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How To Create A Word Cloud T-Shirt Design For Merch By Amazon

teacher avatar David ✏ Ault, The Writer Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. An Introduction to Word Clouds

    • 2. An Overview of

    • 3. Sourcing a Mask Image

    • 4. Preparing the Mask Image

    • 5. Generating and Adding Words to Your Word Cloud

    • 6. Adding Your Mask Image

    • 7. Adding a Mask to the Word Cloud

    • 8. Incorporating the Word Cloud into a T-Shirt Design

    • 9. What Next?

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About This Class

How To Create A Word Cloud T-Shirt Design For Merch By Amazon is part of my Designs For Non-Designers series here on Skillshare.


In this class, I am going to walk you through step-by-step how to create a Word Cloud t-shirt design from scratch, which you can then sell on Merch by Amazon. he class begins with an overview of the website where we will be creating the Word Cloud design and then takes a look at how to source the silhouette, which we shall use as the Image Mask for our Word Cloud.

The class begins with an overview of the website where we will be creating the Word Cloud design and then takes a look at how to source the silhouette, which we shall use as the Image Mask for our Word Cloud.

The class then goes on to show how you will need to prepare your image mask for use in your Word Cloud Design and also how you can both generate and then add the word list for your Word Cloud.

Finally, the class shows you exactly how to create your Word Cloud Design from your mask image and word list as well as how to correctly incorporate the Word Cloud into a suitable t-shirt design that it is ready to upload for sale on Merch By Amazon.

So why not join me in this class today and discover how easy it is for us non-designers to create one of the types of t-shirt designs that sell well and make a great new side income through March by Amazon.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

David ✏ Ault

The Writer Teacher


A Little Bit More About Me

My name is David James Ault and I am a British ex-pat living in Slovakia, in the heart of Europe, with my wonderful Slovak wife, our three children and our Ragdoll, Blue.

Having graduated with a BSc (Hons) Degree in European Business, the first part of my career was spent in marketing, especially in the tourism industry, and during that time, I completed my Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing, at the CIM.

In 2001, I moved from the UK to Slovakia, where I set up a tourism portal about Slovakia and wrote travel related articles and books. I also began writing my first novel.

During the last two decades, I have written non-fiction books in a variety of niches and set up a number of successful websites to promote my various inter... See full profile

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1. An Introduction to Word Clouds: - without doubt, one of the best opportunities that is currently available to create its online is the designing and selling of T shirts through much by Amazon. Now the good news is you do not necessarily have to be a graphic designer to take advantage of this incredible opportunity. In fact, more often not it is the simple, well researched T shirt designs that are selling best on the platform. Simple designs such as word clouds, which worked particularly well, whatever nish you happen to be targeting. Hello, my name is David James Art, and I'm really excited to introduce you to this new class in my merch by Amazon Siris on skill share T shirt designs for non designers, which is called How to create Word Cloud T shirt designs. In this class, I'm going to walk you through step by step, how to create a word Cloud T shirt designed from scratch, which you can then sell on merch by Amazon class begins with an overview of the website where we will be creating a word cloud design and then takes a look at how to source the silhouette, which we shall use as the image mask for our words cloud. The class thing goes on to show how you will need to prepare your image mask for use in your word cloud design and also how you can both generate and then add the word list for your word cloud. Finally, the class shows you exactly how to create your worth cloud design from your mask, image and word list, as well as how to correctly incorporate the word cloud into a suitable T shirt design that is ready to upload for sale on much by Amazon. So why not join me in this class today and discover how easy it is for US non designers to create one of the types of T shirt designs that sell well and make a great new siding come through much by Amazon? 2. An Overview of Okay, So in this video, I'm going to show you how you can create a word Cloud T shirt design. I've actually had some quite good success selling these word cloud type designs in a number of different niches on the site that I use for creating my word cloud designs is a website called Word Clouds Don't come where you are able to create shape based word clouds. Now, before we go any further, I think it is always very important whenever you use a free third party site of this kind that you make sure that you have the commercial rights necessary to use the design that you creates on whatever project you choose to use it on. And in our case, that is for printing T shirts. So let's have a quick look at the frequently asked questions and see if they state whether or not we can use our finish designs commercially. Here we go. Are there any restrictions on using my word clouds? So let's see what the answer is. The word cloud images that you create are yours to use in any way you see fit. Feel free, however, to give credit to word clouds dot com and spread the word you are even allowed to use the generated word clouds commercially. Okay, so you can't get much clearer than that. However, I always like to be ultra safe when it comes to putting anything up on much by Amazon. So although the word clouds condemn definitely be used commercially, I also want to be certain that the font I use within my word cloud is also free for commercial use. So always make sure when you choose a font for your word cloud that it is definitely free for commercial use. The phone time going to use today is Pacific. Oh, now I happen to know that Pacific oh is free for commercial use. But I think you should always double check if you want to use one of the other fonts because you should never risk using a front that you don't actually have the rights to use commercially. Okay, so once you are satisfied that you have chosen a font that you have the rights to use commercially, you can begin creating your word cloud design and you begin creating a word cloud by choosing a shape or mask image to base your design around now work cloud dot com has a number of its own shapes that you are free to use if any of them fit in with a niche that you're designing for. For example, they have a Christmas tree shape, which you could use for a Christmas related T shirt design. You can choose letters, so perhaps you could do an educational type of design whereby you include different words, beginning with the letter A. For example, I use for apple a use for rent, etcetera, etcetera, which might make a cool T shirt for toddlers. Likewise, you convey base a word cloud around the number. Again. You could create toddler T shirts such as a second birthday type T shirt with perhaps different words that a two year old boy likes. So, for example, my two year old son likes tractors, diggers, helicopters, tigers, etcetera, etcetera and they also have a number of colorful shapes that you can use, such as a lion, where the different words take on different colors to help form the pattern. Personally, I don't think that these particular mask images work as well as the previous shapes do but feel free to experiment with them nonetheless. And last but not least, you are able to upload your own mask images, which means that you can choose a shape which represents a particular niche that you are targeting. And this means that you can create a design that has a much better chance of being discovered and bought on Amazon than these more generic shapes that we have been looking at up until now. Now, in this video, I am going to upload my own mask image, which is basically my own custom shape. And I'm actually going to choose a mask image from a very saturated niche, which I don't advise you to do, because I would not expect many if any sales from this design is, there is just too much competition, but hopefully it will give you an idea of what to do when you design a word cloud based on one of the niches you have researched. Now, when you upload your own mask image, you can either upload the shape as a gift or a ping. My person you always upload is a ping, and the recommended size you need to upload is approximately 800 by 800 pixels. Now, obviously, that is nowhere near the resolution that we need for our designs on merch, which need to be 5400 pixels by 4500 pixels and at 300 dots per inch. So we really need to be creating an image of about 3600 by 3600 pixels or even 4000 by 4000 pixels, which would then sit nicely in our 5400 by 4500 pics or frame within the merch template. Now you can supposedly get around this onward clouds dot com in two ways. On the first way is this is, well, a saving the file is a ping. You should also be able to output your work cloud design as an SPG file, which you could then enlarge to your heart's content without affecting the resolution. But currently this option is experimental, and unfortunately, up until now, I've had mixed results with this method, so I actually always out. But the file as a ping and I will show you later on how I increase the resolution of the file to the size needed for our much designs. But for the time being, even before we upload our mask image, we shall, of course, need to source that image. And I'm going to show you an excellent way of doing just that in the next lesson on how to source your mask image. 3. Sourcing a Mask Image: Okay, so here we are on public domain pictures dot net, which is one of my favorite sites for sourcing public domain images that have a creative Commons zero license, which basically means you are allowed to use the images commercially. You are able to manipulate the images as you see fit, and you do not even have to give any credit to the original photographer or designer who created that image. And it is not that you wouldn't want to give credit. But the reality is it is something that you can't really do when using these images as part of a T shirt design. Obviously, using your own image is always going to be the best case scenario when creating a design and then probably purchasing an image where you have four commercial rights that include the use for sale on T shirt designs. But after that, I would say using a public domain image with a CC zero license is probably the next best thing. The only real downside being that everybody else is also able to use the same image or, more importantly, perhaps has already used that same image for a T shirt design on merch by Amazon. So if you are going to use a CC zero image for a T shirt design, it is important that you make every effort to ensure that that image is at least unique toe Amazon and preferably unique to every print on demand platform out there. Now the very nature of work clouds means that even if the shape you choose as your mask image is not totally unique to a print on demand platform, you can all but guarantee that the final design of your word cloud will be 100% original. So that is certainly a little plus point when it comes to creating a word. Cloud designs so back to public domain pictures dot net then, which really is a great source of CC zero images. And the image that I am looking to source for my mask image is a unicorn image, specifically a unicorn silhouette. I did say that I had chosen a saturated niche and they don't come much more saturated than unicorn designs, but I think this will make a fun example when designing the word clout. So let's type in unicorn and see what comes up so straight away, we can see a number of possibilities. A number of different unicorns silhouettes. Now you have to be careful here because the first few images are actually sponsored images , which you would, of course, have to pay for, on which you may well have to purchase an extended licence. For if you want to use the image for T shirt designs, which will certainly not be cheap. So we shall ignore those images and look for one with a creative Commons. Zero license. So all of these images are in the public domain. I like the look of this one. Yes, that one is perfect. So let's double check that it does have a creative Commons zero license. And yes, it does. There is one final thing to bear in mind, even with a public domain image that certain photos require a model release, which obviously doesn't apply to this image. But he's certainly worth bearing in mind for other types of images. So once we're 100% confident that the image is safe to use, we have a choice of how we download the image. You can download a high resolution image, which is known as a premium download, but you need to be a premium member to do so, and that will cost you a little bit of money. Or you can use the free download, which, in the case of this particular image lets you download an image that is 1624 pixels by 1919 pixels. Now this is more than enough for our mask image, which only needs to be approximately 800 pixels by 800 pixels. So in this case, the free download is perfectly sufficient. And if we click on that weaken, download the image to the hard drive, ready to manipulate within our preferred design application, which will be the subject of the next lesson on how to prepare your mask image. 4. Preparing the Mask Image: Okay, so here we are in photo shop, which is the application I'm using for this particular lesson. And you can get folk to shop Creative Cloud for about $10 a month, so it's not really that expensive to use nowadays. Alternatively, if you are on a Mac, you could use the wonderful pixel mater, which is another application I regularly use. Or indeed, you can use the ability, sweeter products, affinity designer, an affinity photo which are probably my go to applications of choice these days. And I will certainly be using these applications and others in future lessons. But today I am going to use voter shop and actually concede e I have already opened the image off the Unical. The first thing I'm going to do is crop this image so that we are left with just the head because I think that if I use the whole of the unicorns body, the final image might get lost a little bit on our T shirt design. So I'm going to crop it like so that should be okay. And the image needs to be a transparent GIF. So I shall make the whole background transparent by using the magic arrays a tool. The next thing we need to do is resized. The image, which we know has to be approximately 800 by 800 pixels. However, currently the resolution is only 72 dots per inch, and we need our design to be a minimum of 300 dots per inch. So we need to re sample the image at 800 pixels white. It doesn't really matter if it's not quite 800 pixels high, and we can do this without fear of compromising the image quality as this is only a silhouette, as opposed to a photo which will be used as a mask image for our word cloud design. And once the image has being rece iced, we can export it as a ping file, and here we can check that it is a transparent ping 800 pixels white with 300 dots per inch resolution. And then we can export the image onto the hard drive so that it is ready to use as our mask image. Onward, cloud Doctor, Come now, I'm going to come onto that in an upcoming lesson, but before I do, I want to look at how we can come up with the different words that will be used within our word cloud and then actually, at these words to the word cloud itself. And this will be covered in the next lesson on generating and adding words to your word clout. 5. Generating and Adding Words to Your Word Cloud: Okay, so here we are, back on the word cloud stock com website, and I think I will begin by changing this colorful lion shape to a different one. Let's choose a love heart for now. And the two main things that we can change for any given word cloud are the colors of the words and, of course, the words themselves. If we open up the word list like so we can take a look at the Latin placeholder text that currently populates our work cloud. And you can see that each of the words have been given a waiting and the great to the weight of a particular word. The larger that word will appear within our word cloud. Now, the way I like to create my word clouds is to begin by changing the Latin words in the list to appropriate words for the niche, the time targeting which in this case is the unicorn itch. And naturally, the most important word is, of course, unicorn. So I shall get that the highest weighting of all. And you can also add you RL's to certain words as well. If your word clamp was to appear online somewhere for example, but obviously we won't need them for our T shirt design. Let's see, other possible words could be magical creature Rainbow, of course. How about love fuel? Now, if, like me at this point, you're running out of words to include within your word list. A great resource that I use and one that I'd like to show you now is the word association network. And if we type in the words unicorn in this box here we are presented with a list of noun that are associated with words, unicorn as well as adjectives and even some verbs. What I normally do is just copy the noun is like so and then paste them into a text file. Let's zoom in so we can see the words a little bit better. And then we can just go through the words, deleting the ones that we feel are not appropriate, such as where work, for example. And we can place each of the words that we do like on a separate line like so. So then it's just a case of working our way through the different possible words and creating a list of words that we will use in our word cloud. I've already got Rainbow, so I will remove that one. I'll delete a few of these as well. Glitter is a good one, so it's sparkle. It's quite a lot here that I probably wouldn't have thought off. Fantasy is a good one. So I'm sure you get the idea. And very soon we will have created a good list for use in the word cloud. Nearly there. So there we go. And once the list is complete, we basically just need to cut out and paste the words into the list. Over a word Cloud stopped, Come like. So Okay, I'm gonna go off camera now and at each of these words, onto the word list in the order that I deem best within my word clout. And then I'll restart the video again once my list is complete. Okay, so here I am again. And I've added all of the unicorn related words to the word list of my word cloud design. And I've given them all a waiting. I have actually had to repeat the list a couple of times so that there is enough words is there are only so many words that you can associate with you, Nicole, But all of those words will appear on the final Unical mask image. In any case, for the time being weaken, See how these words are going to look like on the heart shape by clicking on a ploy. Hey, that looks pretty good. And it could probably be a good T shirt design itself. What I would like to bring to your attention here is that the current image size of 1000 and 24 by 768 pixels is not nearly big enough for our T shirt design. If we're planning to output the image from words cloud as a ping file, Fortunately, we can increase the size of the image to 3000 pixels by 3000 pixels. So that's good news. The bad news is that it will considerably slow down the time it takes for our work clout to render an image whenever we make a change to it. Which means that I'm gonna have to speed up portions off this video as a consequence. Okay, so the heart has been rendered again, and now the image sizes 3000 by 3000 pixels if we wanted. And I love unicorns type T shirt design we could quite happily export. This file is a ping and have a cool looking design. But in this example, I am going to create a word cloud design based on my unicorn silhouette. And I will show you exactly how I do that in the next lesson on how to add your mask image to the world cloud. 6. Adding Your Mask Image: okay, before I change my mask image, I'm going to begin by changing the theme, and I would like to have a dark background, so I will have a better idea of how the word cloud will look like on dark colored T shirts , so that looks pretty good. And the next thing I need to do is, of course, swap the heart shape for our unicorn silhouette. So I need to click on shape and then upload, and I'll check the use colors from the theme or colors menu and then click on select Mask File before selecting the file unicorn dot PNG like So. Okay, that looks pretty good. Except the word creature is perhaps a bit too prominent. So I think I will swap around the world creature with words unicorn in the word list like so to be on the safe side, I shall swap this creature for unicorn as well. Okay, let's see what that looks like now. Yes, that's a lot better. I don't mind the word rainbow being so prominent, but I think I will change the colors of the words presently the colors of our word Cloud looked like this, but I would prefer to make them a bit more rain. Bowie, the light blues and ice color. But I think I would like to change this greeny blue color to more of a darker blue. Actually, I'm gonna swap it for this blue, and I will change this one to a pink color that looks good. The red is fine, and I like the orange, too. We've actually got two shades of red, so let's change the darker red to a nice yellow color. So we still need purple and green to complete our rainbow. That purple color looks quite good, and we also need green. We may well need to change these colors around once more when it renders again, but we'll soon see, so they are our rainbow colors. I'll click on a ploy and we'll see what it looks like looking pretty good. I think I'll swap the purple in the blue around. That's the blue and we'll have a dark purple. Actually, it can't be too dark as I'll be putting the design on dark T shirt colors. I think that's about right. So let's click on, apply again and see what we get. Yet that's looking good. Now you're really like that. Now we could use This is our word cloud design. And I think actually, I will say this is a ping file just to be on the safe side. So we just need to click on save. And then, like I said before, ideally, we would save as an SV G file, that is to say, a scalable vector graphic. But this is currently experimental. And to be honest, I have not had much success saving my word clouds as S. P. G's. Hopefully this will improve in the future, but for the time being, at least I always save my word clouds as pings. So my images download it. And I really like this image and may well use it as my T shirt design. But there is something else that weaken due to enhance our word cloud design further, and I will show you exactly what that is. In the next lesson on health, Adam asked to the word clout and then give our word cloud a transparent background. 7. Adding a Mask to the Word Cloud: Okay, so here we are in word clouds dot com. And as you can see, we have already created a great looking word cloud design. But I want to take this one step further by first of all, adding an outline to the design which is actually called a mask. And then secondly, giving the designer transparent background so that it is ready toe what float too much by Amazon. So all I need to do is click on mask and the mask is all dramatically added to our word cloud design. However, this isn't the color of the mask that I would like, and we can easily change the color of the mosque by going to colors, clicking on mask and then choosing the color we do want. So let's try a light gray mask and there you go. We now have a different looking image. Where are words now? Fit a distinct outline. So it perhaps gives our design a little bit more definition, and the final thing that I would like to do is make the background of our word cloud design transparent. So we need to go back to colors and then we need to make the A pass ity off the background color 100% transparent like so And then we click on apply, which will automatically render our image once more. Okay, so there we go. We have our finished design, the colors of change once more. But I'm actually really pleased with it, Which means that all we need to do now is download our word cloud design as a ping file. So we just need to click on Savers Ping. And there it is, downloaded to my hard drive, ready to be added to the merch T shirt template within photo shop, which is exactly what we'll be doing in the next lesson on incorporating the word cloud into your T shirt design. 8. Incorporating the Word Cloud into a T-Shirt Design: Okay, so I have opened up the merch by Amazon T shirt template within photo shop. And the final stage in the design process is to incorporate our word cloud design and create a transparent ping toe upload to merch. So if we go to the T shirt front layer and click on edit contents like so we can place our word cloud design in here. So we need to open the Unicorn Word Cloud file, which is a word cloud three. There we go. And I think I will crop our design, making sure not to cut off any of the unicorn's horn that seat and then weaken. Duplicate this layer, duplicating it over to our sample layer like so. So if we now go over to the sample layer and make the template layer invisible, we can see that how Unicorn word cloud is currently a little bit too small. So we're going to need to enlarge the word cloud. But it should not compromise the visible quality of our design. So I need to click on edit, transform and then scale before holding down the shift button on dragging the image to the size. We want it to be. I think that should be okay. And then I need to send to the image on. I'm actually going to do that manually, as I would like to send to the image based mainly on the body of the unicorn rather than the whole image, including the horn. So it's actually going to be a little bit left of center. I think that's about right. And then if we saved the sample layer weaken, go back to the T shirt template and see without design looks like on a T shirt mock up. Now, in my opinion, our design is probably going to work better on darker T shirts, and I shall click on the youth shirt template and have a look at which colors work best. Dark Red doesn't really work. Neither does yellow. White works quite well, and this is a color that I very rarely use. Let's see what else call it might work. No, that doesn't look that good. Baby blues. Not too bad. Let's have a look at the darker colors. Yes, black looks good. Sleet doesn't work, though. Asphalt looks nice, and so does Brown. Navy looks very good. That's probably my favorite. And once we have decided which of the colors work best, we can then go back to the sample layer and export. It is a transparent ping file before uploading it to merch by Amazon. So there you go. I think this makes quite a good looking T shirt design, which you can, of course, recreate for a particular niche that you are targeting. 9. What Next?: Hello. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for watching this class. And I hope it is giving you a good grounding on how us non designers can get started designing T shirts for sale through merch by Amazon. If you have enjoyed the class and feel that you have got something useful from it, then please take the time to leave it a thumbs up and perhaps also partake in the short class project, which is simply to state whether or not you have already been accepted into merch by Amazon , and also to state what type of simple designs you would like me to demonstrate in future classes in this Siri's based on this feedback as well as the direct feedback I received through my website how to sell T shirts online dot i shall continue to create a series of classes aimed at non designers which show you how to create great looking simple designs. The type of designs that just so happened to sell well on Amazon. Make sure that you follow me on skill ship so that I can alert you whenever a new classes published, and you can also have a look in the about section of this particular class for an up to date list off a lot of different design tutorials in the series so far. Okay, so thanks again for watching this class. And I hope to see you in one of my other classes very soon. Bye for now.