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15 Videos (1h)
    • Introduction To "How To Create A Skillshare Class"

    • Before We Get Started!

    • Tools You Need To Create A Class

    • Choosing Your Class Topic

    • Planning Your Class

    • Recording Your Class: Tips

    • Recording Your Class: Software Demonstrations

    • Recording Your Class: Demo: OBS

    • Recording Your Class: Demo: Screencast-O-Matic

    • Recording Your Class: Demo: Camtasia

    • Editing Your Class: Camtasia

    • Uploading Your Class

    • Creating The Meta-Data

    • Submit Your Class

    • Your Next Steps!


About This Class

Sometimes it can seem difficult to know where to begin when creating a Skillshare class.

We've been creating "how to" guides since 1997 (nearly 20 years!) and we'll walk you through the process of creating a Skillshare class, step-by-step.

We'll show you what you need and then how do do it!

From how to brainstorm a class, to how to record your screen with demos of Camtasia, and the free alternatives Screencast-o-matic and Open Broadcasting Software. 

From microphone tips to editing video, from class meta-data to the important first class image, we cover a huge amount in this quality course.

We hope to welcome you as a student! Enroll now! :-)


PS,  ☑ We are truly interested in helping you on Skillshare. We will follow you back when you take one of our classes and follow your progress, from posting projects to offering classes. Most of the time, we'll see you join and follow you. If not, start a discussion in the class to remind us!

13 of 13 students recommendSee All

An excellent overview of the technical aspects of creating and uploading a skillshare class. Mr. Shearing shares resources with the class and patiently explains how to work with some of them. I recommend this class to anyone interested in teaching a Skill share class.
There is so much information I couldn't take it all in at once. I'll have to watch 1 or 2 more times.
Marsha Law

Fibre Artist, Educator, Writer

Great class! There's so much to learn about Skillshare. This class breaks down the process of class creation in extremely easy and manageable steps. I especially appreciated the recording software demos. Now I'm ready to approach my class creation with a little less anxiety...LOL. Thanks again :)
Cy Price ❣

App Store Specialist





Neil and Linda Shearing ☑ . Marketing online since 1997!


We are truly interested in helping you on Skillshare. Download our free "Unofficial Skillshare Success Blueprint" and get free links to our sixteen Skillshare marketing classes, a link to our 7.5-hour Skillshare course on Udemy, links to our two Skillshare Facebook Groups and a "Skillshare FAQ" with 33 questions and answers! 

Since selling their first ebook online waaay back in 1997, Neil and Linda have enjoyed helping online entrepreneurs by producing simple, "how to" guides and products covering almost every facet of "Internet marketing" from Adsense and Wordpress to Info-publishing and SEO.

As a former scientist with a Ph.D. in breast cancer research, Neil's expertise is in distilling complex problems into workable solutions. Whether you're brand new to Internet marketing or are successfully generating income and profits online, let's work together to boost your Internet success!