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How To Create A Colour Pop In Photoshop

Manfred Werner, Retoucher at RetutPro

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About This Class


This lesson is all about creating a colour pop in Photoshop. This image has already been retouched. That includes skin retouching, cropping, dodging and burning, etc. This technique will involve using several Adjustment Layers more than once to create the desired effect. This lesson will focus on working with:

  • Hue and Saturation
  • Curves Adjustment Layer
  • Selective Colour
  • Levels Adjustment Layer

Remember that you can always go back and tweak the individual adjustment layers as you progress through your retouching.

NOTE: If you want to apply the same effect to several of your images we suggest that you create an action.

We have uploaded an addition lesson on how to record your own actions.

You will need no prior Photoshop knowledge or any other photoshop skills - I'll show you how to instantly get into the effect and be good at it. (literally!) In all Photoshop lessons I go into full detail showing exactly how you, like me, can use these Photoshop techniques for immediate success.

For more photoshop skills, check out my YouTube Channel or my Skillshare Profile! 






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Manfred Werner

Retoucher at RetutPro

Love Sharing and Teaching Photoshop

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