How To Communicate Effectively With The Four Main Different Types Of People In The World. | Toma Staykov | Skillshare

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How To Communicate Effectively With The Four Main Different Types Of People In The World.

teacher avatar Toma Staykov, Building people

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. What Are You Going To Learn

    • 3. Four Main Types Of People

    • 4. How To Recognize The Type Of Behavior In 3 Minutes

    • 5. What You've Learned

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About This Class

Effective communication is one of the most important life skills. It allows us to build respect and trust, to foster environments where we can:

  • solve problems
  • create ideas
  • have a happy and healthy marriage 
  • get the dream job
  • negotiate successfully
  • make more sales
  • win a project 

People run the world and the relationships you build with people determine your quality of life. Only trough effective communication we can get what we want in life. That’s why we start practicing our communication skills even before we begin walking. 

A baby communicates by crying, and then gradually learns to mimic his/her parents' speech. Finally, the child realizes that certain speech patterns evoke different responses.

In this class you can learn about the four main types of people's behavior, how to recognize them in 3 minutes and how to deal with them.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Toma Staykov

Building people


Toma Staykov was born in 1988. Graduated "Industrial Management" at the Technical University of Sofia.

A turning point in the life of Toma is his studentship. In 2008, he began a "real" job in an international financial company in the field of investments in European and U.S. stock markets. One year later, only 20 years old, he was promoted to "Assistant manager". As such, Toma has big responsibilities - training and managing new employees. It took only six months and his team of 8 people hit number one in the company.

In Toma's last year at university, he was selected to participate in an internship program in the field of marketing and direct sales with a U.S. company with over 150 years history -"Southwestern". The purpose of this program is to teach students how to man... See full profile

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1. Intro: effective communication. It's one of the most important life skills. It allows us to build respect and trust toe foster environments where we can get the dream job, have a happy marriage, doing ideas into reality. Solve problems, negotiate successfully, make more sales Onley through effective communication, we can get what we want in life. That's why you started practicing your communication skills even before you begin walking. Because a baby communicates by crying, they want to learn how to present yourself more effectively to be more respected and get paid as you deserve. They want to build an effective team or to find a way how to better motivate your current team. Do we want to grow your company, negotiate successful deals? Do you want a happy and healthy marriage? You have answered Yes, one of these questions Click the enroll button At the end of this video. He can roll, and they're going to learn about the four main different styles of behavior people and more importantly, how to communicate effectively with all of them. I am to most cycles, and I'm going to teach you that 2. What Are You Going To Learn: how to communicate effectively. Thank you for joining my class. And welcome. What are you going toe? Learn in this class first, the men characteristics of the four main types of people in the world. Secondly, how to recognize them. Intra minutes hurt what they like and what they don't like in communication for what are their needs and what are their fears? Life, what kind of behavior they want to see in orderto open their ears and minds for you and very important how to be a chameleon and communicate effectively with all of the different types of people. This course is not about faking in order to get more likes. This class will teach you how to behave differently in different situations and how to present information the way other people want to hear it. And do not forget only by treating people with integrity to open their ears and minds for you proceed to the next video and begin with the actual course. Thank you 3. Four Main Types Of People: how to communicate effectively. Thanks for joining my class. The simple solution do unto others us they would like to be done in tow. That is the simple solution about how to communicate effectively with people. Do it the way they like how to do that. You need to figure out. Is this person higher, responsive or low responsive? If this person high, assertive or low posterity observable, responsible behaviour behaviors in people Hi Responsive Person has animated facial expressions, much hint and body movement. Flexible time perspective. He's not always on time. Tell stories and anecdotes, little emphasis on facts and details he doesn't care about. He shares personal feelings. Contact oriented in mediate Nonverbal feedback. Lo responsive person. Somewhat expressionless. The limited Hampton Body Movement. Very much time discipline they're always on that conversation focuses of issues and tasks. This kind of person pushes for facts and details. A little sharing on personal feelings. Noncontact oriented, observable, assertive behaviours. Hi assertive person has steady eye contact. Hiva verbal communication and perfect statements. Gesture Emphasize points. High voice volume. First voice speed. He communicates without hesitation. First in a week, Lo assertive person has your regular eye contact. Lo verbal communication, Steady statements, limited gestures below voice golden slow voice, Pete Little Vocal International. Still no more in these four quadrants and depending on the relation between the different characteristics, we're going to see the four main styles of behavior of people. For example, a person who is high, responsive and low assertive. This hiss with slow pace. This kind of person is warm and friendly, supportive, very 1st 1st names, great listener asks many questions. Relationship oriented. Avoid risks. This is the amiable style. A person who is high, assertive but low responsive, fast paced, impatient, the sizes. Dominant, goal oriented seeks control cool and competitive. This is the driving style. A person with high, responsive and high assertive, quick based, sociable, stimulating time on discipline. Spontaneous, involvement oriented, a risk taker, enthusiastic. And this is the expressive stuff. People who are low, assertive and low responsive. They have a cautious pace. They seek facts in debt. This kind of person is timeless. People show me out a precise and organized. This kind of person likes problem solving activities, asks specific questions, and this is the unpolitical start. Can you tell who is this guy? This is the expressive star is the role is to be entertainer. And this here is the fear of rejection. What about this? This is the amiable style. My office is euros. They're perfect for councillors. And their biggest fear is fear of change. Okay, well, we have here, put it in writing. This is the analytic style. The perfect role for these people will be detective. The biggest fear making mistakes. And this is the driver style. The perfect role With director. Maybe you can recognize your books here. The biggest fear. Lost control here. I'm going to teach you. How is the best way to deal with four different types of people? People who are amiable style. The best way is to be patient with expressive people driving people. Directors deal with them. Political style takes Thanks. Way So you Just three minutes. Thank you. See you soon. 4. How To Recognize The Type Of Behavior In 3 Minutes: welcome back to how to communicate effectively. No, we're going to summarize three important characteristics. Each type of behavior and main negatives and positives, each type of behavior. And with this knowledge, you can recognize the person across you for three minutes. What type of behavior he's here or c a. The amiable style people. They're slow paced priorities of relationships and fear is changed. The expressive, style based first priority is also relationship. See, this is how they look like it's amiable style and fear its rejection. Driving style base first priority tasks fear, loss of control, analytical style bass, Slow priority tasks. This is how they look alike with driving style and fear making mistakes. The positives of the amiable style are they're supportive, reliable and pleasant. The negatives there complaining, shy and soft hearted, the positives of expressive style there energizing. They're optimistic, animated the negatives. They're impatient, man manipulated and volatile. Positives of driving style There. Steady, comprehensive and productive negatives. Uncompromising, despotic somehow and pressuring. I wanted to go stale positives. They're diligent or systems and systematic negatives there. Peaky, righteous and stiff. We learned the three important characteristics of each type and the main negatives and positives each type off behavior, and you will be able to recognize the type of person that sits across the table in three minutes. Thank you for watching. 5. What You've Learned: welcome back to how to communicate effectively. Now we are going to summarize what you have learned so far. Onley Through effective communication, you can get what you want in life. Effective communication allows you to build respect and trust and to maintain relationships . The relationships you build with people determine your quality of life. It's simple because people are on the world what you have learned. The simple golden rule off effective communication do unto others as they would like to be done until the way to communicate and self. I used to do it the way people like it. There are four main styles of human behavior. The amiable, stale, the expressive style, the analytical style and the driver style. How to deal with the difference to us. Deal patiently with the amiable enthusiastically with the expressive, the rapidly with the driver and precisely we d analytical. Thank you for watching my course, and I would really appreciate if you recommend the class to other students. I would really appreciate to leave a review also because that would really help me out as instructor. Also, I hope that you learned from this course that you were gonna implement your knowledge and that you're gonna improve your quality of life.