How To Create A Calendar in Adobe Photoshop | Jai Siva Kumar | Skillshare

How To Create A Calendar in Adobe Photoshop

Jai Siva Kumar, Graphic Designer

How To Create A Calendar in Adobe Photoshop

Jai Siva Kumar, Graphic Designer

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6 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Creating Border Guidelines

    • 3. Adding Image

    • 4. Creating Abstract Designs

    • 5. Adding Text and Aligning

    • 6. Preparing Print Files

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About This Class


Calendar Template Tutorial 
In this tutorial you will be learning how to create a simple and elegant professional calendar template in Photoshop CC. This video is a step by step tutorial so at the end of this tutorial you will be able to use various photoshop tools like a professional designer.


  • How to Use Guidelines 
  • How to Create Shapes 
  • How to Place a Image Inside a Shape
  • How to Edit and Align Text Content
  • How to Use custom Brush

Meet Your Teacher

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Jai Siva Kumar

Graphic Designer


Hello, I'm Jai, graphic and web designer with 8 years of experience . Im an expert in print-based projects such as business cards, flyer, poster, banners, brochures and FB/ Twitter covers.

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1. Introduction: Hey, guys, welcome In this tutorial, we're going to learn outer designed counter template ing for shop before getting started. Please. Giordano, the project fell Link in the description. With the project fell, it will be much easier for you to follow this tutorial. So down with the project fell on, get ready for the class. 2. Creating Border Guidelines : first go to the folder. You don't read it There you will see a PSD felt called counter opened the file inside for shop. The zone is it isn't really friend Size 83 1st we're going to create a solid color background for that. Go to the back on folder creatively go to political select white color by using people chucker held back space for the color. Next, we're going to create border day length for that selectively. Sorry. Creatively. Go to collect FICA ser chemical you want? I'm going with Fred next the tangled Do you okay? Created goddamn bullshit Which needs to fight a by those in. We're going to use this shape as reference to create guidelines. Next enable frequent something given 90 degree tradition. Now you're going to create a zonal guidelines Find our border gallons already. You can believe this layer 3. Adding Image: next we're going to bring in our image. Before that. Let's create you Manage placeholder for the good of the image folder created layer with the color picker Select black color. You know what the potential tool Give a clip now create partnership which reads 18 10 by 20 Fay 92 is going to be used as a image placeholder. Place it somewhere Here. Fine. Next quarter the fourth day. You don't open, you major on inside for a shop off course, You can use your image. Drag and drop they made instead of canvas. Make sure the place the image right about the place old earlier. All right. Lee must earlier now by enabling free transform to control t resist the image Final Total zone. Next, we're going to create returnable border for the good of the same one folder Creative area. Now pick tangled too. These able fill enable stroke also let alone make sure the with this 20 big fields No, you did resemble border like so 4. Creating Abstract Designs : fine. Next, we're going to have to random ships. For that. You need to install a fresh for the good of the father. You don't want it. Double click on it and start the brush. No creatively go to collect Picca selling blue color. Of course, you can select any color you want now. Enable restroom in the fresh panel, you see the newly installed brush. Select the round simple brush. Other news there size and was likely somewhere here. Fine. Next. Goto Design to folder. Creative layer. Go to college. You can select black color. I get enabled. She rest you'll This times like the real brush. I'll get use the size a little bit. Give up. Killed. Fine. Now we're done. That is in part. Next. We're going to create our next contract. Go to Dick's folder. Created area in the tropical. I'm going with black club enabled rest. You'll sorry takes too. The fun time Using is a free fun. I'll give link in the description. You conglomerate if you want, I'll keep the stateless light and size 45. I mean calendar year, please. This next song here I'm going to create another layer hunt Name with the same black color. I'll increase the font size toe three people send. Could you point site, I'll place it on their say. 5. Adding Text and Aligning : fine. Next, we're going to create dates on days six. Content for the creative layer in se X folder in emitters. This no clear tilea I'm good. I'm going with same black color. Enable text tool. I'll change the started door. Really? I use the phone size to 22. Make sure the center Texas Check. Maybe new fixed. Yes. It's going to be shot for for Sunday. I'll place it next summer. Here. Next, I'm going to create 12 duplicate copies. Sorry. 13 duplicate copies by using keyboards Could control J on by holding shift, kill. Move the text little bit. I'm going to repeat the very same step on credit. I'm going to create another told duplicate copies Panto J. Cole, Shifty and the text. Repeat the same on great 14 xliii. Studly. Fine. Now we created 14 6 layers to space out and arrange them. Even leave. We're going to use a technique for that. Now scroll down and select the first text layer This one zooming. Make sure their first declare area, which is the left guideline like so now school up. It's like the 14 1 This one beholding shifted Move that takes Make sure They're just the right guideline like So now you're going toe. Select all the text leaders by holding shift key in your keyboard. Now select mood here. These people that suddenly this one Now all of the players are arranged in space. Don't evenly Now you're going to eat the text. Okay. I'll change the color off Sunday to read. I will read all of the day sticks nowadays Sticks Continence City. We're going to repeat the very same step to create dates. 6. Preparing Print Files: for that created the name. It has all one shot form for Roll one, do you? I'm going with that color already. Is the font size to 20 here, assuming and taping their dead? Let's keep it as a don't really began. You need the dates Later. I'll visit somebody here. Now I'm going to create 13 2 copies control J or shifty and a little bit. Repeat the same and create for duplicate copies. Now we created 40 index layers. Yes, we're going to repeat the very same state it's called on. So, like the first laid, make sure catches the left guideline school apps like the footing player holding 50 more the next layer. Make sure which is the right guideline. Select all the text layers by holding shift key. Select Modeled. It is to put it simply now, create a duplicate copy off all one. But using key parts of the control Jane images are holding ship key More than six players a little bit like so now create another W copy. Name it us or three. Don't make sure the spacings are even. I'm sure you know what to do now. All you got to do is Get the dates here. I'm going with your toes and 20 feet. It starts from Venice straight. So I'm going to exhibit that really is this one. You don't need to delete it. Exley s You're not going to use because we can use those six layers later in other months. Okay, so you just disable the ex players you don't want. Now I'm going to get the dates. I'll fast forward the process. Now. I got a few extra text layers. I'm not going to delete those six players. Just disable the layers you don't want because we're going. We can use those sticks layers. In other months, final generally meant counter is really now, sir. Call the folders. Place is inside a folder. Name it us. John. No. Created duplicate copy name. It does fit. Now. All you got to do is remove the image, bringing new emission it month. Now you're going to repeat the very same step for the rest of the man, sometimes creating way too. Medics Players will slow down for the shop on it. May lab. In those cases, you can try another step. So after creating a January, man, you don't need to create stability. Copy. Here. We only got to do is go to the folder where you save the file. Create a duplicate copy of that. Brasilia. The media's fit. Now open the file. He did the same agent export. Repeat the same for the rest of the Goldman on. You'll be getting a 12 years defence export. The Fail US J pick Our pdf on you can print the file so this so you can create gallery in for a shop.