How To Cocktail Series Part 1: Classic Shaken Cocktails | April Wachtel | Skillshare

How To Cocktail Series Part 1: Classic Shaken Cocktails

April Wachtel, NYC Based Cocktail Instructor

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7 Videos (25m)
    • Introduction

    • Tools and Ingredients

    • Cocktail #1: The Daiquiri

    • Cocktail #2: The Margarita

    • Cocktail #3: The Tom Collins

    • Cocktail #4: The Whiskey Sour

    • The Assignment

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About This Class

If you've recently started experimenting with cocktails at home, you want a quick refresher on the basics, or aspire to land a job as a professional bartender, this a great starter class for you. We review the essential bar tools and jiggering and shaking technique, then prepare 4 classic shaken, or "Sour-Style" cocktails;

  • The Daiquiri
  • The Margarita
  • The Tom Collins, and
  • The Whiskey Sour

We cover key tips that will dramatically improve the quality and appearance of your drinks, like

  • Recommendations on ice cube trays
  • How to pour cocktails with even "wash-lines," and 
  • Secrets of keeping Mint looking fresh over the course of a shift

We also cover a couple of more "advanced" techniques, like dry-shaking with egg whites, to cutting composed citrus twists.

This class is ideal if you want to start developing your bartending muscle memory, and get started making your own signature cocktails.

If you have zero experience with cocktails and want to learn the basics from the ground up, check out my other beginner class, Intro to Mixology: Up your Cocktail game in 30 minutes, where we go into more detail on tools, juice, home bar setup, and more. 





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April Wachtel

NYC Based Cocktail Instructor

April Wachtel is a passionate educator, an experienced mixologist, a cocktail and spirits instructor, and founder and CEO of Swig + Swallow, a cocktail mixer company.

She is a 22 year veteran in the beverage and hospitality industry, working in every role from busser to bartender to beverage director, to brand ambassador to beverage consultant. She has developed recipes for the likes of Lincoln Center Kitchen and MetLife Stadium, and her cocktail classes and personal philosophy of hosp...

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