How To Completely Backup And Restore WordPress The Easiest Way | Henry Liew | Skillshare

How To Completely Backup And Restore WordPress The Easiest Way

Henry Liew, WordPress Professional Blogger

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5 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Backup & Restore WordPress Blog Intro

    • 2. Lesson 1 Get Backup Buddy Plugin

    • 3. Lesson 2 How To Backup WordPress With Backup Buddy

    • 4. Lesson 3 How To Restore WordPress With Backup Buddy

    • 5. Backup Buddy Conclusion


About This Class

Table Content:

  1. Introduction
  2. How and where to get the backup buddy plugin
  3. How to use backup buddy to backup WordPress blog
  4. How to restore WordPress blog with backup buddy
  5. Conclusion


1. Backup & Restore WordPress Blog Intro: way, Theo. 2. Lesson 1 Get Backup Buddy Plugin: first thing first pick a pocket brought place in tow. Focus. Such obviously the first appear is items come test the origin of the weapon scrolling down . You will see they offer whale yous pricing for the problem get which they were price district, apple to your party and the second ways to get a beach playing. It's a cheaper price. Just I pack up pack. It opens into such open dieskau or four if wrong, 25% and upto 60% and that the ways to get his blood is true needs block things. I need spark teams do the such did you see because on which teams came with many planets and one of its Speca party, which is a super really free. That's how you get a black means in three weeks now. Prosecutable oneness messing. Thank you 3. Lesson 2 How To Backup WordPress With Backup Buddy: well, come toe The second lesson. How to pick a what price we pick up party first the looking to the workplace Despot Scrotum select gluttons at new click on olive blocking Source Far in star No. After install activity planes? No. So pick up a tee on the lake. Manu san Dissecting Check on threes Toe Screw any territories You two months like some photos that is to keep it. Pick up on the extension far Selectman, Greatly store great on imports pots and save You need this far distancing for starting internal s wrestling toe. Pick up your problem. So let backed up the script on company. Pick up and don't look Dollop. Pick apart it so far into your hard drive after talented complete Michelle, you delete off the far for safety purposes. Photo final lesson. I will show you how to restore your backup law CEO in the next lesson. Thank you. 4. Lesson 3 How To Restore WordPress With Backup Buddy: Hi again. Welcome to my final license. In this lessons, we show you how totally stall your work pressed block you picked up in the early stage from the second lessons may say you are look typical far including tactic bombing or suffer The collectively based collect You are into the browser at the extension. Remember, you follow from the back up. Listen to so far, this import market has to be extinction upto Put the extension far placed into the passport . If you have day greatness that here for what? You for such a screen that are based name, they use the name and Agnes is the base. Which many Boston product for what you are freaked, told you how toe get copies for you told me so using shareholder Austin in the instance, one of the most involved Morton Step usedto Use the potato based in silicon brick villages . Michelle awaiting this collect greatness Steptoe Process importing after finished import. Clean up and removed temporarily fast. Could be studying is now complete. You can see your process creates keys. Conch reticence done. I hope you enjoy the lessons. Thanks for watching 5. Backup Buddy Conclusion: Yes, The conclusion. Get back about planes by from inside. Find out discount couple and get on. Mitch blocked things, and it's question. Feel free to us. Thanks for watching again.