How To Cook Simple & Easy Soy Sauce Beef | Hazrina Omar | Skillshare

How To Cook Simple & Easy Soy Sauce Beef

Hazrina Omar, Cooking is something i absolutely love

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5 Videos (16m)
    • Introduction

    • Ingredients Preparation

    • Cooking Process

    • Tips & Warning

    • End Result


About This Class

Soy sauce beef is a unique Malay stew. That is called Daging Masak Kicap or soy sauce beef.

The recipe is a simplified one without sacrificing the taste and flavor. It takes only a tender cut of beef, beef broth and soy sauce.

There is one important point that i need to emphasise. The soy sauce for this recipe is from Malaysia or Indonesia, NOT the Japanese or Chinese soy sauce. The flavor of these two groups of soy sauce is entirely different, so make sure you use the right soy sauce.

Soy sauce is available in most Asian grocery shops.

I will show you, step by step the technic of Malay cooking.

I hope you will enjoy making this Malaysian dish as much as i do.

After the class is over please share your rendition of my basic recipe and upload it to the Project section of the class and make any comments you wish to make.

Come and join this class.





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Hazrina Omar

Cooking is something i absolutely love

I love cooking so much. Especially authentic asian foods. Most of my recipes i get from my mom's, grandmothers or anyones that cook delicious food. I'm a food lover and love to share with everyone the enjoyment of cooking and eat delicious and amazing taste. Hopefully you will enjoy my cooking class.

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