How To Create A “Winner’s Pitch” Resume – A Progressive Way To Sell Yourself | Grace Totoro | Skillshare

How To Create A “Winner’s Pitch” Resume – A Progressive Way To Sell Yourself

Grace Totoro, Your Career Transitions Coach

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8 Videos (37m)
    • Introduction

    • Where Do You Start

    • Identifying Your Niche

    • Create Your Headline

    • Create Your Story and Summary

    • Why Should I Hire You

    • Proof Of Your Expertise

    • Your Final Product


About This Class

In this class:

In this class, you will learn how to create a customizable resume that gets the attention you need without utilizing the standard application process.

You will create a professional 'Winner's Pitch' resume which reflects the hiring practices of today's job market and puts the power in your hands to control how companies see and interpret you. 

You will learn that today’s hiring managers and customers want to know how you will bring them value and results. Also, you will learn to communicate with words “your what, your how and your value.” Your experience, if you have any, will only support not automatically qualify or disqualify you. 


Class Projects will be: 

  • Defining You
  • Identifying and Creating Your Niche 
  • Writing Your Headline And Story (A.K.A. Your Summary)
  • Qualifying Why You Are The Candidate Of Choice 
  • Deciding on And Creating Your Original Format
  • How To List References

· Final Project- Putting it all together into Your Customized 





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Grace Totoro

Your Career Transitions Coach

Hello, I'm Grace, I am proud that my career and job transitions coaching expertise has helped 1000s of professionals at multiple levels, through the challenges of their career transition and job search. I am also a recognized Forbes article contributor in the area of Career and Job Transition. (

Moreover, because of you, the job seeker, I created my innovative Winner's Pitch™, a 3-phase job search process that integrates:

★ J...

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