How To Create A Digital Planner In Keynotes From Scratch On An iPad (Free Planner!) | Janna Uddin | Skillshare

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How To Create A Digital Planner In Keynotes From Scratch On An iPad (Free Planner!)

teacher avatar Janna Uddin, Analyst By Day Graphic Designer By Night

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How To Create A Background & Cover Page

    • 3. How To Create Tabs & Hyperlink Tabs

    • 4. How To Create Your Planner Page Template

    • 5. How To Create A Flipping Page Effect

    • 6. How To Export Your Journal Into A PDF & Into GoodNotes

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About This Class

Welcome All,

I’m Janna, by day analyst, by night digital designer.

I first came across digital planning a while ago and was intrigued how they are made, all the functionalities and found it difficult to find videos on how to create a digital planner from scratch. Digital Planning has changed my life and I love how customisable they are and how personal you can make them!

I’ve created this video to share how I have created digital planners using keynotes from scratch without using any templates on an iPad.

For this project you will need a tablet, a stylus as well as a PDF reader (I use GoodNotes) but any PDF reader will work well with this.

This class will feature the following topics:

  • How To Create A Background & Cover
  • How To Create Clickable Tabs
  • How To Create A Monthly Planning Template
  • How To Create A Flipping Page Motion Effect
  • How To Export & Use Projects Into GoodNotes

You will be learning how to create the below journal design.


I would love to see what designs everyone creates, please share your projects with me!

I hope you find this tutorial useful and thank you for taking the time to attend my class.

Follow the link below to receive a Free Planner, Weekly & Daily Planning Template and 12 Digital Notebook/Planner Covers!

Please view my other classes around digital designing!

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Janna Uddin

Analyst By Day Graphic Designer By Night


Hi, I’m Janna!

A twenty something Senior Business Analyst by day, creative digital superhero by night with experience in graphic design, digital art, illustration and all things technology. 

I love using my iPad to create new artwork, create planners and journals and all things digital!

Join me on my journey where I teach you all the tips and tricks I have learnt on various digital software, I hope you learn a lot with me and I can provide you with inspiration and knowledge in this new creative passage we have embarked upon together.


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1. Introduction: Hi everyone. Today we'll be learning how to create this monthly digital planning in. Learning how to create tabs will also be learning how to create clickable tabs. As well as creating our own template. Would happen. Notes, section. He monthly to-do list, monthly goals and intentions, and a calendar. Hope you found this tutorial useful. Thank you for watching and please leave them down below if you enjoyed it. 2. How To Create A Background & Cover Page : What we first want to do is open up keynotes. It then went to press the button in the top right-hand corner and press choose a theme. I want to start off with a basic quiet presentation. So just good fest, one for my Ghetto I like to use and a full size. So it is good to customize this campus. If you just click on the three dots in the top right hand corner and click on document set up to go to the bottom. Slide size, size, custom. We went by 59. Click done. Now got our canvas. You can customize this page any size UB. So it just going to press done. You want to get rid of this toolbar section in the top. You just click the three dot together and it disappears. He went to move this slide on the left. You just slide it to the left. First we wanted to delete is books is. So we just click on it. Click, click, eat. This page is going to be our cover page. What we want to do is add a background to this. Now, you can use any image that you like. I like to get my images from three You need a premium account if you want to use any of the files for commercial use, please check the tenant conditions fast. Just click the Add button at the top again. Go to the fourth cap, which is our photos and videos. And just insert an IT background. I just wanted to scale this to our A4 size. It doesn't fit perfectly. If you double-click. We can just remove the ends. Fit a compass. Now, got a background. Who is a cover page? Click on the plus button into the third section. Here is where we have on our shapes. I like to use this square shape. Next features when to move it and place about half of the page, create ABACABA page. We need to make sure we leave enough gaps on the side so that we can add our tabs. If you can see this green dot right at the top. The more the MOOC cough to shape gets that most straight your shape kits. Just play around with this TOP down. We cannot change the color of the shape. If we just click on it, go into a paintbrush tool at the top. Go to style. And we can see the fill is currently widgets click on color and just change him to whichever color. Like. If now, we want to add a shadow to this to make it look realistic. So if a click on Shape again, and you can see he's got a shadow section here. We just click yes to that. And if we just add, just play around with this bad shadow. Next, just want to customize this page. If I got the plus button and add another square. This is where we combined to how a name competing of a channel. It's just going to click on my paint brush tool. And I also want to add up if it designed Today's. So I'm just going to click that button, click on the photos and images again and go to from. So I'm going to add this floral decoration, which I really like. What we can do now is click on our paintbrush again. Go to the commit, this image behind the white. This is a pretty useful keynotes. And just play around with it for eight goes behind allocable page, coming up. I also like to take the edge to do that. You go into a coffee. This kept shape. Who we want to do is just go into a paintbrush, go into the thin section, go into precepts, options. We can change the style. We want to make it this just want to change the color of this sum could change the color of the shadow behind. 3. How To Create Tabs & Hyperlink Tabs: What we next quantitative had some Tabs. Click that button and chai shapes, and click on the button again. So we need the 12 months. We just need to figure out how to scale, which is play around with this to get the perfect size. Hope you want to do is change the color of this to go into our paint brush. So it's time to change the color. You can also add a shadow. I like his shadow. And you could go to arrange a comma page. Just going to make this a bit smaller. Copy and paste. And put this one right next to it to change the color again. Behind the comma page. Behind that. So now it looks like it's got a probabilistic tab effect here with the shutters. We're just going to keep doing this for shells monks. Now. For the next one to two is we want to label our tab. To do this, we can either use our Apple pencil. We can add some text button TO shapes and click the text. We just went right. Click on this top paintbrush. Go into text and just make this a bit. Pick I31. We can change the font. You can change the color. So you want to rotate our text now, this is a bit tricky to, to what I suggest you do is just make this a bit thicker. And we can left-hand held down and rotate it right. I can just copy this now is changed. The text. We can just position. And if we just covered all throughout the rest of the months. Now go create the rest of us. Going to clip the light table. Duplicate this on the second page to pick at left. Now this page is done. This is because we want to go and talk to each page. Click on one of our top. Went to link to the page. Someone also they often to December. Clique three upon me now much quicker. Textbook to the lepton items. All of these together. To press cookie. Come into our second slide. These tops for now. Just press paste page. Our second page. Before we did this, we wanted to create our pages on a square. Now I just want to extend page. Confess. This is going to act as one master page for all of the remaining pages. Would pick the add button, coca continuous shapes and adjust to the page. Object, paintbrush to white. This is how a page now, to create a more realistic effect by, I think, to try shapes again. Click on the cycles. You can just rotate them straight to adjust this to be in the middle. Just the next one to two is click non-line. Paintbrush. Changed the color. And light gray. Shadow is fast one. And if we just go into the capacity fishes tenant, you can see starts to look a page. One excellent. Ide is shattered by page. Current STI, press chateaux. You want this fast shadow. Copy, paste. And just put this behind my page. And just put it directly behind the effect of multiple pages. For just do that again. It looks like with pages. Next one to click on our tops, a paint brush. And just adjust this next one to equip all of these items. Easier for us to copy and paste item with our left hand. And just click on the rest as we go along. Just put it in the middle. Texts with the previous objects, such as click on the text up here right now and press Copy. I like to do is just to take this text, click on the paintbrush, arranger bikes like January colored tarp. And arranged this. Well, I like to do is a match my tab pages to the extra tab color. If I just click on this page here, the fast one, don't my paintbrush. Stop. Just change the color. You can see it looks a lot nicer. So I'm just gonna do this for the rest of my slides. I like to do. And so on all counts. Okay. So this is called a collector. On the side. They just last month. 4. How To Create Your Planner Page Template : When you go back to our slide, this slide is just going back to this. So this is going to be our template for our pages. So we wanted to add some books, perhaps, to see all these tables here inside this into my page. And just align. You can just click on that and just increase the number of next week to come into my shapes. I used to increase to copy this. Paste, paste, paste again to create a table at the plus. If I click that button and just try to change the filter. Now let's just put in this book the GOP, thus extend the white page. I next want to create a common intersection on the left-hand side. If I click that button, click again. If I go into the paintbrush and if I go to, the second section, is changed to a different color. Just makes it easy to see what the position behind. As best as I can. Just add the paintbrush. And just go click, click line, which is going to increase it to one. Just click on our table. Then we want to copy this table. Just put underneath. Get smaller and smaller. Next one to add some text. Size. I just changed the white. Polite. I just copy this section is going to be a law. Copy. Paste. I just had to add in Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday to the top. And perhaps at some numbers as well. My shapes. Just adjust. This comes the calendar, paintbrush, texts. And just increase the size. Went to put a right in the middle. It's always best just grip objects to get paintbrush. Looks at. So when we're writing numbers at the top, just customize it. Whichever one is, copy this page. Table. Just pressed. We want to do now is just pages. We want to make sure the pages, tab page. Now we can add a few more weeks every month. 5. How To Create A Flipping Page Effect: Page motion. The tops on each respective taps into her paintbrush horizontally. This is just multiple pages. Now we went to the site. This process is a bit tedious, might take some time to go into a paint brush. Paintbrush again. When we click on the tab. Then you want to continue this rest of them on this crisis appellate does take time. It just kinda grouped on a new page. I can use this to this my previous slide. Paste. Then you may just press. Press. Okay. This extra pages that would give them a realistic effect, which is what I went to. Just expand the size of page document set up. I just double-click. We just want to paste it into the other slides. Everything. You can add stickers in another class and create procreate. 6. How To Export Your Journal Into A PDF & Into GoodNotes: I'm just going to go over how to open this. Now to export as a PDF. So you can click on the three dots at the top right. Click export PDF. I went to opening, could open. So if you want the clickable tabs to Guinea to make sure this Pen icon next to the three dots in the top right hand corner is always switched on. Now you can see we can go through our general tab. You can click the tabs on the left-hand side. It has been useful. And I'm looking forward to seeing all the creations that you'd be coming up. Think everyone joining the keynotes clause in Keynote. And he fled to love tips and tricks.