How To Clean Sunglass Reflections In Photoshop | Manfred Werner | Skillshare

How To Clean Sunglass Reflections In Photoshop

Manfred Werner, Retoucher and Photoshop Instructor

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About This Class


Please Note: If you want to know more about beauty and portrait retouching, then check out the complete 'Learn Amazing Retouching Techniques With Photoshop' course, which just launched on Skillshare.

In this lesson I'll teach you how to clean and replace reflections in PhotoshopThe idea is to still keep the image realistic. The process will involve creating two new layers, one for each lens of the sunglasses. I then use the pen tool to make a circular selection of each  lens. Make sure when you make your selection that the feathering is set to zero. I also save my selection so I can come back if I need to make any changes.

For the next step I need to choose our foreground colour to fill the lens. Using the colour picker, I select a darker colour. I then choose a brown colour for background using the colour picker. Our next step involves using the gradient tool. Make sure your selection is active on the right channel. In the gradient tool I select the first option 'foreground to background.' Holding down shift, we make a vertical selection. To remove the lines created by using the gradient tool, I go to the filter menu and apply some noise. Apply this technique to both lenses (layers).

I then apply a mask after grouping our layers. Remember to switch back to black and white foreground and background colours respectively. Use the brush to paint in the eyes and brush out the polyboard. For the final touch we create another layer and load our selection. Using the gradient tool, a white foreground colour and the selection 'foreground into transparent' I make a small gradient from bottom to top. Adjust the opacity to get the perfect effect. Apply to both selections (lenses).

What I used for this technique:

  • Make Selections with Pen tool.
  • Gradient Tool
  • Noise Filter
  • Masks