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How To Collect and Send Thousands of Emails Per Day For FREE - Working Method 2021

teacher avatar Dahlan Baron, BaronVision

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. INTRO - How To Collect and Send Thousands of Emails Per Day For FREE - 100% For FREE!

    • 2. Part 1 - Collecting The Emails

    • 3. Part 2 - Setup Gmail with MIXMAX and Check Copy Spaminess

    • 4. Part 3 - Summary: Add More Gmails to Sequences Add Leads to Sequences and Add Signature

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About This Class

In this class I show you how to collect unlimited niche targeted leads in any industry within a few minutes.

Next to that I will show how to send those emails and how to get them inboxed and how to upscale the process.

And everything is 100% for free! 

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Dahlan Baron



Learn how to build high converting optin pages, email sequences and how to market them with zero money down...

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1. INTRO - How To Collect and Send Thousands of Emails Per Day For FREE - 100% For FREE!: In this video, I'm going to show you how to collect downs or be emails and how to reach out to them without ending up in this band blocks. So let's get into it. 2. Part 1 - Collecting The Emails : Over here you see the specific Google's first swing that we use. And despite says powered by WordPress, which means we're going to find businesses that build their website on WordPress. Wordpress can be replaced by any other platform, like just some examples. Shopify, Wu commerce. Then we want to, in this case, we're going to collect the Gmail notice, but you can add, for example, if you want to collect emails and iCloud, you do it like this, or you want to. Any other email extension will work in this case, to keep it simple. And about the Gmail, we going to use a a Dan email sending program called Mix Max, which is for free for 14 days. So you get 14 days to make that money. But the way I want to show it to you, you can upscale it as much as you want to. So in this case, we want to collect details and we want to target lawyers. Despite lawyer, you can of course replace it by any business needs keyword and you want to target, so I want to show it to you. We're gonna do search womb. So as you can see, law firm lawyers, more lawyers, of course said Gawande's, but don't worry, the Mix Max will prevent duplicates. Deletes automatically the double gate. So once you invoice them, then you will then I will get automatically deleted. So as you can see, all lawyers. Now, the first thing that you should do is now installed this one, Email drove, extract emails in 1 second. So the link is down below this video. So you simply click that link and you install it. She already installed it. Then after you install it, then you need to go to your Google search settings and you said these ideas, search settings and you send them to hungered. Yeah. So we go back. So that means the amount of sewage results. I once be it. See. Now you installed the Google atom and you increased the search results pervades. Then you go through them a little bit to check. But if you go for both, don't spend too much time. Just grab those emails. So over here we are email drove, Adam. We click on it. Will 76 emails, you copy them. And what I personally like to do, let me open use the seed. Then you need to name the first column, email. And then I'd like to do it like this. So we get we collected now in one seconds or a few seconds. Don't be emboldened me on the second 77 emails. So if we want to do another one, we do like this, the second Bates. And then again an X-ray before. Let's grab them just for the sake of this video. Now, in less than five seconds, 161 e-mails. 3. Part 2 - Setup Gmail with MIXMAX and Check Copy Spaminess : So now you've got a few leads. Some females are now set up a Gmail account, setup redeeming the gun that you use in the first place for sending at the cold emails. So settle the Gmail, then you need to add a Google Chrome at all. It's called makes much. Now below this video, there is an it's an affiliate link, which you can click and you go to here, and then you do get started for free. So you install this on, on a, on your Google browser and you can get to this bottle makes box. You can see in my G-mail there is an atom. And this is the makes marks. Every time you go to your GMail, you click simply Ollie it. So now you get into your Makes MAX accounts. And I'm going to walk you around a bit. So let me show you my sequences. So these are my sequences. I'm going to show you one for, for, for Facebook group invites. So for example, only this one brought me to the last, in the last 24 hours, more than 4545 extra Facebook members for a restaurant group header Malda. So I'm going to show it to see these, these stages stays won't states 23. So I'm going to show it. It is the first outreach. And by the way, and just the joined a WhatsApp group. And I will give you the gobies that I'm using to grow Facebook groups. So first of all, it isn't the first email, then a second email. I set it to one day later. So like this, you send your first glade one email, you put them in the pipeline, and then the first email gets ends, the second email gets sent, and then a third email after three days as well. I had we taste. So yeah. So let's save the changes. Before you send out your emails to businesses, you should use a site melt You will see an ad, an email address like this. You send your email over here and then you take your score and the score with you if, if it will get inbox or not. So it's on a scale one to ten. And it will tell you what to improve. So in order to get inbox, use this site. 4. Part 3 - Summary: Add More Gmails to Sequences Add Leads to Sequences and Add Signature : So in summary, we did of I showed you how to collect thousands of emails. I showed you widths service to use to take a copy of your email as soon as you create a new GMail. Plus, I showed you the makes marks which you should use to send the email swim with Gmail. And now what I'm gonna do now is show you my the settings. So for example, in a settings, I always like to place a signal general ideas. I also leave the template down below this video so you can grab that as well. And as decisions your birth. And then what else? We should talk about? The upscale in part. To gibbons email save. You shouldn't lets, you create a huge email. It's he should send, let's say the first seven days, it'll be good if you don't spend more than that. A 100 emails a day. So each e-mail that you create, you you fill up the biofilm with haunted leads. So you you want to send out and though don't email, he needs to create a then D emails. So this is my main account. In order to send the same sequences, I invade France members. So you go here to the left and you invite yourself. So first, for example. And so over here, you can see you need to invite them where members and bearing. So what this would tell you all here, so you click this link, let's click it. And over here you add the other demons that you create. You actually invite yourself. You choose for this one, the free plan, and you will receive an invite. On the other hand, Gmail. Now when you open the other GMail, you just click on it and use that also a 14 day trial. Otherwise you cannot join the sequence that is shared. So look, I do have a few deem as early as you can see. Once the drywall is run out, we simply create a new Gmail. So that's how you pretty much upscale it. What else? Oh, not important, not unimportant is of course the importing all the contexts. So to solar, let say like this. When you see I've got several things over here. People who don't have an SSL certificate. I didn't send anything yet. But And yet both servers for simplifies to a person who train. So when I go on Google suits and I find personal trainer, trainer contests, I only need to click on this. And then import, import the contexts that you follow with the sea with disease FIFO. So I created, as you remember, a spreadsheet and rule, the only things you need to do to keep those email safe, listened to, is come on. In plants is a little bit slow. Create another. What? The one-man, a greater another spreadsheet where the internet is incredibly slow, the best day. So yeah, so gradient oligos seed. Then you take deletes data collected. And what I would do and I still do is like this. So I grabbed them. Let's say like this, Poor 15, 0.25. p greater than but 25, you just copy and you do a lady's based in this file, and then download it as a CSV. Download a CSV ideas will you downloaded? And then you upload it to your sequence over here by clicking CSV. And then you select the file that you want to offload and assembly when you upload it. So delete this one and under the next 25. And the reason is simply, so for example, if you will place 110 contexts at the same time, but did email, will you alert those? You will learn Gmail about your mass sending. So especially with new Gmail is do it like I showed you over a year and you will keep your GMail alive. So once you, you filled up these weather 100 context, we simply switch. So for example, I'm going to show it to you. I open the other accounts and other member that I invited me. And then like this, using the same Against he at the moment, there are 96 scheduled over here, so I'm not going to send anything with this account today just to keep it alive. And that's about that's about it. That's how you upscale. Don't forget about the signature would makes Luke wants more human-made tribal, make everything look a human as possible and as person I, oh, wait a minute. Talk about personalizing your copy. What I do live show on a dance, show it from this side, we need to go back to the main makes miles. We go back open one and previous sequence, so open and then we should do it like this. So over here I forgot to tell you you need to. What I do is this little trick to personalize. I'd like this. Now, Google sees has these little trade formulas. So you can ultimate things. I don't know what the example on the formulas, but the only thing you need to do is do it three times. Copy. And you named this name. You do it another time. One more time. That famed one more time and then Google seats will. I suggest that you see there is suggesting at all the names. So you import name and email. I forgot to mention this. So go back. When you import it, then every title, as you can see, our email. So debt. You answered a very, very I don't even know how to pronounce it. He has clearly ideas. And then CB and, and then name. So every time the name, the one over here gets filled in over here and it looks mass-less spammy. See over here. Again, I use the name so we'll personnel. Is there something else to discuss that? And oh, we did upscaling but important contexts. The signature, the email scraping that Google adults. I think you need to go and for more details and for any questions, just join my whatsapp group like this video and follow this channel from once more videos like this. I'm also going to show you how to automate and Instagram commenting DMZ. I want to show you how to do the same on Twitter, on Tom, learn how to automate all those outreach. I'll greets, channels and that pretty much said free traffic. So yeah. Try it. And they're doing a WhatsApp group and ask me any questions. I'm pretty much 18 hours a day available over there. And don't be saying hand is say IE.