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7 Videos (12m)
    • Part 1 How To Create A Free Blog Introduction

    • Part 2 Blogger Platform Selection

    • Part 3 Creating Your Gmail Account

    • Part 4 Find Google Blogger

    • Part 5 Creating Your Blog

    • Part 6 Making A Page For Your Blog

    • Part 7 Conclusion


About This Class

These quick lessons will help you to develop a free blog using Gmail or Google Blogger within the same day of completing the lesson.

Each lesson is laid out in progression and the content is given to you in audio and visual so that you learn quickly using your eyes and ears.

Most people think they do not have the time or skills to create a blog, you may think that you have to be "Techy" or "Geek" to this. You can do this and have your own blog to share with family and friends than eventually to your target market.

With the simple instructions and easy format of Blogger, you will impress yourself of how easy it was to get this up and running.

You want to start with a basic Post and work your way to writing your pages which will be static information that will be there all the time for your viewers or prospects to see. Your posts will be updates, these updates can also be used to engage your audience, or your customers engaging with you and others on your blog.

You may also want to test your blog on family and friends and ask them to help you with some real testimonials about your products or services.

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Great information and a quick study which made it handy.
It okay, but need to improve in presenting the point. Thanks.
Park Y.






Guy Monague

Sharing Experience To The World

Good-day Class:

My name is Guy Monague and I have many skills to share with you. Just recently, I have reached 55 years old and have pondered many life events and skills that I have picked up along the way.

My skills were acquired due to survival and not some great plan that I had created. In my younger years, I ventured into a Fast Food Restaurant combined with a Video Arcade, it was exciting times and a great experience. My success was due to the demand, but my failure was due to in-experience in management.

I had always resorted to manual labor type of jobs when I wound up flat broke and I had always worked hard, not matter what I had done. This had helped me develop a lot of my skills in construction, home construction, renovations and Log-Home Building.

Today I work in an office environment and have worked various jobs from Marketing Officer, Training Coordinator, Communications Officer, Recruitment Coordinator, Employment Officer and have been elected to office a few times.

I enjoy learning, but I enjoy sharing my experience with anyone who is interested. My various jobs have taken me to various parts of Ontario, Canada and I do enjoy our country's climate, you have to when it is cold most of the year. That's what keeps me indoors and working on carpentry, video production, writing and recording music.

In my current position as Communications Officer, I do a lot of writing and developing of articles for a monthly newsletter for our community. There are many ways to get a message out there, so you must be versatile in your skills in using the various mediums, especially the social and web-based mediums.

The development of various software over the years have always kept my learning curve steep, always learning new stuff. I use Adobe products in most of productions, but I also use new stuff that comes on the market, always trying to make it easier for myself and save time.

Like most of you, I have been fascinated with the internet, you have so much information available to you. I guess it depends on how fast your internet is too, mine operates on slow most of time, except late at night. That's when I do my work and studies, when everyone else is gone to bed.

I have developed many websites over the years and have investigated SEO, because it was the buzz word and a must for anyone who owns a website. I learned a lot of tricks to get websites and videos to the first page of many Search Engines...that's all I would prefer to say about that...

If you would like to visit my case study blog, the url is below and if you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]


Guy Monague