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How To Colour Your Animation In Krita

teacher avatar M. Nikolova, 2D Animator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Setting Up The Workspace

    • 3. Start Coloring

    • 4. Fill Tool Options

    • 5. Let's Animate & Color From Start To Finish

    • 6. Bonus Video - Different Ways To Color

    • 7. Export Animation

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About This Class

Hello and welcome to my second class here on Skillshare! 

In this class, we are going to use Krita (free) and we are going to learn how to color our ready animations. I have attached some files which will be helpful if you are just starting with the program. This class is mainly for beginners, so if you don't understand something, please let me know so I can help you out!

You will be guided through the process of coloring, animating, and rendering the final 2D animation. 

If you are new to Krita this class will be very helpful in your process of learning the program.

If you decide to design and animate your own character be sure to share it with the class, I'm gonna make sure to share it on my social media as well! 


If you are having trouble with the FFmpeg build, I have added the folder to the class project files! (it's just for Win 64bit)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

M. Nikolova

2D Animator


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1. Intro: this class is about hollering. Your mission increased. Yes, we have a radio emission and you wonder how you could call her easy. Well, this is a class for you. If you don't have animation, don't worry. I will touch a simple automation in the project for them. How blows on you can for long. Even if you don't have anything ready. This class is actually for beginners. So, uh, if you're new to creature in general because that's what we're going to use, really use Twitter. Quitter is open source. So which means it's a free program that you can go walk from things in the eighties for yourself. What you gonna need, Teoh have already read. Have a copy of critter. Yeah, I need to have your computer. And if you have heard the animation, that's gonna be nice. If you don't have already in dull information, you can stoop all this class because we're gonna treat one your copper project movie through. Obviously, show us your Finnish animation. Almost. Your image has to be court. Uh, show I don't know me and we had to help 2. Setting Up The Workspace: Hello and welcome to first lesson in this class where go jump in and start coloring this lovely fellow over there. And he's already the's grass. This is this is only, um yeah, I already did a public for him. Now I'm gonna delete everything that you see here. It's a guess. Poorly. And, uh, we're gonna go through what I did and why I did it and how it call it and based with color . Okay, But before we do that, it's just something that you're here. Let's just not get who this briefly I'm using Creature. It doesn't matter what reversion you're using because the truth, There we go. I use I believe that available in every version of creature. And I mean you can get the latest one, because first will quickly three. So go ahead and get it. But I'm assuming if you're taking the club in this class that you were 1/2 critter in your mate information, it's not. If you haven't made your information, there's no shit here will be in the project file section so we can go off him and call him together to Let's just see, we have critical we have or aeration. Let's just get through the same. Try working space over here. First vote windows and work in space. And then always the information. Now it will change because I all over slide, move some stuff on How here. So I work shows the, uh Well, let's just do it on the way this right now. You can always move stuff if you didn't drop something by mistake. Noise? Come back here. Cough Nawas place in these, is that Okay? I'm going to see you in on that stream. You 3. Start Coloring: don't look about. Yeah, I haven't gone anywhere all year, so let's just go in there. Call him. Now I'm gonna use um Sure. Um pees on my keyboard, my holding ships. I almost shot my keyboard, but my holding space There's a hand poppy on this tree in a move around the chemist. So I will be using this. Right. And your key Schalke I'm gonna use is holding the control key to pick colors. Now, if you're familiar with for the shop, this is pretty much the same. Always some minor differences but promotion saying you know something, Let me know. If I didn't explain something again, let me know So I can manage to you in the comments section discussion section election. So, uh, yeah, as you can see, it's just wear. Yeah, only I am. That's the whole invasion. Ah, lays there are always gonna make total new immigration with him. Hey, will drop around here, but that's just start with a simple stuff and you get Teoh harder stuff, huh? So I Look is seeing this section here. This is my player A young nation player here. I can stop him here. Uh, always thing we gotta call r having it right? I have made a order. Just won't here. So that's older. And in that folder I have separated his body parts and I did Africa line work over X boy part underneath the layer with the land work. I have a new layer The cooler that I usually call are now I'm gonna lay all this so we can do it together. Uh, first simple did I just did it. His body. Now, if you need something by miss taken over his years, huh? You can always use controls that that control NZ. Why? He's so control Z, this is yeah of you. Ah, you can also use the the I I call here. So too, uh revealed a visibility over the left that way. Okay, so that's very on X elite group and then the body power of the body. You know, uh, and the ears are here. So the focus on Lee on this sectional here before we do that won't show you just how I only before to get to defund relation just hired him. I did a simple sketch. Just Oh, it's moving. Well, because I move this kitchen Yes, but yeah, I didn't person sketch and a couple that sketch. I did the line work and so on. But, boy, we've got do the sketch. I Scott. It's catching her trying somebody years only. So I have a hold over the years, I just true some stuff. Well, we got to the final design. It is very important wing your generation to make sure your design iss quicker. Yes. I mean, doesn't smell like a ship, I guess in this I don't know. You tell me. So I should hide this kitchen. Let's just go back to the very only the holder. We only review it and let's just open that folder. And that's not what we have in here. We have the easiest. We have the body and head the head and have the face. Now the whole of measures say I estimation is happening on the face itself. So wither you from information. Uh, here is the timeline for that. And then we have two frames which are changing, and she exposed again with all the course. That's what suddenly now help core animation crew to Israel. Very simple. As I mentioned, we do a star with the body. We do a layer on the meek the land work there, which is the body. In this case, she's called this, um color Bonnie core body, Quick center. Now we'll have a blank layer, Uh, and 1/2 B language called him. Now we'll use the field to a social. This is also called the book It to here they call it a day or so. For some reason, I'm not gonna human them, and I'm just a car. And so that's rate course that miss them. Now, let's just call the head simple, simple, Aziz that we just go out of the week. The head there praying Yulia Little Cole, uh, our head. Maybe now it's not messing for you to name your layers, uh, in that specific or her or specific name, But it's good to have some war, her in your other sexual him. Just measure. We're having too much characters or like it. It's gonna be a mess. And I just here on the frame on the camera as well. So yes, it's here to, you know, be organized. I am not. I don't get through that. Okay, Now we have to call the, um this the head Now I can use my middle miles off mouse. No mouse. The bucks. A love of the miles that no one was calling but the venue to zoom in and out. And if I hold, it can also move For how the campus tastic. Well, I'm still going to feel too right. Um, this time it will be should keep because I want the color this far than this bar. But then some things can't happen. I know this line too visible because this is the part of the body itself. So if I could on this line Yeah, I'm not quite getting you think I want Yes. So what we execute resource, See, undo the stuff that we did because they have not working. Okay, The problem. What's happening here is that the field to basically sees everything, all the cameras, so fight core here fills. You will see the thick lights and they're closing the gaps around them. Like in here. There's a gap between these lives. The field toe will core everywhere but here, over here, over here and then here. So we need to revert careful where we call on with the field to disappear, to see so Nick Texan, the lines will Okay, so health car, the neck bar and to hide based on the body so we could hide the face because also the face , as you can see, is in the way. And while we're called the body on the face was the second by the the filter and the Spirit soul didn't call this area because it was seeing the lines on her face. Simple, right. So now we can go back to the body car layer and I can just call this a swell. So Vario Now it finds human and you see these guys because probably the fields it doesn't core section like that. It's not that it's not color, it doesn't color it, but it's a three. Some were affected that yes, we don't wonder, obviously. So how to prevent that 4. Fill Tool Options: if I set up my fields. Right. And if I go over here now, I know that, my hon. Oh, here was some bits Stretch that was worried because usually we don't see this crap over here, which is the clue option stop and whatever to I have some little from here. Ah, there is option for it. Right? So when my kids is built, Teoh, I have said these options strike. Hi. Can put the feathery by to apply it and then push. It's gone, and that's it. So you pay a patient for on your true options, she other. Sometimes if something's not working out, make sure that you lower experimenting in in the first light. And when you start out this UC, which which one is working for you and which one it's not. I'm just humane here because work, sir. Uh, you see, I yourself but Selves a little wall here, you know? So make sure that if something's not quite right, me, you how much develop new interests? I'm on this effect to happen, right? If if you get less nay, if if you're gross selection this miles 50 and you will core something obviously do you see that? It's not definitely that we're looking. All right, so I have service to plus two. That's just under this. So let's call her Barris in Holy. So once we're the way once we're happy with our, um our seconds here you go back the layers. We're still on the color bundler. But once that is done, we can go up here and half the core. The layer for the head mark. I can't hide. The body outlines have been hiding. Well, the color of the boy is not in the way groupies to hide that. And now we'll just ahead now, because I'm not gonna car in because it will go everywhere. And we don't want that. We need to make sure that their home caps and we need to make sure that we have sex and boundaries for the field to feel in fight. So I wrapped my 1st 2 I'm still Gordo. He Uggla close this gap and called this. Yep. Here, you know, controls. I love you. So once I'm happy. Why have a go back support? So I call this area. We'll call this area now. We can revealed the rest of our layers, and I would get this lower, but simple as that. Now, that's just get clear. Actual animation. I was just happening on the face. Right? Zoom out a little bit. So what is in my palette here? I want to call her the face. Let's just make a new layer that we got a color that I have to go underneath the line. Work will call this color base. Uh, so original face. No, I cannot type. Go enter. Make sure you're the first frame over here. Make sure you hope control and you have the color. He worked with Grace so easy. And you just Scott, Cory, Right before that. Now I want to get to the small part. So sure here, this will kill this very what? What else I need is the cross car startled? I need the grass color now, so just hold Shit she hoped. Control, pick recall we want now if you don't have a talent here, if you want me old well to pick up No course is that you just come here. And usually the top square is the 400 cower and the other The bottom square is now back in our car And you Can you have a person because you can go around here, can Preakness in cars and so on. Well, I'm happy with these. Normally used these and I hope you qz own So it gives you different variations from this final, right? I'm using just the middle, Mom, you know, from the mouse, you mean out Well, okay, It's no So you know you know your pheonix you is in the eyes. I just hope shift of shift hope control on Just choose the West core. And you know, we have holding Now there's a trick work gloriously If I had played Yeah, we're not quite that long How to fits this? Well, when you color your information, what you could do is that just mostly fall this way of color because they're right here and follow ways. But this was working for me because it's fast. Ah, but if I just the method that we used the problem is his work car, un animation. It's that we need to full the animation. Well, I mean by that, As you know, if I go back surface, we have one frame over here and then We'll sits from half another tree. Who did the nets position off the mouth. Now, if we go back to the core a phrase you can see that I don't have grapes. So what I need todo is making Ukraine which will be leading the previous one, which is over here and on this one. I need to recall him again. So we're at a makes ing our core feel. Yeah, course you want ours. No press corps And now Jimmy Zuma culture. If I play zor it. 5. Let's Animate & Color From Start To Finish: Hello. Uh, back in just six. Congratulations. You just call your purse innovation. I mean, I know it's not a big deal, and I mean the mission. So come on, lets ness malice. Maybe you'll It's better. Uh, well, seen by way, Chevron down below. Um, but yeah, sure. One, um, mawr. Now I'm gonna show you one more information that will accord together. Okay? Only it's gonna be the same shape, but the same shape that I summaries. I'm gonna hide this one. I'm gonna help from the other. The new sheet that we have here now, As you can see, this is the layer the sketch room that she make me a possible visible for you. What is he doing? ISS first? Well, there's a couple of difference. Obviously, I have drew this again, um, in the position than the previous one. And as you can see, the information here is a bit longer because we have more prints over here. Let's see what's happened. What is happening? My president playbooks him while ominously, I have set some seconds here that my animation stuff with zero Kreme entering on 11 1 Now, as you can see, I have more than 11 frames. So my automation and same attested frame. Okay, ashes also remember there? Well, no, I played what is in the whole information. Okay, Now, this is my because it her information, nothing is happening. Not much is happening. This is just me doing your best jumping right? And his body is not changed, you know? So what I did, I'm gonna show you the videos. I just kept the body, you know, if you them an amazing or like doing or is his snakes on every frame and always in a position off the body as well? But we can move the body and whole sketch with our moved to here. She's also called transform or selection to, uh, names. Oh, yes. So this is my open emotion worry. Go back high. It's. And if I bring out my Ficker proper rely in relation. As you can see with this one, I kind of ah, uh, haven't for the coach. I have the people separate layer have the whole body on. Said they're swell because doesn't sent in my in this animation. I'm just changing. Uh, ree, Troy the legs and you can see the less of her single. So I always wait Time the body and I I'm just moving body. Let's just play this clean version here is operating his one Well, yeah, technically will animate this over again. Well, uh, she stop it, so So we can make me look over here. You can call it only the second color picture your blank layers of the need The line were clear. So so unlike the previous one where we just use the field, Philip Me drawing. I want to have some sort shading here. I know what I mean by that IHS, right? If we pull out the previous design is no. Listen, this one, uh if we fall the patter order the way he's color. So his face should be this color. Now, if we go up the field so it might pick up the face color or from here, make sure that I'm on my blank. Claire, when will the color if I want a gorgeous face? Well, yes. Such is the face, isn't it? So I'm just gonna crap my brush to Where's my pen? Just I need to cope. Are you know, like this chills? It's my savior kind of like this Now if I don't see where I can always who June over. So I don't believe in anything. Caps know that the field tools and all the newest this thought that way just found the whole ship. Yea. So what else can we do? It? Can we make the main car? She can press real our keyboard and the ultimate likely will suck all Bush. He now will create my hope. She s our space. I want Chris absorbed cross passions here, so shady in the way I did here. Teoh mentioned that again. I'm just trying this. I hope school Go to work. Maybe offer still No. What was? I have this. Make sure that you don't have any caps. Oh, him and trump my well, Joe Purcell here and not be happens now. Why is that? Because the last what's in that I press waas the eq But on the keyboard, John automatically selects new razor that let's make just hit control Z I do this if I dislike this and I'm on my field to us always and now it no feel the car I want, right. I'm, like, kind of enjoy it. I could see it can on the line here. So I'm not quite happy with the options that controls you there. That I have to sell it here or my, um just on? Not really. I'm just really furthering one. All right, listen, son. Everything and, uh, yeah, I think this this is more likely. Yes, my coloring, You know, Now I don't won't go over here. And if I hit, play or don't you? Because, well, color that we the colored that we just did. It's not moving on with the animation. Basically, when you could make again the cower there that we just did. And in our case, we're going to eat. You know, I'm gonna hide your regionally. Um, take you clowns want to or the way the color transform on layer Selection does have a name , but that's the one we're using. Okay over Zuma in urban, If I go over all these lines there, if I click the heart back on the house if I go over here and sell critical to show this land timeline if I go back to the call there, why, I moved this a little bit. Come on, I will see the later just the the little off layer calls me on my timeline. So now I can see where the position holy is changing. So it will be on this frame where he's quickly and young this friend, this he's jumping. So that way I can move this. But before I move in the form of a car, make sure you do pertain them there, consuming a little bit as you seek. Already created. Afraid for me. Just a duplicated swim off this form, right? And one exam. You is Just move this car. Clinton, This Neil percenter. It's okay to me. So now he's moving so on. Let's frame is already jumpy. Group wicked the creamy Have, I hope, take this if I move or how there's up this invitation. Simple. You know, take whatever you're drawing Is your selection moovit German. All this working? Just this. Ah, well, here. Fill our center. My husband. See, I did aid from train this in Troy. Well, kids getting this from? Not for now. Okay, well, let's frame. You mean looking frame the routine move Our coloring. Okay, Now will on this problem for go. This one. I just want to go back to their from that mess on purpose, Obviously. Well, she she y called shipwreck space. So as it is a new frame, it's a different frame. Previous one. So trolling you drawing. So in this case, I guess we have to recover all mostly but distantly. What with the same pot since in the same cars Part because the different drawing drink corns. So our freshly eyes remember Oh, how one college that I was going they will back of the score. Snow, You have to call back to recourse. Yeah, they, uh honest worker. Come on. This Yes. No, no. If you have noticed this this is a weight. Just hide this wall now, cause Yeah, lovely. Just a real departure again. And almost done. Now how we don't do how long should do, However, this ethic you see, it's for my frame puree. Um obviously we need a new preval here. We'll use the same collis which color the smoke I see Well watches horror! How kill! Come on, Rio. Do you? So let's frame obviously again. Oops. No, You see, I can't see. Zoom in in his Well, this use well. One more cream way she can. It's so much stuff on your land. Walk you. Let's see what we have. I did call the lange walk in. See here. I want to keep the color of some point. So if we pay what we have so far, it's only jumping or in color. Okay, so we didn't Our second ratio in for Kara is very simple. I know, but I am this classes for, um were you and me. So I hope you like this. Hoping. Enjoy this. Now, before you go, I have a born every year for you where I will look at, um, different, Um, beautiful color and techniques. I'll get four animation. You know this for you, okay. 6. Bonus Video - Different Ways To Color: Okay. I have this lonely qual, Our boy her. I just witness quick spray. This, um I'm gonna go through what I have done here, as you can see and name my layers your kiss. But it's important, you know that. Especially when you're making that your hill. Okay, so I have a flower. What is it? It's business. Going to a tree. Very typical for power. And he's just turning. Making the first living the life off. Night five. That was me. Surprised the, uh it's not that kid. I'm not that kid. So it's fine. I'm just gonna stop here, So I have emotional. There's now also have this picture layer that I put to give it more character. This is completely optional for you. You have to do it. I just want to focus on the because, Cathy, there's lines. There's the animation on top in different key difference here Not far removed. The color, which is to see almost separate layer yielded named was just named the blinds. This song goes to be color for their So this is my man car gonna treat Ah. So what I'm having here is base fee. Simple one work with a panda with a capture. Right, that is moving. So I have this. I don't think I keep he, um this kitchen or her information. That's never from That's the Reformation. Here I was just looking that one. So I stopped something like this. Very rough. Can see later. Wrong. I know to make lies just a little past you This so I make the lines the line off, which is very important again. If you don't want have lies in your generation like the crimes What? There are different ways to do that are on this in the mission here. But first it's my approach would with line with line well thick lines in a way in the office is not These are not very thick, but you can still see them in the final product. So So how belies the Reformation, right? And I make my screen. This is a group off the, um I just hide the the action. There is basically a group here I created with two layers so on on the first layer moments . Secondly, but this letter is a master. Hide it. I only hit base cars off the I was a upon them, but it is not a part of the war. So we have the base colors first, right later on. On the top of those, I make another layer, which is it's called mask making. Always there he named that, which is the layer that contains in my case, can paste If I zoom in a moment a few months, Uh, in this layer I'm school create along here in this layer, this little here it can face the highlights and shadows. So that's what I mean by this some half highlights here on the for and have shadows on the other side. So if I move a little bit, if I use my arrow keys only he worked. You can't working on this one like that. You can see that highlights in the shallows are kind of changing. So based them, I am any make thing them as swell. I'm drawing every single as there are some key frames. Well, here. Oh, here. No, that's it. Have you? Oh, here. You can see how it changes. Um, so I'm against animating everything along with my may animation, and I guess that's that's how it is. And there's no Holloway to go on this. So, uh, yeah, that's how I did this. It's on the mast layer on top of the the main. Cowers here with the up Move it. Let's just bring the background stuff, which is what is This is the back long, and I swell the tree. But the tree, as you can see, is on a in a group again just because we have have the tree. We're also on top of that. I decided to make the shallows on the panda and moving his body, I kept I just call him a Pan Am Men, The Kuala the Kid po our on his trusts. But yeah, other concedes the same is, in principle, we enemy. That's what we knew with. We have to car by car and we're again re animating the information we have. That's one of this. He is a bit car wild, in a way. Why? Because we have a bunch of stuff happening in again and then the job off naming stuff. But, hey, I won't trust us when them as much again, never hit played. So there's a bush. They're happening as a character behind who is doing some stuff. When then he's playing a lute. That's a look. Okay, it's happening very fast. On the foreground have this coin that's also moving very fast. Yes, and there in the middle of this figure of that, basically, he's not moving now again, their mission is not that complicated it in this one. But yes, it's the style that some it's different and the other to the show you and how could get that. So my hot days first hired him in the background. Um, if I have, there's this kitsch. Let me just kind of corn first. I did a sketch off the coin in Let's just play this. You stop there. I first did the kitsch. The her formation off the coin. Doing this, we're joining room like their own. I decided that. I mean, there's our character. I'll get very her formacion here. I was a bit different because I guess I inside to go with something else. Eso I had a bunch of from different movers for him. Ah, think there somewhere? Here. Maybe. This one? Yeah, he's playing. He has string something. He I didn't put them in the final. Ah, so he's playing the looked. He's moving here, his lips. I have this kitsch of this moment. Our oh, here now, Um, as I said, he's not more be so. I didn't need you. Let's just pray this together and see how it goes. Isango, when you animate a couple of characters to have different colors for them. But I didn't do that here. I just believe the most black grayish color. But if you're working with my big project, it's better to you know, me, practical ball it. Yeah, that's my information. Now how I lost the lines I'm gonna show here on this character because as I said, this was not movement. I could show you on the corners. Not going. Be fun. Ah, I don't know. So this is gonna hide. I killed the coin. So this is my main animation that I did her for information on behalf a group player and calm again. This I did is I dream asleep in there the body parts again. But this time I if I am, I completely got every alcohol he the fake clients and they weren't completely flat design on this one. You can do that. It's a big I guess more conference, You mean because either area there's this body on this park and their the hands on this on top of the the looked on this enhancer. Where's the look, genital? Yeah, that's pollute. So I mean, even you can see that here. I didn't manage to feel him, uh, properly because it's not. I guess that's why it's not visible because of the other character. Right? But you can go away with the constant. You don't have a car, everything just like we're gonna be visible. There's no point you involved there and do exactly completely, you know, perfect coloring eso There's good boys. You can achieve this style. I'm so sure you're here. So another layer. Uh, so either you go this one moment to do it. Here you go again over your lines. You repeat your lies and just want this. They have come here and do something like this. Or now, if we use the curve to on this card, if you go to options, Yes, you have other options when they still obviously. Now you we can set this to fill either with the for the car here, off the Batman car. We hear or me apartment all no feel whatsoever. Now I have set mind to be the foreground Cower in. This case is over. This car will change this to yellow. Why not? If I start trying to If I hold and and pull, there's this curve thinking coming out of it. You know, I have Walter have us Kishan working your own and play with it. And, uh, you have, well, sorcerer of if you take your time, Uh, and you can do it better. Uh, sure. So, yeah, there's like either use your your, um, brush tune to make the same rise with same car or if you already did a proper call. Work like here. I already I tried different styles from the point. Um, I did Well, chill, man. Yeah. Um, yeah. I'm sorry. From the cell effects if I already did my my coin here. When the proper lies and I don't have to redo the lines core held on him to make a layer on top on the wall. Ever. I can basically, if I want to use the already lines I have, but with a different color, I can make this layer with my line of work into a group earlier quickening From what we won't call it and I have a mask Clear. Let's just hide this other carol during. This is very destructing. So this right? I have two layers. I have the layer when the line work and I have a mask there. If I take the star in the field, so I need to do is high my land work remarks, Mr that nothing else is visible. Click on the mask. Clear, Phil on the blank with color I want now you just say that I think is happening already here It shown that we always feel this oy whole area with Call me want, But nothing is visible. Most Riverview our line work will be from so we can always change this car on top. But for him move the mask. Clear, right. And we could see the best in the lives of staying in the same car as we want them. Or we can change it with the mask. They're so if I go through so on every frame, all colors can short. And we got this interesting effect 7. Export Animation: Well, hope you enjoyed the previous big here, where I show you some other animations I have about in critter Hope Wheeler, Several today. Now, before we go, let's just export our animation, Which is Can I just say, you know, leaving like this? I mean, it's fine by me, but let's say you want to share this with your friends, and nothing will share it when the rest of the class a look see informations, by the way, Um, yeah, we need goods for this entry file that we can pull on the internet back on the phone. Where Now I'm gonna show you how to export this into a gift. For my case. Just be honest. What other form I would you need now? I will show you the other always. I mean, yeah, my speaking. That's worth unless you stop him for thinking, Relax, man. With them, OK, so once you have your animation, once you have your coloring and so on, uh, once you're happen with size and everything here, now you can explore your automation. Now this is Yeah. This is very, very easy. This is We'll begin there. So what? I will try to make this as simple. A sua small It's not. It's not very complicated, but you will require something to export information. And I'm just going to show him what you need. Obviously. Now, uh, don't before you export. I know that we have a couple from layers here. Okay? Don't worry about that. Kiss quicker. Will explore. Water is visible the camera. So make sure that you have some sketches behind with some extra stuff on the canvas. Well, then that could be visible. Just make sure that well, in this case, why won't go sworn? It looks more like this. So I want my life back. Just make sure that every single layer that you want to, uh, in your final information to be visible high. So once we're happy, go to file. It works file. Now, I keep saying export export export, but well, that's not the alpaca we're looking for. Okay. Will you give for render information? Because quickly will have the information could here, and it will open another small will know where we have her birch functions. Now the worry is easy as that we have image sequence option where you automation will be at for him per on. Every will export your every single premium here, and it will. That's for that friend into a in our case, the fire for my would be PNG image. Now this Who else is not ideal just because we export this in any other father? Let's say you want Warren G P E g fireeye or GIF image. I will go given mission in the second story. But let's say you will help us for any kind of file you want. It could be said to be in the sequence now. If you have toward this, you will get a Bush it for images off your information. But you need to use meat, glue them together, maybe in another video editing program. So that's not ideal for us. We want to export information straight away into a four months. Let's say a gift for my that we can use right? Or even a video for my we can do. Uh, now I want to. It's for my, um, animation into a GIF format. I know that we saw here a dip option, right? But that's not the right. Um, how does that we're looking for? Because I get if I choose eight groups, but you didn't give image equal export image sequence into GIPs. Right? And it's not going to be a once thing. No, give them. It should be movable in the allocation. Batarfi. Okay, we want that. Let's go to video now in Avignon. Tap, Nephew Penalty. We will get more options. Uh, now, how we gonna get here? A GIF image? Well, as you can see here, it says her in their ass in key image. Now, there are a bunch of other options us up, but they are a video format. So no one to watch for into your family won't have power animation into and give image. So just pressing hip image. The board lab now here it says, from which frame the animation will scrap. And coach Rehm who? And I'm happy because that's why I said the where we're here. Right? So it will start from the zero crave, and it will. It'll just the cream here is the size of my cameras. And that will be the final size off of the information. So I'm happy with that now. If you want to change it, you can. But there is a possibility for critical cut. So measures. And, you know, I just don't Let's just try Let's Charles and what will happen. But they just make it's more Just make it 55 So you a couple lights wants the high. So with all that, Okay. So one very important thing, as I mentioned earlier, is this f f m e g. Now, by the fall when you, um don't create so you won't get this. This is not interesting. You have to Don't this separately. Ah, half a touch on this file. So in your being, a unique issue is gone. The file, um, take a folder and then find your father Where you pressure why was minus in this direction here by the bin folder of the file, which is this one and just open. And now critical Will know. Where is this? Uh, Well, without this Crystal won't It's poor your information into so any any former. Okay, you need to know this. Uh, it's free. Don't worry. Now, yellow pin and we need to make sure is the location of coordination. Unless you Hey, it's my ocasion is the name of about I'm gonna get again. I'm happy with it. Just bursts. Ape the give emissions, Grow her there as I give image will get dispersed. Okay. And now we have to wait a couple of seconds. Every bit of the person You're animations. How corporate there in our case, this is snapping also. Okay, let's just fine. Where I Ah, Where did I put this? Takes over here, will you? And yeah, That's how it is for your animation. Yeah. How? It's years, Frank. You again, hope taking this class. I hope I was helpful. I hope you love something. You today, um, And you take you for stopping by, but by