How To Create A Low Poly Portrait With The Pen Tool In Illustrator

Dawid Tuminski,

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18 Lessons (1h 8m)
    • 1. How To Create A Low Poly Portrait With The Pen Tool In Illustrator

    • 2. 1Before We Start Creating The Low Poly Effect

    • 3. 2How to Start Creating The Polygons for the Eyes

    • 4. 3How To Create The First Polygons

    • 5. 4How To Add Colors to the Polygons

    • 6. 5How To Create The Other Eye with the Polygons

    • 7. 6How To Start Creatig Polygons For The Lips

    • 8. 7How To Add Colors to the Lips

    • 9. 8How To Start Creatin the Low Poly Face

    • 10. 9Let's Add Some First Polygons

    • 11. 10Let's FInish Creating the Polygons for the Face

    • 12. 11Let's Finish Creating the Face

    • 13. 12Let's Start Adding the Polygons for the Hair

    • 14. 13Let's Add the Colors To The Hair

    • 15. 14Let's Start Creting the Shoulders

    • 16. 15Let's Give the Shoulders Some Colors

    • 17. 16Summary

    • 18. Class Project


About This Class

Low poly style art has been really popular recently. You can see it in posters, murals, paintings…

It’s definitely one of the most eye-catchy effects in the design world recently.

And one of the best things you can create using this style is a low poly portrait.

Just imagine creating a gorgeous low poly portrait from a photo of your loved one: it can be the best anniversary or Christmas gift ever!

Inside this course you will learn 

  • how to use the pen tool to create the eyes, lips, nose and hair - all that using simple techniques and easy to follow steps
  • how to rapidly add colors to your artwork using one, simple trick
  • how to make the process of creating low poly art fast and easy

It's a concise guide to creating spectacular low poly effect portraits and the techniques shown inside this class are so universal that you can use them in your other projects.

The low poly portraits may seem like they are extremely difficult to create, but trust me, once you get to know the best practices and techniques, the process becomes super easy. 

Since we will dive right into the creation process you must have some basic knowledge about the pen tool, pathfinder and some basic Illustrator functions to take the most out of this class.

But if you have a basic understanding of how the pen tool works, how the layers and the pathfinder work, thanks to this class you will be on a fast track to creating stunning low poly portraits!

Enroll now!