How To Create A Flat Design Island in Affinity Designer

Dawid Tuminski,

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7 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. 1First we need to create a new document

    • 2. 2How To Create Your Own color Palettes

    • 3. 3Let's Start with Creating the Sun

    • 4. 4How To Create the Palm Tree

    • 5. 5How To Create the Remaining Leaves

    • 6. 6Let's Create the Clouds

    • 7. 7Let's Now Create the Waves


About This Class

In this class you wll learn Affinity Designer in the most practical of ways - by designing actual flat design artwork.

You will create

  • a flat design island
  • a flat design sea
  • a flat design sun and clouds

Don't worry if you are a total beginner in Affinity Designer.

All techniques are simple and easy to follow, so you can quickly learn all you need to know, to start using Affinity Designer independently.

Inside you will learn how

  • create artwok using Designer's custom shapes
  • transform objects using simple techniques
  • use a bit more advanced, but still easy to learn, path operations

Enroll in the class and learn Affinity Designer in the most practical way!

See you inside!


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