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How To Create 2D Cel Animation in After Effect

teacher avatar HU Shahir, Motion Graphic /Visual FX Artist (Polygon Motion)

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Intorduction

    • 2. Stroke Animation

    • 3. Elemental Explosion

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About This Class



Cell animation or Traditional Animation Style is one of the most popular animation style among people they really like motion graphic and animation scenes with these styles . Nowadays we see a lots cell animation examples in different Music videos and motion graphic scenes .

In this class i am going to teach you how to create cell or traditional animation look to your motion graphic scene we will create an liquid stroke Animation and an Elemental Cell Explosion by using built in tools and some after effect plugins .

Features of this class : 

1- Easy to follow .

2- Completely project oriented .

3- Project file 

Meet Your Teacher

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HU Shahir

Motion Graphic /Visual FX Artist (Polygon Motion)


Hi, I am HU Shahir, Motion Graphic Artist and UI/UX Designer based in Germany.

I love to share what I already know and what I learned from other people in the creative industry.

I have 6 years of professional experience working with major TV Channels and Media productions companies in Kabul and Germany.As I always loved to share what I know and help people to achieve their goals I have started building my teaching startup Polygon Motion.

Polygon Motion is a provider of online training courses and tutorials in Graphic design, Motion Graphic, User Interface Design, 3D Animation and Visual FX Fields on different online training platforms.

Polygon motion helped those of students across the world to learn creative skills.

Chec... See full profile

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1. Intorduction: Hey, guys, that you should for apology in motion and welcome to Dez sarees of notion graphic classes in this class. I want to create an historic animation on an explosion that looks like cell on traditional animations. This type of effect are widely used. A manc motion graphic artists to represent to convey a feeling of traditional animation, all near motion. Graphic scene. So if you're ready, open your after fix on let's get it started. 2. Stroke Animation: Okay, guys arrive and after effect. And in this listen, I want to create a very nice looking cel animation strokes inside of after effect. I'm using a plug in called Treaty Stroke, a famous black, and that allows you to create treaty strokes with different parameters with with lots of other settings that you can do with the built in tools off after Fink at the first, let's create and you solid control. Why on and put this simple stroke? Maybe Andi are solids created. Now let's create, uh, shape or a stroke in ham a mask for this on. I want to be create a quick, easy mask. And here I don't know what is that on a spiral shape? Maybe. Yeah, like this. And there's good. Now let's tweet the's a little bit to make them cooler and adjustable like this. They were starting from Despina, and like this, it will be amazing animation. Okay, Actually, in fact, creating this type of animation are not so complex at all because they're they're creating frame by frame. It's it's important that you have to just create them frame by frame. You have to analyze them, and they are very shar. They're not so slow there very fast. Just, um, represent Onda an overall. Say, for example, if you have seen if you ever seen the explosion elemental explosion that I'm going to teach you in the next lesson how to create that kind of cell explosion in after effects. They're not so high details. You're just representing the oval shape off the explosion, for example, on their not so detailed. You don't have to, um, just cancer all the parameters just to get a realistic result. They're not like that. So our keepers created. Now let's select all of them and transform It may be and retied them elected bed like this on. Maybe now we have a good looking a spiral. So let's supply treaty stroke to generate a stroke along this mask. So Ah, yeah, there is jam three stroke. Now let's off the mask and give them a little bit thickness. And on what I'm going to do is anime this officer like this we want ever at a stroke to start from this point and then like this, a little goes off or I can just animate uh, it started ends also to to have more control over the star there ending pine Let's animate aimed and a star pine of this So I'm starting with and let's make this you and go to maybe just terror my calm to two seconds in and term calm Goto one frame one second and then And he made this like that press you on keyboard to toggle down key friends And let's make them easy ease and give them a little bit of space from in start. And it's players. They're not so cool because the animation is look very chopping. They're not so smooth and doesn't have any impression. Okay, And now in here, I just want to enemy this start to disappeared This a stroke from this point. And now when I enemy, this is going to disappear. And now for you on a keyboard to double down the key frames a zis and it's like them like this Now they're cool. Not bad, But the actual thing is that Sorry. We need two week a little bit of a mosque in here. I I think that it doesn't look perfect in this. Oh, yeah, yeah. Now it's good. Okay. On the select, your end and go to graph editor and make a little bit impressions. Maybe in this side. Sorry, we have to like this. And now let's play this. It's good. Not so bad. Bad. It's a little bit adjustment. Okay on. No, it's not good. Not too bad. It's so the other things that I want to do is go to taper and enable the taper to create a different thickness to the start and end. And I can actually adjust the thickness off this. Start thickness and end Ignace in here like this. And let's give them a little bit a stroke. You see, a very nice looking on and, uh, maybe and shape a little bit. Yeah, that's cool. There was a lot Sof. Ah, other pira mentors that if you didn't know about really stroke, if you don't know how to use treaty stroke with different features, I recommend you to check out my class on a scale tour after a toolbox part one that on that class. Ah, I'm going on that class. I mentioned all of these Plaquemines. I just explain all of the work floor for these trapped with Plaquemines. And here you see all of them about form sparkler Mia on historical. In these other stuff, I highly recommend to check out that class on a scale share also. So now the other things that I want to do is to create app um, displacement in hell. You see that these strokes are very straightforward in cel animation. In elemental animation, we don't have any straightforward elements or these other staff. They're very choppy. They're very display. Said they or their like kind of look like a lick weight animation and these other staff. So at the first thing that I want to do is there is a if it called raffin age. What ref image does is to create a trap e and different displacement in the edge of your ah layer. So now you see that we have a little bit, um, just to feel the harmful cel animation in here on with a little bit weak, we can just get that kind of look. So let's to be down a little bit this and maybe in a scale and also eight sharpness, Yeah, I'd skirt fractal influence and evolution may be elated bit. Yeah. Now you see these these areas, it's kind of look like liquid that makes the elemental animation and cel animation that looks very good and artistic. So and the other fixed I want to apply is displacement. My toe ballon display. Sorry to a ballon displace. It's just create a voi V uh ah, wavy displacement in the shape of this element. So list, let's adjuster amount of this and amount size. Yeah, we just need a little bit No to match like this. We just need a little bit of displacement. Now you see that we have that feel and the other thing is that create a two tone color for this to look. Ah, black does animation because because cell animations and elemental animations and traditional we can also see has to turn calif. So for this, I'm just using a technique, uh, in ham. Let's and go to tree stroke and create Maybe this collar are this and and duplicate this and put it in here on Go to fill, make a little bit darker, so not too much to bear and put it underneath of this. So let's supply and mish warp also to just fit thes ages in hand in these areas I don't want this and also in these areas. Okay, Now we see that we just achieve a very good looking mm. For this. Ah, it's wrote. And it looks very nice like this. So you can use there's 22 has a transition, has an element on your motion graphic scene. Or you can use it for anything else that you want in the mixed listen. I want to create an elemental explosion that looks like a traditional animation inside of after effect with particle ERP LaGon. 3. Elemental Explosion: okay in this. Listen, I will likely teach you how to create an explosion that looks like traditional animation and cel animation like this. So let me play this for you like this. You see a very nice looking explosion and I just creating solid for a white solitude. Just look perfect. And you see a very nice looking explosion that you can use. It has an element to your motion Graphic scene, for example, to car just crashing. From here on this explosion happened like this and it just gives an artistic field to emotion. Graphic scene. And also, I want to mention that these creating these type of effect are very, very simple, but needs a little bit attention to using some three eggs and some magics actually to create this types off look. So let's get a star with creatinine composition and let's type explodes. And as I mentioned for for creating this, I'm using particle or particles. Ism is a planning that allows you to generate particle with different ways. You can control different physic phenomenons like when winds like a better balance and these other staff you cannot use, um after Rick Belden particle effect It doesn't gives you a lot of options. Like physic like other this, like other staff. Okay, if you don't have Paragallo, you condone, download like treaty stroke off the trial version off sparkler from red trying dot com. So, control, why? And particle er now let's type article in here and drag it to are solid. So the first thing I want to create a is our A smoke soap. Let's term our com Going here and press. And Andi, as we know explusion are starring from big particles from from just just your starring with lots of particle, for example, the order there they have to hundreds off to thousands of particle, and then they're just disappearing. They have a lot of energy from the first point that they are just exploding out and on over the time they're just fading out and like this. So we want to use that manner. We want to use that realistic manner on. Apply that in our elemental explosions. So Thurday's I'm just zero down and in velocity ultra zero Andi create ah key frame to particle particle amount and velocity and press you in here. Put these in ham on also in here. I'm just a type 1000 and 12th 100 like this. And then you see that they're just spreading out from big amount of particle and expanding over the time. So they're not looking so good. They're not looking like explosion there. They're just looking like simple explosion. They're not, um, like, realistic explosion. We just fix it out that So once you crave this, I'm just going to Ah, physics. And also, I have to mention, if you don't know work, fluff, particle or it is better to check out of my athletic toolbox class part one that are about track with particle er at the first. Listen, you confined, um, tutorials about particle on I and I highly command to check out that class. If you didn't know anything about particle or so in physic. I'm just going to air on the I just changes to tree. Now, if I played is you see that very nice looking, um, forces are just applied in here without this. If I just changes, does your back? You see, there were springing out. There was no forces, there was no air. And I anything else But when I just changes to tree. They're just They're a stacking on the air like this. So very nice. The other things that I want to do is gave them a little bit wind like this. And also in this maybe a little bit more. Very nice. Okay, very good. So now just trouble off this physic and also emitter, go to particle er. Now it's time to just change the look of this particles. Okay, the first thing I want to do is change is alive. Second, to to go to particle tripe changes to Mr Elect and Feather Nous to zero. And also change the size of this there to a small like this. And you see that they're like cloud shapes and metal balls shapes. Very nice. So on also size, randomness, maybe size over life, criticize over life to a chast, A life of the sparkles. With this graph increased, I'm just using Ah, this gruff this and you're starting from nabbing. There's no particle start and then they're just ah increasing out. And then they're fading in thes areas. Now, if I play this, you see very nice there sizing up. And then they're just disappearing like this. So maybe just put this a little bit in here are maybe expanding out or composition like this tournament in here. So it looks very nice. And the other things that I want to do as just create the colora numbness on changes to over life and in Carroll color over life. We have to change its color because smokes are not green and changes to this color and the first color should be a little bit dark. Second will be a little bit lighter, maybe a little bit more. Gave a little to give feel off to tone fapiis. Just more. They're cool. They're not that and maybe a little bit more cool. Not bad. So now our smokes are created and it's go to emitter and give random seed in hand to change this like this. Maybe it's also good not, but yeah, cool. So this is over a smoke on. Let's duplicate this and call this fire. And for fire when I'm going to do is just change Dad particle type to cloud and also maybe a little bit tweak to the particle amount and me to 600 like this. And let's, um, change the color off the fire. It's not looking too good because yeah, that was nice. Maybe put this in here and cool and also change this size and also ran them seat. Very cool. And now let's dip lick eight. Another one, and put it in this in background and change a random seed and also a little bit NZ sp's like this and also the color of it like this. Now we have a very good explosion. Lange's on. It's a little bit ah, slower. You can just simply ah change him key frames and here to give them a little bit speed and also just It's good. Not too bad. Very cool. Okay. The other thing is that just create a Noel object and link. All of them do this Noel object and type controller. Now we have a very nice looking, um, elemental explosion that you can use for almost anything. For example, you can change different types of things. For example, like if I ah, off these fires, just we have the just we have at these s monks that we can use our weaken have one fire are , For example, if I duplicate this off this and changing color to smoke. Just we have a smokes or maybe a little bit fire like this. Just just play with while use and try to find a good match for your project. OK, guys hoping drive from this class. And don't forget to check out other policy in motion classes on a scale share and check out w w dot polygon motions dot com on Don't forget to put to review on this class if you in dr Okay, My name is situated from Polygon motion and see you guys next time.