How To Buy Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin Investing For Beginners | Will Bartlett | Skillshare

How To Buy Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin Investing For Beginners

Will Bartlett, Video Creator & Entrepreneur

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19 Videos (1h 30m)
    • How To Buy Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin Investing For Beginners PROMO

    • 01 Introduction

    • 02 Getting Started

    • 03 Introduction to the Cryptocurrency Marketplace

    • 04 Ethereum Cryptocurrency

    • 05 Intro To Alt Coins

    • 06 Intro To Different Markets

    • 07 Cryptocurrency as an Investment

    • 08 Strategy 1 Buy and Hold

    • 09 Cryptocurrency and Taxes

    • 10 Strategy 2 Trading

    • 11 Overview of Hard and Offline Wallets

    • 12 How to buy Bitcoin Part 1

    • 13 How to buy Bitcoin Part 2

    • 14 Account Enhanced Security

    • 15 Intro to Cryptocurrency Exchange Account

    • 16 Trading Cryptocurrency

    • 17 Intro to Cryptocurrency Market Graphs

    • 18 Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Welcome to our How To Buy Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin Investing For Beginners course!

Bitcoin was released in 2009 as a new digital currency known as a cryptocurrency and has proven to be a very large investing opportunity. You're here because you've completed some research and are starting to understand the opportunity and potential that cryptocurrency has! 99.9% of people do not invest in cryptocurrency because they've never heard of it, or don't understand it! When the general public starts to invest, the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will sky rocket, meaning potentially really high returns to early investors.

2017 was a huge year for Cryptocurrency! Bitcoin quadrupled in price, many countries around the world recognized it as a form of currency, it received a ton of news coverage and online interest because of the value increase of Bitcoin and the implementation of the blockchain technology in the medical, banking and tech industries to securely store and track information.

In this course your Instructor will teach you about the blockchain, cryptocurrency fundamentals: how to buy, sell and trade and more!

Bitcoin's price since released:

  • June 2009 1 BTC = 0.0001 USD
  • June 2011 1 BTC = 15 USD
  • June 2013 1 BTC = 100 USD 
  • June 2015 1 BTC = 220 USD
  • June 2017 1 BTC = 2420 USD

As of August 2017, 1 Bitcoin = 4300 USD

In this course you will learn:

  • How to Invest in cryptocurrency
  • How to Buy, Sell and Trade Cryptocurrency
  • How to use real money to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Neo and other Altcoins
  • Cryptocurrency fundamentals such as the name, volume, price, volatility & graph candlesticks
  • What the blockchain is and why it's revolutionary
  • How to understand the fundamentals of a cryptocurrency trading graph

and more!

Your instructor for this course is Will Bartlett who is an Online Entrepreneur, Business Owner and Investor:

  • Cryptocurrency Educator and Investor
  • Co-Founder of Life Progression Project (Online courses and blog. 50,000+ Students enrolled in over 170 countries)
  • Founder of Sight Seven Productions (Toronto video production company)
  • Real Estate Investor

Enrol today to learn how to invest in cryptocurrency!

**This cryptocurrency investing course provides information on how to buy, sell, trade and invest bitcoin and is not advice. Invest only what you're willing to lose just like any other investments!**





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Will Bartlett

Video Creator & Entrepreneur

Video Creator & Entrepreneur

YouTuber CoFounder and Content Creator for Life Progression Project Founder and Lead Cinematographer of Sight Seven Productions

I've been a Professional Cinematographer & Editor for over 10 years and a Content Creator for over 15. I run an established video production company based out of Toronto, and an online business where we have trained over 135,000 students in a wide range of courses.

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