot net. So what? You'll have to do that Select that domain name or sub domain name you would like to in a Stalin and give this installation part default. And here you can see installed a starter plug in for quick set up and selection off rules up still. Sometimes I don't need this And here you can see Edwin in for this import will be used to access your or push website later that suits and user name in case I'm going to solve the stuff. Zester default user name on. I'm going to save this information in a note, pet. And here click on this bottoms in arid prisoner it a passport you can build a facade. Are you can say the pass or anything. Okay. And then you just click on copy to copy the password and that Saviour pass or in a text editor. I'm using Windows Mission. So I'm using no part. And here goes the email address off shore. He will put an email address that it will always maintain because you're citing permission will be sent. So that email address I'm just going to use my email address, Okay? Their self. It's pretty simple to install. Or for Seamus Onside ground hosting interface. That's pretty simple. You will just need this. You won't have calculate any debt of us yourself that I was user password and point the user name. Toe the databases. This things are not necessarily here. That's pretty simple. Else you could see they're clicking a still. Now it's under process. Okay, You could see what fresh is in a stalled on this domain name. So from here you can go to the control panel, are visit the site. If you click on this contra pregnant, then you will be redirected toe the or Fish day's work. Okay, but we will access it manually. Here goes the domain name. And I'm just going to click on this reload pace on. I'm just going to reload this space on here. You can see the brand new war pushed site. Just I have been a start right now. So what I'm going to do now that I'm going to show you how to access the dashboard off or pressure off site and will start building our expected website like this. So through this course, we will turn this empty wife site in tow. Our professional looking business with set like the sun. Okay, so what? I'm going to do that click here anyway, You might wondering how to access the Resolute. Just here goes the domain name they've got. Team scored Darknet on after that, Put slash and put logging on. It will be sent here on this logging inter vis. So you remember I used this user name when they installed work fresh. Just put the user name here and with the password you can sick. Remember me? Then you won't have to put the user name password again and again that hit logging. And here goes the day's work off our fresh website from here. Well, men is the site. So if this is the first time, don't worry, just everything is pretty simple. Building our website Using what? Fresh? It's really fun and easy. What I'm going to do. Just harbor over here on my York fresh. Just about over here and click visit side in a new tab. You will see that site intervals once you have locked into your side and you will always see this black bar and you will get off Shawn's toe easily access any part off or presidential Here you can see Dashboard Team Withers, Meno customize. And if you want to get opposed to media pays over and use American great from here. Just sir Short Ling. Okay, They're so we could successfully instal or press Sumers in the next video. We'll learn something new. So after this must thank you for watching 4. WordPress Dashboard: Hi, everyone in this lecture, I'll show you how to access the dashboard and I'll introduce the menu and every options off dashboard and also you how toe set apart fresh, just basic settings apart. Wish so Okay, so let's see how to access that dashboard. Here. You can see the domain name on that dress were, And after the domain name, you'll type slash logging or you can slot. Or you can type WP hype in admin on hit. Enter. Okay, Then it will be sent to the logging pace off your dashboard and what I'm going to do, I'm going to put the user name and password here. Oil. Here goes the user name. Here goes The Apostle are that's sacred, Him or me? If you don't like toe, put the user name and password again and again. Just get logging on Here goes up brand new dashboard. Although I introduced it in the last video when I installed work fresh. Okay. And this is called a left sidebar Minot. And this is the right part. On the left side, it will see all the minerals and the past. Ron, you can see what fresh and if you have are over here you will see side and home update If you go click home and you will be rejected Toe the home pace And if you click tablets And here you can see all the opticians you need as we install this work pressure right now. So there is no obstetrician required and the next minute he's posts. And if you have or wear it on, it will seize where submittal all post air new catalyst antics. Just click on all post and here you will find all the post. And anyway, this video is for the beginners. Those off who's us toe access to that dashboard a portrait for today are just watching this video. And if you already have plant and it's everything about this, just skip this video. And if you click on this new then then you will be able to create a post. Here goes the options to a post our title Here goes the Here we will add the content and you will publish. If you write something, just I'm going to type test post on Dhere. You can see notions to publish it and here we will be able to add content. Say, for example, I'm just going to give this beautiful piece of content here to here, probably shagging and build a post. Here it is. And here you can see media and in the world said it will. It was images, videos and just the media lady, you will find every media here and if you would like to add a name is just you'll have to kill here and you will be able to a remiss and again basis. Here goes all the pages by default. I have two places but here in Vincey on the website I have several pages but we will create places later from here and comments if anybody lived Any comment in your block post you will find here. And if there is, if you didn't in this section you will be able to add or delete teams. And this appearance will be maintained by or fresh team. I mean, how your content will be represented that will be defined by war pressed him Your are fresh team will just riff isn't your content. It has several sub manu customized wizards menu team a detour on finally plug ins here they will be able to in a stall or till it blackens flag ins will just add any extra functionality. By default, you will get a simple Portrush website. If you would like to sell any porters online using your side, then you'll have to aired a plug into inaudible dysfunctionality. If you would like to enable your side for booking, just you want to create our hotel looking with site, then you will have to add plug in tow. Inaudible this functionalities. So simply blag ins just healthy. Do abs functionality and users, all users and some tools. Okay and settings. Okay, Here you can see help option. You will find the specter health. And if I go back to the dashboard here you will see the past banner and at a glance you have to post one comment on pace and what press selected activities and your goals or push event and news. Okay, and here you can see this screen option. If you click on it, you will find many options. If you would like to deserve all these in, just click here then that is disabled. Disheveled, resembled, resembled. But again, you can add this. Just set this box Okay. I think you don't be very difficult to maintain your wife site using or push. Now I'm going to show you some basic settings. Just click on settings and you will find several sittings. General writing, reading, discussion media Parma Ling and privates. First of all, general. And here you can see site title. This title is very important because it will represent shortly your wife site and side Tagle in several example This is a way of sight on this website is built for those off who are providing issue service mainly. So for the Citatah, you can put your domain name if you're doing name is the star best issue you will take. Sorry. Vest. Yes, you and in the tablet. And you can say we put what best is your service. This is a site addressed Dishonest. Actually. Your wife said address on this and will be used for or clich? Dashboard and email address membership En Ian can resistor if use us to build any wave site for subscription or membership management to himself. Just said these votes okay and new rule. What will be the roll off our newly resistor member contributor side languages times on date format on time for Mitt, and your week starts on Monday or Sunday as, um, my weakest start on Sunday. But you can last sends it anytime that hit safe singers. So now you can see it sends us and the next sittings writing default post category on default First format. Here you will see several post format foster via email. Okay on, Let's see rooting from here, you will be able to say the default homepages display with space will be displayed on the home peas, although we haven't created any pace, so we couldn't see it it right now. But I was back to the sitting again. And finally, I'm just going to escape these two discussion and media. Okay, Next on his discussion here, you will just sit up the discussion section. I'm in commenting section. You can see at them to notify any block links from your article. Blah blah. That's self explanatory. You will read on that sick answered every sitting once you're done hit saves in this next on his media. Here we will Men is the image size the family limits size, media size, large size andi for Mullings borrowings will be the link style off your wife site. Say, for example, if I click on services and here you can see it added services are troubled domain name. If I click on about us, you and it about us after the domain name. So if you would like the Parma Link s style as I help set so this website then you should go it Post train. That's just take this box post plain and hit safe centers. So by now we have completed the basic settings off or fresh. In the next video, I will show you how to install or press team. Thank you for watching Andi have to see you in the next video. 5. Install Theme: Hi, everyone in this letter, I'll show you how to install at him on the team will just represent the content off your website. Now, you see, the content isn't presented very well that it's messy, so I'm just going to install a pre team. So what I'm going to do from the dashboard, I'm going to hover over the appearance and you see several sub options. So just click teams on here. You can see three teams to any 1920 17 2016. Andi, son, is that activity team right now on. I can install any new team and activate that on our I can Swiss throw anything later. So to install at him, what I'm going to do, I'm just going to click on Air New. And here you can see all that him listed here, prom or press team directory. But if you parse, isn't it him from in the marketplace? Then it will have toe click here this option applaud him. But I'm going toe klik toe popular tap. And here you can see Hello, Element or Tim, Actually, we're going toe designed the website using this element or place builder. So this team is the bluff by L. A mentor. Also. That's why I have chosen this team. And finally, I'm just going to click on Install now. You said very light with him and it in a start. Now click on here. Activity Bottom on. This team is activated. If I reload this pace here, you can see the difference. Okay? No, you can see Hello. Elementaries activated. Now the number of now I have Portman's. Well, once we have installed the team here, we will see the option customize. Just click on it to customers. This Tim. Okay, here in Quincy, site identity. We have already sensed it, but from here will just since the logo. At the moment, we don't have any logo, so just click here said logo and side A gone past. Lee started the select logo, and here you can see our pop up window on through this window, you will see all the media assets you have at the moment. We don't have any images or anything else. So what I'll have to do just come back to the the pep Offload files and hit select file, or I'm just going to drag and drop any file here I have the logo So that click on it drug and drove here. The lower has been uploaded, selected and here it say's grope emits if you would like to crop your images. But I don't like it. I have already recess to the logo using partnership Just escaped. Groovy. Here you can see the logo is at it here. But I'm going to use the lower s site icon. So select side icon Filic on here. Click. Here just is keep groping. And now here you can see our icon And here you can see there is no icon. But if I reloaded later then they will find it. Just hit publish, Get back again And here you will find navigation. We haven't killed any navigation menu. So just after this must for now, just click on it and will be sent to the Wedgwood again. And if I reload this space here, you can see logo on the side taken So in the next lecture our install element or pro on element er free visible their flag in thank of rotting Hope to see you in the next video 6. Install Elementor: Hi, everyone in this. Listen who we learn how to install element or praise Wilder. Okay, yes. We're going to build this website using element are appropriate. Swiller. So what we'll have to do just will have to parse is the element er pace builder. If you already have the pro version off element er pro. That's great. If you don't have, you will find the link off a live inter pace bowler in the course description. Just click on that link on You will be sent here. Okay, Once you have come here just to see the pricing off from and here you will find three different pricing option. If you would like to build are single off site, then you should go through this packets. $49 partier. Are you just on to build on more wave search than this? Practice will be good for you. And if you are a web, the bluff are are. If you want to run any decency for Web development, then you should go through the next time. I mean that hard on. Okay, Yes. You are going to build our website. Then you should start with this personal on just Click on by now. And here is the sick out, please. You can see lived up here in metal. Andi, Finally, if you click on sick out here, you will find the pop up to air. Your card number card expired. It and CVC. Okay, once everything is done, Gilligan, pay button. Okay. Once you have processed this space builder, then it will find every details in your email, or it will just come back. And here on this Meno my account and it will sign into element are placed builder, wife site. Here goes my account. I have just locked into a limiter pace builder. And it's my daughter elemental dot com. And from here, I'll be able to download a plug in. Okay, just click on download bottom on. It will start downloading order particularly. Okay. The plug in has been downloaded, and here it is. So I'm going to Well, I have locked into my dead wife site on Dhere. You can see plug ins and click on add new on a float. Flagging. I'm just going to get the flagging from my download folder. Just I live here and hit install law. He ducked it with the plugging. Okay, One thing you should know that element er has a light version. On what? Fresh flag in victory. Just ligand up plug ins and five element, or you didn't know. Here it is 11 or pace bowler. Okay, The light version and the pro version worked with that. If you install the pro version, you will also have to install the light version. Just dashed. Here, you can see in a still elemental. Now here you can see element Er, Peru is not working because you need to instal a limiter based blocking. So just click here, Active. The plug in they're scraped. Here is the will. Come pays off element or page builder. I'm just going to click here and you will be here. So once you have successfully uninstalled the element er, pro and element a light version, then here we will see Connect on active it. You will have to activate this plug in and you can see a limiter place builder Men who is here employed here. Okay, just I'm going to connect it and activity. Just click on it. Okay, then connect on active your license. He'd connect on here. You can see License City, start us active. Okay. So again, go back to the dashboard. And by this time, we have in a stalled limb interface builder, the pre version and the pro version, and we have activated it. License has been activated successfully. Now what we're going to do, we're going to clear some pages now. Here you can see pieces. We will create several pieces. The homeplace services space about peace and contact, please. Just from the dashboard. Here, you can see places all pages and click on add new. And here it will put that title up the pace. Home on hit. Publish again. Create new services. Hit. Publish Andi again. Create another piece. The last place. Well, let's see all praises. We have this following pages. We don't need simple place or privacy. Policy peas. Right now that's sick. This two plays on from the bottle collection moved to trash it. Apply now. We have poor pages. So what we're going to do? We're going to air this poor places to the minnow here. We don't have any minnow. So what we're going to do just under appearance? Click on minnows? No, Here we will create our mental and the name is by default men one. But I'm going to rename a tow my main middle. And here you can see about Create middle Just click on it and make this middle the primary on save middle Andi, reload this space And here you can see our faces. The home is two times because this is the custom link. We will remove it and we'll bring our home here past and services second about Start contact US port. Just heat safe singers. But I love this place again. And here you can see our mental. Okay, so their self for this for you. In the next video, we learn how to create Ah hitter like this on We will basically designed this hitter. Thank you for watching off to see you in the next video. 7. Header Builder: Hi. Everyone in this lesson will build Ah, header like this on on our development site. Here it is. Okay. And we will learn how to work with element or base builder. And we will configure some basic settings off a limiter place, Wheeler. So let's get started here among the dashboard, and you have probably in a stalled element or plays Wilder crossing the previous videos. Okay, Now, the question is how to work with this plug in. Just once you have created any pieces. Although we kept it displaces in the last video. Our adjust. You can create any pace through the element or plays will. Here, you can see the short court here. You can see the short card get up pace and eliminate Tobar view. Okay, Once you have any pace, are you create any pace, you will find this option it it. And if you edit the pace and on the editing window you will find a tweet, a limiter if you click on it and it will open up the editing piece. Okay. And if you would like to quit that just here a vacancy on the left bottom, you will see Gary Cohn and just click on it. And here you can see exit to dashboard and if you click on it, you will again be sent to the Wedgwood. So just hit attitude limiter pace builder. And if you think you have completed their designing task, then just hit this update bottom and click on this hamburger American, and you will find Buta pays or exit two days work. Okay, Just build api's so you could learn how to launch the element er pace wilder and exited. Okay, um, in the another way, when you were locked in and if you visited the base, it will find this edit with element er, just click on it, then this element or place Villarreal, open up. Now, I would like to show you some basic settings. Just click on this hamburger acre, and here you will see the sittings default color. Look at this place. We have used three or four colors. You can just click on this default color and this color start the primary color. So I'm going to do that before color from here and the color value out like to head is three. Pour 34 Okay, I like this color. So I have read it on poured up accent color Here I have the color code, but I just wanted this color. So just click here and give the color court. I have used our Google Chrome Extension its name, Color peak, and get back here. I'm going to put the color code here. Here it is. Once we have done, just heat up like and go back again. Here you will see default fonts in this wife site. I used popping Thorne's and just google it and it will find more details devoted here. You said Google Fund Poppins. I used this point so we will just make this point default. So how can we do that? Just as I showed you here, You couldn't see default forms on for primary headline. Wilders starts for it on selected and weight off headline. I would like to make it 700 secondary headlines. Foreign will be weapons 500 body text. You can sues any fund from here in this Google Fronts area. The star sin informed. Okay, I'm just going to service Google front here. Here you will find a large sub forms 11 on if you like this front? Say, for example, little just give the name and starts for here. I'm going to show you a little and here it is for the body text. You can sauce Latell any fund you like Just from the space points dot google dot com It will find formed and Sarsania and make it default. If we do this little things, then we won't have toe So's the fund again and again. OK, but I like opens ascending parts opens he doubly and again click here and here you can see color FICA poor color Begin way lose civil color these color again just in a state of block . We only need this color anymore. Okay, We only need this color. Just We're going to use the score and we're going to use another cold far this on. Okay, now what we have done, we have just ready. Now we are ready to start designing just we did some pre pulses of the task must heat up like again Click here and here you can see global settings the content with here you can see the content with from here. So there 1200 pigs ill We're going to set off here content to it. 1200. Okay, just click here. Now we're done with the sittings. So we're going to back to the faith and just I live here and exit today's work. So he there is the past part off the website, so we would let me start building the header. Now go to the dashboard. And here you can see all the men were in sub menu off limiter. Thus to go to the Templars and to start with Tim building Why we really start with Tim building? Because this hitter part will be common for all the faces. If you visit any place, you will find this part very common. Although you can use different hitter for different phases. But in this training, I kept everything same. So we'll just build this part now just from the deadwood. Go to Templars and click on Tim Miller. Here. You can see him, Bill, that you can build any hitter, foot or single place. Archive praise, but outlook to start with header here you can secure your fast header. So click this bottom. Haider and Susan name for the header that click on this. Create template. Bottom on. Once you click on this button, you will be sent to the editing place off element of his builder. Here you can see the live video pop up and you can work with any cremate default hit our template. But we would like to start from the beginning so that we can learn how toe build Well, being Just close it. And here you can see Okay, just click on this plus sign to add any role. Just one droll wit. Three columns because on column for a logo on column for navigation and another column for social Achon Tvcolumn row. Okay, okay. Just abd element in this part that for the past one will add logo So here again sees height logo ingestion Dragon drove Here, here goes the logo. You can see a lthough columns have equal with, but I can drag and drop to minimize or maximize the wheat. This is enough for the logo, but here will air down navigations. Just click on it and starts for any wizard. But will we can see Knapman, who is here? The dragon drove here okay? And main menu is selected. Make it a line lived center left. Okay, we will fix it later. And now here we'll air the social media icons that click on this plus sign and starts for Social. The dragon drove here. Okay, but that look is different. Okay? Just added the content. I'm just going toe resize it their spot effect. So outlook we start designing with the logo. Just click on this pencil icon, and here you can see the emphasises pool alignment is left, lived or center, but is it will be there on the left part. You should align it left. Okay, then it will be just on the left side. And caption we don't need any caption for the logo and link that you can add the custom link at the moment. It has the side, Ural. If Indian click on this logo, they will be redirected to the home base. Okay? And go to this style step here, you can see what you can minimize or maximize the week. OK, but if you have the logo rece iced with any emails editor, you won't have to task the new There's setting options. Okay, but if you have any undersized logo, then you can minimize or maximize the wheat from here. Just drag and drop. Okay? He says it okay. And a ferocity. You can said the paucity of the logo and you cannot see is this filter border type. You can add border. But I don't like any border for the logo. You can add both shadow. And for that one step, you can add Marzen Birding to the local O K. Just hit. Publish. Okay. No. Well, now it's time for the navigation that Kerrigan dispenser liken. Okay, the opacity should be on. Now is time for this navigation. Just click on dispenser like and you see, it's on dog. But we'll have to add some Betty to make it on the me deal. Okay. Just goto this train at Bunce on building. Just unlinked it. Just click here first to make it on link just for Freddie. Monta, I'm going to you 60. No, no, no. We're going to add rent are 24. So it's centered and here you can see the color is different. The hover color. So how can we do that? Just go to the s trial again. And here you can see point or wheat. Now it's bolt but make it default to Lord three pigs ill 23 three do his best and horizontal Perry you can thus to make must more reading Okay, article footing a space between and for the typography. Here you can see one of our color. Just click on hover and text color This color this color comes from here e eight. It's last the some and for the point or color click on this on both text color and the pointer color will be same Here you can see pointer, color and text color are saying and we should just minimal that size off this pointer. So that photo the style on and go to the content pointer or one line for inter underlying in emission slight he had against C or you can customize slight all grow girl. Okay, go to the style again. That's too minimal. The reading Drop down struggle Bottom. Yes, we don't have any drop down menu, so this options are not for us. The stuff would advance option. - Well , let's see how to say the color is quite a bit blood and the style goto the normal and he text color. We can just sit this color. Okay? No, we're going to design this social icon. Just killing Turned up in silicon as Google Plus isn't available. So we're going to just to remove it and add a new one. Just click on this icon Cilic or likens and starts for Lincoln And this one. You can also sense this Points also just for Facebook. Just click on it on DSA, lip all icons and you can solstice on and for Do it. They're just click here, Select all serves for Twitter and you have only two options. But this one is good. Just insert you cannot more icon just click a right. Um Mark Fresh. Okay, now the color. Here you can see different color and different size. So what you'll do just here on the style Step under social Achon. Just click on Stein. And here you can see calories official color. But I like a strong car and you will have two colors primary color and second recover. Just click on it. So is this color on second Erica with white? About the size is the issue. So the foreign size 18 okay, here against it. But I should just to bring it here and alignment. Okay. Anyway, here you can see I can have our color Primary color. You can stick it. This color. How about animation? Just bubbles. Here you can see the balls. Nice balls. Go to advance at some petting on top Dust on link. The values I'm going to use not 50. 25. No, not 25. 24. Okay, okay. 26 works better and again. Go this time for the content and for the alignment. I would like to city toe right or lipped yourself to you, but here you can see it's on. Right? But if you have many bases on your side, then you can make it toe right alignment, then because you will need Morris possessed Dragon drove here toe, make some room for this navigation as we were working with the poor phases, so just I'm going to use it here. Okay, but one thing I can do for you just I'm going to add another column here. Just a new column Here. You can see new column and I can add service icon Sirs, form the sun dive icon. Our text I go on sighs. Okay. This size is good. His skin classic minimal full screen. Classy good Best style Text, color, background color. Barton color the bottom background color with the sun and text. Color is fine. What I'm going to do the what I'm going to do now. Just some reading on top. Just unlinked here. I'm going to be out doing to six, Okay? No, everything is here, but for navigation. Okay. Using any place builder, you can easily build Ah website. But element er is must more is here. So that's why I decided this. And now what you can do Just click this button published on the bottom and you will add condition because we want this hit out to be visible. Toe always is us at condition entire side saving close. Okay. By this time, we have designed our header and this heraldry visible toe all up our faces. There's what we have done during this time. So let's see how to sake it. Just click on the Sambuaga Reagan and he had exit toe dashboard and go to the team builder . You will find this header we have built main hit up. Okay, You can any time edit it or dilated or you can view it. Here it is. Are you can't just exported? Now what I'm going to do Goto all praises and buel the praises. You will see it everywhere now. Okay, that's good. So thank you, Kharazi, On in the next video, we learn something new and hope to see you in the next video. Thank you. 8. Slider Section: Hi, Bron. In this lecture I'll show you how to create this slider on the home place. Here you can see beautiful slider. It shows on the home pays only. But if you never get to this harvest this place you won't see the slider. Just the slider on the home base. Okay, so here I'm under the block Men side and just I'm going to never get to the places, All places And here Golda home pays. But at the moment if I click on this side and here you can see something like this. I would like to set this space as ah, home peas. So previously you could see reading, sitting and here you can see your home base display on set this Boss, just click on this radio walks and select a place for home base would select home and safe senses. Now again, visit the side You will find something like this. Ok, so we can just create this later that from here as we're locked in, we can see the added with element er but we can either way go to the old faces Andi, Eddie, Tom pays and here problem here. You just click on Edit with Ellie Winter. I'm going to remove all other praises. So here it is. Andi fastly What I'll do. Just click on this setting Erica and prays loud are through the pay's load Toe Live inter full it okay, element are fully no, he dubbed it and I'm going to start building this lighter. Okay, Just if you would let toe make any section or making a design what you'll have to do that you'll just click on this plus sign our click on this act template site. If you click here, it will find the pyramid where places you can start building your website using this cremate with set, But you will do it later. Fastly I'm going to show you how to build from the scratch us so that you have the idea how to work with a limiter. I'm not going to use any template that's to remove it. Okay, so what I'm going to do, click on this plus sign and SARS for slider. You will see sliders and Miss Castle, but will use this lives. Just hold it. Drag and drop here on it will by default create a slider for you Okay, Nice. But it's not full with you can see the previews. Just heat update on click on this link Here we will see the review, but it should be here. Here, that full. It's later. So what I'm going to do, I'm going to click on this edit section bottom so that we can say is the layout and the fast. Here you can see a little section. There's to be attention. It is section on. And here you can see content with box to part. I'll make it full. It now you can see is full ID And here you can see column gap. It should be no gap and hide minimum height on here. You can see b is article height will be. I'm going to put it 60 are 70. So what do you do? Sorry. We owned doing is sitting here. Just leave it blank. We will. Element is the height from the slider sections. Just our words off is done with the aged section. Just hit update. Now if we see Prevue, it's full of it. Okay, Now what I'm going to do Just click on this pencil icon on the corner and you can see it. It slides. Click on it. Okay, now you can see with you will just get it from here and here you can see be Ace and click on it. The past only speaks in and six next. Tony's B. A's article height and I'm going toe place here on Lee 70 70. There's mid 70% off the screen. There's fine, just like decent. Or you can make it 80 if you like. It's up to you. But 75 Good, just heat update. Now what I'll do. I'll just add this background image. This okay, just I'm going to remove this color and it emits, So just click on this past on. Then you can see past Debbie's background. Second, Davis content and hard on is this style. Oh, okay, just since the background, I'm going to remove the color, the default color and saying Zemin's that's what I don't know. Okay, just I'm going to add emits from here. Click on this, Susie, Miss Bottom on. I don't have images right now. So what I'm going to do, I'm going to get these three meters the drug and drop here. Let's see the past limits the sun is the posthumous. Okay, this on. Just insert media. Now you can see it saying this. Okay, cool friend. The size should be covered and can burn. Effect can burn. If it is a strata image will zoom in or zoom out there. Spence If it this novel can burn you picked and they fit will be passed on June in or Jamaat. Okay, zoom in and background Overly. Now you can see the color of the emits but I would like to add some background of our like , Alan and the star No need. And so is the color black color. And here you can see Just drag and drop. He'd to get your preferred overly color. Okay on blend more is normal. Okay. What I'm going to do next just sent this text so I will have to move to the content Fart the strike till just text Martin text and the link that links mean if somebody click on this bottle where will it be this time going to solve this Facebook Praise ling apply link on hold slight or just only button just bottle only. Okay then I never get to the style step to a style it Okay, I'm going to enable the customer straight. So hurry. Dental position left, um, article positions, middle textile. Enman lived and content color is white, as usual on deck straddle. I don't need any text riddle. They're so just to get back to the ground and click on this past slight. Okay, What I'm going to do, just I'm going toe remove this default slides. Okay? I don't need this. And I need to design this bottom at the moment, OK, now click on this slides style. Yep. Then you can see content with you can make it 100% but I'd like to go still to make it 80% okay. And petting just I'm goingto unlinked it. There Some pudding for right, 40 pigs, ill. And for left, 46. Okay. And here you can see styling for title. Thus you can at the text color and go to the typography and size should be for basics. Oh, okay. 46 on a tweet would be the last 700 tins for mission will be capitalize are you can make it up our case, but capitalize is best. Okay. And line height. The default line. Height is great. Look and little is facing. But now take care of the description expressing we can make some space and text colorless, wide by default and deformed porn. Family. Now go to the Barton. And here you can see Barton Side is a small, but we can make it Media text color is white Martin background color should be this color Martin Border color will also with this color and border ideas eight picks toe make it. No, it percent. I just heard some more. Here it is. 26. Okay, now go to the slides. You can add more Bearing on right are you can't just minimize the content, wheat. Okay, your school Now go to the advance park. If you need, you can add some margin birdie, etcetera and motion depict. I don't need any motion if it for the slights. But we have missed something that's to go to the style or the content again. And here you will find slide off from but will back to the slight offering again. Here you can see we have three slides. So what will do? Just go to the slight and I'll duplicate this click Click here to duplicate. Now I have to be slaves. Just I'm going to hit update. Okay, now we're going to see the preview, and we have some issue with this later. You can see the content is here, aligned. But our demo if side the continis on top middle So how to solve it? Just it it the slides click here, go to the style And here you see horizontal position Make it center update and go to another on the country style horizontal position center of date and go to the garden. Go to this tight and horizontal position center. They're so no, we are going to at this innovation. So how can we do that? Just with a slide off shown and content in emission? Joe it up a bit. And if you re loaded, there's to go back here. You can see his home. Okay, so there so and now here you can see the navigation eros and dark. Here you can see dart and on the bottom you can see here you can see arrow and here you can see darts. So just what we're going to do. We're going to keep the boat or you can keep on the arrows. Okay. We're going to give both barrels and doors and thus to go to the slight styling again. And you will find a bottom bottle on navigation and air opposition inside or outside. But it should be inside Eros size. You can just give their size 36 and doors inside. Andare size should be just 16 ar 15 and gorgeous color. We will use this color and he doublet Now finally we can see our slider, but it's still on issue. We have We will have toe limit here. That text will break after this part. So how can you do that? Just go to the content. Go This style Here it is just the content of it should be 60 Then he dubbed it. Now see that scenes is okay. Here it is on some off phones, you can see the slide, go to the content and slide off from here. You can see the transaction is slight, but you can make the transaction toe. Fate just sends it to fade and he dumped it. Now it will fade in a startup sliding. Okay, so I think we go to the strap, create this slider. They're so thank you for Ussing off to see you in the next video. And in the next video, we'll create this section, okay? 9. Slider Section 2: Hi, everyone in this lecture, I'll show you how to see the background image off every Slater. Okay, so let's see how to do that. Okay. Here. I'm on the dashboard and from the pages, I'm going to access all places on here. You see, Home pace and edit with live Inter. Now here you can see the pencil icon And if you mouth of our over here, you will see edit strives, So just click on it. And here you can see I have three slaves. But I didn't say the background emits off to other slides disown and disarm. Okay, What I'm going to do, just click on this second on and here you can see the background team is just click on Susie, Miss and I will set this on. Okay, just insert media. Okay? Now you can see the different background to miss. Just click on it and again click on the garden and Colligan Susan, it's and select this on in certain media. Okay, again, I'm going to do something else. Just click on this past run, and here you can see zone direction in pork in barn effect and come to the second on and you should make it zoom out. Okay. And if you would like to send the or too racy dust the title come here, I can sense it. Okay, Just to go to the content up and click here and here you can see it changes in the same way you can sense the blink assigned to this bottom all key and go the style depth. You can just bring it to the here. Oh, army deal and you can see in the bottom color. Okay, there. So this waas are very short video toe. Just show you how to send the background image off every slight. Thank you for watching to see you in the next video. 10. Features Section: Hi, everyone in this lecture, I'll show you how to clear this piece of section. So let's get to be the developer site. At last, we were here. So here you can see the writ or pink button plus site. And if you click on this button, our new section will be created. Okay. And here you can see Ah, section or a row with three columns. Okay, What I'm going to do, just click on it, and it will show up often off your lodestar. TSA here, you can see to call up to re column, and I'm going to create on it. Now we have got a section with three column. So let's get to get started. Past double click on this plus sign. And here you can see the school down or service here in poor thirst for box. Here, you can see I can box this dragon drop here, okay? And we will start building something like this. Oh, okay. Just click on this here. You can see content of is opened and you will be able to send the icon here. You can see the icon now I'm going to click here and click or like on and here old search for I grew up on Charred. Here it is. Okay. And the title is free. Domain analyzes here. Old sayings that item. Okay, And now that I can color Okay, I have set up the content now out like this. Style it. So let's move to the style tap. And first of all, icon I can color The primary color of daikon is thesis. Yes, you can see and size Just increase it. Okay. The size is 80. You can add space around the icon on. Let's see the content, the title calories, the default color, he said. And the front is that the four phone. And you can also send it if you want. Here you can see already the front is at it. Okay. And size the default size. You can just all right, the default size. But I'm going to start it from the beginning. That different sizes started to e okay, 30 on our 30 feet. No. Anything else? Okay. Just click on here. Alignment content alignment. Left our center Vertical alignment. Medium title displacing at some MySpace color. You can since the color this color and description color description typography. We have already said that Default size and parent early, so we don't need to edit this. Okay, Andi, I think we should make it a bit bigger. So go to the icon and size should be on 100. 100 looks cool. Okay, It's fine. Now, I could show you how we can thus create the section. Okay. And now here you can see this pencil box just right. Click on it and it will find copy. And come here. Click and pressed. Click here on best. So we could easily just duplicate the any section part. What I'm going to do, I'm going to since this icon and text link explorer here, I'm going to click on it and the stripe. And since Daikon here, source for link. And this one is stool tools for browser. Just click on it. Changing source for tool. Here goes it. The kit insert. Okay, now I'm going to send it their school. But one thing you should see there is Ah, very on top and on bottom. So here there is no spreading. So what? We should do this click here that follow my mouse cursor and you will find intersection. Click on a red section and every section panel. Open up. Go to the advance step And here just click on this link Toe this on link it. No one top. We should ad 60 and on the bottom. Heard 80. Okay, now it looks like this on. So we could successfully created these sections. Just hit. Upped it. So let's stay here on. Go to the next video in the next video. I'll show you how to create this About section. Okay. Thank you for watching. 11. About Section: Hi, everyone in dyslexia, Owl kiddies about us section. So let's go Here I left. They are in the last video. So again, I'm going to click this button. Took it a section on this time I'll create two column section. Okay Or to Colombo. Click on it. Here it is. And you can see I have images here and text you Okay? Just click on it and click on emails again. Click on the mess and put another venous So I have to you miss And on the right I'll let this text just come over here. Just click on it. Get the Wizards the study title here and I'm going to write about us. And it's timid. Attack would be a sonar esto or kid in air. Just click here and Eddery, Raider and icon. Okay, Sayings daikon. Okay. And mission and mission. Just click here and thus Icon box Klay icon box Here. Okay, so we are going to start designing this, Okay? Firstly, just we're going to send the images, just click on need and click here on the content and ST Seamus we don't have this image is just I'm goingto get the images from here. Just get the sea mares and get this in us in certain media and for the sun. Just click on here, does to get these emails what we're going to do. We're going toe over, left the second images onto the frostiness so that going to edit these emails and go to the ad One step, we're going toe click on custom positioning and position will be absolute. Now, here you can see offset Bar. Thus to bring it here on Particulate off. Said Well, oh, uh, yeah. Okay. Their self. I was just I selected the position absolute and just made some presentable offset and particle offs It Okay, now what I'm going to do going to the border, Tep and I'm going to put some broader ideas. Just click on it. Dog border Heredia's okay and right 140 get better this time we are done with the custom positioning and here you can see border areas just click on it and for the top 10 on right 100% are you can make your 140 and bottle 40 and lived 60 the school. You can also add border to the posthumous the on in the video. Okay, there's all with this image. But here you can see the main column, just click on it and go to the advance. And here you can see motion effect and in transit, emission will be fading. It updated. Now it's time for this part. Here you can see, click on about and is to by default the appointees opens. Okay, so as to go to the typography. You're scorpions Already. We have selected. Now you can increase or decrease the size. I think 56 is best R 46. 45. 46 is enough. No, let's see the divider. Click on it. The Raiders stylist solid with this 100%. But we'll make it just as long as about us on and alignment left. Let's go to the style. We're going to send the color this color and the week I mean with this tree. Okay, this on And get if you need any gap. Just two can increase or decrease. But I don't need the gap. Okay. Thus, to make it zero now, this is style. This the middle Icahn I can't Primerica learn is the sun Same color and position. You can sense position. Okay. You can at any explicit e their school. Okay, she'd update. Now. This time we're going toe work with this one. Just click on it on here. You can see the icon. You're going to have this Greenacre Just Crane and I can position left. Okay. And the title will be mission. I can't Lean color you can. Sorry, I could link you can air any icon link here. Let's see how to the it's day. Let's see them straight off from And primary color. This color size will be 100. Oh, are for this case, it d ord Rivest. Okay. The content content, color, title color, this color description color their self. Now here you can see we have Multivision. What? I'm going to do this. Click here to make it duplicate. Pretty simple. Just now click here Sayings icon and fake. Now I'm going to write here vision just copied this tree here. Okay, now here you can see it has a nice background color. Also in the section. So what I'm going to do, Just click on it and get the color Just I'm going toe Add background color for the section . So what I'm going to do? I'm going to click here on this aided section and just go to that Bunce. Sorry. What would allowed go to this style? Here you can see background and I'm going to add the color code here and you can see the color is a plight. Now go to the advance step and click here toe on link on before the drop I'm going to add 60 for the bottom. I'm going to add 60 feet are for the bottom. I should add of it more 400 picture. And he did Now finally, we could complete that about section. That's fine. So in the next video, our complete this on on hope to see you in the legs video Thank of crossing 12. Audit form Section: in this lecture, I'll show you how to clear this part so that your visitor can send. Their wife said you were up to you and it will give feedback about their website issue quality. So let's get to it. Started in the last video I left here and I'm going to create our section now Just click on it and it will be on column section zester. Here it is. Just click on the plus sign on you see, with this place will be if we're here and starts for and searched for home. And here you can see the poor Just click Dragon drop here and here you can see the par What do you know? The sun is very different, but we're going to make it. Just remove the message and what I'm going to do. Silicon dispenser like on go to the style part and go to the pill, go to the bottom, go to the masses and with the farm. Okay, Now what I'm going to do, I'm going to bring to input field side by side and also the bottom. Just click here and type text and I'm going to sleep. I'm going to set it to You are okay on this is required, filled and column with it. Okay, let's make a calculation. This area is 100% and anybody make it 40%. 40 person, So 80% and 20% forties. So in total 100% wheat. Okay, so I'm going to make it 40 person here you can see on. Here goes the level name. I don't need that level. Okay. Again, click here on its not name. It will be. We have said you let it and the mill address. Click on it. Just click on the email and content column. We 40%. Yeah, you can see and again go to the submit button. And Colombo, it will be 20 person Now, everything is going to be smoothly here. You can see free ICT, so I'm going to sense it here. Pretty ICT. Okay. What I'm going to do, I'm going to add this image on the background and I'm going to add the stated I forgot to do this. O k this tra click in this icon. I don't know what it is called. Just click here and now you will find them with There's just dragon drove here and type here pretty with set on it and text alignment will be center and the color is white and it's time, text, color, white at the moment. You can see that because of the background color. So what I'm going to do, I'm going to add the background units and overly color. Just click here, go to the style and you will find background and I will have toe. And the name is Here goes the Amen drag and drop here in certain media. And here you see so fast. So now we're going to men is the hide off section. Here goes E to that. Go to the ad bonds and what was allowed. You will see height. Height is minimum height, 300 pixels or 3 50 Okay, what I'm going to do, I'm going to air. These are like Allah going to this style again. And here you can see overly color. And I'm going to add overlay color this color and I'm going to this. Make the velocity more darker. Okay. Again, go back to the background. And here you can see position, center, center and adjustment fixed on size will be covered Repeat. No. Repeat. Oh, okay. Just hit update. I'm going toe. See the preview? Here it is. Okay. This after this month's But I'll have to go to the this section. Just click on it It it for. And here you can see action after submit email. Then if someone submitted, then it will send you an email and email field that put the email address here where you would like to receive this email because it will send an email. If somebody fill up this form and it will send all the farms, all the fields, they're so that you will have to. I had an email address here. Okay. After this month, I hope you could just create any form on your website. Right now, I hope to see you in the next video. And in the next video, we'll create this service section 13. Services Section: Hi. Everyone in this lecture will learn how to create this beautiful our services section. Okay, so let's get to restart it. We were here in the last video. Then we're going to build our new section. Okay, Just click on it. Start with the on Columbo or on column section, whatever you say. And here, allies, you will see the plus sign. Just if you click on this plus hand, then with their spend a little comma, just click on this plus sign on here. You can see that Colligan this header and write it our services. What was it? Our services, right? Just write our services and I need to center and again click here. Yeah, I heard. Okay. What I'm going to do, I'm going to just here. You can see I don't need toe Clear this debate or every time what I'll do, I'll just copy and paste. Here, just click on it. I'm going to just make some MySpace. Okay. Is this Frank? And now I'm going to click on it. Right. Click on it. Just copy. And here all just right. Click and pissed. Okay. It's very beautiful on very easy toe design or develop of wife said using pace bowler. So just click on it and you can see the degraded window and bring it to center. And I'm just going to add zest to the wheat according to our text. Just, uh, content with. Okay, Perfect. Now we're going toe Add the section. Oh, he had I have textiles. What I'm going to do again. Click here. Text headed or And just goto this strain. Bring it to center. And I'm just going to remove some text. I don't need all of this, okay? Their school just hit update, click here. And now I'm going to use our at this Icahn box that starts for icon box. And here you can see the icon box on the duplicate. Sorry, I did a mistake. Just delete this excellence of mistake. What I will have to do. I'll have you had intersections because I'll have to add three sections, okay. And just or intersection, drag and drop here. Now you can see two section and click here at new column. So now you have threequel on section and click on this plus sign and get the input box. Icon bows first icon box. Okay, the past taken is thes and the text is sir, Sins in optimization was just click here And since daikon starts for signal Andi second, its signal in started on go to this trial with the content by Jill Make some MySpace on typography size. Look to any tarp. 23 pixels is good. Okay, now what I'm going to do, I'm going to say the icon strike just content style here on the icon he will see primary color Now click on it and listen. Is the color primary color? Go to the corner. 10 view is stucked cramped. It is stucked not friend stocked on Go back to the style and you will see secondary color There this color Sari saris. Hurry! This one will be this color and primary color will be this. No mistake, Miss Trick the sermon with this color This animal with this color on the secondary color tv green again. Now click on primary color and make it transparent Okay their school and go to the sizing off the icon And I coincides with a 2% active exile And you can add reading that wearing. Okay, Esposito, they're so here. You can see, here it is. No, what I'll do, I'll just illegal dispense Elikann and right click Copy. All right, click fist. Right Click fist. Here it is. And now what I'm doing now I'm going to click here. Andi, he duplicate on it will duplicate that a little. Okay, They're school now. What I'm going to do I'm just going to say is this I call and text social media marketing. Come here. Click here. Since that I con likened his users. The second and the text will be social media marketing again. Wave side development cold in start. No, no, no. Just since these two just pulled her my name this on and the next Tony's PPC management click here. Sayings daikon mulls icon Was that just sort since an optimization video marketing. Just click on here. There's you deal and again with site traffic. Click on this pencil icon. Click here and lying. So we re and this on. Okay, Their school. Now what I'm going to do, I'm going toe Add some espace on top and on bottom, just click on this section editing offshore. Just click on it And here go on the advance part and just Yeah. 64 top and 64 bottom are 84 bottom. Okay. No, uh, you could see the animation. Okay, But how will you at emissions, just click on it and go to that Bunce and motion graffiti on entrance in emission. Thus, trading are you can add bounce in. Okay, just a gain. Click on it. Copy and click on it. Best style. Just Biest style. Best style. Is this trail this distant? They're so And if you would like to add any mission here on our service, just click on it and go to that once part and see motion Effect and influence in emission is fading. Are just bouncing mounts in dull bounds in down. Okay, You can also add animation to the sun. Just go to that one's motion effect and transcend Emission faded so everything is very easy . I think you could follow my training. So there, Saul, for this section are services hope to see in the next video. Thank you. 14. Pricing Section: Hi, everyone. In this lecture, I will show you how to create this pricing section here. You can see three pricing plants and all those build it. Okay, so we're here at our development site. What? We're going to do this to click here. It it with element er and just school down. Okay. In the last video, we created this section. Our services. Now it's time for this on pricing. Okay, so what I'm going to do, click on this bottle and at a section here it is on Colombo section. Just click on this plus icon and it will show up the wizards spending. Just drag and drop it. And scenes here, the text will be pricing. Okay, align it to center. Great again. Click here on and just dragon. Drop it. Go to the style Park and Ellen Center. Anyway, we just need this on this divider. Just click phone and coffee. Andi, click here Fist. And here you can see automatically. We got it. Now you're going to click here to get the Wizards and we're going to add inner section Dragon drop here. Okay. And here you can see it has three color. So we do need another color. Just, uh, add new cola. So now we help Terry Cola just clear here and starts for pricing. And here you can see the pricing table, loser. Just dragon. Drop here and you will find the default pricing people. Okay, But our own is different. So what I'll have to do. I'll have to remove this color from the title just here. You can see the pencil icon. If you click on it here, it will be. See that I don't. So our title is basic and that I still and we don't have a description under the title, so I'm going to remove it. And here you can see the one We don't have the everyone. So I disabled to everyone. Okay, go to the style part and hitter here. Just click on it. The strike till either big role color. Just make it white O k. And the color of the title. Just go to the title said this color and you can just increase or decrease the foreign size of the title. Purcell. And now here you can see our background color on this piece. Er section this click on P Sir's here you can see officers and just click on the background color drastically. Quite. Okay, Now I'm going to show you here. How can I remove the background color from here? Just go to the pricing part and put the background color white okay? And go to the footer and removed the background color and set toe white. Now we could successfully made these background car white and now just seems the price color pricing, pricing color this on monthly changing the color of monthly. So your color ordered the sun typography for this trail tense for weight should be 700. They're so and I'm going to remove this icon from this specialist. So just go to the content and go to the pre serves. I'm just going to edit the officers and the do you move daikon and get this freezers unlimited websites and you can see underlying So what I'm going to do just probably you will be able to remove it from the stand up the strum going to air other preserves removed Icon unlimited data plans far removed Icon and another feature pretty wildcard SSL. Just click here, right, um and it will be able to add as many pictures as you want this dragon drop okay? Their soul and go to the foot or far. I don't need this text. And but on text Marcis, I'm going to type the bottom text here. Parses and link. If the visitor click on your pricing plan bottom, then where we'll you sent them Here is my YouTube's and a link, and I'm just going to drive the traffic to my YouTube's and and here you can see the gear. I can just click on it and you can just off in the link in any window, okay? Or had no follow. There's good. So what I'm going to do, I'm going to remove this underline. So go to the style and title color typography. Subtitle Pricing Peters Here we will see the divider just I'm going to turn it up So now it's gone, but I'm going to see Is this color off the Spitzer text? Just click on it and no, this beautiful color. Well, just click on this pencil icon. Just click on advance and here you can see motion of hip. Just click on it on. It will find entrance animation and click on fading are you can just click on bouncing here by default If you really work. If I really loved this face and here you can see it slide down So what I can do? Just make it two. It's slide down, but I think ah moans, love bounce in law school. Okay, then go to the background diaper background, border And here you can see both shadow if you want, you can add books shadow as like as this demo. But we'll add Boxer one who are Oh, okay, Disaster. I'm going to remove the books shadow And finally, Silicon Harbor of Hit Not the normal just said the harbor And here you will find Boxer Go and click on this pencil icon and when you have are about it then you will find the box zero but says the color So this green And here you will find the setting options You can increase or decrease the blur. You can increase or decrease the spread. You can just increase or is entirely or increase vertically. I help live with their default settings, so just here it is. But one thing that I can go, I'm just going to reduce the plot. Okay, Leaders of the large too. Poor Sorry. Six. Okay, six looks cool. They're so so. I'm going to heat up dead again. I will play the trick. What I will do Just click on dispenser Like er I mean right click on dcaa feed. And I'm just going to paste it on other two column Just right. Click on it and click best. All right, click on it. Pissed? No, simply use. Just come here And you can sense the title of the plan. It's pro so that come here. You sense it. Andi, you send the pricing balloon, okay? You can say the features. It's pretty simple. Just come to the footer. You can say that, but on link our bottom text if you want And again click here, just Sainz eat Go to the pricing. Okay. You haven't changed Officers at new freezer go to the bottom and you can sense the link. Say for example, if I would like to air this link Just cilic this link and pastry the heat up Dude, I'm just going to click on this. I got to preview Dar Brit here. You can see this in this nice pricing section. So, friends, I hope you could create this section pricing section successfully and thank you for writing off to see you in the next video with another section Nestle. 15. Clients Section: Hi, everyone in this section, I'm going to show you how to create our clients and this logo. Corrosive. Okay, here you can see the local caress off the cleanse. Okay, let's see here. We just created this pricing section in the last part, but we forgot toe at the background color. Okay, so I'm just going to cover it. And at this girls whole section this on. Okay, Buster, here you can see the section editor. Just click on it and go to the strike. And here you will find the ground and by ground life, background color. I'm going to sort this car, and I'm going to reduce the transparency off that color. Just the sun, OK? And I'm going toe. Never get to advance. And here click on it toe on link And at some betting on dog Last 60 fix it on the bottom 80 pixel their school now it perfectly looks like this. Okay, he dubbed it. Now come here. Here it is. The pricing section. Now we're going to build this our clients section. Just click here and take on column row. Okay? Just click on the plus sign and are heading. Replace it with our clients. Okay, on. And here you will see the size default size is small medium. Okay, we actually said this default, so we're going to use with the divorce sitting and alignment center. Well, that one's and motion effect in drugs trading there's good and what I'm going to do, Just going to compete. Okay? I'm going to coffee and this tree here on again. Click here just to bring some text and align it to center. Okay, now, here you can see these images carousel, and I'm going to add this council. Okay? Again, click on this on the cycm and search for Carousel. And here you can see he miss, get ourselves just drag and drove here. So in these, it did immense Kessel's fennel. Here, you can see no humans selected what I'll have to do. I love to air this images, so click on it. And I don't have this images edit here. So I'm going to thus to get this images on, Just killed a new gallery in such a gallery. And here you can see that you, Mrs, are you didn't know, But let's see the settings slides to show six slaves here you can see and slash to a school floor. It means that just distressed. No, never. Vision only arrows blink. No link Different. No caption. Additional off from was on. Khobar? Yes. What? Awful. Eight years. And just leave the divorce sitting. Go to this time an air opposition, insight and size that includes the size. Talk to six or 38. Now set the color this color or this color and go to the emails. It's pissing costume, Spc. Our most FIS no border. The star of the content, You miss size full size. See the additional off shown he may scare a cell. Okay, go to that Bunce and motion effect. Hey, didn't Okay, they're school. So what I'm going to do? I'm going to add some petting. Just 100 bonds go to advance and skillet here. Toe on. Link it And on top at 60. Exit on bottom at eight. Different. Sorry. That was a mistake. Okay, just I'll have to add putting toe this section. Martin the skeletal. Okay, just to go to that dance on top at 60. On bottom at 80 their school. It was too easy. Now you can Okay. What should I say I could simply at carousel here. So thank you for Ussing. Off to see you in the next video. Our cleared the section in the next video he dubbed it. 16. Cunter: Hi, everyone. Welcome to this lesson in this lesson. I'll create this section and how this section looks just by reload this place and here you can see you're so funny. Okay, so here we were in the last video. Now I'm going to click on this. Martin took it a section the three column section or oh, we'll click on this plus sign and here you will search for counter. Okay, here it is. Counter Just Dragon drove here. Okay, so it's 70% and the text is design here a start number zero on ending number 70 Parson Dez on and sipper tar. And the title is design And go to this style. Okay, get back to the content again. Here you can see number suffix and I'm going to add percent is okay their school. So here the calories White, Because we have, ah, black background. And here, as we have white background so I can't make the color white. So what I'll have to do? I'll have to get back to the section editor and add an e mails. So just before I complete this, I will have to get back to this section editor again and for the style and it and the ground in it's just click on it And I'll just add any miss here thes e mails. Just drag and drop in certain media. No, Here you can see and what I'm going to do I'm going back to early out and hide Minimum height do Okay, 400 pixel. But again, ghetto the style air background Overly I'm going to add but like accountable Nikola. Okay, Now I'm going to increase the velocity. So this now we can say is the text car and something that I would like to do this Go to the layout, go to this style Goto background and it just went will be fixed and the position, centre and centre No centers top left Here it is Size will recover Just heat up did now I will air it Discounter Just click on this pencil icon And he had it just go to the text club, make it white and just for resign or title said the text color too white or in cancels in a different color. Okay, it if you like Now it looks almost like this What I'm going to do Just click over here. Just right. Click and coffee and right click on it and based right Click on it and pissed just all since the number here, Just click on it. Make it to 50 and the title will be digital marketing. You can say the color also now support 55. Click here. Put 85 on the title will be sampled. Okay, Everything looks like this. And if you want to add any entrance, innovations us to go to that Bunce motion effect in France in emission Paul in are falling down. Okay, this to none. But for the section you can add early entrance in emission like are just Monsen If you're just like just I'm going to set to none just he dubbed it. I'm going to see on the review place. Here it is. Okay, so there's all about this section. I'm going to end the video here and hope to see you in the next video in the next blue owl . Create this contact form area. So thank you for Aussie 17. Contact Form: Hi, everyone in this lecture, I'll show you how to create this nice contact form. Okay, so let's get to be started in the last video we completed this section and s party is well , I'm going to click on this icon plus icon and just going toe create this section with on column. Okay, so here you can see section editing panel, but I don't need toe edit the sexual right now. What I'm going to do, I'm going to click on this plus sign, and here you will see. Well, you could see once I have clicked on this, plus sign that with it, SARS panel opened up, so I'm going to service For what? Just heading. Just drag and drop here. And what I'm going to write contact the based here, and I'm going to align your center, okay? And what I'm going to do, I'm just going toe coffee. This divider. Just copy and come here and pissed it. Here. You can see So we have completed this. And now what? I'll have to do. I'll have toe get another intersection with two row. So the two column just I'm going to click on this icon so that I can get up others, Brennan. And here against the intersections just drag and drop. And by default, it creates two column. So I don't I just need also to color. And on the left, I was just at these things. Okay? Just click on here thus to get id'ing, and I'm going to duplicate it several times. How many times want 234 four times duplicated and duplicated. I'm just going to get this thing for number and click here. It full number. But I'm going to select it a six and go to the style section, saying the color to this color. Okay, just fine. I'm going to eat it. The next title are heading, and I'm going to put this email address. Just click here and email address. Okay, then the physical address. Click here on pissed the next year again. Okay, Now I'm just going to get the style of this heading. Just copy and fist. It's time pissed. It's tried pissed style again. I'm going to click on this pencil icon and just going to get to a six and then click here and his team attack will be a six click on it on a stable fact will be a six. There's political. So now I'm going to air some social icon. So what? I'm going to do this. Click here and searched for social. And here you can see Social Acre. Justin Dragon drove here. Sorry. Industry related. I'll have to just put here social drug it on draw fears folk Here was it. And alignment will be lip lived. She square okay. And just I'm going to get more. It's I call. I couldn't sto bean tourist. Okay. And go to this style. Make the color custom color on primary color A little bit is okay. And men is the size you can any time increase or decrease the size from here. And if you want, you can say the Howard if it of the color this one Okay, missile hit up it. We have successfully completed this part. And now look at our poem here so that you click on this plus sign and here stars for poor. Okay, here You could see poor Just drag and drop here. What we have here to the input box. Just name email and messes And the scent. Mrs Bottom. Okay, just click here on this pencil icon Created this and firstly, I'm going toe diesel. Oh, the level. Okay. And just, uh I will have toe sends the Barton. That's true. Here, you can see submit bottom sent messes is okay. And here you can see the bottom size. What I'm going to do going toe recruits the Barton size to 40% or 25%. So it's cool. And I'm going toe air an email address so that anybody just fill up this form and hit Selves, messes bottom. Then they can receive the email where it will go Just here. You can see female section, and here it will air your email address where the visitor can send Mrs Okay, so he tapped it. Now I'm going to air some betting on these section where I can do that. Just here you can see a section, click on it and go to the advance part that handling this and on top our at 60 and on the bottom I will let 100. Okay, nice. So I think it was so easy for you to wear this contact form. And in the next video, we will start creating this service pace. We all We will just create this footer at the very end off this course. Okay. Just, uh, he tablet. Andi, Thank you for a sing off to see in the next video. 18. Services Page: Heilbrun in the last video I left here, we just finished the contract. And now what I'm going to do just ah, always start designing. That's Harvey says space. OK, I'm not going to open up in a new Deb. I was just, uh, here. You can see this Harvey Space. Okay, but we see their demo peas. Here goes this Harvey Space, and we'll just Tom this pace in tow this space, okay? And you can see that this section is similar. Okay, In the home place in the home place, we have this section and in this harvest space with just reused it. So we don't I want to create this section from the beginning. And what I'm going to do, I'm going toe save this section is ah, Brock template so that we can use this block any time in any place. So what? I'll have to do just out of toe click here and right click on it. And here you can see save this template, just click on it, and I can save these. I can say with as template just service. Okay, He'd say now, in the template you against his harvests. And if you hit preview. You can see it. Okay. And I will be able to use this section. In any case, just close it. Close it, and I'm going toe click here and click here. Just she'd exit to dashboard. Now, if you want, I can show you the home pace we have created by this time and this on Okay, that we didn't create the foot or section and we'll kill it. The footer just after completing this paste, our basest about us and contact. Okay, so what I'm going to do, I'm just going toe. Never get to services space. And here you can see this space is just empty. What I'm going to do, just click on this bottom Our link it with element er so that we can design it like this. Okay, just go here. He'd edit with element er are if you go to the all paces And from here you can also hit, edit and edit element. Er, you can go either way. Just hit edit with a limiter. Okay. You can see I'm going to remove it. The stuff we will design like this. Okay, now what I'm going to do, Just go to the sitting section, and so is the paisley out toe element. Er full it. Now you will see that title is gone. He dubbed it and first thing past. We're going to build these sections services we offer thus to Colombo in a section. So I'm going to create a new section with two column row. Here it is. And on the left, all air this in its on the right. All Okay, so what I'm going to do, click on this plus sign so that I can see that with your search option. Here it is. I'm going to starts for okay. I don't need 2/3 here. You can see images that click Dragon drove here. Okay, Just here. Click on it and I will have to hear that emits. So I'm going to have this image thus to drag and drop hit insert media. And here you can see the name is. And now I'm going to get this title. So just click here. Industrial Dragon dropped the heading and right there heading services. We hope our it's still attack should be a son. And here you can see this text. So what? I'm going to do Just really here. Just get the text it or Dragon drove here. Okay, The straw. Ln lived and click here and to make this list all sister used the list. Who is it? Here. You can see. I can list. Just drag and drop here, okay? And I have five list items. Okay, that's going to get this on and just click on here best year. And here you can see the color is green, so that goto the style. And here you can see I come and I can color select its green color. Okay. And icon size should be okay. 20 on our 20 alignment left. And the text color will be in just the default color. Okay, let's get back to the content. And I'm just going to edit this on on right PPC campaign. Okay. What? I'm going to do this deal. It is difficult to and I'm going to duplicate it. There's pretty easy. So PPC campaign Just now you should says that text only. Okay, there. So now go to this style step what you can do You can zoster allying it probably And you can add debater if you want, You can just Ah, okay. And text color saying the text, Philip. And go to that bone step. You can add some effect here. Okay. You knew it. Ah, here. You can see a background color on the section and petty what I'm going to do. Just going to edit the section, just heat over here and just called this style. I'm going to sue the background color and this color as usual, and I'm going toe reduce the transparency of the color thus to drag down. Okay, here it is. And go to that bond spark What I'm going to do, click here and at 12. 60 Brazil and bottle it to Brazil. That school? No, Um, it has an emission effect. Justify Reload this place. Yes, it slide from left, and it slipped from right. So what I'm going to do just under that months you can see No, just, uh, click here. Okay. Click here and go to the advance and motion effect. You can see in transit picked or entrance in emission. And here you will find slide in, right. No sliding lipped. Okay. Again. Come here. Go to advance and he will see motion effect. And in transcendent mission slide. Right? Their school. Okay, he dubbed it. We have successfully completed this part. And what I'm going to do, just import this our service area. Okay, so this time I'm not going to click on this plus sign, I'm going to click on this icon Air temperatures Just click on that template, and here you will find my template. And here goes the template service I created very beginning off this tutorial. Now what I'm going to do, click on insert and it says import documents sitting. Do you want to also import the document sitting off the template? Yes, of course. Just yes. And now, Now you can see I have gated this section within a few seconds. Okay, so in the way, you can just create any template as or should I say is any block so that you can nibble but it replaced are setting off base template. Here you can see service title again. I'm going toe get here and just, uh, set to element or fully. And he dumped it. Cool. So now on Lee, this section epic you is left okay. And this time also use ah pre made templates Just click here. You'll space this blocks and serves for a pick. You and we Sunday they use probably I used to discern. So just click on preview on I'm going to say it. Yes, it is. No, I'm just going to sick again. If IQ you'll okay this on? Maybe. So I'm going to insert it. And here you can see the effect. You okay? If you think you have thus to imported the wrong one. Don't worry, You can import it again. Another one? Just the sun. Yes, the this time I inserted the writer. So I'm going to remove the first on. Okay, Just listen. Okay. So here, you see, I have sensed the color. It's easy. The stir Click here and here you can see a strain and title You can just easily since their title color here, you can see. And that I do like on Okay. And just in the same way that click on it Coffee and pissed. This style a copy. Sorry. Based district Best style stroke, pissed style. Okay. And I would like to coffee this divider. Just coffee, it and the best here. Okay. And if you would like to sense I think you will have to sense then just killing contests. Pencil icon, Go to the content part. You can sense their title here. You can since that I con here, Okay? And it's easy to send everything. Just click on it and here you can see how to send it. Okay, Okay. And there's a load that's hardly space. I'm going to hit update and say good way 19. About Us Page: Hi, everyone. In this video, you learn how to create this about pace. Okay, on here I am in the last video, I created this service place. Okay, Now click on these, Marguerite, come and exit today, Jules, that goto all places. And here you can see about us. Just click on edit and edit with L a mentor. Possibly what I'll have to do. Just go to the settings and soused up or sell it. The basically out element are full of select limiter fully. And he tablet then, firstly, our kid, this section just about us and some text. Okay, just click here. Just click. Quit this one column and what I'm going to do at hitting yet some text. And Okay, there. So now I'm just going toe style section a line center. Oh, are just sorry. Get back to the content again. And celebrities title. I'm going toe foot about us, Elaine center and click here Toe edit the text. Okay, there. So now here. You can see There is ah, background remiss and ah, divider. Okay. What I'm going to do, I'm going to just friends. Harvey Space did it with a limiter. And here you can see this divider. Click copy and come here. Click best. Okay, Now I'm going to edit the section so that I can have this emits year will say about us that creek on this section and got this trial or the background of style collect ST. Simons. This is the mess this on. And Okay, they're so I'm going to solve these emails and go to the layout. Select high to minimum Hide 400 pigs. Ill, you know. Okay. And here you can see just go to this style again, and a testament will be fixed and position off center are tough, right? Center, center. It'll just see we send fixed. Our recent looks cool to you. And here you can see background overly. Just select a background type and color black. Minimize the transparency. Okay. Their souls for editing a section and what I'm going to do. I'm going to say the color off this text. Just click on here and go to this strike. Text color will be white. Okay. And again sayings it or to this trial White just he dubbed it. Now we're going to create this section. Okay, Just click here. Go with to Colombo and first of alert emails. Just click here at this image and on the right. Just click on the plus sign yet hitting a word from the company owner Soon the next year. Okay, And just this divider cope with these and come here best here and click on it to increase the wheat. Okay, this alignment left Okay, and click here. Two x air. Some text hygiene. Sorry. Okay, you just click here and GOP and missed. Okay. Finally here you can see the social media icon just ah, click here and starts for social. The stairs. Social Laken a line lived Go to this style. Select custom color. Okay, the color is different. So this color and the increase or decrease the size okay. And I can have our primary color will be these. Okay, there. So and in the content area, if you click on this icon and you can hear the link of the respective icon, Okay? Just heat up did. Now I'm going to build this section. His skills. We have just come here again and click on this new section till column. Okay. Here all air progress. That's progress. What? Okay, here it is. And what I'm going to do remove this title and in our text, its web designer or issue whatever. It doesn't matter. Just, uh, go to this time. And here you can see color white. No, no, no, no. Just color will be this okay, And percentages is 90%. If you want to say the stakes, just come here on the content you will see in our text. That's right. Yes, He'll okay, it's pretty easy. And percent is just drug and okay, so are in only type 90 90%. Okay, now what I'll do is just click here. Duplicate, duplicate, duplicate and duplicate. Okay, what it will do now that saves the text. Say, for example, kyat reserves and click on here and here you will see the text content area. You will right your reserves here and increase or decrease the percentages and go to the style part. And since the color Okay, they're so it's itchy and go to the next progress bar and 99 you can display The percent is also you can hide or show that a person is also go to the color and so sculler Just this color. No matter and content text will be cure Resource. Okay. In the same way we can quickly. I just did it Other marketing, social marketing and click on it says the color two blue are just being color. And here on the last time, name me too. Content marketing percent is go to this style since color Okay, Their self It was pretty easy. I just obliterated. Now what I'm going to do. Okay. What I'm going to do at this just copied come here at hitting and the sorry heading will be skills we help The best year and alignment lipped is Tim. If that is true calories OK, now you can see are the waiter what I'm going to do Coffee it and best year I was just minimize the wheat, okay? And this text, Okay, It's not a big deal. Just click on here. Just drag and drop it fixed at fixed there. So now what? I'll have to do this toe AARP reading. Okay. Just killing on a do section. Go to the advance part and click here and on top at 60%. Sorry. 60 pigs in on boredom. It depicts that look. Andi um from here, you can add motion effect entrance effect of this whole section are you can individually at motion efecto this column. If you would like to add motion if it so this column just click here, go to the advance step and here you will see motion if it in trance innovation. Just, uh, slight in. Right. Sorry, it will be slide in left that click on here. Go to advance motion effect in Prince effect Slide in Right. Okay, Just heat up that again. I'm going through a Did this sections as hit here and go to advance just on sick at putting on top 60 feet zero And on the bottom creative is ill. And for this image, I'm just going toe add motion Efecto fade in and for this Sorry for this column motion. If it fade in, they're so just he dubbed it. Now I would like to aired This emits work together. Okay, First this section What? I'm going to do the here He had on column detection on Firstly, there something worked with their alignments center going to compete this tree here Landman center Okay. And some text click here and this text goto this trial and hit alignment center. Okay, now what? I'm going to do it. It the section Just click here. Go to this time I'll add this immense the ground, Dave. Emails. We have the seamers and go to the loud Go to hide Minimal height. This, uh, 500 our 600. Okay, here goes it. Okay, Now what I'm going to do Just edit this text toe, make white color Just click here. And he did text color white. Could it Here. Text color. Sorry. Text color white. Okay. Again, I would let toe it. This emails just click on this edit section and go to this time. And here you can see position center lipped, our center center or riveter Here, you can see and for adjustment make it fixed. Okay, then it will get this paradox effect. Okay. And to background, overly head, collar block and just okay. That's cool. They're So now I'm going to add this section. What people say about this means it's a testimonial. Okay, come here. Click here on column and at hitting. Okay. What people say about us, the alignment center and the debater I'm going to copy and paste the debater here. Okay. Just include the size oak. Nice. And it's that testimonial. Is it? So what I'm going to do just, uh okay. Now I'm going to add this section testimonial What people say about us. Okay, Just this time I'll import a template block section, Just Greek on it. A template on select the category. Here you can see testimony else, and I will. That this on? Just click on here. Hit insert. Here it is. Oh, okay. Now what I'll have to do at this text so gusta drag it and drove here what people say about us Make it center. Bring it center and I'm going to click here Toko Feed and best year here you can see with just increase the wheat. Okay, there. So now what? I'm going to do a Did this testimonial section souls as to click on this pencil icon. And here goes the items And here you go this time here goes that bond stuff. Just go to the content and the additional option schoettel on hyped Errol using it with darts. Okay, You miss full and go to the slight part and its skin bubbled skin Okay, You can use it and loud. It was left invisible. This Give it the default and slice part of you here. You can see three. So what I'm going to do? Make it three. Okay, slightly. Scroll two or three and go to this trial. And it's space. You can increase or decrease the space you can head board already years. Okay. Just border cover and go to the content. You can sense the content, color emails and navigation Resignation. Size three. I'm going to make it of it. Bigger. And so the color to this color. Okay, so that looks school. They're so so what is left for the about a space? Nothing. That's the footer and all. Create the footer at last. Okay, friends, hope you could follow me and created this about us place after this month's off to see you in the next video. And in the next video, I'll create this conduct, please. Okay. Thank you for all. See, 20. Contact Page: Hi, everyone in this lesser, we will learn how to create this contact. Please. Let's see this on the star map and off conduct. Paul, you can upload file. Okay? You can. Your visitor can sues any file. And so the category. Okay. Phone number, email address. Use a name and these bottom. Okay, so let's see how to do that. In the last video we created about us pace. And once we're done, what he will do just to come here and exit to desert. Okay, just let me say extra day's work on Goto all paises and here you can see contact us, just click unaided and edit element. Er firstly, Will just sends a paisley out throw element or following just he dubbed it. No, I'm not going to build eight from the ice. Cross the astral user template. So click here at template button and sick. Click on blocks and from the category, please contact. Okay, so it's cool down. Here it is. We're going to use this on just, uh okay, this on contact. Okay, this on. Just click insert and here again. See? So what I'm going to do at this background in its just a Gilligan dissection. It did just go to the style. Here. You can see background Kelly here, and we're going toe head. Any myths just drove here? Insert media, and here you can see and what I'm going to do. The adjustment should be fixed so that you can get this nice effect and go to the and you can sense the position. Tow center center. Just a top left. Oh, are tough, Right? Okay, it looks good. And size would recover. Okay? Called the background. Overly So the color, black color and many ways it. Okay, there's cold. Now what I'm going to do say, is the color of the text. Just click on this text and go to this style that saves the color off white. And it didn't come here. Go to the style since colored white. And here, click here Style since colored white. Okay. And here you can see the Google map. Just click on this pencil icon and it will type your location here. Okay? And if you take your location here, the map will be shown here. OK, just click on this icon. They're so and now see the next part. This contract for Okay, I'm going to use our template. Just click here and with the blocks. And he hadn't conceived contact here. You can see the part. Just review it. And he didn't start. Yes, here it is. So here you can see user name, email address. So file everything. What? You will have to do the stop. You can access it from here. That seems the level since placeholder. Okay, just column with 50%. Everything is pretty simple. And what I'm going to do the stream of the level now and to the email. Here we will add your email address where you would like to receive the debt up from this form. An action upper submit. Just keep it default image additional option the Okay, So go to this style and you can just say the text color. Okay. And David Roughy, It's pissing and filled Border color here. You can see or send the border collected. These are this. Okay, so I'm going to send the bottom color, but on background color shirt biddies as it is here. Oh, okay. And what I'm going to do at border radius off. Perfect. So now this battle is of it around. And just for the hover, I'm going to set the background color to these. Okay, Here it is. Any mission shrink? Okay. Both Oh, are none. It just messes. Successful, Mrs Color. Enormous a scullery or Mrs Colors should be red. So here it is. Great. Go to the advance part. You can not Pretty, but it has already putting. I'm going to get a reading on the bottom 400 exit. Okay, not necessary. So I'm going to edit the section. Just click on here and just, uh, go to that buns already. You can see petting his head it. And if you want to add animation, just click here, go to dead Bunce. And here again, see motion effect in transit emotion. You can just aired this, okay? Just he doublet. So there solves her contact rates. It took just a few minutes to create a nice contact ways. So I hope you insert this video and hope to see you in the next video. And before I start what I'll do, just click here and exit today's world. And in the next video, I'll show you how to create this footer 21. Footer Section: Hi, everyone in this leg, sir. I'll show you how to create these. Put our section. OK. Here. Among the day's work. Just Ah, here. You can see if you look into your dad's boat, you will find Templars under a limiter, and it will find team builder. Just click on Tim Builder. And here you can see header and footer. Just click on Porter and kid, your fast food are Just click on this, add new food or bottom and name your footer. Okay. And create template. Okay. From here also are footer the stuff here. You can see there are many sediment food wars. Okay, this, uh, I used to decent. Okay, those toe click here toe review it. Okay, just insert. Now you can see the photo. Okay, First of all, I'm going to say that these are just customize this logo and got this style and local size will be 80. Okay, that's it. D bigs ill. And if you would like to sense this text, just click here, and you can sense the text. And here with the social media icons this cycle okay, just you can say is the color and go to the content. Silicon is icon and you will be able to add link. Or if you don't like, just click here and he did it. Okay, then let's see the next off from getting started, you can easily edit here, just click and a pencil icon, and you will be able created actually here and they will be able to edit it. Okay. And the last Here you can see. All right. Reserved can hear gun. See? Made it element. Er, just click on here and replace this work element er with your brand Name several example I have written in rentable. Okay, now what I'm going to do, I'm going to say this background color here you can see the background Color is different, so just get this color picker. This is the color and just click here to read the section for this style. No se is the color here. You can see for the bottom. Just click Here. Go to this time. Say the color. Okay, now here you can see our wave top off it. Oh, okay. Just I'm going to kill this Live well just again. Come here. Do you Did this section go to that bonds so he could that style again. And here you can see shape divider, click on it and top is selected and click on time. And here you will find with. And here it is just like that. But I'm going toe Adjust the wheat. There's just the height. Well, que left this. Okay, if you are happy, we did just hit. Publish now here you'll aired condition. I want to show this footer to every face. The stat condition include entire site. And here you can see saving Close your foot Harassed life. Just have a look. Okay, Now, if I go to the home pays If I scroll down now, I can see the footer. Oh, okay. Again. If I go to the services peas, I can see the footer. If they go to their voter space, I can see the footer if I go to the contact place is to life render footer. Okay, friends, I think I could show you how to build our way of site using elemental pro pace bowler. There's the end off this course, but how? Try to keep any uploading any video or listen later if I think necessary. So there's all thank of a rotting hope you will inside discourse. And it will learn how to create our website easily. Thank you. Thank you for watching.