How To Communicate Effectively With The Four Main Different Types Of People In The World. | Toma Staykov | Skillshare

How To Communicate Effectively With The Four Main Different Types Of People In The World.

Toma Staykov, Building people

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5 Videos (17m)
    • Intro

    • What Are You Going To Learn

    • Four Main Types Of People

    • How To Recognize The Type Of Behavior In 3 Minutes

    • What You've Learned


About This Class

Effective communication is one of the most important life skills. It allows us to build respect and trust, to foster environments where we can:

  • solve problems
  • create ideas
  • have a happy and healthy marriage 
  • get the dream job
  • negotiate successfully
  • make more sales
  • win a project 

People run the world and the relationships you build with people determine your quality of life. Only trough effective communication we can get what we want in life. That’s why we start practicing our communication skills even before we begin walking. 

A baby communicates by crying, and then gradually learns to mimic his/her parents' speech. Finally, the child realizes that certain speech patterns evoke different responses.

In this class you can learn about the four main types of people's behavior, how to recognize them in 3 minutes and how to deal with them.





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Toma Staykov

Building people

Toma Staykov was born in 1988. Graduated "Industrial Management" at the Technical University of Sofia.

A turning point in the life of Toma is his studentship. In 2008, he began a "real" job in an international financial company in the field of investments in European and U.S. stock markets. One year later, only 20 years old, he was promoted to "Assistant manager". As such, Toma has big responsibilities - training and managing new employees. It took only six months and his team of 8 peo...

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